Be Here Now

Don't let your mind get weary and confused
Your will be still, don't try
Don't let your heart get heavy child
Inside you there's a strength that lies

Don't let your soul get lonely child
It's only time, it will go by
Don't look for love in faces, places
It's in you, that's where you'll find kindness

(Be Here Now Ray Lamontagne)

It was one of those weeks. No it was one of those months. The kind where time stopped still and clocks taunted you with the idea that any moment now school will finish. Why are those last five minutes always the longest?

I was convinced I was stuck in a time warp that time was only moving slow for me. I could imagine home old bearded guy in a robe turning an egg timer upside down and he laughed evilly as each grain of sand moved through the as if through water.

"Move quicker" I muttered angrily at my watch the bright yellow smiley face grinned back at my mocking my pain.

I was biting my lip again – always a bad sign. I bit harder in spite of it all. It all took too long it all just dragged as if somehow it had an anchor dragging in down.

Maybe it was like Marley's ghost all its past sins chained to it binding it forever in its miserable past, it's all too heavy for it to fly.

I stared round the classroom bored and irritable. I wished the stupid hormone filled teenage idiot of a boy would stop staring at me it was unnecessary. I so wished I could sleep this would all go so much quicker if I wasn't awake. But I'm always awake.

"Emilia" said the prudent French teacher Mrs. Brow.

"Yes Miss" I chimed flicking my practically white hair out my eyes.

"Would you try to look livelier in my class there is only five minutes left?" she said with a sigh.

Livelier that would be easy if I was actually alive.

"Je suis le Coup manqué très désolé je serai sûr pas de le faire encore" I said in fluent French.

She looked unfazed as usual shrugged and went about her work. Stared out the window only to find my best friend who's practically my sister staring in at me with a wicked grin on her face. I raised an eyebrow – what was Charlotte up to this time?

Her mahogany brown curls bounced as she laughed at my expression - she's mocking me curse her. She tapped her watch asking me how long I'd be, I raised three fingers rolling my eyes. She pulled a sorry looking expression and I pretended to slit my wrists.

Our convocations have no obstacles even double glazing. Finally the bell range and I found it very hard to leave the classroom at human speed.

"I'm free" I declared skipping out into the car park.

"It's going to rain again" stated Charlotte sniffing the air in disgust.

"Old news my friend" I said getting my car keys out my bag as we came to the old beat up beetle.

"Really why must we drive around in this decrepit thing" moaned Charlotte.

"Because I can't be bothered to change the tire on the convertible and you can't either and that my dear friend is why" I said pulling out of the car park in a violent ' I really want to get out of here' kind of way.

"you know one of these days you're going to hit a first year" she said.

"that's one less to throw in a river, or off a cliff" I said darkly.

Charlotte smiled "yeah that's true"

At home in our rather big house that no one ever manages to find I sat glaring at the ceiling once again in boredom.

"Charlie" I said know she'd hear me from anywhere in the house.

"Yes" she called from in the shower.

"I is bored"

"You are always bored" she said annoyance clear in her tone.

Then there was a knock at the door. Some poor person had probably got lost in the forest again. I dragged myself to the front door a map already in hand and my mobile phone ready to pass on to them.

"Call a friend and here's a map" is typical of what I usually say.

I opened the door hand on hip in my sweats my hair a mess and a deranged look on my face. Standing outside my door however was not;

A) A poor lost person

B) A curious person

C) A squirrel who had bravely thrown an acorn at the door

No instead I found a whole family of vampires outside. This my dear reader is rather unusual as we very rarely get visitors of our own kin.

"Why hello you are certainly not squirrels" I said running my hand through my hair.

There was eight of them in all golden eyed like Charlotte and I. A small black haired female came flying towards me. Suddenly I was caught in a vice type hug.

"We are going to get along great" she declared happily.


To say the least I was shocked.

"Emi what on earth is going on down there" said Charlotte coming down wrapped only in a towel.

She stared the crowd of watching eyes "Wonderful, just wonderful" she said rushing of again in the time a human could blink.

I ushered them all in to the living room cautiously eyeing the all looking out for any threats.

The leader came forth "I am Carlisle Cullen, this is my wife Esme and these are my children"

They all introduced themselves Alice and Jasper married, Emmett and Rosalie married, Edward and Bella Married. That is a whole load of weddings.

"So... what are you doing here in our fine little town" I asked wondering where on earth Charlotte had run off to.

"We were wondering if it would be too much for us to stay here as well" asked Carlisle.

"I can't see any problem with it, I'll have to ask my sis though" I said.

Where has she gone? I thought staring up at the ceiling.

I stared round at the faces all of them had a history a past all of them unlike me and Charlotte had found their equal their place in the world someone to share this eternity with. I'll admit I was jealous and scared. Scared that one day Charlotte too would find someone and it would just be me then alone forever.

Charlotte finally decided to grace us with her presence a few moments later fully dressed thankfully.

"I broke the shower again" she muttered.

She was always doing that the bathroom was probably flooded now I rolled my eyes at her then nodded my head towards our guests.

"Charlotte do you have a problem with these lovely people staying here?" I asked .

"Nope as long as someone can fix our shower" she said looking at them pleadingly knowing I'd kill her if the shower wasn't fixed – immortal or not.

Emmett laughed getting up to help her with our shower issue.

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