In Love and War:

What's this? I finished. I hope you enjoy because this was a toughie, and I'm not entirely satisfied. However, I'm glad for it to be done, as this is now the longest fic I've ever finished.

Immediately to come, a story I also finished recently, giving a slightly different look to a budding relationship Lily and James, and after that, an almost entirely plot-based story. I know, I know! "Plot? Sarah, are you serious?" Why, yes, I am. However, that might take quite a while for me to write. It's going to be long and (hopefully) exciting.


It was early November and the air was slightly cool, and it was raining (though not enough to really get wet). To Lily, the temperature didn't matter because the day was utter perfection, even if it was a little chilly. Besides, hadn't her mother always told her that rain was good luck on your wedding day?

Everything had gone just as planned thus far. James had slept at Sirius's flat, despite Lily's protests—it was really just a silly old myth to her, it wouldn't bring them bad luck to see each other that morning. He arrived, easily avoiding Lily as she prepared herself in the guest room behind closed doors, James getting ready in the bedroom they would soon share. Downstairs, Alice and Remus were in charge of any arriving guests, showing them into the backyard, letting them socialise until at last the wedding began.

And, just as planned, Lily walked down the aisle, where she and James said their vows and were pronounced husband and wife.

Afterwards, they ate under a canopy, laughing and chatting happily, until at last it came time for Sirius to stand, clearing his throat dramatically and tapping his champagne glass with a piece of silverware. Everyone fell silent, looking up at him.

He smiled at everyone, shifting his glass to his other hand and taking a deep breath.

"If I am completely honest with you," he said, his voice carrying over the small group, Lily eagerly taking them in, just breathing them in, "then I must say that I never thought we'd end up here, celebrating these two people as they commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.

"I'm sorry, mate," he went on, putting his hand on James's shoulder, "but when you told me in Third Year that you were going to marry her one day, I thought you were mad. Well, all right, I knew you were mad."

Lily smiled. She thought he'd been crazy, too, to never give up on what she saw as a stupid dream, constantly asking her just to go out with him.

"But when you told me in the summer after Fifth Year that she was completely right about you, how stupid and childish all your motives had been," Sirius continued, "I realised that you would do just about anything for this woman, and it was only a matter of time.

"A year, actually. It took you one year to prove that you were worthy of her. When she finally saw it, though, the road was still just as bumpy.

"But somehow," he said, half-smiling, "you found love. And it was then I knew something that I'm not so sure either of you did—there was no turning back. It didn't matter what happened, what stupid fights you had, any disagreements or misunderstandings.. From that point, it would be the two of you, always."

There was a strange sort of feeling in Lily's chest as her heart seemed to expand twice its size. She'd never thought of it like that, not in the slightest, but it seemed so true. After it all came together, after she was certain she loved him, it wasn't a matter of whether they would fix things when it all seemed to fall apart, but a question as to when.

Always. It was always going to be the two of them. 'Til death do they part.

Sirius sighed happily and raised his glass. "To the happy couple, that they may know nothing but joy for the rest of their lives," he said, grinning broadly at them. "To Lily and James."

With that, everyone followed, also lifting their glasses and chiming in unison, "To Lily and James."


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