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Summary: Amu is a second year in collage studying to be an art teacher and now she has to teach high school student art. Ikuto, her student, is a third year in high school. Amuto!

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Sweet Art

This was such an exciting day. Amu´s collage professor has given her an assignment to teach art to a bunch of high school students. Today was her first day. Right now she was standing outside the school getting ready for her new life as a art teacher. She was walking around school trying to figure out where her classroom was. Finally she had to ask for directions. She asked a group of guys standing in the hallway.

"Excuse me?" Amu said in a polite and shy voice.

"Hmm?" said a guy with midnight blue hair and eyes to match. He most be about twice her size.

"Where´s the art room?" she asked him.

"..." The guy just stood there staring at her, silently.

"Are you there?" Amu said and waved her hand in front of his face.

Suddenly he grabbed her arm and pulled her into an uncomfortable hug.

"You´re cute. Are you the new art teacher?" he asked with a smirk on his lips.

Amu was so stunned by his actions that she was only able to slightly nod, while her face shined like a red light. His smirk grew wider as he pulled her into the art room.

"Hey look everyone! The new teacher has finally arrived." Ikuto called out to everyone while putting his arms around her shoulders and letting his head rest on top of hers.

"She´s so small and cute!" someone called out.

"What´s her name?!"

"How old is she?!"

"Does she have a boyfriend?!"

Amu was starting to get a little nervous. The perverted guy behind her wasn't one bit of a help. He let´s go of her and sat down at his desk, winking at her. Amu avoided to look at his direction.

"What´s your name?" someone called out again.

"My name is Hinamori Amu and I´m your new art teacher." Amu answered.

"How old are you?"

"Actually I´m only two years older then you guys. I´m a second year in collage." she said.

"Does that mean that we can date you?" someone said.

Amu recognized the voice. It was the perverted blue haired guy. "What your name?" Amu asked him.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto." he answered. "But you can call me Ikuto-koi."

"Ikuto-san." Amu said firmly and Ikuto made a disappointing sound. "You can NOT date me, even if we´re only two years apart." she told everyone.

"Why not?" someone asked.

"Because I´m your teacher and end of discussion." Amu said and started the class. To her surprise they were very polite and obedient, at least in the classroom. When they left they turned into animals, again.

Amu was leaning over a table looking over everyones art projects when she felt two hands cover her eyes.

"Guess who?" someone whispered in her ear.

Amu turned around and saw Ikuto standing in front of her. "Why are you still here? The class has ended."

"I stayed behind to keep you company." he said and played with the tips of her hair, which caused her to slightly blush. "You´re so cute. You still blush like a little child."

Amu slapped his hand away. "Don´t you have someone else to harass?"

"Yeah, but it´s more fun with you." he said teasingly and bent down so that he was at her eye level. His breath was tickling her skin, then his lips very softly brushed against hers.

Amu instantly stepped back, covering her mouth with her hands. "What do you think you´re doing?"

"Oh c´mon. That didn't count. That was hardly a kiss." he said like it was no big deal.

"Ikuto are you coming?!" some girls called as they walk into the classroom. They were pretty girl with way to short skirts.

"Yeah. I´m coming." Ikuto said and walked away with them. "See you later, Amu."

Something about the way he said her name made her face burn up. "That pervert." Amu said quietly.


It was getting dark and Amu was driving home. The radio was on and she was listening to one of those girly love songs. The night really was beautiful. The color of the sky reminded her of someone, a perverted cat-like boy who keeps teasing her. Amu was distracted from her thoughts when she saw some thing laying motionless on the ground, not far from where she was driving. She soon noticed that it was a familiar face, Ikuto. She immediately stopped the car, got out and ran towards him.

End of chapter

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