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I paused, gathering my surroundings. Everything seemed surreal. The house stood silent and peaceful, inviting me into it. I looked down to see Bella. She was anxious but, as usual, beautiful. She no longer wore a walking boot on her ankle, but you would have hardly seen it under her gorgeous dress.

I walked to the door and opened it. The house echoed our soft footfalls. I set down my things, wondering if everyone was asleep. Bella let go of my hand to stroke the piano sitting in the corner, "Will you play?" she asked.

I laughed softly; ever since I told her that I could play she would beg a song from me. I sat down on the bench as she leaned next to me.

I had prepared something special for this moment, a song I had been working on just for her. As the first few notes poured out I delighted in the sound of her gasp, the feel of her excitement, the nearness of her.

At this perfect moment I was happy to erase the memories I knew i would carry for the rest of my life. He sound of her scream when her ankle broke, the look on her face when James took, the desperate cry of my name when I tried to get her, and lastly the look of pain when I finally reached her. It has been a year since the dreadful wedding day. No one has seen James or Victoria since, no one seemed to care. Alice and Jasper were always seen together. The war officially ended and Jasper and I were to be shipped home.

A sharp intake of breath that didn't belong to the angel next to me made me stop abruptly and turn around. At the bottom of the stairs stood my mother, followed closely by my father.

I squeezed Bella's hand, taking a swift glance at the rings on her finger, bringing happy memories of our wedding and the honeymoon after. I beamed up at my parents.

"Hello mother, father, this is Bella, my wife…"

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