Title: Of Pirates and Weddings

Warnings: OCs and language. On hiatus!

Notes: This was written on May 24, 2008 and June 13, 2008. I cannot stress enough that this is a rough draft. In fact, it's more of a rough draft of the rough draft. I'm posting this because it forces me to write and because I do hope someone will review and tell be where I'm way off and maybe how to fix it. (This chapter is horrible, just so you know. My characterization is so off.) The majority of this chapter is filler. I needed to get from point A to point B and had no idea of how to get there, so forgive the areas that seem forced. Revised somewhat on June 27, 2008.

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece-its characters, world, or plot. Silver and the plot of this side story are mine. Shadow belongs to her respective owner, and I have permission to use her.

Of Pirates and Weddings

Of Feuding Clans and Love

It was the sun that woke Silver the next morning. All signs of the summer storm that had forced Zoro and her to find shelter the previous afternoon were gone. Coming completely awake in an instant (how had she slept through the end of the storm?), Silver found herself in an awkward position. Oh, it was one she'd kill to wake up in every day, but at this point in her relationship with Zoro it was just awkward. He probably wouldn't speak to her for days! Slowly but surely, Silver extracted herself from Zoro's lap. How she'd ended up in his lap and in his arms she'd never know. She remembered nestling into his side the night before, with one of his arms around her, and she ended up in a completely different position. Luckily she was able to get off his lap before he woke (for all his napping the bastard was a light sleeper), but she remained in his arms. Zoro tensed the moment he woke completely, and Silver winced. He was going to be so mad!

"Oi, Silver. You awake?" She tensed and nodded into his shoulder. "Good. It's morning and we need to head back before they send out a search party or do something stupid."

Silver stretched as he released her, and watched him carefully out of the corner of her eye. That was odd. He had sounded almost gentle. After they cut off any rescue attempts she'd look into that further, but for now she just grabbed her jacket and followed Zoro out of the cave. The morning air was brisk, and beyond the scent of pine that permeated the air was the distinct scent of hay and manure. Horses meant a farm or stables of some sort, and that meant people. Maybe she could get directions there. It was times like these that Silver was very glad of being female. She could at least ask for directions, unlike most men who found asking directions some sort of insult to their pride.

Waving Zoro over, she quickly told him her plan and started in the direction of habitation with him following. After about thirty minutes of walking, they ran into the edge of a pasture. There was a good sized herd of horses grazing in the early morning light. There was also what looked to be a field of some sort near the pasture. The people here probably grew the feed for their horses themselves, rather than buying it from another farmer. There was a large ranch house beyond the pasture, and a barn and stables near that. All together it made for a large complex. The people here were most likely breeders, and from what she could see of the buildings very wealthy ones at that.

They approached the ranch house first, hoping to run into someone along the way. As they passed the barn a worker walked out, and nearly crashed into Zoro. Silver yanked Zoro back quickly and just in time to avoid a collision with the worker who was carrying a hay bale.

"Sorry about my friend here. We're hoping you can direct us back to town. I had to follow after this idiot and we got lost." Silver threw her most charming smile at the young man, ignoring Zoro's protest at being called an idiot.

He looked between the two of them, and where Silver gripped Zoro's arm multiple times, as if unsure of what to make of the situation. Eventually the young man smiled hesitantly back at her, and proceeded to direct her back to town. She thanked him and dragged Zoro behind her as she left, hoping to keep the man from being scolded for slacking off. She seemed to be successful, but kept her grip on Zoro just in case. The idiot would probably walk straight off of the path and back into the woods otherwise. Zoro, of course, protested her grip on his wrist, and Silver paused just long enough to change her grip to his hand instead, doing her best to ignore what the gesture would look like; she really did need to keep a grip on him, and so what if it looked couple-like. They weren't a couple. Silver was not going down that path anytime soon. Too many people she'd cared about had died because of her; hell, she only wanted to get the bastard in bed, not do any of that other shit.

After an hour or so they came across the cove where Sunny had been docked, and quickly made their way to the ship. There was a shout from Usopp who was apparently on watch at the moment, and they were soon surrounded by the rest of the crew. Silver released Zoro and waved off all of the questions. She was hungry, and said so. Sanji guided her to the galley while berating Zoro for not taking proper care of one of his delicate ladies. Shadow snorted in the background and Silver shot her a glare.

Between bites Silver explained events the events that lead to the two of them being trapped in a cave to wait out the storm. "There was also something in the forest-I can't believe I almost forgot. Zoro sensed it for an instant, and it seemed to be hostile. I'm not sure what to make of it, since I was distracted at the time so I didn't feel it. I'd try not to go into the forest alone though. I have no idea what it could have been." She quickly finished narrating events and asked after the others.

"Luffy got us lost. I can't believe I got stuck with the moron! We met this really cute couple though. They're from different clans, and their families hate each other. Sarah and Ryan seemed to be completely in love too. I just can't believe their families are keeping them apart because of a centuries old feud! Plus, they looked like old-blood families. That means money! Maybe we'd get a reward for helping them..." Nami seemed annoyed by the situation, but mainly concerned with way of getting money out of the couple. Luffy nodded along emphatically while she spoke of the couple's stife, and Franky, Usopp, and Chopper seemed touched by the trials the young lovers must face to be together.

"I wonder what caused the feud. Maybe their clans have been assassinating members of the opposing clan for centuries…" Robins pondering seemed to horrify some of the other crew members, while Silver and Shadow stifled laughter. It was true, but the way Robin said things like that was always amusing.

"So how much longer are we here for, anyway? I know Zoro and I haven't been to town, and Franky and Shadow haven't either unless they went after Zoro got both of us lost, and I would like to see town. Maybe this young couple could show us around?"

"It's your own fault for following me woman! No one forced you to come after me." Zoro slammed upwards to glower at her from across the table.

"Zoro, you have no sense of direction. We'd have never found you again without a search party. It's not my fault that I wanted to save everyone else the trouble of going after your sorry ass!" Silver glared at him and stood as well. She also might have slid into a defensive stance.

"Okay! Silver, Zoro please play nice. That storm is the reason you were both lost, and it's no use fighting about it, okay? We still need to get some more supplies and I haven't been to town either, okay? So why don't we go together Silv?" Shadow, when not pouring fuel onto the fire, was actually fairly good at diffusing the fights between Zoro and Silver. In fact, she'd been forced to intervene multiple times in the last few days, mainly because a physical fight inside was bad for the ship. Grinning at Silver she muttered, "You got lost!" in a sing-song way.

Silver nodded without breaking eye contact with Zoro. "That'd be nice. It's been a while since we've gotten a chance to have a day on the town." She broke eye contact to grin at Shadow as they both exclaimed, "Shopping!" at the same time. While still looking at Shadow she added in a quiet murmer, "At least I don't get us lost, or have us going in circles unless there's an outside factor. Remember Before, when you had me going in circles in the town you lived in?" She switched back to a more audible tone to ask Luffy, "Captain, do we have shore leave?"

Luffy looked confused at Silver's question, so she simplified it. He gave them permission with a grin, still looking a bit like he didn't understand why they were asking. Silver shook her head and hid a small smile while moving off to change. Once in a while regular clothing was preferable. It'd probably help her blend in and get better prices when bartering with women, though it was quickly destroyed with her style of fighting. Blood stains and multiple large tears tended to ruin her regular clothing when she fought in it, even with Shadows abilities with needle and thread.

Silver and Shadow met up on the edge of town, and both grinned at each other before practically skipping into town. They really hadn't had a day on the town in ages, and they rarely had time to talk with just the two of them. The Sunny was large, and they did all have their own cabins with decent room within (really their cabins were about the size of two normal cabins put together). They had, of course, gotten together practically every night to chat in one or another's cabins, but it wasn't nearly the same as what they had before joining the crew, since interruptions were matter of course with the Strawhats.

Silver quickly told Shadow about the previous evening and about how she had woken up that morning. She then had to stop to look back at Shadow who had stopped and was now gaping at her.

"It's true! I woke up on his lap and in his arms. I almost went back to sleep too, because it was so comfortable, but then I woke up completely and realized our position. The weirdest part is that he actually sounded nice when he asked me if I was awake. I think it was just because he was only half awake himself. He's never been kind to me before, so it was sort of strange hearing that kind of tone. He sounded sort of like when he speaks to Chopper or Luffy, you know? I really wasn't expecting him to speak to me with that sort of tone ever. Well, maybe in the distant future, but it'd be really, really distant."

Shadow nodded and resumed walking. They changed topics and chatted for a while about the antics of some of their nakama while window shopping. Soon enough they both saw things that they wanted in the same shop and went in. They were greeted immediately by a kind looking blonde with a gentle voice. Silver and Shadow greeted her back and went to browse. Within a few minutes they both had some odd and ends picked out that they had taken a liking to.

As Silver paid for her purchases, she asked for the woman's name. The soft spoken woman answered with the name Sarah, and Silver paused for a moment before smiling kindly at the woman. "You wouldn't happen to be dating someone named Ryan, would you?" The woman looked startled and quickly looked around before hesitantly nodding her head in the positive. Shadow shot Silver a look and then they both turned to shoot grins at Sarah.

"You met our captain and navigator yesterday. They told us about the two of you. Maybe when you get a break we could have a cup of coffee and you could tell us about it?" Shadow made sure to look as innocent and harmless as possible, with just a hint of friendly concern. Silver smiled softly and let the kindness that she normally kept from creeping into her eyes seep in.

Sarah looked between the two of them for a few minutes before nodding. "I have lunch in about two hours if you wouldn't mind waiting. There's a small café that I go to with Ryan. The workers and regulars keep our secret. We could talk there without having to worry about someone overhearing." She gave them directions after they gave affirmative answers.

As Silver and Shadow exited the shop they both shot glances back at Sarah. She smiled softly at them before turning back to her work. Silver frowned for a moment before noticing that Shadow was doing the same.

"I have this odd feeling that we're going to end up helping the two of them get together. I am a bounty hunter, not a matchmaker. Wait. I'm a pirate now, aren't I? That means even less matchmaking." Silver sighed and shook her head. She didn't get involved in these things as a rule, and now she felt that there wasn't much of a chance of not being sucked in. Sarah seemed like such a gentle soul. She deserved happiness.

"I know you don't do matchmaking, but I do think we'll end up helping them. Nami and Luffy seemed to like them, and Robin seemed interested in the history of the feud. And I happen to like to matchmaking. Think of the romance! They're like Romeo and Juliet, just without the tragic ending--at least not yet." Shadow grinned suddenly, and then bolted toward the ship. Silver sighed before following at a slower pace. She just knew she'd be sighing a lot in the next few days.

Ending Notes: Sorry, I try not to have these, but I couldn't explain that first paragraph in the beginning notes. What happened there was that Zoro woke up at some point during the night to Silver's violent shaking (the woman is nearly immortal, but very weak to the cold). He noticed her lips were turning blue, and while he doesn't quite trust her yet she's still nakama--thus her being pulled into his lap and arms.