Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Summery: Little 5-year-old Caroline celebrates mothers' day. Also: playful banter between adults!


"So if you look up at the map…all the red dots are possible next targets. But according to his pattern he won't strike until Wednesday." Charlie said, turning to the FBI agents all sitting behind him. He glanced at Amita who was nodding and looking expectantly at the agents as well.

"That's great, Chuck! Ok so that gives us five days to prepare. There's no way to narrow it down any more, is there?"

"Well, I can look deeper into his files to see if there's a pattern within the pattern…" He said, turning to Amita who was already typing on the laptop. He checked his watch and added, "But I gotta go pick the kids up from school, can you wait?"

"Yea, don't worry about it. Assuming he won't break from his pattern, we've got more time than we usually do. Besides, we got 'Mita here to help" Don said, nudging the girl, who rolled her eyes with a smile at the pet name Don had given her. Charlie nodded and grabbed his coat.

He made it to the door when Colby called "Hey hun! Remember Carl's spending the night with Kevin, so don't wait for him!"

Charlie stopped and clapped his hands together, pointing at his husband. "Thank you! You remember what happened the last time I forgot-"

"That's why I'm reminding you!" Colby laughed. Charlie made an over exaggerated face and blew a kiss at his husband, who in turn mirrored his look and pretended to catch the kiss.

"I'll be back!" Charlie said before rushing out the door, Colby watching him until he was out of sight.

"Aww, does Colby miss Charlie already?" Amita asked, a playful grin on her face.

"Pssh, you're just jealous I stole your man." Colby said with an equally playful grin and he spun his chair back to the table behind him.

"Oh please, Charlie's more obvious than Freddie Mercury." At that Don burst out laughing, nodding his head in agreement.

"He's not that obvious!"

"Oh Colby, you know he's the woman of the relationship. I mean, I knew he was gay before he knew it." Don threw in. "The first thing I said when he came out was 'Finally!'"

"No! He's very masculine. I mean he…we—I—shut up."

"Ooh, that totally changed my opinion. What an eye opener."

"Shut up, Megan, you weren't even in this argument!"

"He's got a point." David grinned at the female agent.

"Neither were you, David." Amita shot at the black man, a grin on her face.

"Back to the original topic-Freddie Mercury was waymore obvious than Charlie is! I mean look at that mustache!" Colby pretended to gag.

"Charlie's got something like that goin' on."

"No, Charlie has scruff, that's totally different—and totally hotter." Colby added the last part as an afterthought. Both girls nodded in agreement.

"Ok, I do not need to hear my little brother being called hot."

"What? It's not like I described his in-bed tactics. Although, if you want-"

"Colby! I swear to God, you go any farther you'll be on desk duty for a year!" At that Colby shut his mouth, though the smirk was still there.

They all worked in silence for a while, talking only when they had a question for each other and what not. Then a young, energetic voice could be heard down the hallway and they all turned to look out the glass to see Charlie holding Caroline's hand.

"So then Addy said she didn't like my bow, so then I told her I didn't like her dress and then she told me she didn't like my hair and I told her she was just jealous because her hair was really ugly. So we're not friends anymore. Then after recess me and Matilda were playing blocks when Jeff came and told us girls were stupid and we told him boys were gross and I threw a block at him and then we all built a castle together!" It didn't even seem like the young girl took a breath in that whole rant.

"Wow, was it a big castle?"

"Yea! Andit was really pretty! It had a mote and everything! We even made Ken fall in the mote! But it was OK, because the alligators in it were vegetablearians so they didn't eat him!" The five in the room grinned as the young girl and her daddy walked into the room. "Hi papa!" At that she threw herself at Colby and hugged his legs.

"Hey pumpkin!" He greeted warmly, stroking her hair. He looked up at Charlie with a confused look. Dad's golf game ran late, he couldn't watch her.Charlie mouthed to his husband, looking to Don to make sure it was OK. Don nodded with a smile, he always loved seeing his niece.

"Hi Uncle Donnie! Hi David!" She greeted the two men with an enthusiastic wave. Don smiled warmly at his niece he pet her head as she walked by. "Amita! Megan! I've got something for you!" She turned to Charlie who was holding her Power Ranger's backpack. He handed it to her and she began to dig around inside. She finally pulled out a green folder and opened it. Pulling out a red piece of folded construction paper and a purple one. She handed the red to Megan and the purple to Amita. "Happy mommy's day!" She cried excitedly, stunning everyone. Megan and Amita stared at the cards in shock.

"Mother's day?" The two women asked in unison.

"Yea…isn't…isn't it mommy's day?" She seemed to deflate a little.

"No…it is, sweetie." Megan said, "We're just surprised you made us cards, that's all."

Now it was Caroline's turn to be confused. "Why? I have two daddys…why can't I have two mommys?" She asked, turning to her father's with a confused look. Megan pressed her hand to her mouth as she looked at the cute card and Amita's eyes filled with tears.

"Oh, sweet heart." Amita said, putting the card down. "This is so nice!"

"Thank you so much honey!" Megan added and the two women pulled the little girl in for a hug at once.

Charlie leaned back against the table Colby was working at, "We have the sweetest little girl ever." He said quietly to his husband.

"Hands down." Colby agreed, taking his husbands hand.


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