Dying Prince

A/N: Credit to my friend Isha, who helped me think of the title. Now, read!

His eyes widen in horror when he begins to feel himself slip away. He is dying, he realizes.

And suddenly, the boy is in front of him, looking at him, unsure of what to do as he watches the man he hates die. It is the boy he has worked so hard to save.

Lily's son…

He struggles to remain conscious as he remembers Dumbledore's orders. He must tell the boy…He must let him know…

He grabs the front of the boy's robes tightly.

He watches as his blood oozes out. But there is something other than blood leaving his body…something silvery blue.


He strains to speak as he says, "Take…it…Take…it"

His voice is hoarse. He doesn't know if the boy has understood. He looks like he does not know what to do, his gaze fixed upon the dying man.

The bushy haired girl beside him conjures a clear jar, in which they collect his memories. He watches as they do this, his grip on the younger boy's robes loosening.

He does not have much time left. His life does not flash before his eyes. He is only looking forward to seeing her again, the woman he loves.

He wants to speak one last time.

"Look… at… me…" he whispers.

Lily's son obliges and looks him in the eye. He does not see his face, or his scared expression. He only sees his eyes. His eyes which so closely resemble hers…

The young one's green eyes find his jet black ones.

He looks at them, content that this was to be the last thing he would see.

He is mesmerized as he feels his soul leaving his worthless body.

He is now at peace, as he feels her spirit join his. He is where he belongs, with Lily Evans.


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