Hey everyone,

Sorry but this is not an update. I know I haven't updated in a while and i'm really sorry. My school is hectic with me being a junior and I honestly don't want to write Edward and Bella stories anymore. So I'm really sorry to say but I will be abandoning all of my Edward and Bella stories. I began them when I was in eighth grade and I had no plan of where they were going to go. I'm sorry to anyone who liked them but I feel it is really hard to go back and write on them again. If anyone would be willing to adopt them please PM: I just have a couple requests:

Please credit my work to me and PLEASE no character deaths.

Once again I'm really sorry to have to abandon them but I don't want to leave them hanging when I know I can not finish them. Here is the list of all my stories for anyone who wants to adopt:

A misplaced call


one moment to late

Siren's song

Vaction Time! Cullen Style!

Thanks so much to everybody who has reviewed.


FLPotter Girl