Well, I did say there might be another part to this story. So here we have the Slave Auction. How will Edmund keep his little sister and cousin safe? And will Caspian arrive on time? (Edited)



They were woken by the grating above them being moved and a chuck of bread dropped to the ground. Lucy had moved just enough to catch it so that it didn't end up in the dirt. She looked at it, and sighed. Edmund dredged up a slight smile for her as she broke it into three pieces. "I do hope they've given Reepicheep some breakfast." She said, handing Edmund his share and turning to give Eustace his.

Eustace took one look at the none to appetising meal and stuck his nose in the air. "I'm not eating that!" he stated snootily.

Edmund rolled his eyes. "Don't be a git Eustace, it's all your going to get." He said, taking a bite, winching as his head throbbed. He ate slowly and very carefully, feeling a little ill as he did.

Eustace glared at him, but ate the bread. "I'm still hungry!" he complained.

"Oh Eustace, must you complain about everything. All of us are going to be hungry until we get free again." Lucy sighed, eating her own bread.

"I'll bet that Caspian is off eating all manner of nice food, while we're stuck here. He probably doesn't even care that we're going to be sold as slaves!"

"Oh, here!" Edmund tossed over the remains of his bread, unable really to eat it with the way his head hurt. "Now keep it down."

"Edmund?" Lucy asked concern evident in her tone.

Edmund cast his gaze upwards to the grate. "I'm fine Lu." He told her, his thoughts already turning to what this day would bring. How was he going to make sure his sister and cousin were safe? He didn't much care if he himself was sold, after all, all he needed was a chance and he could get himself free again. But Eustace didn't know enough about Narnia, or fighting to be able to escape alone. And Lucy... Yes, she would escape if she could, and she most likely would. But if she was bought by that slaver, or another like him, she would be forever changed.

Unfortunately the throbbing in his head was a little too distracting. He knew Lucy was watching him concerned, but he couldn't think of anything reassuring to say.

All too soon the grate was lifted again and a ladder pushed down into the pit they were in.

"Out ya get now, one at a time." The chief slaver called down with a deep laugh.

Edmund got to his feet, and made his way to the ladder, shooting a significant glance over his shoulder to Lucy, knowing she would understand it as a request to stay close, and to try and keep Eustace close as well. She nodded, and he began climbing.

He was grabbed by the scruff of his shirt and yanked out of the hole and shoved face first into the ground. They were taking no chances that he would try and fight them again it seemed. The ropes they had used yesterday were replaced by chains, an extra set shackled his ankles, and he was pulled back to his feet and shoved towards two of the biggest and strongest slavers, he was caught and held.

Edmund tested his bonds, but there was no give. He watched as Lucy came up, looking shocked when she saw him. Only her wrists were chained, and they were in front of her, and he was pushed towards the very slaver Edmund had fought last night.

"Get your hands off her!" He yelled when a big meaty hand encircled her arm, he was about to try and move forward when, on a signal from the chief slaver, he was jerked roughly back, a dirty cloth forced between his lips and pulled tight behind his head. He jerked away, but it was done, he glared darkly at the slavers.

"Can't have her value going down because you can't keep your mouth shut, now can we." The chief slaver grinned, pulling Eustace out and chaining him also.

Edmund stumbled as he was pushed forwards, he craned his neck, desperate for one quick look at his sister and cousin, but was blocked. He swore to Aslan that if anything happened to either of them he would kill every last slaver that stood here.


Lucy had been sold, not to that slaver as had been threatened, but to an equally disreputable person in the crowd. Edmund was up next, he was still gagged but his eyes promised dire retribution to the man who was holding the chain that connected Lucy's wrists. He could see the man was becoming uncomfortable with the sheer weight of his gaze.

Edmund stood proud, refusing, despite the state he was in, to act any less than the king he was. The Chief slaver was babbling on about all his attributes, how strong he was, and how when properly broken he would make a wonderful worker. Broken? Ha, the White Witch had failed to break him! No one here had any chance.

His eyes sought out Lucy, and he was glad to see determination in her eyes, as well as a silent reassurance that he appreciated but refused to acknowledge.

The bidding for him began.


Edmund glanced to the side, surprised. It was Caspian, shoving his way through the crowd to the central dais.

"Slavery is not permitted under Narnian law. As King of Narnia I decree that all slaves at this market are to be freed immediately, anyone found to be holding slaves after this moment will be dealt with harshly!" he ascended the steps until he stood beside the chief slaver and Edmund. "Release him immediately."

Edmund did not spare Caspian a glance, when he felt the shackles fall from his wrists he immediately ripped off the gag. "Have you seen Lucy!" he asked Caspian. "I lost sight of her when the crowd moved as you came over." He shook the chains from his ankles, peering into the crowd desperately.

Caspian looked as concerned as he was.

Finally Edmund spotted her, could hear her yelling over the noise the crowd was making at Caspian's decree. Without bothering to ask, knowing Caspian would not begrudge him, he gripped the kings sword ad pulled it from its sheath, and in one smooth leap cleared the dais and disappeared into the crowd with a yelled. "Look after Eustace for me."

He shoved people out of the way until he reached the back of the crowd. Searching quickly for Lucy, but seeing no sign.


Following the call lead him between two buildings, where he found the man who had bought Lucy trying to pull her into a side door. He did not pause, smoothly moving between his sister and this man, his free hand taking a firm grip of his wrist, the other pressing the sword to the mans throat as he pressed him against the door frame.

"I would suggest you let my sister go, and I won't be inclined to kill you." He seethed quietly, his voice tight and controlled.

The man released his hold on Lucy, allowing her to back up a few steps. Once she was beyond his reach, Edmund took a step back and lowered the sword, transferring it to his other hand. The punch he sent to the man's stomach sent him reeling inside the building, and Edmund glared at him darkly. "That was for what you were thinking when you dared to buy her. You're lucky you never got beyond just thoughts." He turned on his heel to look at Lucy. "Are you alright? He didn't do anything did he? Before I got here?" he asked her urgently, fully willing to dish out some more punishment if it became necessary.

Lucy shook her head, she would have thrown her arms around him had they not still been bound. So she made do with clutching the front of his shirt and burrowing her face into his chest for a moment. "Oh Edmund!"

Edmund fought down a blush, she was using that sappy tone again, and he couldn't think of anything to say in return. "Well I... Um... Well Peter would be very annoyed with me if I let anything happen to you, and I'd rather avoid a lecture if it's all the same to you." He said finally, trying to save some sort of face.

Lucy giggled at him. "Oh Edmund."

Edmund glared a her, taking one of her hands. "Enough of the 'Oh Edmunds' I didn't do anything, now come on and we'll get those things off you." He tugged her back out towards the market, where Caspian was continuing to oversee the freeing of the slaves.

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