In CoNtRoL

In CoNtRoL


By KazunaPikachu

Waddup, everyone? I'm going to start this Inu/Kag fanfiction story because I've had this story in my head since forever and I want to get it down before I forget it. Anyway, I'll be trying to update every single weekend and if it's been delayed, it's because of stupid school… (-.-) And to all those readers who read my other story, Memory's Shadow, don't worry. I won't be neglecting that either. :P

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story to all you folks! :D And it's a high school fic. But (I hope) it will have some different plots and stuff. It won't be long, probably between 9-18 chapters. Maybe even less. I have no idea but 18 is the absolute maximum.

Summary: -InuKag- AU. Inuyasha thought his life was bad. At least he was in control of his life. No body could tell him what he can or can't do. So, he was pretty fortunate. Unlike Kagome, whose life isn't even in her control. And no body even knows it.

Pairing: Inuyasha and Kagome

Category: Angst/drama. A tiny bit of romance but not a lot.

Warning: Language and some suggestive themes. Not like you guys would do anything bad though, right? (o.0)

Disclaimer: Only going to say it in this chapter: I do not own Inuyasha. The most famous and loved manga-ka Rumiko Takahashi does :)


"Don't you ever touch me again, you hear?" he spat angrily, slamming the teenager harshly into the lockers. "If I even see you looking at me like that again, hanyou, you'll be dead meat," he growled, shoving the orphan into the lockers once more. "Do I make myself clear, you dirty piece of shit?" he spat, his face close.

The silver-haired teen only stared back, glaring defiantly. That was rewarded by a rough punch to his cheek, sending him to the ground. The crowd that had gathered around them cheered and sneered, wanting to see more of a hanyou-beating. They were all looking down mockingly at him, smirks apparent on their faces. Some females were giggling, laughing and pointing at their fallen classmate.

"Did you hear me?" the demon asked, kneeling beside the hanyou. He straightened up and kicked him once more in the ribs. The boy gasped, having the wind knocked out of him. The demon towering high snorted, walking away. "I don't have any more time to waste on losers like you," he excused coolly, walking over to his two best friends. Or, as the school called them, his henchmen. "Come on Hakkaku, Ginta. This piece of crap isn't worth even a full minute over."

As the three members left, the crowd began to dissipate, some even spitting on the poor hanyou when they passed. It was then that the bell rang, signaling for the start of period 3. With aching bones that would heal in no time at all, the student sat up, glaring angrily yet defeatedly at the poorly polished floors.

This was Inuyasha. He was a hanyou, an outcast, a freak, an unwanted. You can tell that nobody accepted him in the slightest. He got up slowly, cracking a few bones in the process. "Damn him," he growled beneath his breath. I bump into him once and he gets all freaking pissed at me. The mother-fucking bastard, he snarled, proceeding to take his books out of his locker. Most of the students were gone now, already in their rooms for class. Of course, no body cared what happened to him. He could've dropped dead then and there and they wouldn't do anything about it.

Stupid school, stupid people, stupid teachers, he fumed within his head. They should all drop dead, not me. What the hell have I ever done to them? Man, you'd think I fucking killed their stupid I-pod or something, he thought, angrily taking out abused books. If that idiotic ookami ever kicks me like that again, I'll make sure he fucking pa--

"Excuse me,"

Furious and angry, he turned, immediately glaring at the speaker. "What the hell do you want?" he snarled, his golden eyes narrowing dangerously at the person before him. If this person was going to make fun of him, it would definitely not brighten his mood.

It was a female student, her head bowed, hiding her facial features. "Kouga… He…" she started, her head still bowed in what looked like shame. "I apolo--"

"Oi! Where the hell are you?" another voice interrupted, suspiciously sounding like a certain ookami's. The voice was coming from down the hall, their footsteps becoming louder as they neared.

The girl's head immediately shot up, her eyes wide with surprise and fear. "I-I'm coming!" she called back, forgetting about the hanyou and running at full speed towards the voice. She didn't even glance back at Inuyasha as she turned sharply to the left, disappearing from his view.

Inuyasha was left confused and frustrated. What the hell? he growled in annoyance, slamming his locker close. He wiped his chin, cleaning off the blood that dripped from his mouth. He made his way towards his next class, completely forgetting about the girl that had confronted him. He always got those weirdoes. Those retards that wanted to speak to him for some known reason. And that reason was: because he was a freak himself.

As he walked to his classroom, he realized once again what a dump this place was. The walls were filthy, almost every single area covered with graffiti. The floors were dusty with the occasional litter or two and the ceilings looked as if moss was growing up there. Almost every locker had at least one dent in it, some even had one of their hinges destroyed so it hung creakily. I hate this dump, he thought. You'd think they'd at least care about hygiene.

When he finally reached his classroom, he turned the handle and walked inside. He was met by a fierce and resentful glare from the teacher and a mocking chuckle from his peers. "Mr. Takahashi," the teacher, Ms. Kaguya, snarled in distaste. "Late again, are we? Take a seat and try not to disturb the rest of the lesson," she hissed.

Bowing apologetically, he rushed over to his seat. Being the outcast he was, he had a permanent spot at the back of his class, the desks around him empty. And as he passed some students, some of them smirked at him, some giving him a mock greeting. He ignored them all, used to this. After all, it happened every single day.

"Now, turn your books to page thirty five. Read the passage about William Shakespeare and answer the following questions," the teacher continued, turning to the old whiteboard and started to write down the questions, copying it from the textbook in her hands.

Inuyasha survived through the Literacy class bored. But he was paying attention, always attentive. He needed this education. He had to pay for the school's tuition since he had no guardian to pay for him. And that was hard if you wanted to pay for school, your food, your rent and your bed all by yourself. It was damn hard to do.

As Ms. Kaguya continued to lecture, his eyes roamed over the class and landed on the girl who had talked to him before. She was giving all her attention to the demonic teacher, taking down notes rapidly. She had long, raven-like hair and worn-out jeans. She wore a dark blue turtleneck and it was already fading in colour. Beside her were the ookami and his two lackeys, snickering and talking amongst themselves. Snorting quietly, he turned his attention back to the teacher, his hanyou dog-ears twitching at every sound that was made.


The hanyou was surprised that this school even had bells that worked. Everyone shot out of their seats and practically ran out the door. Inuyasha wasn't in such a rush. He packed up his books quietly and walked towards the door, intending to go to History, until a hand suddenly grabbed his shoulder.

He turned and stared in confusion at the teacher. But all she did was glare and hand him a slip of red paper. "For being late," she said bluntly. And with that, she turned around and sat at her desk.

Scowling at her behind her back, Inuyasha had no hesitations in getting out of that awful room. Great. Now he had detention. He was going to be late for work again. Toto-sai's going to kill me, he groaned inwardly. The murder I can handle. I just hope he doesn't fire me to the next dimension,

He entered the classroom, sitting down at his usual desk. He liked History the best. Why? Because most people don't. Not many chose this class as one of their subjects for their junior year. A waste of time, as they say. But Inuyasha had another reason for liking this class. To him, it was pretty interesting. That, and one of his classmates was Kikyo.

She always sat at the front of the class, listening to their teacher, Mr. Onigumo. He has a son here, going by the name of Naraku, who, unsurprisingly, didn't choose History class either. School rumors has it that the father and son didn't get along too well with each other. Inuyasha didn't care about their family life.

As the class started, his eyes always found their way to the back of Kikyo's head, his ears tweaking at her direction, listening to her breathe. It was odd. Whenever he looked at her, his heart rate would speed up. Whenever he looked at her, his mind would run over the possibilities of them actually meeting, talking, touching…

Gah! What the hell do you think you're thinking? he scolded himself, his cheeks burning slightly. He could not believe he was actually thinking that. That's Kikyo Hokaji you're talking about. You sure as hell can't have her. But that didn't stop him from hoping, did it? So far, almost every single male in the school has had a go at her and failed with humiliation. There was something about her that attracted attention, that drew people in. No body knew what. And so, she was made the most popular girl in school in no time. Even if she was human. The most popular male though didn't like her, totally going against all cliché movies. In fact, the most popular guy in school despised her for reasons unknown.

Kouga's blind, is all, he thought, staring wistfully at Kikyo. He won't know beauty if exploded in his butt. Which, hopefully, I wouldn't get to see.

"Mr. Takahashi! Would you please stop staring at your classmate and answer my question!" Mr. Onigumo yelled furiously, his dark violet eyes glaring heatedly at the hanyou. He, as one of many, loathed all hanyou. He even hated humans like they were pests.

Blushing slightly, Inuyasha nodded and turned away from Kikyo's dark eyes, which had turned to him at the mention of his name. "Ah, the famous Sesshomaru did, sir," he answered, avoiding everyone's eyes. "The Inu no Tashio of the Western Lands from the feudal era."

Sneering with disgust, Mr. Onigumo turned back to his chalkboard (chalkboard. See how lame this school was?) and continued to give out his fierce speech. Inuyasha sighed to himself. Well, I didn't embarrass myself that bad, did I? he asked himself rhetorically. As he looked up, he noticed that Kikyo was still looking at him. And, for the first time since ever, their eyes locked.

"Ms. Hokaji! Must you two stare at each other in my class?" the teacher snarled, slamming his fist onto Kikyo's desk. "If you want to continue learning the history of Japan, I suggest you pay attention," he demanded, his narrowed eyes flickering back and forth between Inuyasha and Kikyo. The two immediately turned all their attention back to him and he nodded slightly in approval. He turned once more, his straight black hair falling lifelessly onto his back.

Then, the bell rang and every student was eager to go out and get their lunch. But Inuyasha lingered, watching a certain someone. Kikyo packed away her things quickly, exiting the room without looking back once. Seeing this, Inuyasha's ears drooped. Of course she won't like you now, baka, he growled. You got her in trouble! What do you expect? But why didn't she look away as soon as their eyes connected? Why did she allow Inuyasha to look at her for so long?

His thoughts were interrupted by a continuous annoyance. "Mr. Takahashi, you're really trying my patience," Mr. Onigumo growled. "Get out of my classroom. Unless you want a detention slip, you'll be out of my sight in the next three seconds."

Not wanting to have yet another detention slip, Inuyasha practically zoomed out of the room. But before he could join the hastily growing hallway, a hand grabbed his arm softly. His first instinct was to turn and hit the person who touched him. But when he turned to see who it was, he stiffened. The girl again? he thought with confusion. And… she's in my class? he thought with slight shock as he noticed the History books she was carrying. Why hadn't he noticed her before?

"Yeah?" Inuyasha said gruffly, pulling his arm back towards him harshly.

She looked up at him with determined eyes, although they flickered from side to side, as if looking out for someone. "I wanted to tell you earlier," she said quietly. Inuyasha frowned as he felt a growl begin to crawl up from his throat. So, this girl doesn't want to be seen with me, eh? he thought, glaring at her. What the hell would she want to talk to me about if it risked her social life so much?

She drew a deep breath, looking at Inuyasha straight in the eye. "I came here to apologize for Kouga-kun," she said finally, resolution in her eyes. "You didn't deserve it and he had no right to do that to you." She bowed lowly. "I'm sorry."

Inuyasha looked as her as if she had grown a second head. Say what? he asked himself in disbelief. So, he took it the way he understood and just glared at her furiously. "Girl, what are you planning?" he asked with a scowl. "Did Kouga set you up? If he fucking did, go tell him that his stupid whore can't fool me."

This was Inuyasha. The inexperienced in normal, plain conversation and idiot at consideration for others.

The young woman's head snapped up and all look of sincerity was gone, replaced by a raging glare. "Excuse me?" she asked in a low whisper so she wouldn't attract attention to themselves. "What did you just call me?" she asked, grinding her teeth together.

The hanyou before her only glared back, not at all willing to back down. "You heard me," he growled. "Kouga was the one who interrupted us earlier and you went running to him like a dog. What else would you expect me to believe?"

The female student only stared at him in shock mixed with growing rage. How dare he? "Listen here, you jerk," she said, poking him right in the chest. "I came here to apologize and you just call me a whore. What the heck is that about? You don't even know me!" She was trying very, very hard not to scream. And yet, students were already taking notice of the two.

And she realized this and her eyes widened, her anger vanishing as anxiety and dread took over her. "I-I need to go," she said hastily, not giving him a second glance as she just walked away from him, her head bowed as she moved further and further away.

Inuyasha just watched her back, his empty fist clenched. So that was it? The bitch, he thought. The minute someone sees us talking, she just runs away? What an image-protecting human, he thought with a sneer.

"Yo, Inuyasha! Did you know who that just was?" a familiar, actually welcomed, voice shouted as he tapped his shoulder.

He turned around to meet Miroku's rather too eager face. "No, and I don't care," he answered rudely, cutting through the crowd and walking towards his locker. Miroku followed him like a loyal puppy. Everyone stepped aside so they wouldn't make the slightest contact with the two.

Yes, Miroku was also a weirdo. Always asking for any random girl's hand in marriage. Always rubbing some random girl's butt. Always getting slapped in the face by that same girl. Because of this, he was labeled as a pervert. And, in Shikon High, perverts were not welcome. Even if there were other perverts that just hid themselves…

"Aw, come on, man!" he persisted, pestering him as Inuyasha packed away his stuff. "That was Kagome Higurashi. Damn, she's a fine piece of meat," he smirked.

"I don't want to hear it, pervert," Inuyasha sighed tiredly. Man, why did he have to get stuck with the odd ones? Oh yeah. Never mind. He took out his backpack and took out an apple. Never rely on the school's cafeteria. He tried it once and it made him sick for an entire week. And hanyous had a hard time getting sick for even a day. After he took the apple out, he slammed the door closed and proceeded to their eating area.

They went to the noisy, cramped room indoors and sat on their usual table. The one at the far corner, where most people usually wanted to avoid, lest they get the 'germ'. If we're germs, they're stupid, Inuyasha snorted as he took a bite out of his apple.

"Don't tell me you've never heard of Kagome Higurashi," Miroku continued, completely surprised. Everyone in the large room was talking but to their ears, it was nothing but a low murmur with a few shouts here and there. "Where have you been? In Alaska?" he asked in disbelief.

Inuyasha shrugged, taking another bite. He hated the cafeteria. It was too damn noisy for its own good. At times like these, he would go outside and sit in a quiet tree. But he was way too lazy right now, not to mention tired. Six hours of nonstop working after school has that effect on people.

"Kagome Higurashi: a member of the 'cool' group," said Miroku, talking as if reading out a biography. "Kind, honest, friendly and caring. She's beautiful in her own unique way and she gets along with everyone. She doesn't treat any one like dirt and she's one of the smartest people in her class. She's loved by everyone in the school."

"Fake," Inuyasha said, rolling his eyes.

Miroku continued, despite the interruption. "Well, at least, the majority of it," he said. "All the men here love her, half the girls here adore her, and the other half loathe her. Do you know why?" he asked with a lifted eyebrow.

"No, enlighten me," the hanyou said sarcastically, biting another chunk off his apple as he continued to watch disinterestedly at the movements of his peers.

"Because she's Kouga's girlfriend," sighed Miroku, his eyes closing with remorse. "He's one hell of a lucky demon, I admit that. I mean, he even snagged the saint Kagome! I've tried to get a few dates with her but, unfortunately, fate doesn't want us together," he said with a small pout.

The bitch is Kouga's girlfriend? He thought. Well, no wonder she followed him like a lost puppy. And that could also be the reason why she didn't want to be seen talking to me. Don't want a break-up with the most popular guy in school, right? "Well, what do you expect?" he asked with a scoff. "She's one of them. No way in hell would she have acknowledged you even talking to her."

"Ah, that's where you're wrong," he said, wagging a finger with a grin. "I told you, she doesn't treat anyone like they have the plague. I talked to her once and she talked back. We had a full length conversation, until… well… things got out of 'hand'," he chuckled, laughing at his own lame joke.

Finishing his apple, Inuyasha threw the core to the nearest bin. He missed. Damn. "Are you going to finish your story or do you want me to leave now?" he asked impatiently, glaring slightly at his best friend. And, sadly, his only friend.

"Yeah, well, Kouga was there and he saw what I did," he chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his head. "And you know how possessive demons get, especially him. He literally broke my arm." He rubbed his left arm at the painful memory. "And then, after that, she just wouldn't talk to me anymore. At least, not like she did the first time. Weird, though. I watched her for a couple of days, and I wasn't stalking her, mind you, and I found out that she hardly interacted with males. She'd have these shifty eyes and she'll always be on edge. I wonder why…" he asked curiously, looking up at the ceiling.

Really not caring, Inuyasha stood up. "Whatever," he said simply. "I don't really care what the hell she does. As long as she doesn't talk to me ever again, I'll be happy."

Unfortunately for him, that was a lie. But he doesn't know that yet, dear reader. He doesn't know that yet.

"Inuyasha…" Miroku said suddenly, his voice solemn. Inuyasha froze. What was with his friend's tone? "Kagome's a really nice person, believe me. And I have no reason to believe that she said anything rude to you. Stop pushing people away, man. You can't live like this for your entire life."

The hanyou stiffened as he said this and continued walking forward, without looking back. You can't tell me what I can and can't do, Miroku, he thought to himself, his fists clenched. It's my life. And I just had to have the worst life to lead.

But unknown to our favourite hanyou, someone out there led an even more unfortunate path.

And that someone stared blankly into space as the many people around her talked and laughed. That someone listened solemnly to the fake voices, to the deceptive tones. That someone who envied another life, a life of her own.

Because, as someone suddenly wrapped an arm around her waist and stared down at her with brilliant blue eyes, the life she led now was in someone else's control.


Well? What do you think? Of course, this ain't all of it and there will be a few twists and plots. More characters would be introduced and you should have realized that this chapter was kinda just based on Inuyasha's POV. Next chapter would be Kagome's POV. At least, I think so. (-.-)

To all those reading out there, I hope you enjoyed it and if you want me to continue, please review! This chapter wasn't much but it's only an opening. Thanks for reading! :D