Chapter 11

"I'm home." Ami called as she walked through the door. "Amu?"

"In here."

The call came from one of the bedrooms where Amu sat on the bed folding laundry. It was the third time this week that she had done the laundry. Ami was starting to worry. It had been a difficult time for Amu lately and Ami didn't know what to do. She didn't feel comfortable talking to her and even being in the same room seemed to be to hard, so Ami simply just stayed clear of her. Maybe some space would help.

"Dinner?" Ami`s voice seemed to loud in the silence.

"In the kitchen. I made spaghetti again." She put away the laundry to finish latter so both of them could enjoy a meal together. It seemed to be the only time they spend together these days. "How was school?"

"Same old." Ami took a seat at the table and began to fill her plate. She looked over at her sister's make-up-less face and felt pity. The dark rings under her eyes was starting to make her look like a drug addict and her bloodshot eyes were starting to scare her. Maybe talking with her would help after all. "The new art teacher is awful."

That seemed to draw Amu attention. Ami usually ate her food in a hurry and went out with her friends. "Really?"

"Yes. She this old woman in hippie clothes. She's got earnings the size of your fist. Someone should tell that woman to get back to life." Ami watched as her sister played with her food. "You really should eat."

Amu didn't seem to hear her. "How are your friends?"

"Great. Actually we┬┤re going out again tonight. We thought that we might rent a few movies. Tina's parents are going to be out so we thought we could watch them at her house." Even though she was looking forward to being with her friends, it had been some time since they had a conversation, "Or I could stay home. If you want?"

"You can go out with your friends. Just be home before curfew."

"I know but maybe I could stay here. We could rent a movie instead and watch it together." When Amu shock her head Ami didn't argue. Maybe it would be easier to just go with her friends instead. "If you need anything just call."

Once again she had eaten her dinner in record time and was out the door like a bullet. Amu knew that she wasn't very good company these days but she didn't know what to do. Talking seemed to be to hard but she also didn't like to be left alone. Even though she knew it was her fault, she was mad at everyone for avoiding her. Ami was trying, Haru kept visiting her and Ikuto kept sending her texts.

Speak of the devil, she thought as she heard beeping from the living room.

The coffee-table was pushed against the wall when from when Amu cleaned the room earlier. She picked up her cellphone and sat one the couch before opening the message. He keeps sending her messages telling her that he misses her and how boring things seem without her. They had agreed not to see each other until this thing was over.

They spent some time talking over the phone before Amu decided that it was time to finish the laundry. Most of it was already folded, she only needed to return the clothes in the closet. She usually left Ami`s clothes on the bed and make her organize them, but Ami had no idea what organizing was.

Amu walked into Ami`s room and cursed. She cleaned this room only a few days ago. How didn't Ami manage to mess everything up in such a short time.

Before she had the time to even thing of cleaning everything up, she heard someone knocking on the other door and remembered that Haru was coming to visit.

"I almost forgot that..." She stopped short. Haru was holding a bouquet of red roses in his hand.

"I thought that they would make you feel better." He frowned when she didn't take the roses. "Is something wrong?"

"I don't want flowers."

Without a word he placed on the floor outside her apartment. "If you change your mind."

Amu made them a cup of hot coffee and both of them sat and drank it in silence. Just like with Ami the silence seemed to be forced. Amu knew that Haru wanted to talk with her but he was waiting for her to make the first move to start a conversation. "I have to make a court-appearance tomorrow."

"Are you nervous?" Too late he realized that it was a stupid question. "I'm sorry."

I picked out the suit I plan on wearing." She informed him.

He nodded with approval. "Good."

"Three days ago."

"It was an accident. This wasn't your fault. I know that the jury will not find you guilty. The only down side here is that you will loose your licensee." He again realized the mistake in his words a moment to late.

"The only down side? Someone is dead!" Amu stood up and walked into the kitchen. Haru was about to follow her when he heard he call, "Go home. I want to be alone. That should be easy. I seem to be left alone all the time these days."

"That is not fair." His tone was angry. "You keep pushing us away."

Amu came out to the living-room again but this time tears were running down her face. "Excuse me but I am going through something here. Is it so wrong of me to expect my friends to show some understanding and accept the fact that I can't... I can't see you right now." She walked over to the door and opened it for him. "Please leave."

"This wasn't your fault."

"Leave!" She closed the door behind him and fell to the floor sobbing. A couple minuets later the door opened again and Haru walked in with Ami.

"Why are you back early?" Her voice sounded weak to own ears. "Where are you're friends?"

"Change of plans. We decided to do it another night." Ami hesitated but then left the two adults alone. She closed the door to her bedroom to give them some privacy.

"Why are you back?"

Haru wasn't sure if she would expect his help. "I just wanted to know if you wanted me to drive you tomorrow."

"Thank you." She did appreciate his help but still wanted to be alone for a while so he left again.

For the next couple of hours Amu sat in front of the television watching whatever was on. She could hear Ami doing her homework in the other room. She always put on music while she did it and sang along. Amu still wondered how she could keep that mind of her focused on her work while singing pop at the same time.

She was pulled from her thought when she heard her cellphone. Ikuto had sent her another text but this one was different from the others.

I love you

The words seemed to stop time. She didn't know how to respond to that so she simply didn't and went to bed sobbing.

To be continued...

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