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I decided to use more of English words than the traditional Japanese. Why? Because some readers have a better understanding and less confusing of the techniques. Examples like the elemental Japanese names. Some can get confused between the type of techniques. Also won't know what it does, except for the obvious ones. I want to make this story as easy to read and understand for the readers, yet entertaining.

The time period will be after Naruto returns from his trip with Jiraiya, also when they fail to return Sasuke from Orochimaru. Don't want confusion to go about wondering what time period it is.

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"Regular speaking out loud common sense, ya?"

'Thinking inside your head insulting friends as they are annoying the heck out of you. I do it all the time no need to act innocent.'

"I am the Kyuubi! Here me roar! Mow!"

Chapter 1

Konohagakure no sato, Village Hidden Among the Tree Leaves, was having an unusual quiet day. People could be heard rustling in the dirt paved paths, shopping in the market district of small stands or buildings. Konohagakure was a powerful village, mostly known as Konoha. However within Konoha quiet days as this meant something was about to spark, yet this time, no one would be prepared for what is about to happen.

"HOLD STILL BRAT!!" Boomed an irritated muscular voice.

"I'M TRYING PERVERT! THAT INK IS COLD! HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO STAY STILL?!" Boomed another irritated voice, yet wasn't as muscular as the last.

"UNGRATEFUL BRAT!" A smack can be heard from within the largest tower of Konoha, known as the Hokage Tower. Within the sized tower, is a room with an aged man in his young 50s. He held a black ink bottle in his left hand and a paint brush within his right. He was an odd dressed man withlong white spiked hair, green loose fitting pants held together at his ankles with bracers, sporting fish net against his chest, covered by a black shirt and a green long-sleeved shirt, his wrists also binded by wrist bracers holding the sleeves from flapping in the winds, over his outfit he wore a red coat, the sleeves of the coat were nicely cut and reached slight below the waist. The oddest part of the aged man was his face, he had two red painted lines from under his eyes dragging down his face curving out, and a dull gray headband with horns with the kanji for "Oil".

"Why did you hit me you BASTARD!" In front of the old man sat a teen 15 years of age. His hair was a bright shimmering yellow while he also had on no clothing to cover his torso as the aged man inked seals onto his chest. He wore bright orange pants and black sandals. He also had two peculiar traits among his face. He had bright blue eyes, clear as ocean water, but that was not the oddest part of his face. The most peculiar trait was the three whisker marks on each side of his face.

"Cause you keep squirming brat! What do you think will happen if I mess up these seals?! I sure as hell don't want to find out!" raged the aged man with a frustrated face.

"I can't stay still if you keep using cold ink you perverted bastard!" retorted the young teen.

The aged man's face turned serious immediately, "Naruto if I mess up on one of these seals, they WILL be unstable. Even the slightest movement could activate them causing who knows what to happen to you while fixing your seal. What the hell did you do to make this seal unstable?" Raising an eyebrow at the last sentence.

Naruto's face went serious when the aged man did, "During our last recent missions, I used the fuzz balls power twice in a short amount of time. First when we went to rescue Garaa, and about a few days after I unlessed waves of fuzzy's power against Orochimaru. Yamato won't tell me how much I unleashed. I figure I used to much forcing the seal to be a bit unstable."

The elder man nodded to his responce with a bit of a scale. "I told you not to use his power wastefully like that. You could of hurt Sakura a lot worse if Yamato wasn't there to stop you. How knows what else could of happened if you unleashed more."

Naruto's face fell just a bit, "I know, dammit. Just when I saw Orochimaru I lost my cool. I know I shouldn't lose my cool, and I promise I won't lose my cool like that again." Naruto brought his face back up with a determined look in his eyes.

"Good, now hold still I'm almost done." Naruto complied remaining motionless. Stone statues would be impressed by his lack of motion.

(Else where in the Hokage Tower)




"So much damn paperwork!!", enraged a female. She had slightly paled blond hair, tied into two pig-tails at the back of her head trailing halfway to her back, and her forehead had a small indigo colored diamond on her forehead. She sat in a light tan chair as she wrote ferociously on paper after paper after paper. "Damn, all these papers are from Naruto! Trouble follows where ever that brat goes." She sighed outwardly frustrated. The blond leaned back into her chair turning to stare out the window. 'I knew I shouldn't of became Hokage. To much Paperwork and not enough sake.' thought the frustrated blond.

She turned back around to face the horrible fiend known as "paperwork" as her mentor would call it. 'Old coot just had to kick the bucket and leave me with all this paperwork!' Her eyebrow twitched slightly as she stared at the fiend. After two minutes of staring hoping it would burn instantly under the glare, which failed, she picked up her pen. She stopped as she almost wrote on the paper. 'All of this is about Naruto...if I could find a way for him to cause less trouble..' She set her pen down as she leaned back crossing her arms under her envied bust, in a thinking position. 'Maybe if I tied him up..no he'd escape easily. What if I had Sakura threaten him..no that would cause even more problems. I don't want him to leave, then it would be too quiet! If I tried to give him nothing but D-ranked missions he'd unleash hell giving me loads of paperwork.' She continued to rant about a certain blond haired teen. Trying to think of a way for him to give her less time for paperwork and more time for sake.

(Meanwhile back with Naruto and the aged man)


Sniff. Sniff.

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.

"AHCHOO!" sneezed the blond headed teen.

Naruto's sneeze forced the elder, who was painting seals on his torso, to slip connecting two lines together which shouldn't be touching PERIOD. "Shit.." whispered out the elder as he stared at the error. 'I told that idiot not to move! What does he do?! He sneezes and makes me screw up! DAMMIT NARUTO!!' The elder was swearing a storm inside his mind.

"What happ-" The young blond never got to finish as he held his stomach in agony. Grunting in pain as the seals on his torso begin to glow. "What the...hell did you..do!" grunted Naruto.

"I told you not to move dammit! I don't know what's going on, but you better brace yourself." The elder reached to Naruto to fix his error, but was to late. Lightening shot out forcing the man to jump back a few feet. His eyes narrowed, trying to figure a way to stop the seals, his eyes never left Naruto analyzing the situation down to every last detail.

The seals glew a light blue color as waves of chakra pulsed every so often as if it was a living heart. Each wave bigger than the next as well as the pain to Naruto. Naruto was on his knees hunching over, his arms wrapped around his stomach screaming in agony. "GAAHH!"


The door flew by the elder as he didn't flinch, knowing it wasn't going to hit him. The door flew out the windows that were behind him with glass shattering.

"JIRAIYA WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!" Screeched the blond,who was at the desk grumbling about the paperwork fiend. She had rushed to the area where the chakra pulses had originated from quickly. 'Dammit what the hell did Jiraiya do this time?!' Her mind was on overdrive trying to figure out what the hell he did this time. She noticed his face was blank. He held no emotions on his face. This had to be something serious if his face was blank of emotion.

"I was painting seals on Naruto's torso to help stabilize his tenant, but he sneezed, causing him to flinch, which made me make an error. I don't know what the error did to the seal, but it's not pretty." Jiraiya pointed to Naruto who was scruching even lower than before. Lightening popping out striking whatever it touched. Light blue near white light emited brightly from the seals.

The female blond turned to where Jiraiya had pointed. She found Naruto hunched over on his knees. She attempted to help him, but was immediately stopped with his agonizing screech of pain and electricity popping out at her forcing her back. The pulse of chakra increased drastically like a fast paced heart beat. Jumping back she could only watch the blond hunched over screaming in pain. Turning to Jiraiya she noticed he was forcing himself back unable to do anything. His teeth were gritting and his hands were tightened into a fist drawing blood. There was nothing they could do. She felt helpless for the third time in her life. She had watched her brother and lover die. Now she was forced to watch another precious person possibly die. 'Dammit! Must I watch another person precious to me die in front of me?! I can't do anything to help him! He's right in front of me in pain, yet I can't do anything! Why, dammit, Why?!' Her mind was exploding with thoughts about her brother Nawaki and her lover Dan. How she could not save them from their deaths.

The glow grew brighter as the pulse speed did, until the two elders were forced to shield there eyes and look away. A booming lightening sound emitted as if lightening just struck inside the room. Naruto's pained scream vanished as did the chakra pulse and the glow. Jiraiya and the remaining blond turned back toward where Naruto was adjusting their eyes to the dimmer light.

He was gone. There was no trace of Naruto. Jiraiya could not trace his chakraanywhere. He just vanished. Dropped from the face of the earth. His student was gone. First he lost Minato 15 years ago against the Kyuubi. Now he has lost Naruto. He could not bear already losing his first, but now he lost his second in front of him again. 'Are all my student's fate to die in front of me?'

The female paced slowly to where Naruto once was, dropping to her knees. Her face was blank, yet again another victim of the cursed necklace. She had watched another victim fall to it's curse. He was gone. She could not feel him anywhere. She felt a rough hand against her shoulder. Turning her head slightly she noticed it was Jiraiya with a grim expression. She looked back to where the young blond once was. Her head was lowered her hair was shadowing over her eyes. If you were in front you could see her eyes were showing sadness, depression, yet anger.

"Tsunade" His voice was softer than compaired to before. "I don't know what that seal did to him, but we'll find him." Inside his head he was scared. He knew Naruto's disapperance was part of his fault. He knew, Tsuande knew, and they both knew what was going to happen next. Jiraiya was not going to walk out alive. 'I'm not leaving out of this tower alive.'

Said blond slowly stood up. Her head was hanging down. "Jiraiya..." Her voice was soft, yet VERY intimidating at the same time. Her hands were in fists vibrating from the force.

Jiraiya knew that voice. She was pissed BEYOND pissed. He knew part of Naruto's disappearance was his fault, but he did NOT want to feel Tsunade'swrath. He wouldn't be able to spy on the young females in the bath houses, work his spy network, write his Icha Icha books, or search for Naruto if he was still alive if she killed him. "Ts-Tsuande..l-let me explain." He was scared. That was all there is to it. He was fearing for his life. He was sweating cannons not bullets, his knees were giving out as he slowly backed away, and his face showed fear as if she was the devil himself.

"Jiraiya...where is Naruto...?" She never moved as she spoke.

"I-I don't know. The seal may of sent him somewhere or killed him." THAT was the WRONG thing to say to the blond in front of him as he immediately figured out. Tsuande whipped around with speed not even his first student's technique The Flying Thunder God Technique could match. His body immediately dropping as he feel through the floor, and the next, and the next, till he reached the earth making a human dent. He twitched in the ground pain would be heavenly to how he was feeling right now. He was beyond pain. Not even five seconds passed when he reached the floor as his back collar was grabbed as he was lifted and thrown on the floor.

Tsunade was raging inside. Naruto was the ONLY reason she decide to come back to Konoha and take the position of Hokage. Now he might be gone far away or dead, and the man responsible was right in front of her. He was not getting off this time as lightly. No he was going to suffer before she fixed him up, make him suffer again, and then use him to find Naruto.

Jiraiya was fearing for his life Tsunade was towering over him as she grabbed the front of his shirt lifting him in the air with only one arm. He wanted death rather than face Tsunade. Death would cower in fear of Tsunade if he was here. "T-Tsunade c-calm d-d-down. I'm sur-" He never got to finish as her fist slammed against his face as she let go. He flew through the wall out onto the dust road in front of the Hokage Tower.

Jiraiya was was on the verge of losing consciousness. His world was flickering black after that punch. That was her full forced punch. Even enhancing his face of all his chakra it was not enough to fully stop it. His head was bleeding from the corner of his mouth was oozing blood worse than the other punches, but he knew she was not done yet. No, more pain was in for him and he knew it. However he was somewhat proud of himself for living so far. 'I suppose I did make it out of the tower alive after all.' He was somewhat proud he was not dead yet, but that would not last long as he began to cower in fear again.

Tsunade grabbed him by his collar with both hands hoisting him so she could see his eyes at her level. "You ARE going to FIND him Jiraiya. I DO NOT CARE HOW! BUT YOU WILL FIND HIM!" All Jiraiya could do was barely nod. Tsuande was not done with him just yet. She still wants him to suffer.

Seconds later Anbu arrive to find Tsunade whaling onto Jiraiya. They did not know what to do. Save Jiraiya and face the Hokage's wrath or risk the death of a Sannin. The Anbu units decided they would risk the Sannin living through the Hokage's brutal beating. The odds however were slime to none. Maybe just none as they watched flinching at some of the hits. Not a moment later Kakashi arrived along with Sakura after feeling the waves of chakra pulsing. Sakura was speaking with Kakashi for a check-up as they felt the chakra pulses. Kakashi made Sakura help him out of bed as they rushed to the scene. Upon their arrival Kakashi found his mentor's teacher at his teammates mercy. Scratch that, there was NO mercy what so ever. Sakura could only watch with wide eyes as her mentor was brutally annihilating the Toad Sannin.

"Tsu-" He stopped his sentence knowing she would not listen to him. Kakashi pulled out his favorite orange book as he sat against a nearby tree. He could do nothing. He could only pray for the writer of his precious orange book he'd live to write the sequel. 'Let us pray he lives' he giggled softly like a school girl spying her crush as he read his book. Kakashi noticed Sakura's glare as he brushed it off ignoring her stare. He was going to enjoy his book weither she liked it or not. It was the only way he could cancel out the cries of agony crying for his assistance from his book writing hero.

Sakura knew there was no stopping her mentor. She has never seen her this angry before. Sure she would smack Jiraiya around when he did something pervert, but this was beyond that. She looked as if she wanted to kill the poor man. Sakura knew if she got in the way she'd be in the same position as Jiraiya. 'What did Jiraiya do the Tsunade to get her so angry. She's never been like this. Not even when drunk.' She sweat-dropped at that last statement.

"SAKURA!" Sakura turned toward the voice as she saw Shizune jogging to her while holding onto Tonton.

"Shizune? What are you doing here?" She asked while tilting her head slightly.

Shizune wrapped both arms holding onto Tonton. "I felt the chakra pulse and rushed to the source. I found a hole in the floor that lead all the way down to the ground, and a gap in the wall leading out here. Do you know where Tsunade is?"

Sakura and Tonton both sweat-dropped at that last statement. 'How could she not notice?' Sakura pointed over to the side. "She's over there with Jiraiya." Shizune turned to where Sakura was pointing too. Only to find Tsunade mercilessly beating a half-dead Jiraiya.

Shizune's eyes grew wide in disbelief. "LADY TSUNADE!" Shizune screeched while squeezing Tonton causing her to squeal and squirm. Shizune rushed over to Tsunade and Jiraiya continuously calling out Tsunade's name. Kakashi, Anbu units, and Sakura only shook their heads. There was no stopping Tsunade right now. Only when she tires out will she stop. They are in for a long brutal show.

The Boar masked Anbu turned his head to the Bear masked user. "5 Ryu Jiraiya bites the dust...er...is brutally murdered. He's already swallowing the dust."

The Bear Anbu turned to the Boar Anbu, "What are you nuts?! We both know Jiraiya is gonna die! That's not a fair bet!"

Boar sighed he knew it was true, "I'm trying to raise Jiraiya's odds of living here. We both know bets made with the Hokage's winning side will make her lose. She's the Legendary Sucker after all."

The Bear nodded his head slowly, "You raise a good point. If it's to raise Jiraiya's odds of living I'll take that bet. Still need the next sequal to the Icha Icha series."

Both Anbu nodded their heads as they turned back to the massacre, as the flinched at every hard blow unleashed against the Toad Sannin. Perhaps it bet didn't raise his chances at all.


"Uh..What happened?" Naruto lays in shallow water as he shakes his head gently. "Man..my head feels funny." Lifting his upper body so he's sitting in the shallow water. He rubs his face with his hand as he uses his eyes to spy around the area. "I'm guessing the seal brought me back here." Naruto sighs as he stands back up patting his pants. "Better go see what fuzzy wants." Naruto turns around as he paces slowly in the all to familar area. His hands inside his pockets slightly hunched over bored. Moments later he stands roughly 25 feet from a gigantic, black bar gate with a paper tag "Seal" on it.

'Well lets see what he has to say now' Naruto takes his hands out of his pockets as he stands relaxed waiting for something or someone.

Seconds later reddish pink clouds foam from the bottom of the gates. The foam bubbles as if heating taking shape of three spheres. One giant sphere in the middle with two others on the side. Naruto stands patiently waiting for the spheres. 'Does fuzzy always have to make a flashy entrance?' Two eyes burst on the middle sphere. The red slitted eyes search the area frantically, before they lock onto Naruto narrowing. A mouth forms underneath the eyes with the nose of a fox. Lips are solid black with fangs snarling at Naruto. The smaller spheres on the side form into paws with long sharp claws connecting to the main. Slowly the giant fox leans toward Naruto.

"Welcome...Uzumaki." snarled the Giant fox. His mouth grinning as if eyeing his prey.

Naruto contained his relax stance, "What do you want?"

Fox growled in annoyance, "I've brought you here to..warn you Uzumaki."

"If you're here to warn me about Akatsuki. You're a bit too late fuzzy."

Fox lunged forward biting, forcing a loud echo to emit, only roughly two feet away from Naruto. However he did not budge. "I am Kyuubi no Kitsune. You WILL show me respect mortal!" Kyuubi's voice boomed through out the corridor as the shallow water formed a small wave.

Naruto gritted his teeth slightly, "I don't have to show you anything! Now what did you want to warn me about Fox?"

Kyuubi narrowed his eyes releasing a small killing intent he can squeeze through the seal. "You are no longer in your pathetic world mortal."

Naruto crossed his arms in front of his chest as he tilts his head to the side. "What are you talk-in about Fox?" His tone held confusion within it.

"That fool of a hermit's sealing technique...caused us to tear through another dimension. Alas we end up here." His tone was that of knowledge and superiority.

"Well where are we then?"

"I know not. You've been warned. Now BEGONE!" Kyuubi re-leashed his chakra that built up behind the seal crashing into Naruto. Naruto was thrown back out of his mind.


Naruto's eyes shot open unable to breathe. Searching his surrounding he gasps underwater as he quickly swims up to the surface. Popping out of the water above the surface Naruto gasps for air as he maintains his balance floating. Catching his breathe he notices he looks the same when Jiraiya was placing the seals on him. 'Pants check, Hitai-ate check, shirt not check, and green shiny necklace check!' Naruto looks around searching the area.

Upon observation he notices the area is that of a beach. Crystal clear blue water colliding into white sand, tall green palm trees, and rocky hills surrounding the area with grass atop. 'Nice place for another dimension.'

Naruto swam toward the white sand being cautious of his surroundings. Reaching the beach he looks around for any signs of life. 'Great, hope I'm not stranded on this island. I'll go crazy if I'm stranded! I might find some type of ball and name it Wilson!'

Looking toward the sky he notices the white puffy clouds littering the clear blue. 'So that's why Shikamaru likes watching the clouds. Hrm, here I thought it was just a show.' As he continues watching the sky the clouds suddenly expand. A loud boom echoes as a small dot rockets out toward the island elsewhere. 'What the hell was that?! Better go check it out.'

Naruto jumps onto the hills as he quickly jumps on top of the trees toward the landing. Checking his surrounding he notices he's in a small jungle. Trees swaying in the wind as birds and other animals chirp and howl. 'I could get used to this.' He smirks as he continues on to his target. Two to three minutes pass as he reaches the outskirts of a village. Said village is quite, buildings hand made with wood and fur. Smoke rising from the center of the town. 'Most be getting near dark, the sun is beginning to set. Should make this quick don't want to be in the dark.'

Naruto stealthily jumps off the tree as he lands on the side of a wall. Peaking over he notices the village people are celebrating with a bonfire in the center. 'That explains the smoke, but what about that thing from the sky.' Quickly Naruto bursts toward a hut remaining unseen. Peering over he can hear the cheers and mumbles of people gossiping. 'Wonder what they are so happy about. Oh god! I hope they aren't planning on sacrificing someone! Or eating someone! They might know I'm here and are waiting!' He begins to sweat bullets as he keeps watch not noticing the large presencebuilding behind him. Few seconds pass as the figure towers over Naruto, a grin emitting from the figure as his hands reach out to Naruto. Quickly the shadow's arm wraps around Naruto's neck holding him in a headlock.

"WHAT THE HELL?! LET GO OF ME YOU BASTARD!" Naruto franticily squirms trying to pry him off cursing a storm, since he didn't notice him.

"What are you doin' in our village? Here to start trouble, ya?" Shadow figures force held a strange accent unknown to Naruto.

"I'M NOT HERE TO CAUSE TROUBLE! LET ME GO!!" Naruto beings pushing off the figure's arms, but only for him to harden his hold. "ARGH! ONCE I GET OUT OF THIS YOU'LL BE SORRY!"

The shadow figure laughs heartly as he hears Naruto's rant. "If you ain't here for trouble why you here?"

"I saw something fall from the sky in this direction! I just came to see what it was! NOW LET ME GO!!" As Naruto increases his bulking the figure immediately releases causing Naruto to trip and fall face first. "Ow dammit! Now you decide to release me?!"

"You don't seem like you wanna cause trouble, ya. What's your name?" Asked the figure.

Naruto quickly regains his footing as he holds a nice guy pose. "Naruto Uzumaki! Konoha's Number One Unpredictable Knuckle-headed Ninja!" Hands on his hips smirking proudly.

The figure crosses his arms standing straight up. "Konoha? Never heard of it. Names Wakka, this here is Besaid Village." As the Sun begins to set an orange yellow glow covers the village allowing Naruto a view of the man.

Wakka's Hair was unheard of to Naruto. He could only stare at his orange hair. It stood up defying gravity with a slight curve at the tip. He had on a blue headband, yellow overalls with a shoulder guard on his left shoulder, Yellow baggy pants, and blue sandals. Yet Naruto could only stare at his hair.

"You're h-hair..it's ORANGE!" Naruto gasps out loud causing Wakka confusion.

"Eh? So what you gotta problem with that?"

"No! Orange is the best color ever! It's a gift from Kami himself!" Shouted the young blonde male.

Wakka let out a heartily laugh as he pats Naruto on the shoulder. "I like you. Anyone who likes orange is okay in my book, ya."

"I don't like it! I LOVE it! Orange is perfect! It's unique and shinies! It's my second favorite thing in the whole world after ramen!" Exclaimed Naruto.

Wakka look at Naruto with slight confusion. "What's Ramen?"

Naruto Uzumaki was silenced, for once in his life he had no comment. He was silent no noise escaped not even breathing. "What...did...you just...say?"

Wakka crossed his arms in front of his chest again. "What's ramen, ya?"

Naruto slapped his hands against his cheeks quickly shouting "NOOOOOOOO-!" Wakka quickly covered his ears with his hands as villagers turned to them staring.

Wakka quickly grabbed Naruto into a headlock as he looked at the villages with a sheepish smile. "Just found out he's lost, ya. Kinda over-reacted." Tightening his grip causing Naruto puff his cheeks out. "We'll be on our way, ya. Don't mind us." Villagers accept his statement as they went about their celebration.

Naruto squirmed his way out of Wakka's grip panting for breath. "You don't know what RAMEN is?! It's a gift from Kami himself! The Gods themselves feast on ramen for all it's glory! How can you not know what raman is?!"

Wakka placed a hand on his hip while the other scratches his head, "I've never been to a place that sells ramen, ya. I don't think any ones heard of it for that matter."

Naruto's face was of pure terror and horror. 'Never heard of ramen! These people are like cave men!! How can they not know what ramen is!! I WANNA GO ICHIRAKUS'!!' A small Naruto chibi silently cried inside his head as he chases a floating ramen never catching it.

"Wakka! What are you doing over here?" Voiced a female voice. Her voice tone was held in intelligence and maturity.

"Sorry, Lu I found this guy sneakin around and got to know him, ya. He's a good guy nothin to worry about." Waved of Wakka.

Naruto snapped out of his depressing world to view the older woman in the basking sunset. She had purple lips with pale skin and light red eyes. Her hair was jet-black covering the left side of her face while the back of her hair was held with pins sticking out holding a long braided hairs trailing down to her back. Lu's outfit put Anko to shame. She wore black mixed gray coat with several belt buckles intercrossing holding the fabric together. It was held on her bust exposing the top part of her bust and shoulders. Tan fluffy material went around the top part of the dress, and long sleeves down to her hands. Naruto couldn't help, but blush. 'Jiraiya would so be in love with you.' Naruto sweat dropped after saying that.

Lu's gaze turned to Naruto sizing him up. "Who are you?"

"Naruto Uzumaki at your service lady!" exclaimed Naruto with a smug grin. "What's your name, Lady?"

"I am Lulu. Why are you here in Besaid? There are no other villages on this island."

Naruto shrugged slightly, "No idea. One minute I'm in Konoha with Jiraiya. Next, I'm here with this head locking lug." Pointing toward Wakka.

"Hey, Hey don't make me put you in another, ya!" Wakka patted his bicep with a grin.

"So, what do you two do here? Farm, fish, or something?" Questioned Naruto.

Lulu returned his gaze to Naruto. "We are Lady summoner Yuna's guardians. What of you Uzumaki?"

Naruto pointed a thumb into his chest with a cheesy grin. "I'm a ninja from Konoha! The best ninja I should say!" Naruto put both fists against against his hips.

Lulu put her right hand finger tips against her forehead and her left hand holding her right elbow up, shaking her head. "Perhaps we should take this conversation elsewhere. Lets go into my hut to continue our conversation as to how you got here.

Wakka and Naruto nodded as they followed Lulu.

Seconds before they arrived one question was bugging Naruto.

"What's a guardian and summoner?"

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