Star Wars vs Halo

Star Wars vs Halo

The great thing about fiction is that you can do almost any thing with it. So let us suppose, for a brief moment that somewhere in a galaxy far far away, a strange group of starships from our own galaxies future arrive. How or why I know not, all I do know is that they arrive as a result of travelling for so long in slipspace. Here in this galaxy they finally come out of cryogenic induced sleep. This is the Fleet of Divine Intervention of the Covenant led by the Elite Fleet Commander. Onboard his ships are the legions of troops that await his orders, legions of Elites, hundreds of thousands of grunts and several hunters. Caught in the midst of the Brute rebellion the Elites managed to catch their enemies off guard and with the help of their Hunter and Grunt allies managed to destroy the attacking forces. But, in escape, the commander ordered a blind slipspace jump after being confronted with a large fleet commanded by loyalists. Now far beyond their own galaxy and in a different galaxy entirely, they face a grim future. But they are rested, recovered and in perfect health after a long sleep in the cryo chambers. Immediately, with supreme Covenant efficiency they set about discovering the universe around them.

At the same time the Galactic Alliance of this galaxy is sending a group of recon ships to the planet of Nelvaan. The people are a primitive group similar to Bothans and Dantari. They do not fully understand the galaxy but are peaceful with out being greedy. The GA itself does not wish for them to come to harm but rather wishes that they could also live in peace. Every so often they send out a group of scouts to report on the planet to make sure that no one is interfering with the inhabitants. Only a few months have passed since the devastating Shadow War waged by Sith Lords against the galaxy began, proceeded and ended. Now with the time of peace at hand the GA is totally unprepared for the Covenant who have recently come out of slipspace over Nelvaan having passed through the galaxies rim and the hyperspace difficulties that exist there. Here, on Nelvaan is a place of food and supply. They decide to descend to the planet in their Phantom dropships moments before the flight of fighters make their jump to lightspeed. The stage is set for a difficult confrontation between the two.

The Covenant fleet is huge. It was part of the fleet that protected the Covenant capital High Charity until the Brutes treachery forced them to flee. It contained one Supercarrier, five Assault Carriers and another hundred smaller ships, mostly CCS class battlecruisers. In short it was a fleet big enough to tackle anything, or so they thought. One hundred and six ships all under the command of the Supreme Commander. They were however cold and hungry and in need of resupply. Therefore when the scout cruiser reported that they had discovered a lush planet the Covenant quickly altered course for it. It came quickly into orbit and proceeded to let the ships go down for resupply individually.

The first ship went down with seven phantoms of troops accompanying it. Onboard were the Fleet Commander and his SpecOps troopers under their Ultra Elite.

"This is not the galaxy that we know of Fleet Commander."

"That I know Commander. Nevertheless this planet is rich in food and water. It will be a great place to stop for sometime."

"It is similar to Earth in its atmospheric and biological makeup."

"Let us pray to the Gods that we will not meet any Demons here!" the Fleet Commander said with Elite humour prompting a nervous laugh from all the troops aboard. He had only chosen Elites for this task as he felt that the Grunts would not be suitable. Only Elites, that way if they had to deal with any enemies they could do so quickly and quietly. The phantom landed.

"Let's go troops!" the SpecOps Elites disembarked the Fleet Commander at their head. Instantly they set up a perimeter and the Commander sniffed the air.

"It is good my brothers, this will be a perfect place to resupply. Get me some Banshees I intend to do a further recon."

The squadron of fighters dropped out of hyperspace and headed towards the planet. Since they had come out of hyperspace on the far side of the planet they could not see the Covenant Fleet. They approached in a semi symmetrical formation, mostly keeping like that due to direction rather than actual battle readiness. They swept around the planet's atmosphere and headed into the various regions where life normally existed. In this particular area they knew the Nelvaanians would not be very interested in the fighters as they went past, but the ships needed to scan the areas to see if they were doing alright. The last thing anyone needed was the arrival of oppression on this planet.

"Nothing looks okay to me."

"Sir I'm reading some strange objects on the far side of the continent. I believe that they are technological."

"Odd the Nelvanians don't have technology. I'll take a closer look." He edged off to the left.

Around one of the mountain peaks came the Fleet Commander and his flight of Banshees. They liked what they saw. Plenty of fresh grassland and streams containing what was according to the Spec Ops commander, very sweet water. The Fleet Commander was very pleased with himself. He had managed to bring the Fleet out of the war to a place of rest. Long times had they travelled and he was beginning to wonder if they had not undertaken the true Great Journey? If they had it would still be that the Prophets had been lying, but that there really was a great Journey. Unless this were merely another part of the Galaxy that they had not yet discovered. This was a planet they would not have to fight over.

"Commander!" the voice said over his receiver.

"Commander here, proceed!" he said.

"We have detected life signs. They are not human but they may be hostile."

The Forerunners! It was a possibility. "Send a cloaked team to investigate. But do not harm them under any circumstances."

"At once Fleet Commander!"

The Fleet Commander smiled to himself. It was not often that one managed to see the new world but it existed.

The pilots were flying regularly until they spotted the massive bulk of the Assault Carrier in the distance. At once they dropped lower.

"Get me a readout on that ship!" the captain was in a state of shock. He had never seen a ship like that before. Huge with bulbous sections it gleamed in the sunlight and shone a purplish colour. If that was a warship they were dead, if it was a freighter what was it doing here in a hunter gatherer nation?

"Nothing in the charts, it is an unknown ship sir. No idea what weapons it has or if it is even a warship."

"Better investigate by foot."