Hey everybody! Just wanted to say how sorry I am that I haven't been updating. I've just been so busy and have had a KILLER case of writer's block. But I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be taking the story down for a while, while I COMPLETELY revise it! I'm already through like chapter 3-4 so it'll take a while. So those of you that want to reread it can start at the beginning (there will be some additions/plot changes) and those of you that don't can just pick it where I left off the first time. But I think that if I take it down and you have it on story alert you won't know when I post it again. So you might have to put me on author alert if you want to know when I re-post the first chapter.

Oh and anyone who'd like to be a beta reader for this story please let me know! I think peer review is the best way to revise a story.

I'm also thinking of re-posting it under a new title. Any ideas? If I can't think of one I'll just re-post it under the same name but I think something new would be nice…

Some ideas so far:

Days of Magic, Nights of War (;P)
Worlds Asunder
(Your idea goes here)

-Mel ;)

PS. Be warned - I might not re-post the story for a while, mainly because I'd like to get the whole thing written before I start posting it, so we don't have such a huge hiatus in between chapters like this time… So if all goes well, once I start posting, it should be once week :D