Chapter 8: Shopping Trip (part 1)


WE WERE ALL IN THE HOUSE FOR A WHILE. But, after a day, we all – excluding Esme and Carlisle – calmed down with the help of Jasper. Edward and I would just lay there on his bed, rarely speaking, and whenever we did so, we would either whisper an 'I love you' or just ask if the other needed something, and just enjoying each other's company. I just noticed that I was randomly drawing circles on his toned chest, whilst he was playing with a strand of my hair.

It was around 2 in the afternoon when we were finally interrupted, by none other than Alice. She was grinning like an idiot, and in her mind, she was reciting the whole Periodic Table, complete details – from Atomic number, electro negativity, and to its atomic radius – so, naturally, we couldn't figure out what she wanted. I had a bad feeling about it though.

"Bella," she sang.

Oh no… I groaned internally.

"Let's go – "

Please, anything but that!

"– shopping!"

I clutched Edward's shirt, and pulled him closer to me. He chuckled, but tightened his grip on me just the same.

"Don't let her take me, Edward…" I pleaded. "I don't want to go…" I gulped. "Shopping…"

Alice scoffed, and mumbled. "It wouldn't kill you." Then, she jumped on the bed, pulling me away from Edward as she did. "Come on Bella! We need to buy new clothes for you! Your old clothes are out of style! And they'll look like garbage on you."

"No, I am not going! End of story! Take Rose instead!" I buried my face on Edward's chest.

"She is coming! And so is Esme! C'mon, Bella! It'll be a girl's night – or day – out!"

"No." I replied.

I felt Alice relinquish her grip on me, and I looked at her. She wasn't looking at me, but at Edward.

I'll get her nice of clothes, Edward. I promise you, you'll love them. She said to him in her mind.

I looked at Edward in horror, and he had an eyebrow raised, and a smirk on his lips. His eyes had that mischievous look in them. His arms slowly slid away from my waist, as he sat us both up.

"Edward?" I asked, uncertainly.

"Bella, my love…you'll have to go, I'm afraid. Alice has a point. Those clothes won't last on you. And besides, we're going to Dartmouth, aren't we? We need to get new clothes. I'll go with you, if it'll make things easier."

I considered it for a while. If Edward was coming, then it would be less frustrating. But, he would see what I would be trying on…

"But, it's a girl thing! You can't come with us!" Alice complained.

"If Bella wants me to come, then I'd gladly do so, Alice." Edward said, simply.

Alice pouted, and folded her arms. She silently fumed. The room was silent as they waited for my response.

"Alright, then…I'm coming." I said, after a while.

Alice brightened up, but before she could speak, I raised a finger. "On one condition…"

Her shoulders slumped. "What?" she asked.

"Edward comes with us."

She sighed, and rolled her eyes. "I was hoping you wouldn't say that…but, Fine. We're taking Rose's m3, though. You can take your Volvo, Edward. That'll be the back-up car, just in case our stuff doesn't fit anymore."

"Deal." I agreed.

Alice danced out of the room, as she sang, "Meet us downstairs in 5 minutes."

I sighed and buried my face on Edward's chest. He wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my forehead.

"Alice is such a pain sometimes." I groaned.

"Yes, I agree." Edward chuckled.

I gave him a peck on the lips, and got out of bed. I wandered over to the drawers, and got a simple blue shirt that had the words 'Love Me' printed on it, and my jeans, and my black converse. I walked to the bathroom to wash up. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I changed clothes, and threw my dirty clothes in the hamper. I walked out, and saw that Edward was dressed as well.

He was wearing a black polo shirt, jeans, and his black and red converse. He smiled my favorite crooked smile, and I walked over to him. He looked me over as I went, and I felt rather self-conscious.

"Bella, you don't have to tell me to love you, you know. I already do." He teased.

I rolled my eyes good-naturedly. "Very funny, Edward."

Edward laughed, and he wrapped his arm around my waist and led me out of the room. When we arrived at the living room, Alice, Rosalie, and Esme were on the couch. Strangely enough, Alice was silent.

She must be thinking about what to buy for me…I thought to myself.

Rosalie was looking at herself in her pocket mirror as usual…Esme was looking at an album. At our arrival, they looked up.

"Oh my gosh, Bella! You look so simple in those!" Alice said.

I rolled my eyes. "I don't like wearing complicated and expensive clothes, Alice." I mumbled.

"Bella, Bella, Bella…Clothes are a girl's best friend." She said, shaking her head.

"That's your view on clothes. I think clothes are only good for privacy and comfort!"

Alice covered her mouth in horror. "You didn't just say that!"

"Oh yes, I did!"

"Alice, Bella…" began Esme.

"If you two are done with your debate, let's get going." Rosalie said.

"Yes, yes. Let's get going." Alice shook her head, as if trying to snap out of a trance she was in.

She took hold of my hand, and pulled me to the garage. We got into Rosalie's BMW, and Edward, into his Volvo. Rosalie sat at the driver's seat, Esme, at the passenger's seat, and Alice and I, sat at the back. I looked around the garage, and noticed that Carlisle's Mercedes was gone. They've must've gone hunting or something.

The car purred to life, and the garage doors opened. I saw Rosalie holding some kind of remote. We went out before Edward, and I saw that he was the one who closed the garage doors. He too, had a remote.

I looked out the window. It wasn't sunny; in fact…it was cloudy. It really reminded me of Forks. Although, it wasn't raining.

"Is it going to rain, Alice?" Rosalie asked.

"No. It won't. It'll be completely dry, and sun-free." Alice replied.

The hood of Rosalie's BMW was lowered, and soon the car was roofless. The wind felt good on my face. I slumped back on the seat, and closed my eyes. It was so relaxing. Too bad Edward couldn't feel it too.

"Trying to sleep, Bella?" Alice joked.

"No, I'm just enjoying the breeze. It's quite nice."

Alice laughed. "Yes, it is."

"Bella, dear…Alice told me that Edward allowed you to visit Charlie. When are you planning on doing so? I'm afraid we can't come with you."

"It's alright. I understand. I think I'll go visit them on Christmas." I said.

"I see…Well, we have to tell Carlisle." Esme added.

I looked at the speed-o-meter, and saw that we were going at 150 mph. I turned around and smiled at Edward. I could see through the glass that he was smiling as well. He waved, and I did so too.

"Bella, we're going to be shopping at the mall in New Hamps. The stores and clothes they have here are good, although, we also need to take a trip to Paris soon. I hear that they're going to have a fashion show with Chanel and Naomi Campbell. I want to watch."

"New Hamps?" I wondered out loud.

"New Hampshire. Geez, Bella…you really are out of style. You like, lived in the seventies if you don't even know how to abbreviate." Alice scoffed. "Seriously, what kind of girl are you?"

I rolled my eyes. Alice will be Alice. I heard Edward' chuckle, and turned, he was at our right now. The window was open, and he was smiling at me.

"Hey, Edward." I said, smiling back at him.

"Really, Alice…stop harassing my wife." Edward joked.

"It's fun. Why would I stop?" Alice giggled.

"Because, That's why."

We all laughed.

"Nice one, Edward." Rosalie said, through laughs.

"The best excuse I've heard." Esme said, sarcastically.

"Where'd you get that one, Edward?" Alice asked.

"Made it myself." Edward replied.

"Oh, I have a good 'knock, knock' joke." Rosalie suddenly said.

We all looked at Rosalie in surprise. She wasn't one to crack jokes. Maybe Emmett's cheerfulness was rubbing of on her.

"Knock, knock."

"Who's there?" I asked.

Alice rolled her eyes, and looked away. I ignored her thoughts. She was blocking her mind anyways.


"Frayda who?"

" 'Frayda me? 'S that why you won't let me in?" Then, she laughed. We played along, and laughed as well. It wasn't that good. "Funny, huh?"

"Yes, very." Alice replied, with a giggle. "Anyways, according to my vision of our wonderful shopping trip, we're to arrive at the mall in a minute."

True to her word, we arrived after a minute. We parked the car out in the open. Edward parked his Volvo 7 cars and 1 row away from us. There were quite a lot of people. As the four of us got out, all the people stopped and looked at us. Rosalie put the hood of the car back, and locked the doors. When she was done, she looked at her reflection on her car.

"Rose, c'mon…Do that when we're in the mall." Alice complained. "We've got lots of time for that later."

"Hey girls." Came a voice from behind us. We turned around, and saw 4 guys. They looked like gangsters. "Do you have some free time?"

"I'm sorry, we don't." Alice answered them politely, but there was this sort of edge in her voice that could only be noticed by people who really knew her – or just had good ears. And her reply kind of made it threatening. "We actually have a full schedule ahead of us."

"Oh, come on, just for a while." The man, who was probably their leader, moved closer to me, and wrapped his arm around my waist.

And the other three did the same with Esme, Rosalie and Alice. Didn't they notice how cold we were?

"What about you, darling?"

I smiled at him, and he seemed to take it as a yes, because he nodded approvingly.

"See here? You should be like her. She's not a spoil-sport." He said.

I grabbed his hand that was on my waist and squeezed his hand. The guy looked at me, and grinned.

"You're a feisty one, aren't you?"

"No," I replied, remembering the tone Edward had once used on Jacob Black; calm and composed, yet threatening. "I just want to tell you to back off. Because, if you don't you'll be sorry."

"Is that supposed to be a threat, miss?" he asked, in the same tone I was using.

I shrugged. It would only be a while before Edward arrived. And just before I could reply, I caught sight of Edward, running in human pace to get to us. When he did, he put his hand on the man who was holding me.

"Excuse me. What are you doing with my wife?" Edward asked with a smile.

The man turned around to face Edward. "Your wife?"

Edward nodded. Then, his face turned serious. He looked frightening.

"Get away from her." He said, lowly. "If you know what's good for you."

And as an example, he tightened his grip on the man's shoulder, and he whimpered in pain. Edward pushed him away, and moved to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist protectively, and glared at them.

"And, for your information, since you were trying to hit on my sisters and my mom…I don't want to see you ever again. Or else the last thing you're going to see is my fist."

The four men ran away, and Edward looked at me. "Are you alright, Bella?"

"Yes, I was actually supposed to do something to that idiot, you know." I admitted.

He chuckled, and hugged me tight. "I know." He turned to the others. "What about you guys?"

"We're fine." Alice reassured him. "I was about to beat him up as well, actually. But I knew you were going to come right in time."

"As usual..." Esme laughed.

"Alright, then…since we're all okay. Let's go shopping!" Rosalie said.

Trust Rosalie to think about nothing else but her needs and wants. I leaned on Edward's shoulder, and we began walking in the general direction of the mall. I finally noticed the scents of the humans around us, and a thought struck me. They didn't affect me…much. I wanted to drink it…to taste it…but, nothing stronger than that. It was just a minor need. Their scents were rather alluring, but it didn't really make me crazed like…James.

I stopped abruptly, and Edward looked at me questioningly. I pursed my lips. This was good news. This lead to new possibilities! I could visit Charlie, and Renee earlier, and I could…I would have an easier time, and so would Edward, and Alice and Esme…

"Bella?" Edward asked, worriedly.

"Edward. Their scents don't disturb me!"

It took Edward half-a-second to consider that, then he smiled.

"That's great!" he said.

Esme, Alice and Rosalie all approached us. They had identical masks – except for Alice, who, of course, knew – of amusement.

"We absolutely have to tell Carlisle. I'm sure he'll have a theory for that." Esme smiled.

"Jasper, would be disappointed, though." Rosalie reminded us.

"Oh, yeah." I murmured.

"He'll be fine. He'll just have to change his perspective on life…" Alice reassured us. "So can we please go shopping now?"

The three of us laughed. Alice really loved shopping.

"Alright, let's get going." I said.


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