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A/N: I am having such a creative rush today. Two one shots, you guys are really lucky. Anyway, I'm watching the old bbc Narnia's because I do not own the first film, or the books, and I wanted to remind myself what happened in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. And I have to say, poor Edmund was rather maligned in that production, and there was such potential for character development, especially in the scene with him, Lucy, Eustace and the slavers. I hope the movie when it comes out gives him some really good scenes. Like I said, there appears so much potential for him in this story.

At any rate, Edmund, Lucy and Eustace after Caspian is bought by his father's friend, while they are in the clutches of the slavers. Eustace will be based on the BBC version, Edmund and Lucy will hopefully be closer to their movie versions. (Edited)


Edmund managed to move just enough so that he was now sat between his sister and cousin and the slavers, who were piled in the other end of the boat, making crude comments that were completely unfit for a lady's ears. If his wrists hadn't been tied so tightly behind him, coarse rope biting into the skin, and reminding him unpleasantly of times he would rather forget, he would have lashed out at the loudest slaver. The one who was leering at Lucy like she was some prize animal. It was disgusting, and once he got the opportunity he was going to make sure that man knew this.

There was a faint sniffle behind him, he didn't look, knowing it was Eustace; Lucy was stronger than that, as saddened as he knew she was that Caspian had been taken. That left him as the only thing between his family and the slavers. It wouldn't normally be a problem, but he was at a clear disadvantage, and he knew that even if a chance presented itself to him Eustace would probably deliberately do the opposite of what he was asked.

He kept a trained eye on the slavers at all times, but listened to the soft words Lucy whispered to Eustace, who for the first time was not making a fuss. Probably too scared to. Edmund could understand, after all, there had been a time he had been bound at the mercy of another. Inwardly he shuddered at the reminder, twisting his wrists to test the ropes, only managing to cut his wrists up more than they were.

He felt Lucy lean her shoulder against his back, and she whispered. "We'll be alright. We just have to keep faith, right?" it was her silent way of telling him that the Witch was no longer there, that she couldn't hurt him. And if he was honest, which he normally tried to be at least with himself, that was what had been swirling through his thoughts. He had grown used to the memories assaulting him at inopportune times, so they had stopped bothering him for the most part, just leaving a niggling ache in his chest that could be easily enough ignored in battle or when he or his siblings were in trouble.

"Land." Eustace sniffed.

"I do hope Caspian is alright." Lucy whispered, heaving a small sigh.

"King Caspian will soon come for us." Reepicheep said with certainty from inside the sack he had been stuffed into, his voice slightly muffled.

Edmund spared a glance over his shoulder to look at Lucy before looking back at the slavers. "I think it's us you should be worrying about Lu." he told her softly.

Lucy pressed her shoulder into his back again. "You're doing more than enough of that Ed." she responded.

It was the type of praise all his siblings gave him as he did not respond well when people outright complimented him, becoming awkward and tending to say the wrong thing in response. Her declaration of trust could be met with a sarcastic comment, which she knew meant thank you for trusting me, but instead he said. "Stay close Lu, I don't like the way they look at you."

"Of course Ed." he could hear the surprise in her tone, normally he would not ask, he would just pull her behind him and protect her, but now he could not. He needed to know she would stay close.

They reached land too soon, and began their march to the slave market. Lucy had stayed as close to him as she could, but the slavers didn't seem to like this, and prodded her ahead whenever she moved too close to him. The one that had leered and made comments about her was normally the one to keep them separated, and Edmunds eyes burned into the back of his head, promising dire retribution if he dared to harm his little sister.

Reepicheep had kept up a constant stream of threats against the slavers, adding liberal amounts of 'When King Caspian returns...' and 'The great Aslan...' Eustace was complaining, loudly and without pause, the slavers seemed to find it amusing, and laughed as he spoke. Those responsible for him were wary, obviously seeing that he was a fighter, the ropes that bound him were checked and tightened so many times he was starting to lose feeling in his hands.

They reached the slave market at dusk. Reepicheep was dumped, sack and all, in an empty barrel, a stone placed on the lid just in case, after all, a talking animal was worth a lot of money.

"Don't worry Reepicheep! We'll get you out!" Lucy called.

"I have faith Queen Lucy!" the mouse responded.

"Come one now pretty girl." the leering slaver said, taking hold of Lucy's arm and beginning to pull her away.

Lucy's eyes flashed to Edmund in an instant, but Edmund was already moving. Shouldering the slaver next to him aside he dashed towards Lucy, and kicked out at the slaver. He was unsteady with his arms tied behind him, but his actions made the slaver release Lucy and turn on him.

"Now now boy, what was that fer?"

Edmund sneered at him. "I know your kind, and I will not allow you to corrupt my sister."

The man laughed at him. "Well, you won't be having any choice will you, the auction tomorrow I intend to buy your little sister, and when I do your not going to be able to stop me doing what I like, are you?"

Edmund saw red at the smug expression and dived towards the man, not caring that he was at a clear disadvantage, intent on defending his sister's honour. He did hear Lucy yell "Edmund!" in fear for him, but he didn't care for his own safety, only hers, and if he could at least keep her safe tonight it would be something. He would come up with something tomorrow. He would not let this beast have his sister. He would not!

The scuffled was short, and he was rendered unconscious by a blow to the head.


Edmund woke to fingers stroking through his hair, that was the first sensation, the second was one of intense pain, and he groaned, curling slightly onto his side. He was vaguely aware of someone telling him he was alright, to give it a moment. He clenched his eyes shut and waited for the wave of pain to pass.

"Lucy?" he ground out through gritted teeth.

"Right here Edmund." she replied, and he realised that it was her stroking his hair.

"He didn't...?" he tried to ask.

"No, they left me here with you and Eustace." Lucy reassured him.

"Eustace?" There were many ways that could have been taken, but Edmund was glad when she realised what he meant without him having to ask it. After all, his cousin might me a bit of a git, but he was still family.

"He's fine. Everyone except you are fine Ed."

He took a long few minutes to orientate himself before opening his eyes. It was dark, which was good, because with the way his head hurt right now, he doubted he would have gotten very far. Slowly and with a groan of pain he pushed himself up until he was sitting, his back slumped against the rough walls. Lucy helped him as best she could.

"Why did you do that Ed?" she asked softly.

"Because he's obviously Looney, going against a grown man like that. It was a really stupid thing to do!" Eustace stated, too loudly, making Edmund cringe slightly. Lucy shot the boy a glare.

"You wouldn't understand Eustace; you don't have anyone you care about." Edmund told him.

He could imagine Eustace turning red as he tried to come up with a blustering retort to that. His response also answered Lucy's question.

"Oh Edmund." she whispered, in that sappy way she did when Edmund did something particularly nice for her and her alone.

Edmund blushed a little. "Yes well, all it got me was a blinding headache." he said, trying to cover up his own awkwardness.

Lucy leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed. There was silence for along time before she spoke again. "What do you suppose will happen tomorrow?" he could tell she was worried; she would be a fool not to be. "I don't particularly want to be a slave."

"None of us do Lu." He responded, in good humour. "Besides, I doubt I'd make a very good slave, far too annoying, you would drive anyone who bought you round the bend in ten minutes flat talking about Aslan and Narnia, and Eustace..." He trailed off long enough to see if his cousin was awake and listening, but got only a soft snore in response. "Could you imagine anyone wanting to buy Eustace?"

Lucy giggled a little before quietening. "We'll be ok. Caspian will come. I know he will."

Edmund smiled slightly in the darkness. "I know better than to go against that Lu. Your normally right about things like this." He knew she grinned in response, and soon afterwards he felt hr shift and fall asleep, head pillowed on his arm.

Edmund remained awake. While he truly did want to believe Lucy, and trust that Caspian would come, he had to come up with some sort of plan in case he did not arrive on time. He could not let anything happen to Lucy, or Eustace. He had to protect them.

And he would, not matter what.