Hey i hope you really enjoy this story. i really like the idea.

I watched as the crowd passed in the morning hustle. It was an ordinary market day, packed and noisy.

I saw the recruiter on the opposite side of the street. I looked left and right for a gap on the crowd. There! I jumped into the small space and fought my way to the other side. Finally I was out of the crowd and face to face with the recruiter.

I straightened, looked him directly in the eyes and said boldly, "My name is Edward Mason; I would like to join the army."

He smiled with a glint of malice behind it and motioned me into the tent that was set up. I took a deep breath, and went into the tent.

"We are sending some of you out to Europe but some of you are going to stay here and protect our shores. After Pearl Harbor we aren't taking any chances. Now if I call your name then that means you'll be staying here."

I stood at attention waiting with bated breath. I would love to see the world and go to Europe but it would be more then just a pleasure cruise, we would be fighting and killing. Maybe staying home would be such a bad idea...

"Jasper Whitlock, Edward Mason…" I walked over to the group that was staying here. Not aware that this would be the best and worst point of my life.

I know this is really short but i promise to update soon!