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OK, just a little thing I want to get out of the way before the story starts. For those of you who aren't familiar with my other work, I write a Digimon/YuGiOh GX fic entitled Heart of the Warrior, it's my most popular second only to Lost Son of Konoha. A While back I read some of the different works by inu-yusukekaiba102 I don't read his stuff very often any more for 5 reasons

1) He hasn't had an original in ages, I swear I read the same chapter word for word in three different stories.
2) Constant spelling grammar errors which makes his stuff difficult.
3) His characterization or rather lack of it sucks. His depiction Sasuke is totally wrong and he's made Naruto even stupider then he is in either the anime or the manga.
4) The totally random characters that show up. Don't get me wrong I love Naruto BLEACH YuGiOh Digimon Beyblade and FMA, their some of my favorite anime but the way characters from these and others just seem to just show up for no real reason is mind fucking.
5) Yu Yu Hakusho sucks.
Anyway despite this I was inspired and considered of maybe doing my own take on his idea however unlike him I didn't just want it to seem totally random.

Uh, well enough of my rant here's my fic. It it works it works, if it doesn't then you won't see it ever again. Also if you don't like this please tell why you don't like it in a semi-polite way don't go writing things along the lines of 'This is st your a fg idiot'. That kind of thing gets you nowhere you'll only be ignored and if done repeatedly you'll eventually reported and kicked off the sight.

Anyway enough of that, here it is, and let the die land where they may.


Heart of the Warrior: Ninja Frontire

Chapter 1: Enter the Lion
It was just your typical day in Konoha as the sun shown down upon the earth from its stop in the sky. Bird sang, the local wildlife either foraged for their next meal or were curled up in their nests/holes/burrows/dens/etc sleeping until darkness feel once more so they could come out and begin their search for food, and the people of the leaf village went about their business of the day.

In a class room of the ninja academy Iruka was lecturing his students about the importance of the Henge technique.

In one of the towns many café's Kurenai Yuuhi sweat dropped as she watching her friend, Anko Mitarashi, practically inhale dango at the same rate that a certain blond haired kid did with ramen. Letting out a sigh the Genjutsu mistress shook her head and lifted her teacup to her lips.

In one of the villages training grounds Asuma Sarutobi was throwing kunai with his shaking hands at a target trying to hit the bulls-eye, not to mention get his mind off other things. Resting on top of the post was a packet of cigarettes and his lighter, normally the man went almost nowhere without one of those heavenly cancer sticks between his lips however Kurenai had told him last night that if he could go one day without a cigarette she would do something…special for him. It had now been four hours since he woke up and withdrawal symptoms were a bitch.

In another part of the village Maito Gai and his team Neji Hyuuga Tenten and Rock Lee had gathered outside the Ichiraku Ramen Stand, the group had returned from a successful mission each one of them filled with pride of a job well done, that and a large wad of cash between them, and so to celebrate Gai had decided to treat his team to breakfast (which would be followed by a session of the most gut wrenching, fear inspiring tortures know to man: aka Gai's training schedule).

Meanwhile sitting on a nearby roof Hatake Kakashi was flicking through his infamous copy of Konoha's best selling book, Icha Icha Paradise, every so often giggling perversely.

And finally seated in his office the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi was trying to ignite the large stack of paper work on his desk with his mind. Yes it was just another typical day in the life of Konoha.

Although something would happen which certainly didn't happen everyday and it would begin right now. The peace that everyone had been enjoying was instantly shattered by the cries of "Hey get back here you little brat."

"Ha ha, come and catch me you bunch of dickless losers." Something dressed in an orange jumpsuit, the jacket of with was tied round his waist, a black shirt with an orange Konoha symbol and a pair of blue shinobi sandals on his feet and carrying 2 buckets of paint in his left hand jumped from one rooftop the next followed by several men dressed in back outfits with a green vest thrown over the top.

Yes our hero has arrived, meet Naruto Uzumaki. He had just pulled off his latest prank, graffitiing the heads on the Hokage Mountain and was now being chased by group of Chuunin. He'd been on the run for the last ten minutes and still the people chasing him hadn't been able to catch up

'As fun as this all is, I'd better end this. I am getting a little tired of it.'The blond sped up and hid in front of a wall by blending into it. A few Chunnins ran past his hiding place and he started laughing to himself, before someone else who did the same appeared behind him.

"Oh, ah hi I...ruka...sensei!" Naruto said to the man behind him, a nervous smile on his face

"Naruto, after class you're cleaning up the Hokage's faces!" Iruka stated in a stern voice. Then to make sure Naruto couldn't get away, he tied him up in ropes.

Uzumaki Naruto was dragged along the hard cemented ground that day to class. Upon arriving at the class room, everyone laughed at the misfortune of Uzumaki Naruto, other than Sasuke who muttered the word 'idiot' under his breath, and Shino who remained silent, his face portraying no emotion at all, his sun glasses just reflected the light of the sun coming in through the academy's classroom's windows, but his bugs were acting weird.

"Class, thanks to Naruto here we're going to be reviewing the Henge technique." Everyone groaned, once again, except Sasuke and Shino. Everyone queued up, before long it was Sakura's turn.

"Henge!" Her chakra flowed around her momentarily before in a poof of smoke she turned into an exact duplicate of Iruka.

"Very good, next!" Iruka yelled, a poof of smoke later Sakura was back as Sakura, with an ecstatic expression on her face.

"Did you see that Sasuke-kun?" She asked the raven haired Uchiha survivor, he merely ignored her and stepped forward, performed a single hand sealed and changed into Iruka.

"Very good! Next!" It was Naruto's turn now. A girl wearing a purple top and bandages as pants was behind him, she had blond hair held in a high ponytail.

Naruto walked forward and heard the girl behind him. "This is all your fault." She stated.

Naruto stood in thought for a minute, something just occurred to him. "Say Iruka-sensei, do we have to change into you or can it be anything?"

"It can be anything you like just as long as you can pull it off." Iruka replied.

Just then an evil looking smile appeared on Naruto's face, he formed the same seal as everyone else and his own chakra formed a circle around him, with 2 streaks flowing freely in the air. "Henge!"

Smoke rose around Naruto and when it cleared, there was a girl with decent sized breasts and two pony tails, with the same eyes and whisker marks as Naruto. She wore nothing but had small clouds conveniently covering the private parts, leaving little to the imagination.

"Hello Iruka-kun..." She purred at him then blew him a kiss. Blood spurted out of his nose in twin geysers, sending him flying into the back of the wall.

Naruto changed back and began laughing his head off "Dude the look on your face, it was priceless."

"You idiot Naruto, your always pulling stunts like this." Ino growled, she then turned her attention to Sasuke and let out a sigh "You don't see Sasuke-kun doing that or defacing the Hokage monument."

"Youdon'tseeSasuke-kundoingthatordefacingtheHokagemonument." Naruto snorted mimicing the girls words in a nasal sounding voice "That's because Sasuke's a pussy."

That got the Uchiha's attention as well as everyone else in the class "What?" he said trying to sound calm and collected and failed miserably

"You heard me captain Emo." Naruto said sternly "You wouldn't dare do the things I do not because your mature or anything it because you haven't got the balls to do it."

"You dobe, anyone could pull off some stupid prank. I could probably do it much better then you could." Sasuke retorted which earned a outburst of support from his fan base

"Oh yeah, well go on and prove it. I dare ya." Naruto taunted.

Although not one of the brightest kid in the village Naruto could certainly think on his feet when he had to it was what made him such a successful prankster, and right now he had Mr Sunshine right where he wanted him.

Saskuke scoffed "Yeah like I would lower myself to level of the village clown."

Naruto smirked 'Bingo.' "Just as I thought, no balls."

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched in anger and Naruto's smirk grew wider, however Sasuke composed himself a small smile appeared on his face as he sat down "Your good Uzumaki, you almost had me for a second. But against an Uchiha almost doesn't cut it I'm afraid."

'Crud.'Naruto grimaced, just then the sound of someone running caught the blonde's attention and looking round saw Ino and Sakura from either side of him

"You idiot, how dare you try and make a fool of Sasuke-kun…" they both cry out as the charged towards him.

What happened next no one believed and it would the topic of gossip for the rest of the day. Naruto ducked of the way of the aspiring kunoichi who ran into one another, their lips firmly pressed together.

The whole class stared at this several members forming not so innocent ideas in their heads, it was also the point that Iruka decided to wake up and upon seeing Sakura and Ino's lip lock passed out once again.

Both girls stood their wide eyes in shock, they stayed like that for a full thirty seconds before they separated and turned away from one another a heavy blush spread across their faces

"Ok, we never speak of this, it never happened. Deal?" Sakura said

"Deal." Ino replied.

The two of them quickly made their way back to their seats trying to look as if nothing had happened, however one thought did pass through both their minds 'She's not a bad kisser.'

An alarm went off in a small apartment. Naruto groaned and threw it against the wall, breaking it in the process. He rolled out his bed and hit the floor with a thud. Naruto's eyes snapped open as he realized what day it was. It was the graduation day, this time he would do it he would pass and become a Genin. Getting up off the floor he walked over to where he'd dumped his orange jump suit.

He then reached into one of the pockets and pulled out a strange looking devise. It was a black and orange rectangular object with four orange buttons. He'd had it for as long as he could remember but he had no idea what it was or what it was for, he'd asked both Iruka and the old man but even they had no idea either. He continued to stare at the devise, he had no idea what it was or what it was for but somehow he knew it was important.

After putting it back in his jacket he then made his bed and put his clothes on it then headed to his small bathroom to prepare himself for the day.

Soon enough he found himself outside the room where he took classes along with everyone else, 'Ok Naruto this is it. This time you're going to do it, you are going to pass. Dattebayo.'

Steeling himself he opened the door and entered the classroom to see it buzzing with excitement, everyone but Sasuke, Shikamaru and Shino talking about how once they were ninja, they'd be able to get all the chicks' attention/Sasuke's love. No one really looked at him as he entered, he did catch a quick glimpse of Hinata throwing him a quick glance before quickly looking away her face flushed

'Weirdo.'Naruto though as he sat down next to Sasuke

"Dobe." The raven haired Uchiha grunted

"Teme." The blond replied.

The two of them sat there in silence for several minutes before something loud from outside in the corridor "OUT OF THE WAY INO PIG, SASUKE IS ALL MINE." "NO WAY FOREHEAD GIRL."

It was then Sakura and Ino burst into the room making a beeline to where Naruto and Sasuke

"Hi Sakura, Ino." The blond greeted the pair

"GET AWAY FROM SASUKE-KUN." Was his reply both girls made to grab the blond Uzumaki so they could throw him out of the seat

"Leave him alone. I'd rather sit next to the dobe as I find him slightly less irritating then either of you." Sasuke stated in a 'matter o fact' tone, both girls stared at the last Uchiha how glanced at them giving them both a cold stare "Now listen up because I'm only saying this once. I don't like you, either of you. I can't stand you. The two of you are nothing but two annoying loud and weak little girls. And to be honest I'd rather date the dobe here then either of you it would surprise me if he were a better kisser then either of you as well. Now get lost and don't bother me."

The two o them stared at the boy in disbelief, sure had said other things to them but never like this. And never had he compared them two of them to Naruto. The two of them then slinked off quietly to an empty desk on the opposite side of them room whilst Naruto stared at Sasuke feeling a mixture of being disgusted and disturbed.

"Wasn't that maybe just a little harsh. The two of them seem pretty upset now." He said as he began edging his was away from Sasuke.

Sasuke snorted "Like I care. Besides they'll probably be back pestering me soon enough."

Before anything else could be said Iruka arrived.

"Okay class, settle down. I know that you're excited because it's the day for the Genin exams but you're going to need to focus 100 percent." He spoke announced in a loud and clear voice, in order that he was heard by everyone, including a sleeping Shikamaru.

"This year we begin with the Bunshin no jutsu exam, Ino Yamanaka your up first." Iruka said calmly. Ino rose from her seat composing herself and walked to the front of the room where she then followed Iruka into a back room.

Ino came out shortly after with a happy expression on her face, those sapphire orbs of hers gleamed with pride of her achievement.

Naruto sat paitently as several more names were called and they all had the same look as Ino as they carried a piece of cloth that was folded and on the top was a metal plate with the symbol of the Leaf Village.

"Uzumaki Naruto!" Iruka called through the room. Naruto got up and hopped over the desk with a smile on his face and a look of determination in his eyes.

"You are to perform the Bunshin no jutsu in front of me and Mizuki to become a Genin." Iruka explained. Naruto nodded and formed his hands into a ram seal. His chakra flew chaotically around him as he gathered his chakra from the jutsu.

"BUSHIN NO JUTSU!" Naruto yelled. 2 poofs of smoke appeared next to Naruto and when they cleared, a sick looking copy of Naruto was laid down on the ground, and another sickly looking clone of him was holding his stomach, looking ready to puke.

"You fail." Iruka said nonchalantly.

"He created 2 clones Iruka and it's clear he wants to become a ninja, why don't we just let him pass?"

Iruka shook his head."No Mizuki, everyone else created 3 perfect clones whilst he made 2 clones that will probably get him killed on the battle field."

Outside Naruto sat on a swing rocking gently as he watched the others members of his class who had all achieved the rank of Genin, all of them being greeted by their families telling them all how proud of them being told how things along the lines of 'Were so proud of you' 'I knew you could do it' and 'I wish your grandfather/father/etc could see you now.'

Hearing this almost brought Naruto to tears, it just reminded him that no matter what he achieved in life even if he did become Hokage he would never know the feeling of a mother's embrace or receive the benefits of a father's guidance.

Just then something behind him caught his attention and looking round saw the white haired Chunnin, Mizuki, standing there. "Naruto, I need to talk to you, follow me."

A little unsure but then he heard some women talking about how it was good that he'd failed, Naruto quickly got to his feet and followed the white haired man.

Soon the pair found themselves sitting on a rooftop watching as the sun began it final leg of its journey across the sky"I bet you're thinking that Iruka failed you because he doesn't like you aren't you?"

Naruto nodded as the idea did seem pretty plausible to him which only made him more depressed, he really thought that Iruka believed in him, seems he was wrong.

"Don't take it so personally, he's just looking out for you, he doesn't want you to go out and get yourself killed.You see Iruka sees lot of himself in you." Mizuki explained "You both having been pranksters, seeking attention and you both being orphans. He wants you to be the best but you can't do that if he goes easy on you."

Naruto listened to these words, hearing how he and Iruka so much alike. He was so busy thinking that he didn't notice the grin that was spreading across Mizuki's face.

"Y'know if you wanted me too I could help you graduate, there is one other way to become a Genin. But its...not with out risk. Actually forget it, its too difficult and dangerous so forget I said anything."

Naruto's ears pricked up at these words "What is it, please if you know then please tell me."

Mizuki smirked "Ok then I'll tell you, but this stays between us ok."

He then leaned forward and began whispering in the young boys ear. As soon as he was finished Naruto immediately jumped to his feet and began running towards the Hokage tower.

Naruto ran in and navigated his way through the Hokage's tower, soon stumbling upon a locked room. He then began to pick the lock, a skill that he had picked up in his time as a prankster, where he saw a large scroll. He started walking towards it, the room was dark and the only light there was coming in through the door.

Iruka laid on his bed staring at the ceiling, his thoughts lingering on his dead last student, Uzumaki Naruto. He felt bad for Naruto failing but he didn't want Naruto to get killed. The life of a shinobi is a harsh one and he didn't think Naruto was ready.

He sighed and thought back to past events that were Naruto related, there was one that stuck out like a sore thumb. The Kyuubi attack. He remembered being grabbed by 2 Chunnin as a kid and being taken away from the battle field, taken away from his mother and father in their final hours.

A knock on the door broke him from his musings. He opened it to see his teaching assistant. "What's wrong Mizuki?" He asked, seeing a look of worry, albeit fake worry, but still a form of worry in Mizuki's eyes.

"It's Naruto! He's stolen the Scroll of Sealing!" Iruka gasped in shock, sure Naruto had done some pretty crazy things in the past but never anything as bad as this, did he? Iruka quickly got into his ninja gear and ran out of the door, deciding to go search for Naruto.

Naruto panted as he sat on the dirty forest ground, the scroll open in front of him. He'd been trying out one of the jutsu's when Iruka dropped in front of him.

"I found you at last." He stated, he quickly looked over Naruto's state. 'He's been... training?'He thought as he looked at Naruto.

"You found me already? I only had time to learn one technique from the scroll. Once I show you it, you'll let me pass like Mizuki said, right?!" Enthusiasm and excitement colouring every word.

Iruka raised an eyebrow. A noise from a distance in front of him alerted him to danger.

"Naruto! Watch out!" He charged across the grassy ground and pushed Naruto out of the way, whilst bringing his arms in front of him in a defensive manner. Kunai embedded themselves into Iruka's clothing at the arms and legs, trapping him into a tree as they impaled it. Mizuki jumped to the tree across from him.

"Naruto, give me the scroll." Iruka's heart beat was high; he was scared for the lives of himself, and Naruto.

Naruto looked at him. "No Naruto! Don't give him the scroll!" Naruto pulled a confused expression Mizuki then began laughing. "I'll show you why you can trust me Naruto. I'll tell you a secret no one else will tell you."

"No Mizuki, you'll be breaking the Sandaime's law!" Iruka yelled, struggling for freedom of movement. Mizuki snarled at him, not caring about the law at all.

"What law?" Naruto asked, what did Iruka Mizuki and the old man know?

"That's right, you don't know because it's a law about you. We're not allowed... To tell you... That you are Kyuubi, the fox demon who attacked 12 years ago! That's why everyone hates you Naruto, to them you're just a monster that should have been strangled when you were still in your crib." Mizuki shouted out for the world to hear, tears fell down Naruto's face as he fell back onto all fours.

"Now die demon fox!" He grabbed one of the two huge shuriken held loosely to his back by rope and spun it with his hand. Iruka used this moment to escape. Mizuki threw it and Naruto's eyes shook with fear. The shuriken reflected what little light there was in the night sky as it flew through the air with a high speed.

Naruto closed his eyes and crawled backwards slowly. A sticky liquid hit his face as he looked up and saw Iruka on all fours above him, the big shuriken sticking out of his back.

"Why? Why Iruka-sensei?" He managed to get out. Iruka looked down at him warmly with teary eyes before coughing out more of his blood.

"Because... We're the same. After my parents died no one had anytime for me, it was if I didn't exist. So I would pull pranks to get attention, I became the class clown and because of that my grades suffered. Naruto trust me I know how you feel, your lonely confused and it hurts inside."

Naruto stared up at the man, his eyes filled with understanding, just then Mizuki began laughing "Don't listen to him Naruto, he just wants the scroll for himself. Deep down he hates you just like everyone else, after all you are responsible for the death of his parents."

Hearing this a confused and scared Naruto got up and started running.

"Wait Naruto!!" Iruka shouted but he got no reply and Naruto seemed to ignore him. Iruka did his best to ignore the excruciating pain and looked around for the scroll, it was gone.

'Naruto must have taken it...'He thought before noticing Mizuki jumping off.

"Naruto! Give me the scroll!" yelled Iruka to Naruto, who was jumping across trees to the left of Mizuki. Naruto just jumped at him and shoulder tackled him to the ground. Iruka just growled as he got up and a poof of smoke revealed him to be Mizuki.

"How did you know I wasn't Iruka?!" Mizuki yelled, he was clearly frustrated.

Another poof of smoke revealed Naruto to be Iruka. "Because I'm Iruka."

Mizuki growled at him."Why do you even try? We both know that he's the same type as me, he'll use the scroll to gain power, just like a demon."

Naruto was listening from behind a nearby tree, hoping to find some sort of sign that he could trust either of the two men.

"You're right; a demon like Kyuubi would do that. But Naruto isn't like that, sure he's clumsy and everyone picks on him for it, but he works hard and helps other people. Naruto is one of my precious students." Iruka exclaimed proudly.

Mizuki didn't seem too pleased and grabbed the remaining large shuriken. "I was going to wait till later to kill you but I guess you'll die now demon lover!"

He started spinning it but before he could do anything else an orange blur charged at him and tackled him to the floor.

"Don't ever hurt my Iruka-sensei!" He stated angrily. Mizuki smirked, this fight would easily be his, he was after all a chunnin and Naruto was but a mere academy student.

Mizuki slammed his knee into Naruto's gut sending him to the ground, the scroll's cord snapping and it open as it hit the ground. Smirking Mizuki pulled a shuriken and threw it at Naruto grazing his cheek, a drop of blood then fell upon a symbol on the page. What happened next no one could have predicted.

The symbol on the page began glowing and from it emerged a large orange egg and the devise in Naruto's pocket began glowing.

Then the egg cracked and from the shell emerged a small orange lion like creature with a pair of wrist guards and another on its head with a flame burning out of it and another on its tail, the creature then opened its eyes

"All right, does it feel good to get out of there." It announced as it began stretching, just then its caught sight of Naruto a smile appearing on its face and it then bounded over to him "Hey there, thanks for releasing my egg from that scroll. You wouldn't believe the amount of time I was cooped up in there."

Naruto stared at the creature in disbelief as it grabbed his hand and began shaking it "Oh yeah that's right, I haven't introduced myself yet have I." the creature said slapping its forehead "The names Coronamon."

"Uh, hi. I…I'm Naruto Uzumaki." replied Naruto who was convinced that at some point he had been knocked unconscious and this was some dream "Um if you not mind me asking, what are you?"

"Oh me, I'm a digimon." Coronamon replied cheerfully "And since you awakened me, how about from now on you and me be partner's."

Whilst this was going on both Iruka and Mizuki looked on both completely unsure what to make of all this

'What…what is that creature?'Iruka wondered.

Mizuki wondering the same thing 'Could it be…another demon?'

His cold eyes then locked onto Naruto "So you've called in another one, you really are a monster. Not content with massacring the nearly half the village you've called in some little minion so you can finish the job. You vile filthy demon scum."

Coronamon turned his gaze on the man "Shut up! I am no monster and neither is Naruto, for that you will pay."

His fist then became engulfed with flames and he charged towards Mizuki "CoroKnuckle…"

He then leapt up and smashed the man in the face with his flaming fist. The two of them then leapt up into a tree Mizuki trying to hit the orange chibi lion however Coronamon was too quick for him, whilst this was going on Naruto ran over to where Iruka lay "Sensei, are you alright?"

"Yeah, don't worry about me." Iruka replied "Naruto listen to me, you must get out of here. Take the scroll and run to Lord Hokage, Mizuki must not get his hands on it."

Naruto stared at the man before him "But that would mean you and Coronamon…"

"Naruto, just do it." Iruka retorted "This is bigger then me, you and that creature. If Mizuki gets the scroll then a lot of people will be hurt, even die. That can not be allowed to happen."

Meanwhile up in the trees Mizuki was becoming annoyed from Coronamon's speedy moves and fiery fists "That's it, I've had it with you."

He preformed some hand seals "SUITON: TEPPOUDAMA."

Water began gathering in his mouth which he fired at Coronamon in the form of small spheres, several struck the fiery digimon and sent him crashing to the ground

"No, Coronomon…" Naruto cried running over to the small digimon's side leaving the scroll with Iruka, Coronamon groaned as he sat up

"Oh yeah, I'm good." The chibi lion said flashing the blond fox boy a grin "Don't worry, I've taken attacks much stronger then that."

Naruto glared at Mizuki. "You bastard, how could you do this? You hurt Iruka-sensei. You taunted Coronamon. And you used me, all for your own selfish gains. For what you have done, I'll show you no mercy!"

"Like I care what you say you filthy monster, I'll kill you and your little minion in one shot!" Mizuki yelled, trying to strike fear into the heart of Naruto. Naruto continued to glare at him, unaffected by Mizuki's pathetic attempt to scare him.

"Bring it on you traitous scum! Take your best shot and I'll pay you back a thousand fold!" Naruto growled. Naruto's eyes turned red with feral slits and cloud of red chakra appeared around him. He then took out the devise from his pocket and he slammed his other hand onto it.


A similar chakra cloud appeared around Coronamon.


Coronamon's body then emitted a bright light, then before everyone's eyes he grew much larger into what looked like a red lion with a yellow mane with a large pair of wings on its back. Mizuki looked on in horror "W…what the hell?" Naruto then heard a beeping noise coming from the devise in his hand and looking at the screen saw information appear

Level: Champion
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Beast Digimon
Flame Dive Fira Claw & Fira Bomb

Firamon glared at Mizuki "Foolish human who dares to hurt my partner and the one who is precious to him, you have committed that which is unforgivable."

Flames then began winding its way around his front right leg and claws then pouched at Mizuki "Fira Claw…"

He then slashed at the man knocking him off his feet. Firamon then walked over to the fallen man "And now I'll finish you." The flames on his forehead began burning more intensely "Fira Bo…"

"Firamon wait." Naruto cried out and Firamon stopped

"Why did you stop me, why do you not let me finish this?" the fire lion asked

"Because…I want to do it." Naruto replied and put his hands in a cross seal "KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU."

The forest was filled was suddenly filled with dozens of Naruto's all of whom were cracking their knuckles.

"I thought you said you were going to take us out in one shot!" One yelled. "If you won't attack, then we will!" They all charged and Mizuki soiled himself. By the time Naruto was finished, Mizuki looked like he was half death.

Iruka was leaned against his tree staring at his student and the creature he had befriended, his face filled with pride.

"Naruto! Come here!" He yelled and Naruto complied.

"Close your eyes." He did as told once more and closed his eyes.

"You can open them now." In Iruka's hands were his goggles, and Iruka's head lacked its hitae-ate. He started to cry and tackled Iruka.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" He repeated tears of joy rolling down his face.

Firamon walked over to the pair and reverted back to Coronamon

"Wow, that was awesome." he said before he jumped up onto Naruto's back "We did great partner." Naruto looked over at the orange chibi lion

"Yeah about that. Why do you keep saying I'm your partner?" Naruto asked

Coronamon then disappeared from view and began rummaging through Naruto's pockets till he pulled out the devise from his pocket

"Well first is that your blood released me from the scroll. But mostly because you have one of these." he said handing it to the blond

"J…just what is this thing anyway?"

"It's a digivise, it's the physical link between us." Coronamon informed him "Its rather simple, you used it just now. I digivolved because you gave the power to do it."

"Digivolved, you mean when you got bigger?"

Coronamon nodded, he then looked up into the sky confused both Naruto and Iruka turned their heads skywards to see what he was staring at.

Up in the sky it appeared there was a crack in the sky and what looked like several shooting stars emerged from it

"Alright, their coming." Coronamon said with a smile on his face

"What do you mean, what's coming?" Iruka asked

"More digimon." Coronamon replied "This is going to be fun."

The shooting stars fell towards the village and then suddenly vanished and reappeared in several different locations. One in the Uchiha district. Two in the Hyuuga compound. One in the house of the Nara's. One in the Yamanaka flower shop. One in an apartment building near the shopping district. And finally one in the Haruno house.

Whilst this was going on Naruto Coronamon and Iruka watched from their spot in the forest. Iruka then placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder

"Well come on, we need to report this to lord Hokage." A devious smile appeared on his face "Then afterwards what you two say we grab some ramen."

The two orange clad fighters let out a cheer blissfully unaware of the challenges that lay ahead.

"So, ah, what's ramen?" Coronomon asked

AN Ok there it is. Yeah it pretty much was just the first episode of the show with slight changes, I'll try and avoid this when I can but if this goes ahead there might be chapters that are slightly altered versions of episodes. As for the others members of this group I'll try and not give them partners that have been used before unless it fits their personality. Well that's about it, leave your comments and tell me In A Polite Way what you think. If you like this or your also either a Digimon or YUGiOh fan or you like crossover stories in general check out Heart of the Warrior.