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Basically: Bella goes to boarding school and lives a comfortable life; her parents aren't perfect, she has an annoying ex-boyfriend, the girls at school can put wicked-witches to shame, but she's got her three best friends to help her out. Overall, life is good. But a wrench is thrown in her life one night, and she bumps into Edward, some guy in the slums of town. A devastatingly beautiful guy... And her world abruptly turns upside down as she gets a view at life as she's never known it.

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I sighed and leaned back against the headboard of my bed, glancing around the dorm room. The red comforter was soft and familiar, the posters and soft chalk yellow walls relaxing. Sadly enough, I was glad to be back from winter break with the family. A family vacation at the best ski slopes loses its appeal when the family was constantly off doing their own things.

I glanced at the bed across the room, and sighed again. Rosalie wouldn't be back until later tonight or even tomorrow morning; unlike my family and me, she got along - for the most part - great with her's. I was insanely jealous of her. Perfection personified… I constantly teased her about how great she had it. Every boy at our school wanted to be with her, she had amazing grades, and a caring family.

Not that my parents didn't care; quite the opposite, if I was honest. My mom, Rene, was a little eccentric, often flitting from hobby to hobby like a butterfly does from one flower to another. She was my best friend… and sometimes, I felt like I was the adult. Charlie, my father, was constantly gone on business; he was involved in politics, something to do with law enforcement. I didn't pay much attention; besides, he wasn't a very vocal person, so when he was home, he rarely spoke about his job. My parents were almost complete opposites, and sometimes I wondered if they even were in love anymore. They didn't exactly act like it, but I felt like it was impossible to decide with them not seeing each other so often.

There was a brief tap on the door before it creaked open. A dark head poked through, followed by a familiar huge grin.

"Hey, Bells!"

"Jacob!" I smiled with relief. The Blacks were old family friends, and Jacob, Billy's youngest son - he had two older daughters, too - was often in many of my childhood memories of trips to the beach or Disneyworld. We'd gotten in mischief all the time, played games, hung out on the weekends… he was like a brother.

Jake walked in and sat down on the edge of my bed, leaning back against the wall and crossing his arms behind his head, grinning that thousand watt grin of his; my personal sun.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were coming in tomorrow afternoon?" I asked, crossing my legs and straightening a bit.

He laughed, his grin lighting his face even more. It was contagious, and I grinned back.

"Yeah, well, I heard you were going to be here early, and asked Dad to drop me off early. I figured you'd want some company." He smirked at me.

I snorted. "Thanks. Now I feel guilty. Weren't you and Billy visiting Rebecca and Rachel for once? You four barely ever all get together!" I glared at the tall younger boy.

He laughed. "I've spent the last three weeks with those three. I love them, but I wasn't about to leave you here to fend for yourself." He smirked as my scowl wavered in favor of amusement. "Rebecca and Rachel say hi, by the way."

I finally let a small smile slip over my face. "How are they?"

He shrugged. "Fine, as far as I can tell. Happy, independent, the usual." He grinned at me. "So, what are we going to do tonight?"

I rolled my eyes. "Rose might be showing up later. I don't want her to end up alone in an empty room…"

Jacob snorted. He and Rosalie didn't exactly get along, though neither would tell me why. "I doubt she'll be lonely for long, Bells. What with practically every guy tripping over themselves whenever she raises a finger or glances at them." There was a undercurrent of mockery in his tone, and I frowned at him.

"Jake…" I warned. He glanced up, noted I was serious, and grinned, immediately lightening the atmosphere.

"Sure, sure, Bells. Whatever you say. How 'bout we watch a movie here? Popcorn, pizza, junk food galore? What do you say?"

I eyed him suspiciously. "No scary movies?" I clarified.

He let out one of his booming laughs, eyes crinkling in mirth. "Ah, come one, Bella. You suck all the fun out of everything!"

I glared at him. "No scary movies!" I ordered firmly.

He didn't stop laughing, just choked out another "Sure, sure."

I pouted, turning my face away. Stupid, annoying boy.

"Aw, come on Bells. I'll bring you some chocolate candies? Jawbreakers? How about sour gummy worms? My treat," he bribed.

I glanced at him, tempted. I'd grown oddly addicted to those sour gummy worms…. "Fine." I sighed, slightly annoyed at myself for giving in so easily. Jacob Black knew me too well.

He hopped up with apparent ease. Bastard. Why did I have to be gifted with a talent for clumsiness?

"I'll be back in half an hour, with movie, popcorn, and gummies for an army!"

I threw a pillow at him. "Don't eat them all this time!" Jacob had a huge appetite. Bigger than anyone else's that I knew.

He ducked it easily, laughing, and left the room, leaving me along once again. I stared at the door for a long while, then sighed, rolling my head on my shoulders. Same, old, predictable life. Any minute now I'd be getting -

My cell buzzed, and I glanced at it dryly. Speak of the devil… I though, glancing at the screen. My boyfriend, Mike Newton, had just texted me. Big surprise.

I flipped it open and read it.

Hey, baby. I miss you. Double date with Lauren tomorrow night?

I sighed and rolled onto my back. Mike was cute, in a baby-faced, blond and blue-eyed kind of way. Six months was beginning to seem too long. It'd been nice at first, enjoyable…. Now? I was annoyed by his tendencies to be overly persistent and possessive. And jealous. I grimaced at the memory of him accusing me of liking Jake. He could be so annoying sometimes… so why did I put up with him? I couldn't really remember anymore. I rolled my eyes. Rose had been right; again.

Mike, we need to talk. Soon.

I finally sent the reply, sighing and tossing my phone across the room to land on the bag I'd dropped on my way in, near the foot of my bed.

I changed into soft pajama bottoms and a simple tank top, plopping on my stomach on my bed after preparing the television for our movie night.

Jake came in a few minutes later, grinning, his arms full of popcorn, junk food, and - more importantly - my gummy worms. He dropped all the food over the foot of my bed, uncaring about the mess he made, like always, and slipped in the DVD before joining me on the bed. He tossed a mouthful of popcorn into his mouth, chewing loudly. I rolled my eyes, but watched the screen as the commercials began to play.

"What did you pick?" I asked after the third one.

I could hear his grin in the half-dark. "You'll see."

I should have been suspicious after that, but I was rather slow, apparently.

I groaned and dropped my head into my hands as I saw the name of the movie on the root menu. "Jake," I groaned loudly. "You promised! No scary movies!"

"Aw, Bells, this isn't that scary!" I turned my face slightly to the side to glare from the side of my hand.

"Liar." I muttered. He just laughed and pressed play.

He was right. It wasn't scary; it was terrifying. I could feel paranoia creeping up on me with each scene, messing with my mind. So when the door opened, I screamed, loudly.

Thankfully, for my dignity, even Jake jumped.

Rosalie flipped on the light, raising a brow slowly at us. She looked gorgeous, as always. I think even covered in dirt, she would look gorgeous. And I knew for a fact that she could pull grease off; something not many people knew about Rosalie Hale - she was a complete car fanatic. She knew more about them than most guys here. Right now her light red jacket only made her lips pop, and her jeans hung low and form-fitting on her hips. Jasper, her twin, peered past her at the two of us on the bed, popcorn, gummy worms, and Junior Mints scattered everywhere.

"Hey, Bells," he drawled slowly. "Enjoying a scary movie?"

I sent a glare Jacob's way. "Depends on how you want to define 'enjoying'." I muttered. He laughed as I got up, dusting popcorn off of my pants, picking a piece from my hair, before coming over and hugging him.

"How was your vacation?" I asked politely.

Rose moved to set her things on her bed with a exhausted huff, and Jasper leaned against the doorframe. Jake began to clean up a little, pulling out the DVD.

"It was alright. Mom got on Rose's case again bout her cars, Rose threw a hissy fit, went on a huge shopping spree, the parents and her argued while I tired to read, then they all decided to go out to some new fancy restaurant to restore the peace." He was only partially joking. Rose and her parents got along about everything but one thing… her cars. While I thought that was pretty damn acceptable, her cars were one of the most important things to Rosalie. She hated how her parents, Helen and Robert Hale, just couldn't seem to accept the fact and at least leave her alone about it.

But now wasn't a time to argue about who had it worse.

I gave an apologetic grimace in her direction, since that's what I knew she wanted at the moment. "Sorry, Rose. How did they accept Keith?" It was an obvious change of subject, but still slightly related. Keith didn't go to our school… hell, he wasn't even a senior at some other school. No… Rose had to go for a college guy.

She snorted, yanking things out of her suitcase and shoving them in her drawers. She must be pissed if she were treating her clothes with such harsh care. "They flipped, of course. Forbid me from seeing him." She straightened and waved her hand dismissively. "I was going to break up with him soon, anyways. Now I just have a good reason."

I exchanged a small smile with Jasper before turning back to my raging friend. "Not the one?"

Rosalie was convinced there was One Guy out there for her, one who would accept her exactly as she was, not because of who she was, but simple because he loved her. I agreed with her… there had to be someone for Rose. If there wasn't, I stood no chance. But she had a tendency of only staying with a guy for a few months, before leaving him for another. I think she barely noticed often she went through boyfriends. She used them like I did Kleenex. For one to last as long as Keith did - six months - was actually an improvement.

Jake mouthed a silent bye and slipped out the door; Jasper stepped in and closed it softly behind himself. Rosalie dropped onto the edge of her bed, head in hands. Her golden curls spilled over her shoulders, hiding her face partially from view.

"What if I'm doomed to always be alone, Bella?" she whispered. I sighed and sat gently next to her. It was Rosalie's greatest fear, to end up alone. Or, even worse, to end up unhappy. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed comfortingly.

"Hey. You have guys drooling over you 24/7! One of them, at least, has to be good for you." When she didn't say anything, I sighed in mock resignation, and added, "Alright, Rosalie, my love, I was going to keep it from you, but I killed your true love. To make it up to you, I'll turn Mad Scientist and create you a Frankenstein-soul mate. How's that sound?"

A choked laugh left her, and I knew she'd be fine. Rosalie's emotions were usually rather volatile, unlike her brother's, who was like an island in a storming sea. He found very little upsetting, and was like a balm on people's emotions. He could calm down a two fighting jocks with just a few words. Charisma in it's strongest.

Rosalie swiped a hand across her cheeks in a business-like manner, and I knew that within half an hour, she'd be over this, and looking for her next potential The One. I smiled at Jasper, who smiled back. His light blue eyes were slightly relieved, and I knew he had been a little worried about his sister again.

"Well, girls, I'm going to head off to bed. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, so I'll meet you both around lunch."

I moved to plop on my bed, glancing at the clock in surprise as I did so. It was already almost eleven. Not late, for us necessarily, but enough so that I felt sleep tug at my bones. "Sounds good, now that you mention it," I yawned.

Rose nodded. "See you tomorrow, Jaz." she said, her voice perfectly normal now.

He left, closing the door behind him again. Rosalie changed and crawled under her covers, bright blue eyes blinking at me for a moment.

"How was your vacation, Bella?" she asked.

I sighed, rolling onto my back to stare at the ceiling. "Bearable. They tried the whole family time thing for a few days. Then Charlie had to go off on some unexpected meeting, and Renee got caught up in the shopping and decided she wanted to go on some sightseeing trip on the slope for long-time skiers. I ended up hanging out in the lounge with a book most of the time." I shrugged, trying to lessen the pain of having a family so easily distracted.

"How about Mike? How's things with you two?" Her tone soured toward the end, almost imperceptibly, but I smiled, knowing what I was about to say would make her undeniably happy and smug.

"I think I'm going to end it. It was alright at first, but…" I trailed off.

"But he's really a jerk, and oppressing, and so totally not your type, and you've finally come to your senses?" she finished for me, teasing.

I laughed softly. "Yeah. Pretty much." I was quiet for a moment, then added, "Now just to convince him that I really do mean it when I say it's over." I muttered, only half-joking.

Rosalie snickered from her bed before turning out the bedside lamp. "I'm sure you'll find a way, Bells. I'll help, if you need it. But do it soon, please. He's getting past the annoying stage."

I smiled, glad for her offer. She knew I was no good at things like turning down guys or dumping them. "Thanks Rose," I said quietly. "Good night."

"No problem," she mumbled. "G'night." As I listened, her breathing lightened and slowed, then a soft snoring left her. If I had to say a snore was cute, Rose's would definitely take first place. I smiled, relaxing for the first time in three weeks, and finally drifted to sleep.

My last thought was that it was back to the same old routine as before.

Boy, I sure hate it when statements like that come back to bite you in the butt.

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