~ The Great Hall ~

"Happy?" Harry asked his husband.  God, I love how that sounds – my husband, he thought with a smile.

"Deliriously," Draco replied with a glorious smile.  They were dancing their first dance as a married couple.  Draco's smile widened and he rubbed the back of Harry's neck as he felt Harry's arms tighten around his waist. 

"Eager for the honeymoon, are you?" Draco teased Harry, rubbing against him as they danced.

"Mmmm," Harry moaned in Draco's ear.  "Don't try to pretend that you aren't just as eager, my dragon.  I saw you when you entered the hall before the ceremony!"

Draco blushed.  "It wasn't that obvious, was it?"

"Only to me," Harry grinned at him. 

~ A Hotel Room In Venice ~

The door to the room burst open and Harry and Draco fell into the room, only just managing to keep their balance.  Miraculously, their fervent kiss was not broken.  Harry slammed the door shut behind him as they kicked off their boots.

Draco's fingers feverishly fumbled with the buttons to Harry's shirt.  He finally managed to rid his husband of his shirt and ran his hands over Harry's chest. 

Harry tugged Draco closer and pushed the blonde's shirt up so he could touch his bare skin. 

Draco, sensing that Harry wasn't thinking clearly, decided to help out by removing his own shirt, tossing it on the floor next to Harry's.  The pair of them fell onto the bed, Harry on top of Draco. 

Draco thrust his hands up in Harry's hair.  "I love you," he whispered breathlessly.

Harry kissed him deeply and tugged Draco's pants down his hips and threw them out of the way. 

"Oh my god," Harry suddenly found that he couldn't breathe.  Draco had gone commando.  Throughout the entire wedding and reception, Draco had worn no underwear.  The thought was incredibly arousing. 

Harry stood up and pulled off his pants and his underwear.  He stared down at his naked husband.

Draco stared up at Harry.  God, he's beautiful, he thought headily.  He reached up and Harry moved willingly into his arms.  Their lips met in a passionate kiss that said more than words ever could….

…….the next morning…….

Harry lay half asleep, just enjoying the feel of Draco's head resting on his chest, Draco's arm around his waist and Draco's even breath on his skin.  This truly is heaven, Harry mused.  They had no commitments, no obligations, just each other.  They had two weeks before they had to be back to move into their house in Godric's Hollow.  Then of course, they had to decide what to do with their futures.  Both of them had several letters of offers from different fields to contemplate while they were away. 

Harry had been offered the position of seeker for Puddlemere United, the opportunity to train to be an Auror with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic, and to teach Defence Against The Dark Arts at Hogwarts. 

Draco had been offered the opportunity to train to be an Unspeakable with the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic, and to teach Ancient Runes at Hogwarts.  Dumbledore knew that Draco and Harry would never be parted and if he wanted the ultimate DADA teacher, then Draco would tag along.  Coincidentally, Hogwart's was in need of an Ancient Runes teacher due to the early retirement of Professor Zoolander and Draco just happened to be top of the class in Ancient Runes. 

Harry had no idea which job he was going to take.  He only knew that he would have to discuss it with Draco sometime soon.  They had to give their answers almost as soon as they returned from their honeymoon and if one of them didn't want to work at Hogwarts, then there was no point in the other accepting the job.  Harry was ambivalent about teaching at Hogwarts.  He was unsure of what he could teach.  Sure he had a lot of stories he could tell, but what could he actually teach?  He had survived so far with the help of his friends and in the words of Professor McGonagall 'sheer dumb luck'.

Harry smiled as he felt Draco stretch next to him.  His smile widened as he felt Draco's arousal against his hip. 

"Good morning, Mr Potter," Harry almost purred. 

Draco lifted his head and smiled up at his husband.  "Good morning, Mr Potter.  You know that could get confusing," he commented.

"Not to us, now shut up and kiss me," Harry commanded playfully.

Draco obliged, sliding up Harry's body until their lips met. 

"Satisfied?" Draco asked with a grin. 

"Not nearly," Harry replied and pulled Draco's head back down to kiss him thoroughly…

…….later that morning…….

Draco awoke to find himself sprawled on top of Harry.  Not an unpleasant place to be, he thought contentedly.  He pressed a kiss down on Harry's shoulder and climbed off the bed carefully so as not to wake Harry.  Draco crept into the bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror.  Not bad, considering I haven't had a whole lot of sleep in the last thirty-six hours, he thought.  He turned on the shower and stepped into the refreshing water. 

Draco had his eyes tightly shut as he washed his hair so he didn't get shampoo in his eyes.  He was startled to feel someone enter the shower behind him then relaxed when he realised it could only be Harry.  His hands dropped to his sides as he felt Harry's hands massaging his head.

"Mmm, that feels good," Draco groaned in pleasure. 

Harry smiled, he loved that low sexy tone of voice Draco used when he was pleased.  He let the water wash the shampoo out of Draco's hair and then trailed kisses across his husband's shoulders while his hands explored other areas of his husband's delectable body. 

This was definitely turning into a typical muggle honeymoon.  It was highly unlikely that they would make it out of their room in the next two weeks.  It was a deliciously hedonistic feeling, not to have to sneak around to find a place to be together

Neither Draco nor Harry could wait to start the rest of their lives together….