Hot Shot's girl: Okay it's three in the morning and I'm bored just watching random youtube videos. I know it's crazy but the poll's been going REALLY well and I wanted to get them all down, or most of them. I said I would in Angel Of Steel and so here's the G1 version. Been thinking about it for a long time. This story might just be a little longer than the others though. So enjoy and hope you like it :)

Alexis Homes was a 23 year old archeologist, that is . . . until the day she went to Africa for an archeological find. It was a hot day in Africa as are many days and she and her team had arrived in a small village not too far from the dig site. Alexis didn't really like traveling far from home, but hey it was her job and so she had to force herself to just suck it up. Once at the village and after gathering up all her belongings she stood up straight and placed her hand upon her brow looking throughout the landscape to see where she was.

The sun was so bright and hot that day it was hard to make out, dodging the waves of heat boiling in the air. She could see a patch of trees, but beyond that who knew. She couldn't tell. Her green eyes couldn't see that far.

She sighed and she shook her head, some beads of sweat dropping from her skin in need of moisture. She looked around the village and wondered if it was even suitable to stay there.

"Heh, you've got to be kidding me," she chuckled looking at the poor and old village. "Stan are we really gonna be staying here."

"Uh, yea," said her coworker straightening his glasses. "Well you're lucky we're not going to be staying in their huts, who knows what it's made out of. The village people just let us stay in their land that's all. They have a right to keep trespassers off if they wanted to you know."

"I know," said Alexis. "But this place is just so . . ."

"Dead?" guessed Stan.

"My thoughts exactly," smiled Alexis turning to him and pointing a gloved finger at him.

"Follow me ladies and I'll show you your accommodations," smiled the muscular Greg as he cared mostly all of his belongings in one trip to the tents.

"Wow, aren't you the polite one?" smiled Alexis grabbing what she could and followed him.

"Yea . . . sure," mumbled Stan.

And so once they were settled in Alexis was raring to go to the site of the find. She had been ever since she agreed to fly out there. She heard it was pretty interesting what was found in ole Africa. Stan was still settling in to his tent, but Greg decided to just take her there. Once there he showed her where the dig was and what they had found.

Alexis was impressed that she didn't come all the way out there for nothing. The object looked pretty interesting; especially what it was surrounded by. It had pretty much been buried under the earth for a long time just waiting to be dug up and discovered.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" smiled Alexis looking around the place that could have easily been mistaken for a cave of the gods by the locals . . . as a matter of fact . . . that's exactly what happened. "It's a space ship! Hey is this like the one team who found that one ship buried in the side of a mountain. Wasn't it some old decepticon ship?"

"Yea, I think so," said Greg. "But this ship . . . who can tell? It doesn't show any signs of autobot origins or decepticon origins."

"That's why you're not giving out the information we found a space ship huh?" asked Alexis.

"Exactly," said Greg. "If word of this spaceship in Africa got out then the press would be all over it and soon . . . the autobots."

"And maybe decepticons," giggled Alexis.

"Yea, they think they own everything that falls out of space," sighed Greg. "It's the poor people like us who suffer through it. No one considers the archeologists who dig it up and then don't get no credit for all their hard efforts."

"Yea, well one way or another this baby's getting out," said Alexis crossing her arms. "Is that the main find there?"

Alexis looked to see in the middle of the room was a fairly descent sized object unknown to man and probably machine. Greg and Alexis came up to it and looked at it. It was slightly small to be transformer big suggesting to them that they didn't build it, but the ship was strangely about the size to hold a couple transformers if so needed. They all were still baffled about everything, but Alexis was the one for the job.

Anything baffled or anyone baffled by baffle was down her alley. She loved mysteries and things that couldn't be explained. She was an expert at finding out secrets not meant to be uncovered. It was her curse as some to say, but then again she always thought of it as a skill.

She wasn't one to mess with neither. She had a temper like nothing on earth and, sadly, wasn't afraid of nothing or no one. If she was confronted by a challenge or some challenged or threatened her in any way they were going down one way or the other. No one could best her and so most always stayed out of her way. She was always very intimidating to others but it heightened all the more once rumor got around Alexis was almost mugged walking back from work, hint the word almost, well rumor has it she single handedly turned the tides on the mugger . . . making the mugger change into the victim.

That was rumor though. When asked about it Alexis always smiles and says—

"I let him cry back to mama."

No one would ever really know if that story was true for Alexis really wasn't one to bring up an old story again or brag. She didn't need to when word of her life got around so quick. Yes that Alexis Homes was one fine woman. In more ways than one.

She was smart, strong, and beautiful all at the same time, though none would ever get up the courage to say that to her. Yes even though her habits were very masculine she was very womanly. She had shinny and straight brunette hair that went half way down her neck. Her eyes were a fair shade of green, being that of a dark green. She had a good set of curves even though she tried to hid them not highlight them.

Her skin was well shaded. She wasn't too pale, but then again wasn't too dark neither. Her face quite lovely too. You could stare at it all day if she didn't have that smart look upon her all the time like she was cooking up some kind of plan.

To top her beauty her brain was just as. She had one of the highest grades in her class and was very witty. She had a quick mind and caught on to things quicker than any other person. That's what made her so good at mysteries.

Some swears she would have made a better detective then an archeologist, but this is where her heart is. Ancient things long forgotten waiting to be discovered and shown the respect it deserves once again. That's what made her so strong, her heart. Whatever she set her heart to it she saw it through . . . like those karate classes she took all those years as a teenager.

She was never really a quitter and that's what made her parents so proud of her. Not to mention her two older brothers who possessed the same strength and heart, but not brains. Yes she lived a good life back at the states, but now she is here in Africa and perhaps for a purpose more than just to figure out what it is they have uncovered in the sun-dried dirt.

"So Greg when we gonna move it?" asked Alexis looking at the device. "I'm eager to find out what it is."

"We were thinking tomorrow," said Greg.

"Come on Greg, it's 200 out there. Do we have to wait another day?" asked Alexis.

"Your plain did arrive a little late you know," said Greg.

"Oh and this is from the man who still had his belongings out when we got here?" smiled Alexis crossing her arms.

"I was excited about the find. I came right away to this place to see it," said Greg.

"Mhm, sure," chuckled Alexis heading back out.

She walked back through the dry trees that still, strangely, had leaves on them and made her way back to the village. It was a descent sized place but Alexis didn't like it too much there not knowing why. Something inside her though begged her to leave, but she couldn't . . . not now. This was her job.

Alexis ran by Stan who was trying to communicate with the locals she just sighed and shook her head. He smiled back at her signaling 'she couldn't do any better' Alexis wasn't one to be something she was not and she certainly was not translator. The one, the only one, they had was back at the dig site telling people where to dig or how far down and such. She had to make due though with just simple hand motions, hopefully that would get her somewhere.

Alexis then came to this one really old looking hut and saw it was a strange looking hut. It wasn't much of a hut actually seeing now it didn't really cover the sides. It was just drabbed over and on one side so once could either sit there while it rained or just look in it to see what was so special or different about this. Alexis' curiosity was startled once she saw this old witch doctor looking lady. She didn't look too pleasant, but the lady just starred and starred at her.

It was then, as Alexis tried to avert her eyes, when she saw the strange carvings on the hut. She glanced just long enough to see human looking people, well one, among many giant crooked looking people. Another picture to the left was that of the same, but this time the person was now crooked and tall like the rest. Uh, creepy people and their creepy drawings.

Alexis turned her back to leave, but just as soon as she had the old lady stood up rather quickly and started speaking to her. Alexis turned around confused and wondering what she did wrong. Nothing, she thought, but maybe the old lady thought different. As the old lady rambled on the translator came to see what all this commotion was about.

"What tis going on here?" he asked coming up next to Alexis who was about to have enough of all this madness and just walk away.

"I don't know I just looked at her hut, or whatever it is and when I tried to walk away she got up and started yelling at me," said Alexis trying to explain and figure out what she did wrong.

The translator listened to the old lady's rambles and soon sighed speaking to her and telling her to go sit back down and continue waiting for the day to end. She wouldn't though and it took him quite a lot of effort to make her go back. She just kept yelling and pointing at Alexis though rambling on like some mad women. Once she was calmed down and seated the translator came to her and told her everything was under control.

"Good," sighed Alexis. "What was she rambling about anyways?"

"Oh something about old tales and such," he said. "Tis nothing to worry about. All she kept saying was the giant men, the giant men. Usually she's quite silent."

"I see," said Alexis pondering this. "Well then, I shan't bother her again. I'll be going back to my tent and resting for the day."

"Good, enjoy your stay Ms. Homes," bowed the translator.

"Thanks," smiled Alexis as she got to her tent and got to some rest.

She still couldn't help trying to figure out what the deal was with the old lady. What had giant men got to do with her anyways? Was it the carvings? She didn't know and would gladly push it out of her mind, but then . . . that's just not Alexis Homes. She never leaves a mystery unsolved; sadly . . . that was her curse.

And so she pushed it away from her thoughts, but not out of her mind. It would eventually pop up again when the time was right or something reminded her of it. For now she had her mind on the strange device which she got to handle the next day. She knew a thing or two about mechanics but nothing really like this.

All she could tell was this device she was handling was something like a converter. Well like it was able to take a substance and convert it into completely the opposite. It was quite brilliant, but not so if you couldn't reverse it. Alexis tried working on it, but the whole days he got nothing.

More mysteries, now Africa was her place to be. It thrilled her so she couldn't explain it. She just got an adrenalin rush at the thought of a long ancient mystery being solved by one such as her and only her knowing the secret. Now she didn't tell anyone about the converter yet until she was able to be certain it could reverse engineer itself which would be absolutely amazing if it does so, but so far . . . nothing. Yet another dead end.

On the third day though, something most strange happened. As they were digging around the site they were greeted with a bombard of vehicles of all sorts and sizes.

"What is this?" asked Alexis halting what she was doing and looking at them all.

Once they halted and sat before the site a single order was given out and all obeyed.


The vehicles all shifted and bent now into giant metal men. Well now, Alexis was certainly surrounded by giant men now. It was the autobots, but why were they here?

"What's all this?" asked Greg stepping forward.

"Sorry about the short notice but we received word the decepticons were planning to strike here," said their leader Optimus Prime.

"Well as you can see there are no decepticons here," said Alexis outstretching her hands. "Now can you leave us back to our dig or do you wish to stay longer?"

"What is your name human?" asked Optimus.

"Alexis Homes if you must know," she said standing tall and proud-like.

"Alexis you must understand the decepticons' ways," said Optimus. "They are power hungry and will stop at nothing to get what they want."

"Oh really?" smiled Alexis placing her dirty gloved hands on her hips. "Well then send them our way."

Optimus let out a chuckle at this human female's great show of courage, and overconfidence.

"Heh, heh, I like your spirit Alexis, but you must be careful with words such as those around the decepticons," said Optimus.

Alexis just rolled her eyes and wanted them to leave and so she got onto her business trying to ignore them, but all the while keeping an eye on them to find out when they were to leave. It was then she saw Prowl run up to Optimus saying—

"Optimus we just received word the decepticons are attacking a naval force air base, this was just a distraction to get our minds off the real threat!"

"Then tell all the autobots to pack up and head home," ordered Optimus.

Once again he spoke to the diggers and once again he apologized. They then left every single one of them. Alexis was glad that was all over, at least they didn't go snooping around in their dig. She gave them credit for being that respectful.

"Hmph, I'm glad they're gone." She sighed sticking her nose up in the air.

"Alexis do you have something against the autobots?" asked Stan evening out his glasses on his nose.

"No, it's all of them. The transformers. They act like they own earth when it's not their race who were born and raised here," she said getting back to work.

"Okay then," said Stan moving along as well.

It wasn't too long after that, perhaps then minutes till they heard the sound of another robotics' voice—

"Alright humans don't move."

Alexis sighed, and rolled her eyes thinking the autobots had returned again. Once she had turned though she gasped finding it was the decepticons, but how? Why were they there when they were supposedly supposed to be attacking a naval air base?

"Oh my gosh! It's the decepticons!" gasped Stan shaking all over.

"That's right you maggots!" said Megatron holding his blaster out to stun everyone, which seemed to work. "Now hand over your jewels."

"Well then," said Alexis boldly stepping out before everyone like nothing was happening. "You have come to the wrong place. "We don't dig up jewels here as you can see. Just artifacts."

"How dare you talk to Megatron like that!" pointed Starscream stepping forward. "You should be shot for your insubordination!"

"Then shoot me," smiled Alexis raising her right brow knowing no human has really ever been shot by a decepticon, at least none she's never heard of.

"Why you—!" growled Starscream aiming at her ready to fire.

"Wait," smiled Megatron halting him. "I like her bold spirit. Don't get many of those these days."

Megatron then stepped closer to her letting her be one of the first to see inside his barrel. Alexis was a little afraid, but hardly showed it. Megatron just had that smug grin on his face as he said—

"Hm, hm, you see this human. Get a good look at it because it's all you'll see if you don't show me where the artifact is!"

"You don't scare me Megatron," she toyed.

Megatron shook a bit and Starscream took aim, but Megatron stopped him. He caught a hold of himself and forced himself to not shoot her no matter how much his own body ached for it.

"Listen human if you don't do as I say then I'll blow this whole site up into nothing!"

"Go ahead, we already got what we want," she smiled.

"Why you—!" growled Starscream as he marched over next to Megatron and picked her up rather tightly.

"UH! How dare you! Put me down!" demanded Alexis wiggling to get free in his grasp.

"I bet you'd like that wouldn't you?" grinned Starscream finding it pleasing to watch her squirm.

"Please . . . don't hurt her!" called Stan. "I'll show you want you want if you'll just leave us alone."

"No!" whispered Alexis seeing Stan give in.

"Now there's an honest soul," smiled Megatron looking at him. "Take us to it NOW!"

And so Stan lead then to the device they found in the ship. Megatron picked it up and looked at in puzzling its design and job.

"Hmm, so this is what all the fuss is all about huh?" said Megatron looking at it up and down. "But how is it activated."

"Wouldn't you like to know?" smiled Alexis just drumming her fingers on the side of Starscream's hand.

"Silence!" said Starscream shaking her a bit.

"STOP!" demanded Megatron. "She could have valuable information about this device and how it works. Take her with us."

Starscream just grumbled to himself, but did as he was told as they all took off and left the site for good.

"Wait you said you were going to leave us alone!!" called Stan wanting Alexis back.

"I did, but I never said her," laughed Megatron as they flew away out of eye sight.

What a predicament Alexis had landed herself in. What a predicament.