The war was over. Harry had defeated the Dark lord in the ministry of magic and all the loyal death eaters had died when their master was killed. A few like Severus and even Lucius Malfoy who had turned spy had taken an oath on their magic and had been spared. No danger left on his life, Harry had been allowed to live with Sirius and Remus this summer who had been granted custody. As he returned from the last weeks of school he was excited, not sure of what to expect for the summer.

When he and his friends got off the train he saw them both there. He launched himself into the arms of his godfather. "Siri."

Sirius smiled and held him tight. "You have no idea how amazing it is to be here in person to pick you up. It feels so good to be a free man."

As Remus accepted his own hug he added. "And to finally be able to gain custody of you and make a real family and home for you after all of these years."

Harry was beaming with happiness. "So where are we going? Please don't tell me we are going to be living at Grimmauld place."

Sirius shook his head with a smile. "No. Not for a while at least. I am having the house gutted and renovated from top to bottom now."

Harry smiled. "I thought we would have just burned the place to the ground. You always said how much you hated that place."

Sirius shrugged. "I had thought of that but Remus here reminded me that it is my family home. I just plan on removing all signs of the old life there."

Remus agreed. "And we thought the three of us could use a change of scenery and a bit of a relaxing break from this all for the summer."

Harry had never been on a vacation. He had always been left behind by the Dursleys when they went on one. "So where are we going?"

"To a wizarding community on the coast of Cornwall. The Blacks have had an estate there for years and I always loved it as a kid."Sirius explained.

"A wizarding community? I haven't been too any other then Hogsmeade. Is it a big city or a town or what?" Harry asked.

Sirius laughed. "Lets get your trunk and owl, and we can show you. I don't think a simple description is going to do the place any justice at all."

Harry turned around to say goodbye to his friends who were still there and who he had nearly forgotten in all of his excitement and when they had retrieved his luggage and Hedwig, they headed out of the train station where they caught the Knight Bus and told the conductor they were headed to Bromley.

As they sat down Remus and Sirius decided there was a few things they needed to discus first. "Harry, I think we need to tell you one or two things."

Harry looked up a bit concerned. "Okay?"

"Well you know Remy and I have been close since we were young. Well we used to be a couple before your parents died, and we have got back together."

Remus nodded. "We didn't want to tell you until we knew it was going to continue as it has been so long, but we're in love and hope you'll be happy for us."

Harry would have jumped up to hug them if he hadn't been on a bus. "Really? This is so cool. You guys are like my surrogate dads. It's awesome you're together."

Sirius sighed a breath of relief. "We're so happy you're okay with this. We were worried that being raised by muggles, you might not be so comfortable."

Harry laughed. "I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I wasn't. I mean I'm kind of gay too. I mean I haven't been with anyone yet but I know I'm interested in them."

Remus reached out to squeeze his arm. "We're happy you told us you know cub. Even if we weren't gay, you know we'd support you. Your parents would have."

Sirius nodded. "Why hadn't you told us this before? I mean do your friends know?"

Harry shrugged. "Luna and Neville do. They kind of guesses and I think Hermione suspects but not Ron. Ginny is still trying to get me to go out with her."

Sirius laughed. "Well maybe we can find you a nice bloke to snog when we're at the coast this summer. It always gets easier after the first time."

Harry blushed a bit and decided to change subjects. "You said there was more then one thing we needed to discus."

"Well we'll not be the only ones using the manor this summer. One of my cousins will be there with his father and godfather." Sirius explained.

"You don't mean... You're telling me that Draco and Lucius and Severus are staying there?"

Remus nodded. "Malfoy manor was destroyed when Narcissa died. Sirius has agreed to allow the three to stay at the manor with us this summer as the house is fixed."

Sirius noticed Harry's sullen face. "Don't worry cub, the house had four wings and makes Grimmauld look like a shack. You'll have your space from all of them."

Harry hoped so. He wouldn't allow this to ruin his first summer with a real family. He and Draco had managed to be half way civil last year when the truth of his father came out, but that didn't mean Harry planned on hanging out and being friends with him. He wanted this summer to get to know Sirius and Remus.


The community of Bromely was on the coast of Northern Cornwall nearly as East as you could go in the county and was like any other sea side town but it was full of wizard shops and hotels though there was a muggle town not far away. Black Crest Manor definitely didn't disappoint Harry either upon her first look or further inspection of the grand manor. Unlike Grimmauld the massive 300 room manor had huge windows and was airy and quite beautiful inside. Many of the windows over looked the water as it was on a jetty and had views on three sides, and a walk way down to a private beach.

Sirius smiled as he saw the shock and awe in Harry's face. "I take it that you approve. Hard to believe this house belongs to the same family as Grimmauld place?"

Harry had to agree. "Did your family have split personalities or something? I haven't seen one dead house elf head or screaming painting any where."

Sirius laughed. "Well you have only seen the ground floor but I assure you that you'll find none of those. You will find though unfortunately, Kreacher, serves here."

Harry groaned but his complaint of the house elf was cut off by the appearance of the other three houseguests. "So Sirius, I see our last guest of the summer is here."

"Yes Lucius, Harry has arrived. Unlike your son he stayed until the end of the year. And since you are our guests, I remind you to be civil." Sirius bit.

Lucius looked at Harry. "I assume we can be civil enough. He did after all help free my son and myself from death this year. And the house is large enough."

Harry looked from him towards Severus and Draco. "Not exactly the summer I was hoping for but I was assured that there was enough space to avoid you."

Severus sneered. "Don't venture into the basements to my potions lab Mr Potter and I assure you that we will have no problems in avoiding each other."

Remus decided to try and save the situation and called Harry to follow him up stairs. Remus led him to the main area of the second floor where a door across from the master suite led into a second only slightly smaller suite which had been made up for Harry. The other guests were in another wing. The room had large heavy furniture including a canopy bed, desk and wardrobe but huge windows and light summery colors made the room feel light and welcoming.

Remus unshrunk his trunk for him. "Get settled in and meet us down in the kitchen and we'll go for a walk on the beach and perhaps get something to eat."

Harry excitedly unpacked as he had never been able to do in summers before as his things were locked up. He was shocked and delighted to find new clothes in his wardrobe. He had wizard robes in good condition but his muggle clothes were hand me downs. He could throw them all away, now with all this.

He threw his arms around Sirius when he got back down. "Thank you. Thanks for all the new clothes and the room."

Sirius smiled as he saw Harry in the new clothes. "Don't think we didn't notice the condition of your old clothes. "

Remus came in. "They look good on you cub. Now how about we take that walk and get some sun on that pale skin and some weight on those bones as well."

Harry was anxious to see some of the town and to spend some time alone with his godfathers so he eagerly followed them out. They spent the afternoon walking along the beach and having dinner at a nice sea food place which was actually in the muggle part of town.

Later that night as he was heading for bed he hugged both men. "Thank you for today and for this. It means so much to me."

Sirius just hugged him and ruffled his curls. "It just means so much to us that we can finally offer you a home Harry."


Harry woke up in the dead of the night panting and sweating from a nightmare. He hadn't told anyone about the nightmares that plagued him ever since the ministry. His friends were so excited about the down fall; he had not wanted to ruin that. Harry's last battle though and how close he came to defeat, plagued him. Unable to calm his breathing Harry climbed out of bed and slipped into his robe. He went across the hall and was about to knock but he heard noise and after a few moments he realized his godfathers were awake but busy.

Not able to go to bed he slid through the hall and down to the kitchens where he tried to calm his nerves with some warm milk. "Harry."

He turned around expecting one of his godfathers but he found one of the other houseguests behind him. "What do you want?"

"I saw you come down here and you looked really upset. I thought perhaps you could use some company."

"I had a bad dream. I've had them since the final battle." Harry admitted though he was unsure why he was admitting it to him.

"It's okay to be scared Harry. You know you're an incredibly brave person but you're still young."

Harry wasn't sure why he allowed himself to be pulled into a hug. It felt warm and safe. He was even more unsure why he didn't resist as his head was lifted and a warm set of lips pressed against his, gentle at first but added pressure. And he definitely wasn't sure why he put his arms around the kisser and drew him in more.