Alright! So instead of posting gazillions of one shots, I've decided to create a whole collection of them! So whenever I write a oneshot, I'll add it to this. So that means that I won't nessessarily update regularly. But I have a ton of oneshot ideas so sit back, relax, and read all the Roy/Ed goodness ranging from fluff to angst and ratings K to T.


Edward let out a yawn. "So…sleepy…"

Roy shot the blonde a glance, and then returned to his paperwork sitting on his lap.

Edward rubbed his eyes sleepily and smiled up at the man sitting beside him on the couch. Ed let himself fall sideways and collide against Roy's side. He closed his eyes and sighed in happiness.

"Ed…" Roy tried.

Edward didn't respond.

"Edward." Roy said again, nudging Ed's head with his shoulder.

"Whaaat?" Ed mumbled.

"It's kind of hard to write with you leaning on my arm." Roy informed the boy.

"Too bad." Edward brought his knees up to his chest, snuggling even closer. "not my problem."

"Actually," Roy began, turning his full attention to Ed. "It is. If you hadn't burst into my office ten times I might've gotten this paperwork done."

Ed moaned; his way of saying 'just shut up'.

"But no. You had to distract me. And I got a gun shoved in my face while Hawkeye told me to take all this and finish it at home."

Edward, with eyes still closed, fumbled about blindly for Roy's pen. He found it resting in a hand, snatched it, and tossed it across the room; the sound of plastic bouncing against the hard wood floor took the place of conversation until it came to a stop in the corner. Roy just watched the flying pen in shock.

Ed smiled, grabbed Roy by the wrist and put the now not busy arm around him. "You wouldn't have finished it anyway." He muttered into Roy's side.

"Ed!" Roy looked back at the younger alchemist gaping. "What was that for?!"

"No more paperwork…" Came Ed's reply. He tugged on Roy's uniform.

"Do you know what'll happen if I don't finish these?" Roy frowned down at Ed.

Ed swiftly knocked the stack of papers off the older man's lap. They scattered across the floor. "Don't care." He smiled up, sleepily, but sweetly at his lover.

Roy let out a sigh. Without saying a word, he picked Ed up and set him down on his lap. Edward immediately slid his arms around Roy and buried his face in his chest. He sighed contently.

Roy smiled, taking in the site of Ed clinging to him while swimming in one of his white shirts. "You're too adorable for your own good." He said, brushing back golden bangs.

Edward opened his mouth to respond but all that came out was a huff of air.

Roy chuckled softly and planted a gentle kiss on the boy's forehead. "You're worth getting shot at for." He whispered.

Ed started snoring softly. It was a cute type of snoring. And Roy loved it.

Roy shifted his position, now sitting against a pillow. He closed his eyes and rested his head on Edward's. "I love you."

Edward tightened his grip, his subconscious way of saying. "I love you too."