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Heart of the Warrior: Ninja Frontier

Chapter 7: Battle of the Bridge

The sound of grunting and clashing metal could be heard as Sasuke and Neji did battle with Haku, Sasuke lunged at the masked shinobi with a kunai in each hand however his mind was clouded by arrogance and pride making his attack sloppy and easy to deflect and avoid. Neji on the other hand was the real threat, the Hyuuga prodigy's mastery of both his Byakugan as well as his clans fighting style made him a dangerous opponent and it was taking everything Haku had to avoid each of the Hyuuga's strikes.

Neji was no fool as he could see just how much of a hindrance Sasuke was, but he had to admit the Uchiha was good at being enough of a distraction to their opponent giving him to a chance to plan his next move. From opposite sides of the conflict the other Konoha ninja and Zabuza watched as their pupils went at it.

"Everyone be ready to defend Tanzuna," Kakashi told the other leaf ninja, "Sasuke and Neji can handle Haku, we have to prepared for Zabuza to make his move."

"Right." Gai replied, his attention still on the duel between Sasuke Neji and Haku.

Haku had just dodged another of Neji's attacks. "You are a skilled opponent, I salute you. I don't want to kill you however you're probably not going to back off."

Just then Sasuke tried to make another move against Haku be effortlessly grabbed a hold of arrogant genin's arm and flipped him onto his back. "How dare you ignore me." Sasuke snarled.

"You have yet to prove that you are worth my attention, but I do not wish to kill either. He has earned my respect whilst you are not worth killing." Haku said in a cold tone as he placed a foot on Sasuke's chest to pin him down.

Nearby DemiDevimon was perched on a girder observing the goings on, a smirk formed across his face, 'That's right Sasuke, let your anger grow.'

Sasuke's blood began to boil as glared at the masked ninja but neither he or Neji were paying any attention to him. Neji lunged at Haku once more, his hand making to strike at the masked nin's heart.

Just then a jolt of pain ran up the Hyuuga's arm and to his horror found one of Haku's sebons sticking out of his hand, a burning sensation could be felt in his hand which spread down his arm and to the rest of his body, 'Wha…when did he? Never saw him make a move, is there some kind of poison on it?'

"I know what you're thinking, it's written all over your face. Don't worry the poison coursing through your veins isn't fatal, however it will render you unable to move long enough for me to complete my mission." Haku told him, just then he began flipping through seals at speeds that Neji had never seen, "I commend you for being able to keep up with me, however I must bring this to a swift end. SUITON: SENASATSU SUISHÕ! Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death!"

With a movements of his foot Haku kicked some water into the air, seconds later thousands of needles that rained down towards Sasuke and Neji, Haku leaping backwards before her was skewered.

"Sasuke-kun, nooo!!!" Saukra cried out as both Neji and Sasuke vanished.

"Gai-sensei Kakashi-sensei, what the heck just happened?" Tenten asked.

"He used the water from the spent water clones into the air which combined with the cold air around us and that's where the needles came from." Kakashi explained.

Just then the needles reverted to water and to Haku's surprise both Neji and Sasuke had vanished however the masked ninja wasn't given a chance to ponder this as he was forced to react as a barrage of shuriken flew out from seemingly nowhere.

"What was that about me not being worth killing?" A cruel sounding voice from behind Haku and looking behind him he saw Sasuke with a kunai in each hand as well as Neji who was leaning against the railing of the bridge with a ticked off look on his face.

"Now why don't you let me show you why I'm your opponent instead of that arrogant Hyuuga snob." Sasuke lashed out at Haku once more the long haired kiri nin who was only just capable of just blocking it before ducking out of the way as Sasuke threw one of his kunai, however this is what Sasuke wanted and planted on of his feet in Haku's face knocking him back.

"Don't be upset, I'm just better then you." Sasuke said in an arrogant tone, "If you're curious as to how I survived your jutsu it was a simple matter of channelling chakra into my feet boosting my reaction time and escaping seconds before the needles could connect. And even though he isn't worthy to lick dog shit off my boot I saved Neji as well."

"Alright Sasuke, your awesome." Sakura cheered almost as if she didn't hear the Uchiha's comment about Neji. Just then Sasuke's body began giving off an aura. Knowing what to do Sasuke took the digivice from off of his belt and channelled this chakra into his hand which he brough down on the device.



A samurai like digimon, with grey skin clad in red armor and the ragged and ruined remains of a pale blue cloak on its back, appeared at Sasuke's side.

"About time." Sasuke commented. "Hey better late than never." Musayamon replied as he drew his sword.

'Sasuke-kun's partner finally digivolved.' Sakura though uneasily, the sight of Musayamon sent a shiver down her spine, she checked her digivise.

Level: Champion
Attribute: Virus
Type: Demon Man Digimon
Shogun Sword Ninja Blade

"Ninja Blade…" Just then blue flames appeared and wound themselves around Musayamon's sword, the samurai then moved in to engage Zabuza with his now flaming sword. Zabuza countered the digimon's attack with his own blade, the sound of the weapons striking ringing out through the area.

"Not bad for a human." Musyamon said with a smirk. Whilst Zabuza just glared back.

"That's what you get for underestimating us Zabuza." Kakashi told the former mist swordsmen, "Sasuke was ranked top graduate of our ninja academy and Neji the year before. Sakura here is one of the brightest konichi and Tenten is a fearsome weapons mistress. And let's not forget Lee, still young but already a master of Taijutsu, and our own unpredictable maverick: Naruto."

"Is that so, well it seems that we must step our game up then." Zabuza said as he managed to shove Musayamon away, he then looked over at Haku who was getting back to his feet, "Haku, if this drags out your foolish decision of sparing this one may mean your death."

"I understand." Haku replied.

Whilst this was going on Tenten and Gai were checking on Neji. "Neji, are you alright?" Tenten asked.

"Guy in the mask…needle was coated in some kind of paralyzing agent, can barley move." Neji replied.

Gai took a wooden object out of one of the pouches on his jacket and told Neji to bite down on it, that done he took the sebon and pulled it out of the young Hyuuga's hand, Neji letting out an 'arghh' of pain at the metallic item was removed . Gai looked at the item he was holding, "This isn't good, with no medic we have no way of treating Neji's and we know nothing about the poison that was used."

Tenten listened to what her teacher; she then turned her focus of Haku and Zabuza anger began surging through her veins, "Bastard." Her own veil of chakra formed around her body, grabbing her own digivice Kotemon emerged from it who gave out a yawn as he appeared.

"Is it time already?" The little digimon asked in a sleepy tone.

"Get it together will you." Tenten said in a stern voice.

However before any action there was several loud splashed and from the water and onto the bridge emerged dozens of odd looking creatures that looked like some kind of fish, parts of its body covered by hard boney looking armor.

"Coelamon." Kotemon said sounding more alert.

"Coelamon?" Tenten said in a confused tone, she then checked her digivice.

Level: Champion
Attribute: Data
Type: Ancient Fish Digimon
Fossil Bite Ancient Bite

This act had caught everyone, even Haku and Zabuza by surprise. "What kind of creatures are these?" Zabuza commented, just then one of the Coelamon lunged at the former mist swordsman.

"Fossil Bite…" dozens of needle-like projectiles were fired from the creature's fins which Zabuza blocked with his sword.

Grimacing Tenten slammed her chakra filled hand onto her digivice.



The large lizard man appeared, wasting no time he drew the large sword on his back and lunged at one of the Coelamon "Akinakes..." with a mighty swing the lizard man cut the fish like creature in two.

"Tenten, you stay back and protect Mr Tenzuna and Neji. I'll handle the Coelamon." Tenten, knowing better then to argue, nodded.

Meanwhile the other people assembled on the bridge were also having their hands full with the Coelamon. "SUITON: SENASATSU SUISHÕ! Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death!" flipping through seals Haku created another shower of needles that was able to take out a small group of them.

"SUITON: SUIRYUUDAN NO JUTSU! Water Dragon Projectile!" Taking cue Zabuza creating a large column of water that took the form of a dragon to that washed away several more of the Coelamon.

On the other side of the bridge both Kakashi and Gai also had their hands full. Gai lashed out at the aquatic creatures with powerful Goken strikes, Kakashi flipped through several hand signs, "SUITON: SUISHI NO JUTSU! Water Drowning!"

A large amount of water rose up from below the bridge and formed a large spiraling stream of water. It passed over the bridge washing several of the Coelamon away.

"Kakashi, my youthful rival. This is a most aggravating situation, what are these creatures and where are they all coming from?" Gai said in a stern tone.

"I don't know, but one thing that puzzles me is why are they attacking us?" Kakashi replied as he tossed a kunai at one of the Coelamon.

Sakura was also having trouble, being the weakest of her squad meant fending off even low end champion digimon like the Coelamon was a problem for her.

Just then the screen of her digivise lit up and Lunamon appeared before her. "Sakura, what are you doing?" the rabbit like creature asked, "Us your chakra so I can digivolve."

"Oh right." Sakura said, she brought out said device. She went about summoning her chakra when one of the Coelamon lunged at her "Ancient Bite…" it leapt at the pinkette with water-like energy appearing around it and made to slash at her with its claws.

"SAKURA, WATCH OUT…" Tanzuna cried out.

Just then there was a flash of something green and before the pinkette was Lee and knocked the aquatic digimon away with a sweeping kick.

"Ha, nice try my opponent however I'm afraid that you are no match for my youthfulness." The green clad ninja said with gusto.

"Lee, you made it." Tenten said as fended off another of the Coelamon with a large scythe.

"Do not worry my youthful comrade; my burning spirit shall overcome these foes." Lee told his female teammate, "If I fail I'll perform 500 sit ups whilst simultaneously reciting Julius Caesar."

This caused all around him to sweat drop, just then Lee's vision fell upon Neji, "Neji, my youthful rival, what has happened to you. Why aren't you engaged in battle?"

"He got hit by one of that fake hunter nin's sebons, he'd coated them in some sought of paralysis agent." Tenten informed him.

"That is dreadful, how can I defeat my rival if he's unable to fight?" Lee wailed.

"Shut up." Neji retorted.

"Wait a sec, if you're here Lee then where's Naruto?" Sakura asked, "Kakashi-sensei ordered you to catch up with us once Naruto was awake."

Just then a dozen kunai with paper tags rained down from the sky causing multiple explosions that destroyed a large number of the Coelamon. "Flame Dive…"

This was followed up when a large burning mass emerged from the sky and swept onto the bridge and eliminated the rest of the Coelmon. The flames then died down revealing Firamon standing there, the winged lion turned his gaze on Zabuza and then to Haku, "Looks like the Cyclops was right, (Kakashi: Cyclops!) the little masked weasel was working for Zabuza the whole time."

Just then there was a burst of smoke beside Firamon and the form of Naruto came into view. "Naruto, you made it." Kakashi said sounding relieved.

"You betcha, now what I miss." Naruto replied, just then the blond's eyes fell upon Musayamon, "Hey, who's that?"

Firamon's eyes narrowed at the sight of the samurai digimon, "So you finally digivolved."

"That's right Firamon," Musayamon smirked, "Looks like your no longer required fur ball."

"Excuse me, I hate to interrupt however I'm afraid were not finished yet." Zabuza spoke up grabbing everyone attention, "I don't know what that was but don't think that Haku and I have abandoned our mission." The bandaged ninja looked over at his companion, "Haku."

"Hai Zabuza-sama." Haku replied, he then formed a hand sign, "HYŌTON: MAKYŌ HYŌSHŌ! Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors!"

Just then the air around them grew much colder. "Wha…what's happening?" Naruto asked the cold cutting into him like a knife. Just then the water surrounding him and Sasuke as well as their digimon partners began to rise creating a dome of twenty-one mirrors made out of ice, twelve remain at ground level, eight are placed above the first twelve and angled toward the ground, and the final one above the rest and facing the ground, effectively trapping the two young ninja inside.

"Naruto…Sasuke, no!!!" Kakashi yelled 'What kind of jutsu is this?'

Before the masked man could react Zabuza was before him, "Forget them, I'm your opponent. The boys can play whilst we settle things between us."

Kakashi glared at the swordsman, "Gai stay back, protect the client and your student. There might still be more of those creatures lurking about." Gai, frowning, nodded.

Inside the dome all three of its captives were trying to figure out what to do. "I'm sure you're all curious as to what's going on." The sound of Haku's voice echoed about the dome before an image of the masked boy appeared in all of the mirrors.

"What the hell?" Sasuke said in shock. Outside the others were amazed as they'd seen Haku step inside one of the mirrors.

'How'd he do that?' Sakura wondered, 'I've never heard of a technique like this.'

Gai meanwhile was wondering the same thing, 'That boy, so young and already so strong. Could he possibly have…?'

Back inside the dome the two boys and two digimon were trying to figure out what their opponents move would be, just then something whizzed through the air and impaled Sasuke's shoulder. Before anyone could react dozens of sebons began to rain at them from all directions.

"Fira Bomb…"/"Shogun Sword…"

Firamon released a bust of fiery energy from the flame on his head whilst flames appeared and surrounded Musayamon sword taking the shape of a ghostly dragon made of flames to impact on enemies. The pair did their best to protect Naruto and Sasuke from the barrage of needles however several found their way through, the foursome receiving deep and painful cuts.

"Naruto…Sasuke!" Kakashi cried out, 'Damnit…'

"Don't even think about." Zabuza told the grey haired ninja, "Make any move and those two die."

"This is not good." Naruto grunted in pain as he pulled a sebon out of his leg.

"Gee, you think." Sasuke retorted, we need to find figure out how this technique works, maybe that would at least give us a chance of avoiding his attacks."

"Nice plan, any idea how to pull it off?" Naruto asked.

"I'm working on it, just shut up and let me think." Sasuke retorted.

"Well do it quick, we got another wave coming in." Firamon told the emo ninja; seconds later the Haku's launched another barrage of sebons."

'Alright that's it, I can't take this anymore,' Sasuke inwardly growled, 'Guess the only way to get this guy to reveal himself is to destroy the mirrors so…' "Musayamon get ready." Sasuke told his partner as he flipped through seals. Understanding more flames appeared around the samurai digimon's sword.

"KATON: GOKAKYU NO JUTSU! Great Fireball Technique!"/"Shogun Sword…"

Sasuke released his clan signature jutsu whilst the flames wound around Musayamon's sword took the form of a ghost-like dragon which was released when he swung the weapon. Both attacks connected with the mirrors releasing a large burst of heat. "Alright, that was awesome." Naruto said in an impressed tone. However the feeling of was short lived as the flames died away revealing that the mirrors were still intact.

"What!!! That's impossible." Sasuke exclaimed his eyes wide and shock decorated his face.

Just then Haku appeared in the mirror before them, "I'm sorry but your flame is weak, that will never harm my mirrors." He told them, underneath the mask Haku's eyes shifted over to Musayamon, 'His attack however was much stronger then the dark haired one, I had to use even more chakra to reinforce my jutsu.'

Before they could even react another barrage on needles was released from the mirrors. 'How…how can he do this?' Naruto wondered, 'Are they all bushin?'

"You don't understand do you." Haku said firmly, "No matter what you do none of you poses eyes that see the truth."

"Yeah well we'll just see about that." Naruto retorted, "KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU! Shadow Clone technique!"

In a puff of smoke two dozen Naruto's appeared, each one then leapt towards one of the mirrors. 'I see, he thinks he can catch me by assaulting all the mirrors at once.' Haku thought, 'However that still won't be enough.'

In the blink of an eye Haku vanished from view zipping from mirror to the other at speeds faster than the eye could follow, just then all Naruto's clone were reduced to puffs of smoke with the original sent crashing to the ground.

"Whaa, how'd he do that?" Sasuke wondered aloud.

"You still don't understand this is my ultimate technique." Haku told the foursome, "I can move from one to the next in an instant, to me you all move at a snail's pace making it easy for me to target you."

On the outside Kakashi and the other leaf ninja could only stand back as Haku's assaults continued leaving them helpless to assist them. It was as Haku spoke these words did Kakashi come to a realization, "Zabuza, that boy. He possesses a Kekkei Genkai doesn't he?"

"A what?" Sakura asked.

"A Kekkei Genkai is a generic trait passed down from one generation of ninja to the next." Tenten explained. "That's correct; it's in same league as my Sharingan eye." Kakashi added, "However because it's a genetic trait I am unable to copy this technique or even counter it."

"But this is a rather odd situation, since residence of Kiri that posse a Kekkei Genkai is quite uncommon." Gai said, "In the mist village they are frowned upon, it's the exact opposite of Konoha where families who posses them are treated like royalty."

"That's horrible." Sakura gasped.

Back inside Naruto grunted as he sat up, "Damn it, I can't die here. I still have my dream to fulfil."

"Back home everyone looks down on me so I wanna get really strong so that they'll respect me." Memories of what Naruto told him in the forest echoed through Haku's mind, this in turn sparked memories of how he'd first met Zabuza and how the bandaged ninja become the most important person in the world to him.

"This is a dilemma, I find myself unable to fully embrace the life of a shinobi." He said, "I do not wish to kill you however the situation we are in dictates otherwise. This bridge symbolises much, it is a path that connects us and leads off to all our destinies. Like you I have my own dream and I shall do what I must to achieve it."

Haku looked over his shoulder at Zabuza, "That is why I will not let you harm Zabuza-sama; to me he is everything, my hope…my salvation…my precious person and if I must I shall die for him." He turned his attention back to Naruto and Sasuke, "To that end I will become a true shinobi, and I will kill you both."

Outside all were stunned by Haku's words. "That boy..." Sakura said.

"Gai-sensei, I know he is my enemy however I cannot bring myself to hate him." Lee said to his teacher, "Despite the coldness I can feel his youthful flame."

"I understand my youthful student." Gai told him, "One who fights not their own sake but for the people who are dear to them is indeed a true ninja."

"COME ON SASUKE-KUN, I KNOW YOU AND NARUTO CAN BEAT THIS GUY." Sakura called out to her two teammates.

"Sakura, be quiet." Kakashi told her, "Don't encourage them. I'm afraid that neither Sasuke nor Naruto are capable of defeating that boy."

"He's right; I've beaten Haku's skills into him since he could walk. I have placed him in situations and pitted him against foes that that require a person to turn their hearts to ice and kill in the most brutal possible manner." Zabuza said with a malicious chuckle, "A ninja's path is one stained with blood however those boys are far too weak, they have no need to kill in order to survive, they have no instinct or the will to do what must be done to ensure their own survival. They don't have what it takes to walk that path."

Kakashi, his eye never leaving Zabuza's, raised his right hand up and placed it on his Hi-ate, "Forgive me for interrupting your little monologue but I'm getting kind of bored with the sound of your voice."

"Hmm, you reveal that Sharingan like some throw away tool. How vulgar." Zabuza replied in a mocking tone, he then charged towards Kakashi drawing out a kunai thrust it at the silver haired ninja.

"Kakashi-sensei." Sakura cried as the sound of something piercing flesh was herd followed by a spurt of blood. What had happened was that Kakashi had used his left hand to block Zabuza's knife, the weapon sticking into his palm.

"You can criticize my Sharingan all you want, it doesn't change the fact you fear it Zabuza." Kakashi told the bandaged ninja.

"A ninja's prized weapon should not be used so frivolously." Zabuza retorted, "What good is it if you flash it to every random person."

"You should feel privileged; no one has ever lived to see the Sharingan twice." Kakashi told Zabuza.

"Brag all you want, even if you defeat me Haku will still kill you all." Zabuza replied, "I have turned him into a weapon of matchless quality and skill, no matter what the situation or opponent he has always prevailed. With his skills and Kekkei Genkai his power even surpasses my own."

"Is there anything more boring than listening to someone else brag?" Kakashi said as he revealed his Sharingan eye.

As he did a large wave crashed against the bridge revealing a large squid like creature as it rose up from the depths. "What the hell is that?" Sakura almost screamed, just the screen of her digivise flared into life and Lunamon appeared.

"Sakura be careful, it's Gesomon."

"Gesomon?" Sakura said nervously, with her shaking hand she checked her digivise.

Level: Champion
Attribute: Virus
Type: Mollusc Digimon
Coral Crusher Deadly Shade Knight's Dome

"Coral Crusher…" one of Gesomon's tentacles crashed down upon the bridge destroying part of it cutting Gai's group off from Kakashi and Zabuza. And if that wasn't bad enough another wave of Coelamon also followed.

"Sakura quick, I have to digivolve." The small rabbit like creature told the pinkette.

"R…right." Sakura replied and began focusing her chakra into her hand before channelling it into her digivise.



In a burst of light the rabbit fight appeared delivering a power packed punch that sent one of the Coelamon flying.

Back with Kakashi and Zabuza both of them were staring up at the giant form or Gesomon.

"Well this is quite unusual." Kakashi commented.

"Indeed, however I have something that could give us some cover." Zabuza said as he flipped through seals, "KIRIGAKURE NO JUTSU! Hidden Mist Technique!"

Like in the group's first encounter with the former Kirin in mist gathered about them concealing almost everything from view except for the large outline of Gesomon.

"Zabuza, what are you doing?" Kakashi demanded.

"As I said, I'm using my jutsu to hide us from the creature. Being as small as we are it shouldn't be able to see us in my chakra insinuated mist." Zabuza explained, "Plus if needs be I can use you as a meat shield if it gets lucky."

"Thanks, that makes me feel much better." Kakashi said in a sarcastic tone.

Back inside the dome things weren't fairing any better for Naruto Sakuke and their digimon partners as they'd just been nailed by another barrage of Haku's sebons, Sasuke was struggling back to his feet when the sound of a scream from outside was heard.

'Damnit, what's going on out there?' he then turned his focus back on Haku who has looking down on them from the top mirror, 'If I don't think of something quick we're all screwed, but still something's different. Maybe my eyes are finally adjusting to the environment.'

Above Haku was watching Sasuke carefully, 'His movements are getting a quicker, each time I've targeted areas that will cause mortal injury but he's been able to avoid my attacks. Even though he's been covering for his teammate he's been gaining speed, he's beginning to catch up to my movements.'

"You move well." Haku told Sasuke, "However you cannot avoid me forever, I shall kill you with my next assault." 'He is impressive. His stamina reflexes and judgement are highly honed. But his every faculty must me extended past its limits.'

'He's about to strike. Stay calm…focused…concentrate…see through the illusion…' Throughout the exchange Sasuke's eyes were slowly beginning to change.

Suddenly Sasuke dived to the left grabbing Naruto as he did, maybe a fraction of a moment later Haku's sebons went sailing past; Firamon used his flames to deflect the weapons.

'What!!! He completely avoided my attack; no one has ever been able to do that.' Haku thought, behind his mask the effeminate looking boys face was coloured with shock. Sasuke looked over at the fake hunter nin revealing a pair of Sharingan.

Over to the side the smirk on Musayamon's face grew wider, 'Yes, stage two complete. Only three more left…'

"I see, you're also a carrier of a kekkei genkai. You truly are amazing." Haku told the dark haired avenger, "To poses such an ability and activate it in the heat of battle." 'I must end this quickly; my own jutsu requires large amounts of chakra to keep active and the longer this drags on the greater his ability to read my movements will become.'

Just then Haku's eyes fell upon the fallen form of Naruto, 'I apologize Naruto, but I'm afraid I must reduce you to bait.'

Haku emerged from his mirror and unleashed another barrage of his sebons, seeing this Sasuke dived towards his teammate. 'Come one damnit, make it…'

What happened next was a blur, Sasuke wasn't sure if it was divine intervention or some sort of shinobi instinct but in that instant he somehow was able to pull it off. Naruto's eyes opened and looking round saw Sasuke was standing over him as well as Haku lying on the ground.

"Damnit Naruto, you always have to get in my way don't you." The Uchiha told him, before Naruto could respond Sasuke collapsed on top of him, it was then the blond noticed just how many sebon's were sticking out of Sasuke's body.

Over to the side the fallen form of Musayamon was watching, the smirk he'd worn had now been replaced by a scowl, 'No damnit, that wasn't supposed to happen. Sasuke You weak idiot, why didn't you just let him die?' he then reverted back to DemiDevimon.

"Sasuke…Sasuke, speak to me." Naruto pleaded.

"Agh, you dobe," Sasuke coughed, blood pouring from his mouth as he did, "I swore I wouldn't die…not until I'd killed my brother."

"Your brother?" "I will restore my clan and kill someone I truly hate." 'Is that who he meant?'

"Naruto, you'd better not let this guy kill you to." Sasuke managed to gasp out, just then his eye lids closed and he slipped away.

Naruto felt helpless, he may not have liked Sasuke but now any negative feelings he'd felt towards the dark haired boy seemed to evaporate. 'Sasuke…'

Just then a groaning was heard and Naruto looked over at Haku, "He managed to strike me, he showed no sign of hesitation or indecision, all done to save you." The fake hunter looked up and from behind the mask his eyes met Naruto's, "I take back what I said, he proved himself to be a worthy opponent. He threw himself into harm's way in order to save your life despite knowing it was a trap."

He then stepped backwards and merged himself in the nearest mirror, "I take it this is the first time you've watched as a comrade has died on you, you'll be doing that a lot."

Naruto's whole body began to tremble as he looked back down on Sasuke's still form, whether it be from the cold or from having Sasuke die on him was unknown, as he did a strange red aura began to be released from his body. He then looked back up at Haku revealing that the whisker marks on his face were darker, his hair wilder and his now red eyes were burning with hatred.

"I swear I'll kill you." He said with a snarl.

Haku watched in amazement at the chakra that was radiating off Naruto's body which began to swirl around him and took the form of a foxes head, 'This chakra, its somehow manifested itself physically…its appalling…'

Then before the kiri nin's eyes the wounds on Naruto's body instantly healed up. 'This is impossible, just what is he?'

On the outside of the dome the effects of the chakra radiating off Naruto's body were felt by several of the group, Kakashi Gai Zabuza and the digimon, even Gesomon and the remaining Coelamon seemed to be shaken by its presence. 'That energy, it's so foul…the malice it carries with it…' Thought Gai.

'This chakra… ' Zabuzza stared at his hand and saw it was shaking, 'It's incredible, it's like nothing I've ever encountered…it fills me with dread…'

'Naruto!!!' Beneath his mask a look of fear spread across Kakashi's face, 'Something must have happened, has sensei's seal broken? No not broken completely…maybe just cracked a little but there's no mistaking it, this is the demon's power.'

Back inside the dome both Firamon and DemiDevimon, both of whom were unable to move, could only watch as the force of the demonic chakra radiated off Naruto's body.

'Naruto, what's happening to you? This power…where's it coming from?' Firamon wondered, just then he began to feel strange, blood was pumping in his ears and his vision began to grow fuzzy, 'Whaa…what's happening me, feel weird…'

DemiDevimon meanwhile was also trying to figure out what was happening, 'What's this, where's this power coming from? They were sure that the Uchiha kid was the most powerful out of all them, could they have been wrong?'

Just then Firamon began making strange grunting noises that caught DemiDevimon's attention, looking over he saw Firamon's eyes were closed and his fangs were bared, "What the hell's wrong with you?"

Just then the flame on Firamon's head began to burn even more fiercely and opening his eyes revealed them to be solid red, Firamon released a mighty roar and the needles were violently expelled from his body before racing over to Naruto's side. Both of them glared at the mirror that bore Haku's image before lunging towards it.

Haku instantly unleashed more sebons at them to which Naruto responded by unleashing a high pitch cry which knocked the weapons out of the air.

'What the…he blocked them without even touching them?' Haku thought as he quickly switched positions to the mirror above the pair, he then dived towards them hoping to catch them from behind however both Naruto and Firamon were already aware of this.

Naruto then drove his hands into the ground with enough force to shatter the concrete and pushed himself away to avoid the Kiri resident's attack, Haku barely had time acknowledge this when Firamon lunged at him with his front paws engulfed in flames.

'Shit, I have to get back to the mirrors…' Haku cursed as he dodged Firamon's attack, he then dived for the nearest mirror when Naruto grabbed a hold of his leg preventing this before slamming the masked ninja into the ground.

Not allowing his opponent even an instant to recover Naruto was upon Haku again pulling the masked boy up and delivered a devastating blow to his face causing the mask to crack, with Haku once more sprawled all over the ground Naruto released another burst of the Kyuubi's chakra and Firamon and a burst of flames.

'This power that radiates off him, this intensity is more then I can stand…he's nothing like how he was when we met in the forest.'

After what seemed like a life time the demon chakra died down, Naruto grabbed Haku's arm and planted his foot in the masked boy's chest as he pulled which caused Haku to let out a cry of pain as his ribs crack and his shoulder was pulled out of its socket as well as a possible arm fracture from the way Naruto gripped his arm.

Still not finished Naruto pulled Haku back up once more and with all his rage planted his fist in Haku's face with enough force to send him flying; Haku collided with one of the ice mirrors shattering it before hitting the ground. All this time Naruto just watched as Haku skidded across the ground before tearing after him, the cloak of fiery orange chakra somehow burning through the mist that surrounding him.

As he did Haku got back up, his body crying out in agony, his broken mask fell away as he looked at Naruto, 'Forgive me Zabuza-sama, I have failed.'

In an instant Naruto was upon him delivering blow after vicious blow.

Unbeknown to the pair the Kyuubi's chakra had somehow burned away the mist that surrounding them, a shrill howl cut through the mist causing Sakura's eyes widened in fear as she saw an ominous orange glow in the distance where her blond teammate was savagely destroying Haku, 'Naruto…what's happening over there?'

On the other side both Kakashi and Zabuza witness the savage fight between both Naruto and Haku. 'Naruto, this is very bad…'

At the same time Gesomon spotted them however Firamon had also spotted the mollusc digmon and with a roar took off towards it.

"Coral Crusher…"/"Fira Claw…" Gesomon tried to knock Firamon out of the air to which the winged fire lion countered by slashing at the Gesomon, its claws engulfed in flames. The attack Gesomon's tentacle was torn off slamming onto the bridge shattering the concrete cutting Kakashi off from the part with Zabuza and the two boys.

By now Haku was little more than a bloody mess lying on the ground, looking up Naruto locked eyes with Zabuza and letting out a howl charged at the Kiri ninja. Zabuza responded by raising his sword and swiped at the enraged genin who dodged it by skidding to slow himself and leaping backwards, he then rushed Zabuza again swiping at him with his claw like nails which ripped the concrete like paper when Zabuza sidestepped out of the way.

'This brat, no style,…no forethought…it's like he's operating on nothing but pure instinct and rage…' Zabuza thought as he dodged another of Naruto's attacks, 'Despite the difference between us he completely destroyed Haku and now he's got me on the defensive… I can't allow this to drag oh…'

"SUITON: SUIRYUUDAN NO JUTSU! Water Dragon Projectile!" Zabuza quickly flipped through seals and created another dragon shaped large column of water and aimed it at Naruto striking the blond and knocking him back into the guard rail.

Above Firamon was still duking it out with Gesomon, and despite losing one of its tentacles the mollusc digimon was still proving to be a strong opponent.

"Knight's Dome…" Gesomon slammed its remaining tentacle into the water causing a large wall of it to rise up and engulf Firamon.

Inside the dome however Firamon barely seemed to notice the torrent that raged around him as the flame on his head began to burn even more fiercely, "Fira Bomb…"

Several large orbs of fiery energy were released from the flame on his forehead and caused large explosions when they hit the walls of water causing them to rain down over the area.

Firamon then locked eyes with Gesomon as the fire that was emitted from its forehead and wrists wrapped around its body, "Flame Dive…"

The large swirling mass of flames rocketed towards Gesomon, the aquatic creature letting out a cry of agony when it stuck its body and punched through it creating a large hole. Firamon touched down on the section of bridge when Gai Tanzuna and the four other genin were, its flames dissipating as it did, he ten out a terrible roar at Gesomons whole body was reduced to data particles.

Zabuza looked down upon his prey as the water from Gesomon's attack continued to fall, the blond genin who had moments ago had him backed into a corner was now slumped against the bent railing of the ruined bridge, raising his sword he prepared to deliver the final blow, 'Too bad, with some work he might have had an excellent replacement for Haku.'

Just then the Kyuubi's chakra flared again and Naruto released another chakra enhanced cry which blasted Zabuza with enough force to knock him backwards as well as knock his sword out of his hand.

Getting to his feet Naruto charged at Zabuza, his clawed hand aimed at the Kiri ninja's chest. There was the a sickening noise followed by a geyser of blood, the mist finally lifted and everyone present could do nothing but look on in horror at the sight before them.

The beaten form of Haku was standing between Naruto and Zabuza, the blond genin's hand sticking through the effeminate looking boys gut. Just then Naruto's demonic features vanished and the Kyuubi's chakra receded as his rage subsided and has replaced by another more terrible one: horror.

"Good job Haku." Zabuza said, he then looked over at Kakshi, "Kakashi, you told me you foresaw my death. Looks like you were wrong again. Haku coughed up a river of blood his eyes never leaving Naruto's and with his last ounce of strength he smiled at him, "Na…ruto, become great…"

With that the light faded from his eyes and his life slipped away, a small roll of paper fell from his dead hands and clattered to the floor. All the colour faded from Naruto's face as he slowly he retracted his hand from Haku's corpse, his pupils dilated and rolled up into his head before he fell to the ground his body trembling as he lay there.

From afar a three figures, both of them clad in black robes with red clouds decorating them and straw hats whist the third member had a something wrapped in bandages on his back, were watching as the events unfolded, they had said very little in that time however it was clear to them that things were moving in ways that they had no foreseen.

"Well that was unexpected." The first said, his voice carrying a child like tone to it.

"Yeah his first kill, brings back memories of my own. This will probably be a very rude awakening for him." the second added.

"Hmmm." The third replied.

"What about intrusions, no doubt Gato will want to see Zabuza dispose of the bride builder and as well as 'sever' the contract personally." The first pointed out.

"Don't worry, I've taken care of it, there will be no interruptions." The third said, his voice monotone, never turning to look at his companion. "Come on lets go, there's nothing left for us to do now."

"That's too bad, and I really wanted to see the show." The second said. All three of them then vanished in a blink of an eye.

Back on the bridge Kakashi had used Shunshin no Jutsu to appeared at Naruto's side. "Naruto, stay with me." He commanded the young genin as he shook him but to no avail, 'Damn it, he wasn't ready for this.' He looked round and saw Sasuke's body lying on the ground not far from him, 'Sasuke…dead? No, Naruto's comatose and Sasuke's dead? '

"Kakashi-sensei!!!" Just then the sound of Sakura's voice caught his attention and looked over at the rosette.

"Kakashi-sensei, it Naruto alright?" she called out, "What about Sasuke-kun?"

Kakashi didn't say anything; the way he turned away from her told her the awful truth. Kakshi glared at Zabuza who was crouched over Haku's body, "So that's it then, that boy sacrifices his life for yours and you simply discard him like yesterday's trash."

"Ninja are tools, to be used and discarded. I thought you more than anyone." Zabuza replied, his eyes never left Haku's body.

Sakura couldn't take it anymore; it seemed everything that could have gone wrong today had done so. Sasuke was dead and Naruto had killed someone and no lay in a comatose state, and through it all she had done was stand back watch, "You monster," she yelled, tears flowing from her eyes, "Don't you care? Your follower is dead, although I can't think why he was clearly devoted to you and this is how you regard him? He spoke with great love for you and you treat him like he's nothing. You heartless bastard."

Just then Zabuza looked over at her, quiet tears were rolling from his eyes and soaked the bandages that covered his mouth, "Quiet girl, don't speak of things you don't understand."

Just then the sound of footsteps was heard catching everyone's attention and looking round saw on the section where Gai and his team as well as Sakura and Tanzuna were located was a short fat man clad in a black suit holding a walking cane and behind were several dozen tough looking thugs all of whole were wielding various weapons.

"Well, well Zabuza, this is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into." The man in the suit said in a mirthless tone.

"Gai-sensei, is that…?" Lee began.

"Yes my student that would be Gato." Gai said in a cool tone, as he took up a fighting stance.

"What are you doing here Gato?" Zabuza demanded.

"I'm here to tell you Zabuza that your serves are no long required." Gato said, "You see it's such a pain hiring shinobi from the hidden villages, not to mention expensive. Plus they usually have friends who object when I no longer have any use for them. That's why Nuke Nin such as yourself are a god send, no one cares what I do to them once they've outlived their usefulness."

A repugnant smirk spread across the business man's face, "The shape you're all in at the moment my men will have no problem killing you all. I must also say that I'm very disappointed with you Zabuza, you pride yourself on being called 'the demon of the bloody mist' but your performance here has been pathetic, I should let my men rip you all to shreds right now."

Before anything could happen the ground beneath Gato and his forces feet suddenly exploded in a bust of flames, howls of agony were imitated before falling to the ground dead whilst others threw themselves of the railings and into the water only to find a large number of sharks were waiting for them.

"What the heck just happened?" Tenten asked.

"I…I have no idea." Gai replied, 'This is no ordinary fire, they burn hotter than any normal flame. Could this be…?'

Back on the section where Naruto Zabuza and Kakshi were the grey haired ninja's foot brushed against the roll of paper Haku had dropped, curious he picked it up and unfurling it found a note written on it as well as a small vile telling him that it contained the antidote to the poison in Neji's system.

Just then Gai and his squad as well as Tanzuna appeared, Sakura instantly dashed over to Sasuke's body whilst Tenten checked on Naruto. "Is he ok?" she asked Kakashi.

"He wasn't ready mentally, his first kill…I hoped it would be this soon." Kakshi replied.

Sakura knelt beside Sasuke's body; tears pouring from her eyes today had just been too much for her. Leskismon appeared by her side, "Sakura…"

"Rule 25 of the Ninja's code of conduct." Sakura managed to say between sobs, "A ninja must never show emotion, the mission is the only priority. Carry that in your heart and never shed a tear."

She her tears fell upon Sasuke's face, her vision was so blurred she didn't notice his face scrunch up, "Sakura…quit it…"

Sakura could hardly believe it, she thought maybe she'd gone insane with grief but she swore she'd heard Sasuke's voice, "S…Sasuke-kun, is that you?"

"Of course it is you brain dead idiot, who else would it be." Sasuke snapped as he shoved her away, he then tried getting up, "Where's that guy in the mask?"

"He's…he's dead, Naruto killed him." Sakura told him, "But, he's not taking it very well."

Sakura pointed to where Naruto was and Sasuke looked at him a cold feeling of dread forming in the pit of his stomach, despite knowing what a ninja's life involved as well as dedicated himself to killing his brother he'd never actually thought what killing a person would be like and he could tell that Naruto wasn't handling very well, 'If killing someone did that to him, what kind of thing will it do to me?'

Just then the sound of footsteps was heard and looking round saw what looked like all the men from the town as well as Inari all armed with various item.

"Ah crud, looks like we arrived too late." Inari pouted, "Hey Ji-san, you ok?"

"No worries here Inari, although now your all here we should start rounding up the wounded and moving off the bridge." Tanzuna replied.

"Wait, is anyone of you a doctor?" Kakashi called out.

A man from the crowd pushed himself to the front of the group, "I am."

Kakashi looked over at Tenten and handed her the vial, "Take Neji and go with him, he needs to administer to him right away."

"Hai," Tenten replied as she accepted it before she went and grabbed Neji. "Gai, take Naruto and Sasuke back to Tanzuna's place. Tsunami can look after them until they've recovered." Kakashi told the bowl haired jounin.

"Right." Gai placed Naruto on his back and helped Sasuke up before vanishing into thin air.

Kakashi then looked over at Zabuza who was still kneeling over Haku's body, "Now the question remains what are we going to do with you?"

"Yeah, about that." Zabuza replied, he then offered in arms out to Kakashi with his writs bared, "My employer is dead so I have more reason to continue pursuing Tanzuna and I am also defeated in battle, do with me what you will."

Kakashi looked surprised for a moment but it passed, he reached into his weapons pouch and took out some wire and bound the Kiri ninja's writs, "Momochi Zabuza, you are my prisoner, once my mission here is complete my team and I will escort you back to Konoha where our lord Hokage will decide your fate."

The rest of the mission went by without incident; the completion of bridge was set back a little due to the damage caused by Gesomon however everyone involved in its construction seemed to work with a new air of optimism since the fall of Gato.

Neji was now free of the poison inflicted upon him by Haku, the antidote had done its job and although he'd felt stiff for a few days he was now back on his feet. Sasuke was also 100% again after a few days of rest.

Things were almost back to normal but not quite, Naruto had still to wake up from his comatose state and the others were beginning to worry. Sakura was kneeling by the futon where her blond teammate was resting on, Coronamon lying beside him, beside her were various items, a bowl full of water as well as a pitcher and a glass.

It had been a week since the fight on the bridge and he still showed no sign of waking up, removing the cloth that was on his forehead away and rewetting it in a bowl that was by her knee and wrung it out before replacing it.

"Naruto…" she went to move a blond lock that was obscuring his face when to her surprise Naruto's hand moved and grabbed a hold of hers, "Huh?"

Naruto's eyes flickered for a few seconds before opening, his pupils returning to normal, "S…Sakura…." He croaked.

"Naruto, you're finally awake." Sakura said sounding relived, she then grabbed the glass and filled it with water, "Here, drink this." She said as she placed one hand behind his head to raise and steady it as she lowered the glass to his lips.

"Sakura, I'm sorry," Naruto said once he'd swallowed a few sips of the cool liquid, "Because of me Sasuke is…"

"Shh, don't worry." Sakura said as she placed a finger on his lips, "Sasuke-kun is alive, turns out that masked kid just put him in a death like trance like what happened to Zabuza on our first encounter."

"That's good, where am I anyway?" Naruto asked.

"Back at Tanzuna's house, you've been unconscious for a week now." Sakura told him, "The bridge is nearly finished, it will be completed tomorrow. We'll be going home soon."

Naruto rested his head back on the pillows, "Sakura thank you, for telling me and, y'know, for staying with me."

"D...don't read too much into this, it was my turn to watch you that's all." Sakura said looking away trying to hide the blush on her face.

"Oh I see," Naruto said sounding a little disappointed, but he still offered her a small smile, "But still thanks anyway."

"No…no problem." Sakura said returning it.

A few days later both Team 7 Team Gai and Zabuza were gathered before the newly constructed bridge. Before hand they'd gone and visited the simple memorial that the citizens of Wave had made for Haku, they were ready to leave but figured they should at least pay their respects and give Zabuza a chance to say goodbye.

Tanzuna Inari and Tsunami were also there to see them off.

"Well guess this is it." Tanzuna said, "Things round here won't be the same without you."

"We thank you for your hospitality Tanzuna, and wish you luck for the future." Kakashi told the bridge builder.

Just then Naruto noticed the silent tears that were welling up in Inari's eyes, "Hey Inari, we'll come back and visit. If you wanna cry then do it."

"What are you talking about, I don't wanna cry." Inari retorted, "But if you want to then go ahead."

"Nah, I'm too macho to cry." Naruto said as he turned away, whilst he was trying to be dramatic he was trying hide that he was crying as well.

Tanzuna and his family watched as the group of ninja began walking away across the bridge, "That kid, he's really something." Tsunami commented.

"Yeah, he restored little Inari's pride who would in turn inspire the whole town." Tanzuna agreed, "Despite what happened to him he helped build a bridge that carried us to hope and courage."

"Come to think of it we still haven't christened the bridge yet have we." The dark haired woman pointed out.

"How about we name it after Naruto?" Inari suggested, "We can call it 'the 'Great Naruto Bridge'."

"Hmm, does have a certain ring to it, doesn't it." Tanzuan said.

"I think it's a fine name." Tsunami added as the party vanished from sight.

AN And with that chapter 7 and the Wave arc comes to an end. Took me longer to write then I wanted but its finished now, hope it was worth it. Anyway its the end of the Wave arc and Haku is dead whilst Zabuza is alive when it comes to this part of story every fanfic I've read will do 1 of 4 things.

1) It will follow canon and have both Zabuza and Haku die.

2) They will disreguard canon and have both Zabuza and Haku live.

3) Zabuza will die but somehow (often for the most contrived reasons) Haku will survive.

Guess I just wanted to shake things up a little by doing something different.

Before wave of inevtable comments all saying 'Why did you kill Haku' let me say this, and this is true of the manga as well, keeping him alive any longer would be poinless. Haku fulfilled his purpours which was to teach Naruto about 'protecting those precious to you' and then he died, that was it he had no other role to play other then that. Also anyone else who want to write a Naruto story I make this request: please stop desicraiting Haku's copse by bringing him back to life.

As for the whole debate of Haku's gender here is something I found online that make's sense to me and I figured I'd share it with you.

"I was actually discussing this with my friends a couple of days ago, and we decided that while Haku is a boy, he kind of has to follow the gender role of a girl. Most of the issues that lead to Haku's female role come from the fact that Zabuza practically bleeds testosterone. He's strong, focuses much of his attention on killing, and is very easy to rile up. Haku acts like a calming agent to Zabuza and Haku is seen as a softer presence in Zabuza's life.

Also, Zabuza really needs the kind of love and support that only someone in a female role could offer. He is outcast and leads the life of an outlaw. And having a female aura around kind of adds the Yin to his Yang, balancing his strong male presence. In the few non-battle scenes featuring Haku, we see him doing traditionally female-assigned tasks, such as picking herbs, caring after Zabuza, et cetera. Further proving that while he is a boy, Zabuza needs him to serve as a girl.

Haku is definitely a boy, I do not doubt that. I think, though, that because Haku's devotion to Zabuza was so strong and the fact that Zabuza really needed a female figure in his life, Haku was willing to transmogrify himself into a female personage and follow whatever orders Zabuza set forth. After all, Haku himself admitted that he would do anything for Zabuza. And if Zabuza needed a girl, he'd get one in one fashion or another."

Anyway I'm done, please leave your comments and I'll see y'all next time.


The two of them stood there, both Uchiha brothers, the wind ruffling their hair and the grass around them. The youngest of the pair, Sasuke glared at his brother his eyes burning with hate. The other, Itachi, looked on impassively his face not giving a hint of emotion.

"Itachi, I have finally found you. And I shall now avenge the murder of the Uchiha clan…by murdering you." Sasuke announced.

Itachi stared over at his younger brother, his look indifference being used to hide his disappointment, "Foolish little brother, even after all this time you have learned nothing. But given time you will…Aibou."

Sasuke's eyes widened, "What did you call me? Aibou, what the hell does aibou mean?"

Itachi looked thoughtful for a moment, "I'm not sure, I thinks it's Japanese for gay."

Sasuke seemed unsure of what to do, so he decided to deal with it the only way he knew how. By shoving Chidori through someone's lung. And so with his hand crackling with lightning chakra he charged his brother.

Itachi sighed, he then flipped through seals, "SUITON: BLAST OFF NO JUTSU!!!"

Just then the ground beneath Sasuke's feet began to shake before a geyser of water erupted from it shooting the younger Uchiha into the air and over the horizon.

"DAMN YOU ITACHI, DAMN YOU AND YOUR OBVIOUSLY SUPERIOR SKILLS. DAMN YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" Sasuke yelled as he zoomed away like Team Rocket blasting off again even exiting with a little 'ping' sound.