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YYHHP: Kurama always thought his human family were normal, that was, until his step-father got a job offer for Hogwarts! As a "muggle" though, he ends up a Smeltings. There, the unthinkable happens!

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I: In Which Kurama is Kidnapped

"Shiori! Shiori!" yelled a tall Japanese man with black hair and blue eyes yelled into another room.

"Yes, Kazuya?" asked the small woman with black hair and jade green eyes whom he addressed. She was sitting in the kitchen next to a 16-year-old boy with long red hair and eyes of a deep emrald shade.

The man ran into the room said people were in, obviously overjoyed with something. "I've been asked to take a teaching position in Shuiichi school in England!" he shouted, very proud of this.

"That's great!" a 14-year-old boy with black hair and steel-blue eyes yelled. He was sitting on the floor playing checkers with himself.

"If I accept this position, we will have to move to England for the duration of my employment. Unfortunately though, Shuuichi-kun will not be able to attend the school. I can get him into a neighboring school as an exchange student instead." Kazuya said with a bit of a sad glint in his otherwise eager eyes.

"Hatanaka-san, if that's all that would stop you from taking this job then I don't have any protest. After all, how many Japanese students get the opportunity to go study in England?" the red head boy, called Shuuichi, smiled at him.

"I'm good with that! When do we have to be there?" Shiori asked in support,but with a quizzical look on her face.

"Well… three days?" Kazuya said, a wry smile fitting his face.

"What? We'd better get packing then, shouldn't we?" she said surprised, and began to assign rooms to be packed as Kazuya nodded.

"Attention passengers!" a cheery voice said over the intercom, "We will be landing soon, please put all trays and seats in the upright position, and we are about to land! Thank you!"

"They are way too perky for just having done a 19 hour flight!" Kurama grumbled in exhaustion, pulling his chair into the fixed position.

The landing was rough, to say in the least, and Kurama climbed out of the crowded plane, and into an equally crowded airport. The unloading pace was slow and pushy as the tourists tried to be the first off the plane, and along with the immigrants and the British coming home from their vacation trying to do the same thing you could only say that Kurama was very annoyed.

An obese man with a purple face stood waiting for a foreign kid his son's school had dumped on him for the rest of the summer. He didn't even sign up for hosting a transfer! Why'd they have to send the kid to him, huh? He grumbled about dumb schools and stupid transfers when it was announced that the plane had landed. Maybe he should just ditch and leave the kid here?

"This 'Sho-ichy' kid better not be taking his time" he mumbled to himself as the Japanese passengers began to unload, and study their surrounding. A boy with long red hair who was dressed in black slacks and a white polo shirt walked up to him.

"Excuse me sir, are you by any chance a Mr. Vernon Dursley?" he asked in a mellow, though highly accented, voice.

"Yes," he grumbled, though inwardly speculating about Smeltings being a boy's school. Wait… was that girl really a guy? Vernon shuddered.

"I am Shuichi Minamino," he smiled back as cheerfully as he could after the lengthy flight.

"Well then, we don't have all day boy! Get your luggage and follow me!" he snapped, Kurama looked at him, puzzled at his attitude (didn't he sign up for a transfer?), but followed him reluctantly after grabbing his big brown suitcase.

The rode to the Dursley home in silence, and when they got to the home Kurama quickly grabbed his suitcase and followed Vernon into the perfect-looking house.

"Potter! Get down here now!"

Harry was sitting at his desk writing a letter when Vernon shouted for his presence on the main floor.

With thoughts about why he might be needed he shouted, "Coming," as he ran down the stairs, but on his way down remembered that the exchange student was going to be staying in his room on the cot that the Dursleys had grudgingly rented.

He saw an Asian with long red hair (didn't they usually have black hair?) standing next to his much hated and very grumpy uncle. He was about Harry's height, had vibrant green eyes and was dressed in slacks and a polo shirt. He looked tired.

"This is going to be your roommate until you leave for school in a week and a half. Now go!" Vernon shouted angrily at the two.

"C'mon!" Harry beckoned for the Asian, who hastily ran after him, still lugging his suitcase up the stairs with little effort. When they got into Harry's room the boy set his suitcase on the floor, bowed to Harry, and sat down beside the case.

"Thank you for allowing me to stay in you room." he said sleepily,

"Um… you're welcome?" Harry said nervously, taken back by the foreign gesture of bowing at your host. The boy closed his eyes drowsily.

"Is he always like that?" He asked in the same sleepy tone as before and Harry drew the attention of the boy quickly to the cot. He nodded and muttered something about the horrors of trans-continental flight as he climbed onto his cot. "Oh, and by the way, I'm Shuuichi Minamino."

"Harry Potter, and yes, he is always like that. If you think he's bad, wait 'til you meet Dudley."

"Is he that fat boy who glared at me when I came in to the house?"

"That would be Dudley." Harry spoke in a sarcastic tone "Are you hungry, or just sleepy? I got some cake and candy in here. Don't expect anything worthwhile from the Dursleys; only Dudley gets any food worth eating." Harry silently noted that he felt sorry for the boy; he had to go to go to Dudley's school as well as stay the summer here. At least if he hadn't stayed here then he would've been able to escape Dudley's notice… but now…

"I am a little bit hungry, That plane food wasn't very edible. But, you don't need to give me any of you stash; I brought my own from home" he stood up again and opened the top zipper of his suitcase and took out a large bag of food, most of which Harry couldn't identify. "Want some? I've got rice cakes, candied grasshoppers, candied fruit and a few other things."

"Uh, let's trade some of it later, so you try my kind of sweets, and I yours! Right now though, you look like you need a nap."

Kurama was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Kurama woke up feeling rejuvenated. Even though he slept on a hard cot in a tiny room, the sleep was essential for his adjustment to the time-zones and then looked at the time. It was nine in the morning. He chuckled at his own sluggishness and looked to the bed across the room and saw Harry reading a book.

"Harry-san?" his voice shocked the wizard and he quickly put his book under his pillow before looking over to Kurama.

"Good morning Su-ee-chee."

"Yeah," Kurama scratched the back of his head, slightly disturbed at the horrible pronunciation, "Why don't you call me my nickname, Kurama. It'd be easier to pronounce."

All of the residents of Number 4 Privet Drive were stacked into the tiny car. They dropped Harry off at King's Cross station then took Kurama and Dudley to the station that they boarded the Smeltings' train. The two boys got on the train; the spoiled Dudley waving only half-heartedly at his parents, and waited for it to go impatiently. Most likely he was getting ready to beat on a new group of students. It left at noon, packed with boys, most of whom were very rich. Dudley hooked up with his friends and they took a compartment leaving Kurama alone in the compartment they had taken earlier.

"Thank Kami-sama they're gone" he said in Japanese to himself.

"Shiori, there is something I didn't tell you about Shuiichi's school; it's a magic a school, as in witches and wizards. That's why Shuuichi-kun couldn't come; he doesn't have magic like me and Shuiichi." Kazuya told his wife uncertainly. Really, he had no idea how she'd react to information like this.

"Why didn't you tell me this? I mean, when Shuiichi-kun started school?" Shiori asked him with more emotionally hurt than angry tone.

"Because I wanted to protect you and Shuuichi, there is a war going on in the wizarding world, one where muggles, what we call non-magic people, are at danger! Do you understand? A war! I was trying to make it so neither of you two got hurt!" Kazuya defended himself.

"What's the school called? And where will I be staying then? I'm not a… a witch" Shiori asked quietly.

"The school is called Hogwarts; I went there when I was Shuiichi's age. You will be staying in a house I purchased in Hogsmeade village, outside of the school grounds."

"Okay, but will Shuuichi be able to visit? You said yourself he's not a wizard."

"Yes, he will…" Kazuya smiled, "but I don't want him to know about how different we are from him just yet."

Harry and Ron bought a lot of candy off the trolley when it came by, much to Hermione's disgust.

"If you pig out like that you're going to get fat!" Hermione told them sternly and unsuccessfully.

They were about to tell her they didn't care was when they heard sudden commotion outside of their compartment. They opened the door to see Crabbe and Goyle throttling a Gryffindor fourth year.

"Leave him alone!" Harry told them, and much to his surprise the two dropped the boy. It was the Asian boy, Shuiichi Hatanaka.

"Why, Potter?" asked Malfoy in a venomously detesting voice, "He started this fight!"

"You insulted my family's honour!" the boy spat at Malfoy.

"To do that, your family would need honour to insult, mudblood!" Malfoy sneered like an angry snake.

"Leave him alone, Malfoy." Harry repeated in a more stern voice, he, Ron, and Hermione drew their wands and pointed them at the towheaded teenager.

"Get over here, Hatanaka." Ron ordered, and the boy grudgingly listened, drawing his own wand when he stood up. A sudden shout from behind Malfoy and the three boys clad in green turned around quickly, to reveal Ginny and a couple of other fifth year Gryffindor girls. The said three boys scrambled away quickly.

"Thanks!" Hermione said as Harry, Ron, and Shuiichi stuffed into the compartment and waved at them.

"Any time!" one of the girls said, they waved and walked away.

"Thanks," Shuiichi said bowing and then walked back after the girls.

"He reminds me a bit of the kid that stayed with the Dursleys. You know, the one that goes to Smeltings," Harry said as they entered their compartment.

"Really?" Hermione asked surprised for a moment and Harry nodded. "It could be just that they're both Japanese. They have strangely polite customs over there."

Kurama fell onto a hard school dorm bed. Fortunately for him he and Dudley didn't room together, instead he was stuck with all of the boys in the grade ahead, but that didn't bother him. He had been here only a week and had already achieved the title of 'nerd', not that it bothered him either. He sighed; he could hear that everyone else in the room was asleep.

He got out of bed and walked around the hallways, quiet as a demon thief. He heard the whisper of cloth rubbing on cloth and chose to follow it. Soon he saw that he was stalking a group of people dressed in black attire like a bathrobe and white masks. Wordlessly he cursed Koenma for making him give him up all of his seeds except that of a single rose.

"Why burn this school down, it's a muggle school!" whispered one of the men.

Muggle? He wasn't fluent in English so he didn't think much of not knowing the word.

"Because, the Dark Lord ordered it, if you wish to complain, wait until we get back and do it to his face!" the one in the front threatened in a hissing tone. Kurama momentarily felt he was in a sci-fi movie that Dudley had been watching over the summer. Star-Wars, was it?

"Not on my life!" the first one whispered back in a more set and scared voice than before. They started to move again, this time towards Kurama, catching the said hiding red-head off guard. He lost his balance and stumbled out of his hiding place ungracefully. Before he got back up he was surrounded.

"Stupefy!" one of them yelled angrily, and the others shushed him. Kurama collapsed into unconsciousness without being touched.

"What do we do with him?" one of them asked, worried.

"Bring him to the Dark Lord, I feel a power in him somehow, stronger than that that we have," said the tallest of them, and the rest of the group nodded at his words. They knew to trust the Death Eater with a sixth sense.

One of the men picked him up haistily, and the rest turned around and said one word in unison while pointing their wands at the school. The group then disappeared with a loud cracking noise, bringing an unconscious Kurama with them.

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