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"Please, papa this is what I want."

"I said you could bring one souvenir from America so that you can reacclimatize to life in Israel."

"That's what I did."

"This isn't what I meant. It's hideous"

"It's not hideous and I really like it."

"No, send it back."

"But, you said…"

"Ziva this is not what I was expecting. It's dirty, it smells, can you even take care of it?"

"Yes, I can take care of it. It's very clean; it just been through a lengthy flight."

"It will come back to haunt you, Ziva."

"No, it won't. Please papa"

…. "Fine it can stay"

"It has a name."

"Fine, Mr. DiNozzo can stay, but I don't like him."


"What did your dad say?"

"He said I could keep you…and he likes you."

A/N: I too was quite shocked by the season finale. I'm confidant the team will reunite one way or another by season six. This cliffhanger has been used on other shows :) :)

Also, I'm trying to write a prequel to how the story got up to this point, but we'll see how it goes.