Android 17 lay on the ground, experimentally moving his fingers, then his arms and legs. He really didn't know why he was alive, or if he really was alive. He stared up at the cloudless skies with his icy blue eyes, mind curiously blank. A stream of memories began to soak through his daze, confirming the suspicion that he truly was alive. 18 surfaced first, as always. She was his main concern, at any time. But where was she?

Little Marron crawled up on her mother's lap. Android 18 put her arms around her, but continued to remain lost within her thoughts. As always, her face was closed and unreadable. Beautiful and dangerous.

17 was on her mind. She had been careful not to think of her missing twin brother since the terrible day Cell had absorbed him. Not even the memories of her absorption were as painful as her memories of seeing 17 becoming a part of that monster. But now... even before she had awoken that morning, she had been overwhelmed with memories of how 17 had been fascinated with the world around him and had loved his life. The bond they had shared. How he was all she'd ever had since Gero irrevocably changed their lives.

When she'd first seen the emergency shut-down switch in Krillin's hand, 18 had been curiously relieved. When he hit that button, she wouldn't have to live without her brother. So what if it meant the end for her. She wouldn't have to fight, to flounder alone of this sea of confusion. But there was a deep sense of survival in 18, and she had quickly become frightened. She did not want to die. But of course, Krillin had not pushed that button; he had in fact destroyed the remote.

Her little girl had fallen asleep in her lap. 18 stood, and easily carried Marron over to the couch. She allowed tenderness for her child to show on her face for just a moment, as she watched Marron sleep. The girl looked just like her father, but bore the golden hair and icy eyes that 18 had once shared with her brother.

'What would 17 think of his niece?' The question brought her no little pain.

Android 17's clothes were, in a word, ruined. They were barely decent, torn and stained in various places. Taking a leaf out of his sister's book, he traveled to a clothing store. There he stole jeans, a vest, shirt and bandanna as close to his old pair as possible. In a miraculous twist of fate, 17's shoes were no worse for wear. If anything he thought they looked cleaner then they had before. The tedious chore of 'shopping' finished, 17 left, leaving behind a cowering sales girl. Taking to the air, he focused on the task at hand. Finding out what had happened to his sister.

An hour later Android 17 found himself seated in the corner of a tavern. With a quiet sort of detachment, he listened to the hollering and boasting of the alcohol-riddled humans. The air smelled of them and their drink. Smoke clouded the air. How pathetic. It had been two days since he had miraculously woken and found himself to be alive. As far as he could calculate, 17 had lain, shut down, in the forest for near to fifteen months. In that time he had been drifting along, as though not really himself, his only thought to find out whatever he could about his sister. He had no hope that she was alive, but wanted desperately to know what had happened to her, to Cell, to Goku.

Drawing into himself, he tried to remember anything he could about the fight against Cell before he had been absorbed. Remembering that only made his shudder. His robotic side proved useful, and the cyborg scanned the notes he had recorded, the files Gero had programmed into his system.

Vegeta...the boy called Trunks...Goku...

There! That had to be the key. Everything seemed to revolve around this one man. It seemed ironically appropriate that the man he had been programmed to kill would be the one 17 would turn to for help.