Harry was surprised when on Christmas eve Lucius insisted they needed to head to the bank. They were having Christmas lunch at the Burrow with the Weasleys and Draco and Hermione as well as his dads. Then they were to have their bachelor parties or what they could have with Harry pregnant and the eve of Christmas.

Harry groaned as they came through the floo. "I thought that you loved me. You know I hate floo even without this little one."

Lucius leaned down to kiss him. "I know my love but we have a busy enough schedule today without taking the bus. And apparating would be harder on both you"

Resting his head against his fiancé he really wished he could just go home. He had no idea why his fiancé had insisted of the outing. Lunch and his own party was at the Burrow so he could have stayed comfortable and in one place before he went to the manor for the wedding the next day. He didn't even know what to expect for his dads, Molly and Lucius had planned the wedding as a surprise. Even their honeymoon Lucius was tight lipped about. They'd do Dagger cove in August.

Lucius led him into the bank and he noticed an odd shiver out of his fiancé. "You are remembering the last time we came her."

Harry's hand went to the brand. "I was so terrified. It brought us here and to our beautiful baby and tomorrow. But still."

The start of their relationship Lucius had dragged him here and scared him into the contact. Harry could still remember the agony of the branding and the humiliation of being stripped in front of an attorney and the banker. He was shocked when he found himself led into the same office and saw another attorney.

He turned to look at his fiancé. "What are you doing?"

Lucius kissed him. "We are here to sign the forms to officially end our erastes contract. You have fulfilled the terms, well you will when we wed tomorrow."

Harry realized that Luc was no longer his erastes. He had never even thought of it. It was in this office he had first learned wizards could have babies. Now his dads had a daughter and he was pregnant as well. He had not realized the contract would end when he got pregnant.

Lucius understood. "You thought it would be forever if you got pregnant? No. It would end as soon as either we married or one of us walked away. The papers filed."

John came over. "Glad you knocked some sense into the moron. I have been his friend for years and when he tried to end this I refused to file the papers."

Realizing this was not the attorney from last time he remembered Lucius saying his attorney had not filed the papers allowing Lucius to fix this. He was grateful for the man for he could not even imagine not being married to Luc tomorrow or the precious baby in him.

The banker nodded. "The paper work is done. As soon as you have signed it they will be filed and Harry you will be released."

Lucius signed and handed them to Harry to sign. "Your inheritance is reinstated. But I have also had a trust fund set up for our little baby."

This time he was not shaking. This time Harry was beaming when he signed the papers. He had thought when he entered this that he was signing his life way for two years. Now he realized he was gaining his life. His fiancé and the baby, and Draco who was his brother and soon to be stepson, were his life.

The forms were filed and John looked at Lucius. "You know what is required of you."

Lucius saw is fiancé jerk away when he reached for him. He kissed Harry. "Just your shirt my sweet to show the brand is gone. You're my fiancé after all."

Trusting the man he loved more then life itself he allowed the front of his robe to be undone and the shirt and he and Lucius both smiled as the brand was gone. Harry no longer needed it, the engagement ring and the loosing of his six pack, no bump yet, was a symbol of Lucius' love and not of his possession.

Lucius kissed him. "From Zeus and Ganymede to husbands, I am your Erastes no more my love."

Author not: This story will continue but I decided it was sequel time. The Erastes contract was stated to end with a baby. Lucius is no longer his Erastes so the title does not work any more. I am open to some suggestions for my sequel's new titles which will start with their wedding. The first chapter should be posted in a few days.