20 years had past since I had sparked Hot Rod. I heard how quickly he grew and he was a little rebel. I chuckled to myself knowing he was like me . . . when I was human. Ratchet still had not told Optimus yet for the time had not yet come for him to need to know. Optimus loved Hot Rod and Hot Rod idolized him always dreaming of being like him . . . hm, if only he knew he was his father.

He'd probably love it knowing him. I wonder how big he got. Did he grow as tall as Optimus, or is he my size? I may never know.

Ratchet had found out why his equipment kept messing up, it appeared Wheeljack had used some of it for a test on his own inventions causing everything to come back negative. I laugh at it now, but before, it wasn't so funny. The Decepticons have conquered their home planet Cybertron now, it is the year 2005. The Autobots were forced upon the two moons, none of the Decepticons know at the moment, but I do since Ratchet is one of the Autobots on the moon.

He gives me messages and I tell him about the Decepticons movements. In a way I'm like a spy for the Autobots, I always liked them more anyways. I'm glad Hot Rod is with them. I know he'll be a good boy, or mech, whatever they call male transformers.

Ratchet, like I was saying, also gives me recent pictures of Hot Rod and I find he had grown quite tall. He had grown attached to a young human called Daniel Witwicky. Spike and Carly's boy. He was like a big brother to him and I was glad he had someone like that so he can learn responsibility for . . . he'll never have a younger sibling from me. If he did, he'd never know.

I hadn't sparked another sparkling since Hot Rod. Not because Starscream is incapable of sparking one with me it's just he's so ill-bent on getting Megatron back for 'causing his sparkling to die'. I now regret that lie I had to tell him. We haven't bonded since I returned to the Decepticons.

Like I said . . . his mind's on Megatron at the moment. I do so miss my sparkmate though. I miss his touches and kisses he used to frequently give to me. I miss bonding with him and regret not being able to have his sparkling.

Perhaps, if I hadn't mistaken Optimus for Starscream I would have, but then again . . . now that I see Starscream's 'true' side I know he isn't fit to be a father. If ever he'd return to the way he was then I would bare his sparkling. Now, I can't, I just can't. I hope he can forgive me for that and so many of things.

I had grown homesick the past two decades. I miss earth and hope that the Decepticons aren't planning on taking that as well which I heard Megatron speak about, but then again Starscream just told me it was to destroy the Autobots. When I heard that I feared for my sparkling. No matter how much I wanted to tell Starscream or Megatron about him to save his life I couldn't for I knew I'd seal his fate if I did so tell them anything about him.

The day came, which I feared, when the Decepticons announced they were going to destroy the Autobots once and for all. That day I grieved for my only sparkling. I knew he was too young to defend himself from such an invasion. I couldn't let them kill him.

When Starscream kissed me good-bye my kiss to him was sad. He still believed it was because of the 'sparkling I lost'. I bowed my head as he left. My spark told me to tell him for, perhaps, if he knew it was my only sparkling he'd spare him.

But then again—Starscream had changed and I feared that if I told him how my sparkling came to be then Starscream would have no mercy on him like Megatron. My Starscream was NOT Megatron, but he was so close. I wish I wouldn't have lied to him about Hot Rod, I thought I was protecting him when I was just endangering him more. How had this all come to be?

It all started from my archelogical trip. It was there Starscream took me. I wish I would have just stayed home in bed. Then everything wouldn't have happened.

Starscream would have still been the Starscream I knew before and Hot Rod . . . none of this would have happened. I still have dreams about him you know. I have had dreams ever since I let him go from my safe arms in Autobot City. I've had dreams of holding him and watching him grow like a wildfire.

That fiery spirit of his easily seen. He was like Optimus in that way. He burned for good and righteousness and for that—I was glad. I know they picked the right mech to raise him. I know he would be in safe hands forever and always, but now . . . I sometimes wonder if I should have kept him with me, the truth about his father never being revealed.

I was releaved to know he never asked about his creators. He never asked about me. He was content with the way he lived now and didn't realized how he came to be. It probably never crossed his mind and for that I was glad.

But now—all I want to do is somehow take him right now and hold him in my arms that way he's safe from the invasion and far from harm, but he doesn't belong here with the Decepticons like I do. His place is with the Autobots, like his father's. I couldn't though and for that my motherly spark ached for him. My life has been filled with nothing but drama ever since the moment Starscream turned me into a transformer.

That couldn't stop me from making sure my son was safe though. Optimus was on the moon and so far from Hot Rod. Who would protect him if not Optimus? If Optimus knew that was his son then he'd go to earth right away, but I feared it'd be too late once he found out. So I had to take charge and go myself.

I had managed to stow away on the Autobot ship the Decepticons took over. I had to watch the horrible slaughter of my friends, and the only one who kept my secret . . . Ratchet. I heard, before his demise, him try and radio Optimus. I can still remember his words—

"Optimus . . . hhh . . . there's something I have to tell you before we leave Cybertron's borders."

"What is it Ratchet?" asked Optimus listening through the comlink.

"Alexis asked me to keep a secret and to never tell you unless I thought the time was right," sighed Ratchet. "I do now, and it's been 20 years of not knowing. You need to know that—"

Before he could finish his sentence Brawn jumped out of his seat yelling—


And immediately after that they were killed. I could still hear Optimus asking Ratchet what it was before the Decepticons shut off all communcations. I bowed my head and wished this all to stop 'less more be killed . . . and I knew there would be. It was only a matter of time.

Once earth came into view I knew it'd be soon I'd be escaping, but I couldn't. Down below, on a look-out there stood 'him' . . . my son Hot Rod. He looked at the ship closely seeing the Decepticons inside. It wasn't long before he started shooting at us.

All the Decepticons jumped out, but I couldn't. I was so entranced with him I couldn't move. This was the first time I had seen my son with my own optics for 20 years. I couldn't take my optics off that beautiful boy.

I was soon snapped out of it as Megatron tried to shoot him, not once, but TWICE. I immediately jumped out before the ship crashed and watched in the sky as Hot Rod took something small in his arms and jumped off the falling look-out to safer grounds. I let out a sigh of relief and was glad he was well. I saw an elderly transformer drive up and jump on Blitzwing who too tried to put my son's life to an end.

He was saved and it was then I knew he was in good hands. My optics widened in horror as Starscream transformed behind them and twirled trying to shoot them as well. Not MY Starscream! It was though, he didn't know any difference. Hot Rod was just another Autobot soldier to him.

He missed though and they took off towards the city which was being attacked already. I landed on the ground and made my way to the city watching in grief as it was ripped about from the outside in by the powerful and mighty Decepticons. Soon though, Optimus Prime and others came to their aid and he and Megatron dueled it out one final time. Both were wounded pretty bad and I prayed Optimus once and for all destroy Megatron but it didn't happen.

My Hot Rod tried to help, but only got in the way. Megatron grabbed him by the throat and made him watch as his hero, and father, was shot and killed. I cried in my spark knowing his saddness. Before Optimus fell he too had damaged Megatron to near death.

No one ever thought it was going to end like this. Where two very well known leaders fall at each other's hand. I saw Hot Rod run up to Optimus' side and ask for forgiveness. My poor baby boy.

I then looked at Megatron how had just been scolded and laughed at by Starscream. Starscream knew his time was near the end and so lead the Decepticons. I knew when he returned home he'd be looking for me. I would soon have to leave, but not without paying one last visit at the least.

I came back to archaeological dig and there was still the same village. The one old woman was still alive if you can believe it. I secretly came to her and she did not look afraid. I sat down beside her as she scanned me over.

It was then I looked at the old carvings. I then chuckled to myself and said to her—

"You knew . . . you knew this was going to happen didn't you?"

The elderly woman shook her head and let her pure white strands of hair fall over her face. Alexis knew her time was nearing an end and so she had to leave this planet for good. Alexis looked one last time at the drawings . . . her life story. If only she took heed to it.

Alexis left and came back one last time to Autobot City. There she met Preceptor, an old friend. He spoke to her about many a thing. About their losses and she was shocked to learn one whom they couldn't save—Optimus.

Hot Rod was never told and she knew she couldn't do it herself. Preceptor was grieved and all Alexis could say was she was sorry. She had only a short time to glance at Hot Rod who was helping fix up the city. With her spark she sent her love and then left.

Hot Rod felt something like a jolt from his spark and turned swearing someone was there besides Preceptor. He shrugged it off knowing he'd never know. I left that planet biding my life farewell. I knew I could never live with my son or as an Autobot.

I was bound to Starscream, a Decepticon. Sadly, that bond was cut all too short. As I returned home I felt my spark just break. For what I didn't know, but deep down inside I did.

When I returned I found most of the Decepticons gone. Shockwave was still there to tell me all that befell here. What he told me devastated my spark and I knew I could never go back now. My bond with my sparkmate was broken . . . he had died.

My spark sank so far down I was as one dead. I walked very slowly and spoke to no one. For a day or two I did not enter the throne room where it happened. I wanted to wait, to cherish the last of my own life.

I knew my end was coming, but I heard about the Autobots at first. I heard how Hot Rod had been thrust upon the leader of the Autobots because the Matrix chose him. Little did he know why. He was so confused, but tried and for that I was glad.

This menace called Unicron tried to come and destroy this planet, but the Decepticons and Autobot did not let him. I heard Hot Rod was the one who destroyed him. I had never been more proud in my life. I knew his father would be especially—if only he knew.

After all the madness subsided and the Autobots once again returned to Cybertron I went into the Decepticon throne room. There I saw the ashes of my sparkmate Starscream. Next to it a crushed crown. I knelt down to it and shook my head slowly and sadly.

If only he wasn't so selfish then this would have never happened. They would have gone away from this foolish war and started a family together like they both wanted deep inside, but Starscream never let that overwhelm him. I bowed her head and took some ash in my hand holding it close to my spark. I soon began to cry for my lost mate.

I mourned for a while till I took up all the ashes and threw it up in the air watching it fly around and sparkly like little gems. I then gave the ashes my life and energy. My spark spent I leaned against a pillar and watched as they continued to float around and sparkle even more. This was my last wish—to have my bonded live.

Soon, the ashes made a shape and turned into a ghostly Starscream. His optics came online and he noticed me laying against a pillar. What was left of his spark was now immortal thanks to my love for him. He gasped seeing me and so floated over to me hoping I was still alive.

"Alexis," he let out a ghostly whisper, all that he could speak.

I turned my head to him and smiled seeing his optics speak 'why?' to me. My color began to fade as the last ounces of my life vanished into the unknown. I smiled saying—

"Good-bye . . . my passion."

Starscream then reached out to me and I to him, but my arm slowly fell down and away from him as I faded away into nothing. Her head falling to the side against the pillar and her dark blue changing into a dark gray. She was gone.

"No!" cried Starscream. "Alexis!! Get up! Get up please!!"

But it was too late. His bonded was gone giving her life for his so that he may live on forever. His lips trembled as he floated over her. He came down to her and tried to take her in his arms only to have himself go right through her.

"NO!" he trembled wanting to at least touch her.

He then had to act as if he was holding and touching her. He placed his forehead near hers. His spark crying out for hers. Silence was all he heard.

If only he wouldn't have been so selfish and ignored her the past 20 years. She was gone before he knew it. Why had he not seen her before? Why hadn't be opened his optics to her great love for him?

Her last hope in showing it to him was by giving her life force to bring back his. What show of love is greater than sacrifice? None and he loved her, he now realized how much. Never again would he love another and for her he'd live like she wanted, but he'd live hallow. He didn't realize how much her love was for him . . . till it was too late.

"Sleep my Alexis, my passion," he whispered to her wanting to truthfully hold her in his embrace. "You'll always be mine. forgive me . . . for not seeing it until it was too late."

At that he floated away from her knowing the others would soon find her and give her a proper burial. He, though, would go on, immortal to all and everything. All because of Alexis's love for him.

The End

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