Story: Of Pirates and Weddings

Warnings: Original Characters. Language. RP Based. On hiatus!

Expanded Summary: When the Strawhat Pirates land on a small island with their three new crew members, they don't plan to stay long. Maybe long enough to rest a little and restock, but no longer than that. Enter the Strawhat Pirates' need to help those they come across after meeting two lovers from feuding clans. Can the Strawhats help these young lovers? And what was that about the forest god of the island?

Notes: This is a story that is based off of an rp and ideas given by prompts. This was started around six months ago, and now I'm working on finishing at least of rough draft. This will probably be no more than 5 chapters long, if that. I'm going to be posting every other Friday until this is completely written. This chapter is still being edited because some areas bother me. And help in the way of constructive criticism would be much appreciated, since this is still the rough draft of the story, even with all of the editing I've done. Revised some on June 27, 2008.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, world, or plot of One Piece. I do own Silver, and have permission to use Shadow. This plot is my own creation.

Of Pirates and Weddings

Of Islands and Caves

They had been on the seas together with the Strawhat crew for about a month now, and things were starting to settle down. Everyone was quickly learning each other's good and bad qualities and a routine was finally being settled into. Silver couldn't be happier. Things were chaotic for the first couple of weeks on the Thousand Sunny, and she attributed it to the fact that there were three new members to the crew, as well as to the fact that the ship was also new. Trying to adjust to new crew and a new ship had to have been hard, and she sympathized with the original Strawhats since she was also adjusting to having more than one other person around.

The sun was harsh on her bare skin, but the general warmth felt good, especially considering her susceptibility to cold. They were apparently approaching a summer island, and she had stripped her jacket off to enjoy the sun. Maybe she could actually tan if she stayed in the sun for long enough, though she doubted it. Being such a quick healer was useful, but it also prevented her from things like tanning. Her cells repaired themselves almost as fast as they were damaged by the sun. Luffy chose that moment, while Silver was sitting in the sun and enjoying the rare moment of peace on the ship, to accost his crewmate. There was a moment of stunned silence before Silver started to shake the arm her captain was apparently trying to eat.

"Damn it Luffy, I don't care how hungry you are, my arm is not food!" She let out a frustrated growl when he just repositioned himself to chew on her shoulder instead. "Not my shoulder either! Damn it, stop trying to eat me!"

It was at this precise moment that Sanji walked out onto the deck to see Luffy gnawing on Silver's shoulder. In very typical Sanji fashion he immediately started to beat his captain down, lecturing him on the proper treatment of women.

At the commotion, Shadow poked her head over the side of the ship. She had been taking advantage of the built in ladder there to swim whenever she wished. The moment she realized the situation she rolled her eyes and then turned to dive back into the sea. She never did feel complete unless she was in the water, sea freak that she was.

There was a loud snore and then a snort as the fight moved towards Zoro and preceded to crash into his sleeping form. Silver had gotten to a safe spot by this point and decided to watch the scuffle. These events, though frequent, never lost their novelty.

Usopp had drawn late morning watch for today, and Robin was probably still sleeping after her early morning shift. Franky should be showing up at any time now to join the scuffle. Shortly after that, Nami would burst out of the crew quarters to knock the men into behaving while Chopper would check the men for injuries.

Silver was delighted to finally be part a large enough crew to have these kinds of dynamics. Before it had just been her and Shadow, working as a flawless team. They knew each other so well and they got along so well that there had rarely been conflicts between the two. There was a lot of banter, but it was nothing like what the Strawhat crew had. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that these weren't just one-on-one dynamics, but entire group dynamics. In any case, it sure as hell made things interesting.

Right on time, Franky dove into the fight ball. It was starting to reach the proper noise level to bring Nami storming out, followed by Chopper trying to keep injuries to a minimum--soon enough Nami was out and marching over to the scuffle in order to pound all of the men (minus Usopp and Chopper) when Usopp started shouting "Land Ho!" repeatedly until everyone heard.

Shadow climbed back onto deck and hurried to get properly dressed as Silver picked up her coat and shrugged it on before heading to wake Robin. Nami quickly took charge of the situation-shouting orders before running to get her maps. Sanji returned to his kitchen to prepare the demanded "Pirate Lunchboxes" and make sure everything was properly prepared for landfall before heading out to help the others in manning the ship.

By the time Shadow, Silver, and Robin returned to the deck the island was visible to the naked eye. They moved to their positions in preparation for Nami's orders. They should still have a while before navigation was necessary, but it paid to be prepared. Once Nami returned she assessed the situation, and decided to have them circle the island from a distance in order to find a good place to weigh anchor away from habitation. This island appeared to be small enough that this tactic was practical.

A few hours later the Strawhat crew finally found a secluded cove not too far from civilization and quickly weighed anchor in order to start resupplying. Sanji and Luffy were the first off of the ship, followed shortly by Chopper, Robin, and Nami. Silver chose to wait to see who was on watch before leaving, and thus got to leave with Zoro as his guide for the moment. Shadow and Franky waved before Shadow said something and started to change for swimming. Franky headed below decks, probably to work on some secret project of his.

Silver shrugged and turned to find Zoro gone. The bastard could have at least waited for her! Now she had to track him down. She muttered for a few moments about having to escort the bastard before actually working on tracking him. She quickly scented the area for any traces of Zoro's distinctive scent and allowed herself a brief moment to breathe in the scent of steel before following it. After a few minutes she entered a forest that was in the complete opposite direction of the town and cursed; the humidity was rising fast and she could smell ozone in the air. There'd be a summer squall soon enough, and if she didn't find Zoro now she'd have to try to find him the hard way. Rain would wash any signs of his passing away, be it scent or the more conventional signs that a tracker would use. She broke into a run and caught sight of Zoro just as it started pouring.

Zoro growled at her the moment he saw her and she flipped him the bird in response. The bastard got them lost and on top of that they were without shelter in a storm. The lightning would be starting soon, and she did not want to be without cover when it did. She may be able to survive being hit by lightning, but it hurt to the high heavens and she tried to avoid such pain when possible. Zoro would probably survive too, if hit, just to spite her. With those swords of his he'd make a pretty target for a lightning strike, even with his swords sheathed. It's serve him right if he got fried.

Silver grabbed Zoro's arm and ran toward the line of cliffs in the distance. There might be a decent sized cave for them to hole up in, and for once she was too pissed to try to work Zoro up as she normally would in such a situation. She'd get him in bed eventually after all, and maybe if she didn't press buttons for once he'd stop avoiding her. The fact that he had been avidly avoiding her recently had made it hard for her to subtly try to get his interest. The man was damnably hard to pursue, since he generally ran in the opposite direction of any interested female. Hell, she was starting to think the bastard was asexual with the way he acted. Maybe he was just shy...?

Being slammed to the ground under the object of her thoughts brought Silver out of the haze she'd been in. She was slightly confused, and she couldn't really see anything beyond Zoro's chest. It was a very nice chest, but the fact that she'd hit the ground hard was making her a little less forgiving than she'd normally be in such a position.

"What the hell you bastard? Get the fuck off of me!" Zoro shifted enough that she could breathe normally again; the said bastard was heavy and sort of crushing her after all. Her tone softened as she noticed his tension, and the way he continued to cover her completely. She couldn't have been so far gone as to miss an enemy attack, right? "What's the matter Zoro?"

"I'm not sure. Felt something coming at us, but I don't see or sense anything now. I was sure something was coming at you, and fast." Zoro's words startled the woman under him, and she shifted to full alert. Apparently she'd been out of it enough to not sense hostile action, which was very, very bad. She mentally shamed herself while keeping alert. They waited silently for a few minutes before Silver spoke up again.

"Whatever that was it seems to be gone for the moment. Even if it's not I think we need cover even more than before. Let's find a cave to hole up in until this storm blows over, and then we can figure our way back to the Sunny. If something weird is going on we need to warn everyone else too."

At Silver's words Zoro shifted off of her and offered her a hand up. She took it, and then proceeded to lead the swordsman to a cave that offered decent shelter from the storm, though she had to frequently backtrack to drag him back on course. She was stuck with the man with the world's worst sense of direction, after all. Once inside of the cave Silver stripped her coat off, and tried to wring the water out of her hair. Having long hair sucked when it was wet and even with her clothing being made of waterproof leather she was still soaked. The water had run down ever opening in her clothing, and she was cursing the revealing outfit she wore. She very much wished she had changed into more easy-going clothing from her normal all leather gear, since damp and leather make for a very uncomfortable situation. Done wringing her hair of all the water she could get out, she settled against the cave wall next to Zoro. She was wet and cold, and heat was radiating off of him in waves. She shifted closer and muttered something about the cold when he glared.

At some point Silver must have dozed off, because when she woke she was curled against the swordsman with his arm wrapped around her. He must have fallen asleep as well--otherwise he wouldn't be caught dead in such a position. She smiled softly, amused at his snoring, and craned her neck around to see if it was still raining. Noting it that it was still pouring, she settled further into Zoro's side and drifted back to sleep.