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Bella's POV:

My eyes filled up, I was leaving Phoenix to live in Forks, which must be the smallest town in the state of Washington scratch that in the U.S. My mom had just remarried since her divorce with my dad, and of course they did not want me getting in the way during their honeymoon. So I was sent to live with my dad in the rainy state of Washington. And here I was dialing his number on my cell. My fingers fumbled and I retried. I hit the Send key just as my eyes overflowed. Darn it! And I said I wasn't going to cry, the phone rang once … twice …. Three times and just as I was about to hang up he picked up. Oh boy, that voice was definitely not my father's, it was an angels.

"Hullo." He had such a musical voice.

"Oh, hi I think I got the wrong number, sorry."

"No, wait" What? He wanted to talk to me? "Who were you trying to reach?" Never mind then.

"Um, Police Chief Charlie Swan, you probably wouldn't know him though, he lives in Forks, Washington."

"Yeah actually I do know Chief Swan, I was actually just talking to him today, and apparently his daughter is coming to live with him." Huh, he knew my father? Great just great I don't think this day could get any worse.

"That would be me."

"You're Isabella Swan, well it's nice to talk to you, my name is Edward Cullen, I live in Forks also." I was wrong again this day could get worse. Charlie was so toast it must have slipped his mind that I go by Bella now.



"I go by Bella Swan now."

"I see, you're going to be mad at Charlie now because he told everyone you go by Isabella"

"You could say that again." Suddenly I heard struggling on the other end of the phone and I heard Edward say "Stop it Alice" and a female voice almost as beautiful as his ask "Who is it Edward?" And my heart dropped.

"Sorry about that Alice can be a bit pushy." And in the background I heard Alice Commenting "I heard that Edward Cullen!"

"Your girlfriend?" I asked.

"Oh god no! Alice is annoying enough as a sister." And I heard Alice's voice say "That's it Edward I'm telling Esme!"

"Oh so do you have lots of siblings?"

"Well there is Emmett, Alice, and I; though Clarisse and Esme adopted us. And then there are Esme's niece and nephew Jasper and Rosalie. Jasper and Alice are going out as are Rosalie and Emmett."

Suddenly I heard Renee calling me to get off the phone now, and I heard Edward's soft chuckle. "Well I guess I have to get off the phone now."

"Okay call you tomorrow?"


"Yeah well unless you have e-mail?"

"Oh sure, its ." (Not a real e-mail btw)

"Talk to you later."

"'K, bye."