(Mushroom Rock)

The sound of giggles and chuckles fill the atmosphere as three teenagers chat amongst themselves happily, as a fiery red head woman, a dull gray haired woman, and a sun-kissed blond smile while they chatter as they overlook the sea. The three teenagers chatting about moments of their past, travels, and telling jokes and fun moments they have encountered. After all they are young and childish, yet each has not had a past of innocence. To be young yet have such depressing pasts. Even so they have pressed on and found others who have been through similar trials, yet now they prepare for a battle. But they choose not to be nervous or worried. They choose to smile and laugh amongst themselves without a care in the world.

With a dying chuckle the sun kissed blond turns away as he gazes toward a path into the depths of the Mushroom Rock. With the passing of a mental shrug he turns his attention toward the fiery red head and the dull gray haired women. "Ah, sorry about that felt like there was someone looking at me for a moment, so where was I? Oh yea! I finally got angry the pervert never came back so I went out to look for him. Do you know where I found him?" He glances between the two women as he lets out a small sigh. "I found him peeking at a hot spring. It was the first place I looked too."

Running his hand through his sun kissed hair he continues on with his tale, "I was angry he wasn't helping me train, but peeking! I still don't know why I bothered to have him train me. Sometimes I think it was too much trouble than what it was worth. Anyway so I wanted to pull a prank on him. I do it every time I find him peeking though. So I snuck by him I used an illusion technique, and then went into the women's area. When I got in the dressing area was empty, so I ran toward the sauna. I opened the door and shouted 'There's a pervert peeking through over there!' I have never seen women get so angry in my life." He bellows out in laughter as he recalls the man's expression when exposed and caught. He notices however the other two are not laughing. His laughter dies out as he looks at them. "Um...was it not funny?"

Both women glare toward the blond teenager as anger shows through their eyes. As the gray haired woman crosses her arms calmly over her chest while shifting her weight onto her right leg she speaks. "You mean you used an illusion to sneak into the woman's area of the sauna? Into the dressing room and the area where they were exposed in the sauna? Does that not make you a pervert as well?"

"What, you got it all wrong! I did not use the illusion to peek inside the women's bath! I would never do that! How can you call me a pervert for playing a prank on the real pervert?" He glances between the fiery red head and the dull gray haired women, yet neither seem to change expression or stance. "What's with that look? You two don't believe me? I'm not a pervert I'm telling you!"

"Naruto you're a pervert."

Naruto gaps as his arms hang loosely, "I...I'm not a pervert!" He spins around crouching as his finger writes out 'I'm not a pervert' on the ground. "I'm not a pervert. I'm not a pervert I tell you...I don't like perverts so how can I be one? You two are so mean to me." He lowers his head as he sulks. "Okay, so I went into the women's bath side with an illusion that doesn't make me a pervert does it? I mean I didn't go in to peek, but to prank the pervert."

Paine's lips twitch into a smirk as her hand shifts to rest on her hip altering her center of gravity. "What are you so gloomy for? It's not like you at all. We were only teasing you, so don't get all bent out of shape." Amber snickers to herself as she watches Paine tease Naruto. It's an interesting sight to see Naruto in such a gloomy state from his usual happy-go-lucky self.

Naruto looks up toward Paine with sparkling eyes, "Really? You really mean it? You really don't think I'm a pervert?" Naruto's eyes shift into sparkling ocean blue as he gazes into Paine's piercing red eyes with hope. Amber rubs her eyes as her mind plays tricks on her about seeing a rose garden background on Naruto.

Paine shifts her head toward her other shoulder as she never take her eyes off of Naruto. "No, I still think you're a pervert." Naruto's sparkling eyes shatter as he crouches once again sulking to him. Paine gazes off toward the ocean as the sun rises higher into the sky. "We should get into position. I think the operation may start in a moment or two." Amber turns her gaze toward Paine joining her in watching the sun rise.

With a sigh, Naruto rises to his feet as he smiles once again. "Yea, I was just thinking that. Let's split up into our position and lay low till the battle. We don't know if they would try to throw us out if we are caught." His gaze joins the two women in their watch of the sun as a gentle breeze blows through their hair. "You two should be careful though. I don't want to have to save your butts if you get in trouble."

Both of the teenage ladies smirk at the blonds' comment. Paine lets out a small humph as Amber replies back, "Hah, you talking about me getting in trouble? You must have hit your empty head earlier. We aren't the ones who are going to need saving but you." Paine nods her head silently in agreement with the fiery red head.

Naruto smirks, "Yeah yeah whatever you say, but I mean it. You two make sure to be careful, alright?"

Paine speaks in agreement as she nods her head, "Don't worry about us. We will just be taking care of the small fry. You worry about yourself. After all you will be going up again Sin, right?"

"I know that, but I need to make sure you two are careful otherwise it will be nagging at me throughout the fight." Naruto looks at both the two women with concern.

Amber releases a small humph as she backhands Naruto's shoulder, "She told you did she not? We will be alright. We aren't weaklings after all. We can take care of ourselves so don't worry about us. Just focus on your part of the operation. We will do our part so don't let us down."

Naruto smirks, "Who do you think you're talking to? I am Naruto Uzumaki! Future Hokage of Konohakagure! No way could I call myself the future Hokage if I could not complete something this small. Let's do this." Naruto places his fist out between the three of them."

"Yea let's show that fiend not to mess with us!" Amber thrusts her fist out onto Naruto's with a confident smile.

Paine calmly reaches her fist out toward the fiery red head's and sun kissed blonds' fists. "Sounds like fun. You can count me in." With a battle shout from Amber and Naruto the three comrades kick off toward their destinations. Paine rushes down a path toward the beach, Amber sprints up a path leading toward the overlooking cliffs, as Naruto rushes out toward the tower on the cliff hanging over the sea.

(Same time at the Crusader's Headquarters)

Ominous clouds seep through the blue sky as a group of travelers pass through the Crusader Headquarters with their Chocobo Knight guides. Jiraiya studies the field in case of an emergency scenario. A ninja must always be prepared for an attack. After all it could end one's life instantly if unprepared within a second. Yet he feels an anonymous aura about the atmosphere. Not of death...yet has a death feel to it a darkness shadowing over the camp, but no evil. Indeed a difficult aura to use words to describe.

Yuna paces through the Headquarters as Jiraiya is upon her left and Lulu upon her right, but she notices the both of them seem...tense or cautious. She is able to feel something...something that she cannot describe. It is a foreign atmosphere to her that she has yet to encounter. She glances toward Lulu as her exotic mature facial features remain blank and forward. Shifting her glance toward Jiraiya his face is also blank, yet his eyes remain in motion. Yuna slowly scoots closer toward Jiraiya as she tugs on his sleeve. "Is something the matter?"

Jiraiya feels a soft tug on his sleeve. He had known it was Yuna as she had motioned closer to his person. His eyes remain analyzing the field as he answers the petite teenager. "Nothing is wrong for the moment. Why do you ask is something wrong?"

Yuna clasps her fingers together in front of her personal as she walks beside Jiraiya. "Well...I do not really know. This place feels strange...I have not felt this type of atmosphere in my life...What is this that I am feeling?" Her eyes gaze toward Jiraiya as he remains passive and calm.

Jiraiya's eyes quickly dart toward Yuna before returning to recon the field and total the number of troops in their ranks. "I cannot really describe it myself. It is difficult to explain, but I can tell you this. It is not a good feeling that I am for certain about." Yuna glances down at her boots as her pacing makes soft thuds upon the earth they walk on. Jiraiya does not know, yet he says it is not a good feeling. So then would it be a bad feeling? Would it be evil that she is feeling? Wait if it was then would he of just said so? If Jiraiya does not know then who would? For the short time she has known him he is immensely knowledgeable and wise.

"Do you feel it as well Jiraiya?"

Jiraiya shifts to get a view of Lulu as her features have remained unchanged as when Yuna gazed at her. He himself returns to his features before gazing at the woman. "Yeah I do, but I can't describe the feeling. It is a very unique aura no evil, yet no good from it. For now I can only really call it unpleasant till I find the right words to describe it."

Lulu faintly nods in agreement even if Jiraiya is unable to see her. "You are correct. Not even I can describe the aura of this place, but it's true it is very unpleasant. For now all we can do is remain on our guard. It feels as if something is about to begin. We have arrived be on your guard."

Upon their arrival at their destination Auron is met with a well-fed man in orange and white robe with a matching cap. As words are exchanged he notices the mood of tension amongst the two. Obviously there must have been some sort of...disagreement between the two. Of course it is not his business so he will stay out of their affairs. Taking a step forward to join in the converse he is hit with an immense aura. More powerful then when they had arrived at their destination.

His eyes quickly scan over the immediate area as he spies the source of the aura quickly. He notices large cubed shaped object roofed by a violet colored cover. Focusing upon the cubed object he notices it is not still. No the cube object is moving...it is bigger than the cage he had seen earlier. Obviously there must be some kind of beast in it, and by the security it has must be a violent one.

His ears pick up the sound of a heated debate from the group beside him, but his attention is not focused on them. No it is focused on the caged beast which is becoming more aggressive with each passing second. Jiraiya's senses pick up on Yuna beside him as she calls out his name. Before she could fully say his name he places his hand on her shoulder quickly. Yuna stares at Jiraiya with confusion as he holds his finger up to his lips for her to keep quiet as his eyes never leave the caged beast.

As he pulls his finger from his lips the soldiers begin retreat from the caged beast. Two soldiers pull on a nearby rope lifting the violet cover from the beast. Jiraiya's eyes widen before narrowing as he is able to see the beast's form. It is like he has never seen before. The beast head is that of a red centipede, a long tan colored neck resembling a centipede's body and legs, the base of the beast with that of a scorpion, and its two shell like arms smashing into the cage as it lets out a deafening howl.

Jiraiya feels Yuna motion behind him as she has a small grip on his right arm. He can feel her emotions pouring into him from his training with Sarutobi. Jiraiya is able to tell she is frightened yet she is summoning up her courage to not flee from the foe. Her grip tightens upon his sleeve as she speaks. "I...It's a sinspawn! Why...why do they have a sinspawn caged?"

Lulu's footsteps are easily heard along with the rest of the group as they stand their ground next to Jiraiya and Yuna. "I see...so they plan to draw Sin to them while using this beast as bait. What foolishness this is. Do they really believe they are able to keep that beast caged for long?"

The fiend's shell claws smash into the steel bars as they cry out under the pressure. Jiraiya frowns as he gently tugs his arm out of Yuna's grasp slipping into a stance. "Obviously they are unable to keep the beast...fiend caged for long. Seems like we're going to have to fight otherwise it will attack us and innocents."

Lulu steps beside Jiraiya as she slowly pulls out a miniature doll the size of an object you would place on a key ring from her person. "It would appear we are in agreement for once. We shall have to fight, but you have not fought alongside us before so we do not know how to compliment your techniques into ours."

Jiraiya lets a small smirk grace his face as he eyes the fiend, "Don't you worry about that. I will be the one complimenting your skills and techniques with mine." Jiraiya glances left then right as he takes in the choice in weapons from his companions. "Judging from weapon choices we'll have Auron, Tidus, and Kimahri in the front lines. Wakka and I shall take the mid-field as you and Yuna take the rear, agreed?"

Before a reply is made toward the white haired hermit a booming sound erupts from the field as the ground quakes. Yuna and Lulu aid each other to hold their stance as Jiraiya widens his footing for balance. Both Auron and Kimahri stab their weapons into the hard crust enabling them as a stand while Wakka crouches near the ground. Tidus in surprise panics causing his footing to crumble and collapse him toward the earth.


Battle cries erupt from the field of battle as mysterious objects to Jiraiya rain from the heavens upon the earth. Within seconds the objects hatch into bug-like fiends as he describes. His thoughts are shattered upon an erupting roar from his north. Steel shatters as the sinspawn forces his claw through the cage with raw strength. Upon natural instinct the fiend charges toward the group with a battle roar.

Jiraiya rushes through a set of hand signs as he ends in a snake seal. "Earth Element, Earth Rising Wall!" Within seconds three walls erupt in a half circle blocking off the fiends relentless charge. Jiraiya remains in the snake seal as the beast rams into the earth made walls. "Change of plans! Tidus, Kimahri, and Wakka deal with the smaller fiends! Auron, Lulu, and I shall deal with the big one. Yuna you support both parties when needed. Wakka will keep an eye on you so no harm comes to you, move!" Dropping the snake seal he flashes through another set ending in the tora seal. Inhaling a deep breath Jiraiya quickly exhales a dragon of flame, "Fire Element, Fire Dragon Flame Blast!"

As Jiraiya drops the snake seal the fiend crushes through the wall of crust with a howl. With a sense of danger pinging within his mind the beast curls into a sphere as its shell-like claws defend its body from the scorching heat. The dragon of flame clashes with the immoveable shell-claw the respective party members' dash toward their assignments within the battle.

Jiraiya halts his exhale as his breathe runs short refreshing his breathe. Auron rockets forward with his sword poise to piece the fiend. Arching his blade Auron vertically strikes down at the fiend, but his sword is forced to a halt upon impact with a dull thud. Auron tilts his head toward the side at the result before retreats back to Jiraiya as they plot their new strategy. Jiraiya frowns upon what he had seen. If he had to categorize this fiend upon the elements of the Elemental Countries he would be earth. His defense is solid needing to plan out a strategy to either chip at his defense or shatter through with an unstoppable force.

Jiraiya glances back quickly catching a glimpse of Lulu then back toward the head of the fiend. "We will need to see what else this fiend can do. Auron and I shall attack up close while you, Lulu, shall attack from afar, but focus on his head. After we know what he can do we shall bring him down with a quick and powerful blow."

Auron nods as he perfects his stance ready at a moment's notice to strike. Lulu lets her live doll stand beside her as her hands reach for the empty dark sky, "Understood."

Jiraiya lets a small smile show upon his lips. This is what it feels like to adventure. Meeting new foes, comrades with unique abilities you've never seen before, new places to explore, but most of all a sense of being alive. "Let's bring this guy down!" Simultaneously Auron and Jiraiya dart toward the fiend as two separate trails lag behind them.

(Main beach facing toward the ocean)

"Slaughter them all! Show no mercy!"

Battle cries rule the now dark beach as the Chocobo Knights and Crusaders rush out to sea engaging near hundreds of sinspawns falling from clouds into the dark covered sea. Captain Lucil remains mounted upon her personal Chocobo stampeding through the endless number of spawns as her battle instincts controlling over the once calmed and collected captain.

Her sword pierces through fiends upon her right arching her blade over vertically striking a foe upon her left as her Chocobo rams incoming spawns from the front. Lucil shouts in rage as her body twists slicing a fiend in mid-air from her rear horizontally. Returning to her original position she continuously shouts in rage as she thrusts her blade forward piercing an oncoming fiend.

Within the few moments that have passed she had failed to notice her comrades being pushed back from the onslaught of spawns. She has become vulnerable to attacks from all directions. With no time to retreat four fiends leap from all four of her directions. Battle instincts pumping for survival comes forth as she thrusts her blade toward her left slaying one of the four Lucil then slashes her blade horizontally toward the front slicing the second fiend in two. Preparing for her third attack a sudden pain shocks her body from her attacking arm as blood seeps from her forearm a metallic object imbedded into her skin from a long range spawn.

Lucil braces herself to guard against both the attacks as much as she can, but her instinct whispers this is her demise. A death upon that battlefield is great honor for a soldier, a captain of a unit, but...she doesn't feel honor...nor does she feel pride. Even with her adrenaline coursing through her body she is afraid. No longer able to smile, to feel the wind upon ones cheek, making fond memories with those close to you, and to not be able to find a person whom she can return home to. Lucil feels regret. Her life is going to end in a flash with no warning, yet that is the way of the battlefield. This is the path she has chosen the path of the sword.

"Look forward…Go forward…"

Lucil's hears a sound of a slight whisper from a female voice. Her opens as she gazes toward the ground. Lifting her head she is met with a warrior in black with a cruel blade slicing through the two offending fiends showing no mercy.

"Never stand still…Retreat…and you will age."

With a swift movement of a feline she slices through the front lines of the fiends leaving a void within the mass as she spirals around with her sword thrusting in a diagonal slash before slicing a charging fiend in two.

"Hesitate and you will die."

The unknown warrior slowly turns toward the wounded captain with her piercing red eyes looking down upon her figure. Lucil feels a drawn out period of time passing, but reality refuses to slow for a seconds pause.

"Choose…do you live…or die?"

The dull gray haired woman turns her back on her as she readies her sword at her side before dashing into the swarm of fiends. Lucil looks down at her wound before the ground. Grunting she casts a first-aid spell on her wound.

Grasping the hilt of her sword she follows after the unknown warrior. Fighting her way in with her new found comrade-in-arms.

(Sinspawn Boss Location)

Kimahri grunts as his footing skids along the hard earth crust as he comes to a halt with his grip tightening upon his pole. His eyes narrowing dangerously toward the spawn minions as their wings flicker brightly. His instincts ping furiously alerting him of danger to come from the minions. "Wings dangerous. Be aware." Kimahri shifts the tip of his spear higher as he shifts into a defense stance for the danger to come.

"Yea you don't gotta tell me that!" Tidus grunts as his free forearm wipes a small drip of blood from his lips. These fiends are supposed to be small fry, yet they are much stronger then when he first fought them in Zanarkand. Their speed, strength, and intelligence are much greater than those within his first encounter, but he had also gotten stronger since then from their many battles against fiends. So why is he having so much trouble against these? If not for Yuna and her white magic he may not be standing now.

Wakka pants heavily as his lungs struggle to keep a high supply of oxygen. Being a support fighter in the backlines does not require much effort, but accuracy, skill, and tactic yet these fiends are not stupid. Many of the oncoming fiends have not gone for the frontlines, but have gone around ambushing Yuna requiring him to fight waves of fiends by himself, or what little help Yuna can provide being a support caster.

With a piercing screech the fiends' wings flutter into the dark sky as their wings glow a solid color. Flapping their wings forward another piercing screech vibrates through the air as deadly needles rain toward the group of fighters. Kimahri, Tidus, and Wakka shield their vitals with their weapons or arms unable to evade from the barrage of deadly spikes.

"Armor of Light, halt physical might!"

Yuna shifts her footing for balance as she grips her staff parallel with the earth closing her eyes in concentration. Blue light springs forth from the ground in front of the three warriors who are fighting against the horde of spawns. The blue light shields against the path of the deadly spikes from the warriors as Yuna squeezes her eyes as the deadly spikes slam into the shield of blue light as they turn into dust upon impact. The deadly barrage continuously pounds upon the shield of blue light wanting to pierce through the wall toward their desired target. Her statue weakens as she continuously focuses her mental strength to hold the shield strong from their barrage.

Kimahri glances toward Yuna's tiring state as he silently gazes at her. Noticing her short rigid breathes increasing in speed, sweat glistening down her body as her hair sticks upon her face while her footing begins to vibrate from merely standing upon her feet. Turning his head his gaze meets the earth as he motions his palm into his sight. He gazes are his hand with a far off look as his yellow bestial eyes showing internal struggle within himself. With a second glance toward Yuna he returns his gaze at his palm. With a grit of his teeth he clenches his fist tightly as his fur stands on end.

Taking two steps back from the shield he raises his javelin to stab the ground near his feet. With quick movements he stabs the javelin into the crusted earth as his legs press into the earth before a massive leap into the sky. Tidus and Wakka gaze in awe as he ascends the heavens over the spawns while Yuna is unable to see as she continues to hold the shields with what little strength she has remaining. Gravity soon takes greater effect upon Kimahri as his acceleration into the sky diminishes to zero.

Kimahri raises his javelin over his shoulder as his right knee raises toward mid-chest level. Rocketing toward the earth he lets out a massive roar before he thrusts his right foot into the earth upon impact causing an earth shattering Thunder Clap.

Earth rises from the ground as a light emits from the web engraved in the earth before lightning begins to crackle upon the spawns. The crust of the earth raises and sinks as pieces collapse upon one another from the web engraved upon the surface from the thunder clap. The spawns caught within the earth of web are buried beneath its cold crust crushed upon their weight.

Kimahri stabs his blunt end of his javelin into the earth as he crouches upon all four. His blue fur standing upon end as a deep growl rumbles through the atmosphere. Slamming his fist into the earth he lets out a berserk roar as he lashes out toward the nearest spawn with his claws. With the slaying of a fiend Kimahri bellows out a cry of victory from his first kill. At the end of his cry he lashes out at any sudden movement slashing, clawing, and biting as if he is possessed like an untamed beast trapped within a corner.

Tidus gazes in awe at Kimahri's sudden rage. He had known Kimahri was not fully human, but this is as if he is a pure beast from the wild. Tidus alters his gaze toward Wakka who is also watching with a grime expression upon his face. "Hey Wakka, is this a good or bad thing? I mean Kimahri is demolishing them, but is he supposed to act like that?"

Wakka remains quiet as he watches through the blue wall of light as while his body tensing upon every slain foe that had crossed Kimahri's path of rage his silent expression answering Tidus's question. Of course this is a bad thing. Kimahri's race is different from the guado. They unlike the guado have dominating feral instincts. They must learn the skills of interacting with humans and Guado, yet if their feral instincts were able to take complete control all of what was learned may be lost. If only he could break through the barrage from the front line spawns, but Kimahri had broke through toward their rear from the sky. If this keeps on Kimahri may very well become a beast once again controlled by only his feral instincts.

Tidus gazes down as he looks at the earth confused, but Wakka's expression is not one he has ever seen on the cheerful man's face. To not respond must mean it can't be good, yet they are unable to help. Tidus slams his fist into the ground with a pound from his strength, "Tch! Is this what it feels like to be useless?"

Yuna's knees begin to tremble from the repeated barrage of spikes upon her barriers protecting the fighters within the deadly path their continuous assault dominating her mental power. 'I must stay strong!' Yuna encourages herself with every ounce of will she has finding what power she has to protect her companions from their assault, yet her conscious is hanging loosely. The wall of light slowly begins to crack upon the lack of strength holding the wall together. Yuna forces more magic power toward the light as she is nearly collapsed.


The yell of a female is quickly followed by a crashing boom from the front line spawns collapsing them under the rubble as the earth splits into two. The barrage of spikes is destroyed as the front line spawns are buried under the cave-in chunks of earth. The blue wall of light diminishes as Yuna collapses to her knees from the magic strength she had to pour into the advanced spell. Her breath is quick and heavy as she gazes up to her companions, "I'm sorry...I tried."

"Whoa..." Tidus gazes upon the demolished front lines of the spawns as he looks toward the source. Within his line of sight is a woman that he assumes is near his age with her fist at the source of the split in the earth. Her smirk showing upon her lips as her hair hangs loosely over the side of her smooth skin. Lifting her fist from the earth she stands while cracking her knuckles.

"Sorry I'm late, but I got a little lost on my way." Her left foot slides forward as her left arm stretches forward in a martial arts stance with a grin forming upon her lips. "Fiery Amber has arrived to save the day!" With a quick motion of her back and front legs she rockets forward toward the spawn as her palm clashes into the skull of first unlucky spawn. Amber's force continues forward as she follows the moment in a full spin with an axe kick following up with her spin into the skull of a second.

Tidus gazes at the fiery red head as she forces her way through the spawns with little effort. An amazed grin forms on his face as he watches her before lifting his first into the air in front of his chest. "Alright, that's what I'm talking about!" Tidus shifts his gaze toward Wakka quickly, "Now is our chance! I'm going in you protect Yuna she will need the protection." Tidus speeds off with his sword at his side with a battle cry he joins into the fray slashing into countless spawns.

Wakka quickly runs towards Yuna's side as he puts her arm around his neck helping the young woman to her feet. "Forgive me...I was not strong enough." Her voice is soft as a whisper as her chest heaves with her breathing. Yuna's staff loosely held within her free hand at her side as she wobbles on her feet with Wakka's aid.

Wakka grins with a cheesy expression upon his usual cheerful face. "What ya talk'n about? You did great! If it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here, ya." Wakka speaks truthfully as he is amazed with her magical strength to hold that wall of light from the barrage. That spell is advanced and takes much magical and mental strength to hold for long periods of time. Helping her walk to a nearby boulder he helps sit her on it. With his now free hands he reaches into a pocket upon his clothing as he pulls out a bottle with a blue liquid. "This will help you recover some of you magical powers. It isn't very strong so drink it and rest up a bit."

Yuna reaches out with a shaking hand as she grabs the bottle bringing it toward her chest. "Thank you...Wakka. I'll be sure to return as soon as I am able to." As she looks at Wakka's face she is met with a caring smile.

"Don't worry too much. You have done enough just rest up as much as you need. We can handle the rest, ya." Wakka grins as he flexes an arm while patting his bicep with his free hand. "Besides I can't let you and they take all the credit, ya!" Wakka relaxes on the inside as Yuna releases a weary chuckle from her lips. "I gotta go help them fight the fiends off now. You drink that potion and rest up. I'll be back soon as I can." Wakka reaches into another pocket as he pulls out a small spherical pill with little pressure a small crack is emitted before the pill swells into a blitzball. "I'm off and remember rest up, ya!" Wakka waves at the young woman with his free hand before he turns and sprints off into the chaos within the spawns.

Yuna gazes at the blue liquid before she pops the cap and taking a small gulp of the liquid. She cannot help but feel as if she was not strong enough even with Wakka praising her. She still feels as if she must grow even stronger, so she may not be a hinder upon them and may stay by their side the whole battle. Yuna finishes the potion with a second gulp as she places the bottle on the boulder. With the aid of her staff she stands to her feet as she slowly paces toward the battle. She was never one to listen to Wakka.

(Over Hanging Cliffs)

Naruto remains sitting on a cliff hidden from sight as he gazes out toward the sea. He crosses his arms sitting cross-legged with a bored expression. "Man…What's taking so long…Shouldn't he be here already?" Letting out a sign he groans out before scratching the back of his head. "Man, I hate waiting! It's so boring!" He stares out toward the sea with a scrunched expression as he motions his left knee up and down with his palm on it.


"What?!" Naruto collapses back onto his rear as he looks around in all directions. He hears footsteps of those above him as he quickly stands to his feet. "What's going on up there?" He hears a screeching roar of a beast. Preparing to leap over toward the sound he is interrupted with a shout.


Naruto halts before he whips around toward the sea before his eyes gazing upon the large form rising out from the sea. He grins as he wipes the corner of his lip with his thumb before biting it. "There you are you little Bastard."

Kicking off toward the sea he runs through a series of hand signs before thrust his right hand down as his left holds his wrist. "Summoning Technique!" The sea is engulfed in a large puff of white smoke as the battle draws near.

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