A/N: I have been really having some issues with the current storyline, and the way some characters are written right now. So, I decided an update was in order. Enjoy!

Markko actually could not wait to get to school for once. He knew that he was going to have to deal with Lola around every corner, having to watch her give he and Langston dirty looks that she thought no one noticed. He thought about talking to Langston about it, but figured it was in one ear, out the other. He wished he knew how to tell Langston what he truly thought about Lola and how there was something not right about her. He finally made it to school and saw Langston and Lola by her locker.

He ignored Lola's smile and kiss Langston good morning. They both pulled away a while later. "Good morning to you too, Markko." He wrapped his arms tightly around her.

"I missed you last night."

She smiled at him. "Me too. Not that Lola's not good company."

Markko looked at Lola. "Hey Lola, are you excited about school?"

She smiled big at Markko. "I am excited. Do I have any classes with you?"

"Um, I don't know. Lang, can I talk to you alone for a minute?"

"Markko, I really shouldn't leave Lola alone on her first day." He rolled his eyes.

"Fine, whatever. I'll talk to you later then." He kissed her on her cheek and went to his first class, really annoyed. Langston watched him leave, sad.

"Did I do something?"

Lola put her arms around Langston, thinking about her plan to make Markko hers. "Langston, I really think that Markko takes you for granted.'


"It just seems like he is always ignoring you and after what you told us last night; maybe he is just using you for sex."

Langston could not believe what Lola was saying. "You don't know Markko. He loves me."

Lola thought about it. "I saw him talking to a girl this morning is all. Don't you think he should only talk to you?"

"I do not know why you're saying this, but we should get to class." Langston was really frustrated. Her conversation with Markko was really weird and now she did not know what to believe. Markko didn't take her for granted. She sat in her classes all morning thinking about what was happening. She did not understand any of it. She knew that she needed to find Markko after school. She really hoped he was not working today. She needed to sort all this out. She spent all of lunch looking for him. She did not know where he had disappeared to. She felt ready to cry most of the afternoon. She at least had AP Biology to look forward to. She knew that she would run into him during that lunch. She just had to make it until then.


Markko did his best to avoid Langston and Lola most of the day. He was not really mad at Langston. It was more Lola. He had this feeling that he could not get rid of, and it frustrated him how Langston refused to see what was going on. He was really nervous about seeing her in AP Biology and he really hoped Lola was not in there. He could deal with Starr any day. She was one of his closest friends, but he was fed up with Lola and she had only been at school one day. He made his way to class

Langston was glad that Lola was not in AP classes so she could deal with Markko without her. She had not seen Starr much, but figured she was busy with her dad's trial. She saw Starr was already in class and so was Markko. She took a deep breath, and went and sat down. She decided to turn around. "Hi."

"Hey, where's your shadow?"

"My shadow?"

"Your cousin"

"Oh, she's not in AP classes, actually."

"Oh, that's cool. Did you study for the quiz?"

"You know I didn't Markko. Remember we had sex instead?"

He tried to smile. "That's right, we did.'

Langston was tired of making small talk. "Markko, where have you been all day?"

"I've been around."

"With the girl you were with this morning?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Lola told me she saw you with a girl this morning."

Markko was starting to get really frustrated. "The only girls I have talked to today is you, Lola, and Starr." Starr turned around to say hi to them but automatically could tell they were arguing and turned back around right away.

"Yeah, whatever you say Markko. Why are you lying to me?"

"Have you ever thought she's lying?"

"Why would she do that?" Markko looked up and saw Mr. J come in.

"Great, just what I need right now."

"What was that, Mr. Rivera?"

"It was nothing!"

Langston turned around still completely upset. She thought about flirting with Mr. J but knew that would just make it worse, but she was really upset. She managed to make it through class without crying and when the bell rang, she practically ran out of class. Starr looked at Markko. "What's that about?"

"Starr, don't worry about it."

"You and Langston love each other. Don't fight over stupid stuff."

"Starr, I don't trust Lola. I think she's trying to break me and Langston up."

Starr sat back down and he did too. "Markko, Langston's my best friend but I don't trust Lola either. I watched her at UV on New Year's Eve with you. She's into you."

"I know, but she has no chance. I love Langston. I always will."

"Just go find her and show her you love her and don't want to fight."

"I think I will."

"Markko, Langston told me and Lola last night about you two. Please be careful. I lost the person I love not being careful."

"I'll keep that in mind." Markko went and searched everywhere for Langston. He saw Vanessa picking Lola up but Langston's car was still at school. He tried to think where she could be. He finally found her in the park by their school sitting on the bench. "There you are. I've been looking everywhere." She had her head down and he went and sat by her but she still didn't look at him. He lifted her chin. "Are you crying?"

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "Do you care?"

"Langston, how can you say that?"

"I love you more than anything. Of course I care."

"Then, why were you talking to another girl?"

"Langston, I wasn't at all."

"Markko, I just don't know what to believe."

"Believe in us. Believe that this is the exact place that you told me the truth about your parents and that you loved me too."

She smiled at him. "I do believe that. I love you so much." She leaned in and kissed him. He deepened the kiss and wrapped his arms around her tight, still kissing her. "Markko," she said breathlessly, "Let's get out of here."

"Where do you want to go?"

"La Boulaie. Dorian's somewhere cleansing her aura, and I think everyone's still out."

He smiled at her again and kissed her passionately again. "Let's get out of here."

When they arrived back at La Boulaie, she pulled him up the back stairs and kissed him passionately all the way back to her room. She closed the door and moved him over to the bed, still kissing him. She undressed him and he did the same. "I love you so much, Langston."

"I love you too, Markko." He kissed her neck and lay her down and made passionate love to her. She laid her head on his chest afterwards. "Your heart is beating so fast."

"Well, that would be your fault." She ran her fingers over his chest and smiled.

"How is it my fault?"

"Well…there's…you…leave me alone." She smiled at him and kissed him deep again and moved on top of him when the door opened and Lola walked in.

"Oh My God, I didn't know you were in here."

Langston moved off of him and covered herself up. "Lola, can you wait downstairs?"

Lola made herself cry. "I don't know what to do and now you're mad. You two aren't mad are you?" She said as she started freaking out in Spanish but still not leaving. "Langston, how could you? See I told you he uses you for sex."

Langston wrapped the blankets tight around herself. "You don't know what you're talking about. You're freaking us out. Can you get out now?!?!"

Markko did not know what to make of it and just made sure he was covered too. Lola looked at Markko. "Is that what you want?"

"Without a doubt, now get out."

"I am going home. Langston, I guess you don't care." She slammed the door and smiled when she was on the other side.

Langston looked at Markko strange. "What was that?"

"Langston, she's into me. That was freaky. We are naked here and were making love and she wouldn't leave."

"She's my cousin. I don't know what to do."

"Do you believe me?"

"Of course, I always do. Markko, can you just hold me?"

"Always." He held her tight, worried about what would happen. Lola clearly was unbalanced. Lola got home, and sat on her bed. She opened her phone to the picture of her, Langston, and Markko that she had cropped Langston out of.

"Everything's working out, and soon you will be mine.

To Be Continued…

Will Langston be able to truly open her eyes before it's too late? Will Markko be able to resist her completely? Stay Tuned