The Charlie-Colby Father Files

Summery: A variety of one-shots about Fatherly!Charlie and Fatherly!Colby. The two are married and have two adopted kids, Caroline and Carl. Their ages vary from story to story. Charlie/Colby. Enjoy!

This first story is the day Colby and Charlie go to take Caroline and Carl home.

Please note, I know nothing of adoption. So I just wrote what I thought made sense…


"Breathe, Charlie." Colby said lovingly, reaching over and placing his hand on his husband's knee.

Charlie turned and smiled. "I know, I k-keep forgetting to do that. I just—I can't believe that the day finally came. I-I mean, after all the months of paper work and 2-hour meetings I just…I came to think it would n-never happen."

"Don't be so nervous." Colby soothed, knowing that whenever his husband stuttered he was nervous or upset. Squeezing Charlie's knee reassuringly he looked back to the road and returned his hand to the steering wheel.

"I—I'm so ha-happy to finally have the day come, Colb. You know that. It's just…" He hung his head "What if they don't l-like living with us? What if they don't like us?"

Colby smiled lovingly. "They love us, Charlie. Every time we went to meet with them they begged us not to go!"

"Y-yes, but, what if they only loved the i-idea of being out of that place? And w-when they come home with us they actually fin-find out they hate us?" He turned to his husband "Are you sure they want to go with us??"

"I'm positive." Colby answered the question for the twentieth time in the past hour. Pulling into the parking spot in front of the orphanage he turned to Charlie "Everything's going to be perfect. I promise."


"You have no idea how excited they are." Becky Roberts smiled at the two men. "Carl's been awake since six o'clock this morning, just waiting for you guys to come. And when Caroline woke up, she's been so bouncy. Seems she already knows she's gonna be home soon."

Charlie and Colby turned to each other, and sharing a mirrored smile whispered "Home."

"Here we are, they've been packed since Tuesday! Carl's been a very busy boy." She placed her hand on the knob, then turned to the men with a solemn look on her face "As excited as he is, he's nervous. You know he and Caroline came from a bad home. He rejected several homes who wanted to separate him and his little sister." She smiled sadly "He's really worried you won't like him. He kept asking me if I was sure you really wanted him."

Colby turned to Charlie and grinned "Looks like you two already have something in common.

Becky looked at Charlie and smiled, catching on to what Colby had meant. "Don't worry, Mr. Eppes. I've never seen those two smile like they do when you come to visit." Charlie nodded, a confident smile breaking across his face. Becky looked at the two men, smiled and turned the doorknob.

Charlie reached over and grabbed Colby's hand, who in turn gave it a reassuring squeeze. When the two stepped into Ms. Robert's office they both let out breaths neither knew they were holding.

"Caroline, Carl? Your daddys are here."