Sorry this chapter is so short, but I couldn't really do too much, there in a car most of it. I promise that the next chapter will be much more exiting.



The last box was placed into the rent truck making a loud noise as it fell. Gregor wiped the sweat form his head with the back of his hand. "Looks like every things ready to go," Gregor said.

"Are you sure you have to go?" said Mrs. Cormaci said. They had been through a lot together, and it was sad to be leaving her behind.

Gregor's dad nodded. "It's the only way I can think of to get back to something normal." Then Gergor's dad shut the back of the truck.

"Well just make sure to come and visit in that case!" Mrs. Cormaci said as they all got into the truck. "I wish you luck in Virginia!" She said waving goodbye. Gergor's dad got into the front seat and started the truck. Everyone leaned over and waved to Mrs. Cormaci as they passed her until she vanished from view. For a mile down the road Boots was still waving.

"She can't see you, you know Boots," Gergor said.

Completely ignoring him Boots stopped waving and clapped her hands, "Rod tip! We on a rod tip Gregor!"

"That's right Boots." Gregor said as Boots began to sing. It was obvious she was going to have the easiest time accepting that they weren't going to the Underland anytime soon.

There was only a few cars on the roads they traveled, though they saw more on the few highways they took, Gregor figured most people would already have left for a camp or somewhere.

At noon they stopped by a restaurant to get lunch. Once they got inside Boots spotted a cockroach. She ran over and picked it up. "Small bug! Look, Small bug!" she said holding it up to them.

It was actually just normal sized, but they knew she was thinking about Temp.

"Put that down Boots! Now you'll need to wash your hands before you can eat!" Grace said picking up Boots as she dropped the bug. She carried her away into the bathroom to get her hands washed.

"Well then let's get in line," Gregor's dad said. Lizzie and their father started over to the line but Gregor moved slower. He couldn't help but think that the Cockroach was watching him as he moved. But once he got to the line, the cockroach ran off.

Gergor sighed knowing that he wasn't being watched by a bug anymore. His mother and Boots came to join them soon.

They ordered their food and then ate. After everyone was done they headed back to the truck.

As Gregor walked to the tuck he heard noise from the dumpster. Two rats were tearing at the garbage to get out some food. One lifted its nose and then looked straight at Gregor. The second one stopped too, and stared at him.

"Gergor hurry up, you'll be left behind!" Gergor's mom called to him.

"I'm coming!" Gergor responded. He walked to the tuck not taking his eyes of the rats, and the rats gaze followed him as well. The rats only stopped staring as the truck began to move. Then the rats went back to rummaging.

It was getting dark as they drove down a long dirt road. Gregor woke up with a jolt when they ran over a bump. He looked around. It was hard to tell anything, but he could sense that there wasn't much around.

Soon they came to a driveway to an old looking house. It wasn't just old though, it almost looked like a haunted house. "No wonder why no one stayed long," Gregor muttered to himself.

As they all walked inside Gergor couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched from all sides. Gergor's dad opened the door, and flicked the lights on. "At least that works," he said.

Everyone agreed that they would set everything the next day and went off to look for a temporary sleeping place. Gergor agreed to sleep in what they assumed was a living room for the night. Lizzie and Boots would sleep in a room upstairs and Gregor's parents had found another room.

Gergor walked into the living room and spotted a black bat lying on the ground. He gasped and took a step back. Then he gave a sigh of relief, "It's only Boots' toy, I'm just getting paranoid.

He leaned down and was about to pick it up when it squeaked. He pulled his hand away and then noticed a pair of eyes looked up at him from inside the bat. A tiny mouse crawled out of the bat and looked up at him.

"What the?" he said looked at the little mouse. It looked like an average field mouse. It stood on its back legs as tall as it could and looked up so it could look right at him. Gergor took a step back. The little mouse crawled forward then stood up again and stared at him. "What's going on here?" he said.

The mouse squeaked and then ran out the door. Gregor ran after the mouse as it ran outside. He followed it until he got to a storm cellar. The mouse leapt into a hole in the wooden door. Gregor stood there for a second trying to decide what to do. He could go down their immediately, but he wouldn't be able to see, and he was getting a bit rusty in echolocation. He decided he would explore it in the morning.

Gregor went back inside to lie down on the ground resting his head on a pillow he had grabbed from the truck when they were going in the house. He found it hard to sleep without the noises of city, and was surprised at the darkness without the bright city light. For a while he was sure he couldn't get too sleep with these changes, eventually though weariness won over, and he fell asleep.