Just a Girl Chapter 22

A Night of Memories

Where is she?

I pace for a second but the fact that I'm in heels stops me. Looking at myself in the mirror, I run my hands through my hair and tuck part of it behind my right ear.

She said seven... it's 6:59. She should be here by now. Why isn't she here yet? What's keeping her? What if she's changed her mind about everything? What if she doesn't want to be with me anymore? She wouldn't do that to me though. She loves me, or at least she said she did. She wouldn't plan all this and then just leave me high and dry. She wouldn't. I'd feel like a complete idiot and a failure in the love department.

Faith wouldn't do that to me. We love each other and she wants me to be happy. She wants us both to be happy. There's no reason she wouldn't show up like we planned. So then where is she? Is she on her way here or did she get held up somewhere? Maybe she got attacked by a vampire on the way and got hurt, or killed. God it would kill me if she got hurt or kill on the way here to see me.

With a deep breath, I look at myself in the mirror, turning my head left and right to check if my make up is still all right. I kiss the air to make sure my lipstick isn't smudging.

It looks like it's still okay.

Then I look down at my dress and smooth it out against my body.

I hope that Faith will like my dress. I've always thought that it made me look very sexy every time I've worn it. Plus it only goes down to about mid thigh, and that shows off just enough leg to tease her. I think she'll like that, or at least I hope she will. It's a little uncomfortable because of how tightly it hugs my body, but it'll be worth it if Faith thinks I look sexy in it.

My hands slide their way up my body, readjusting my bra slightly to get more comfortable, then I slip my thumbs under the spaghetti straps of my dress and use it to pull them up more comfortably over my shoulders. Once it feels right, I readjust my bra again to make sure there's enough cleavage.

I want her to see as much cleavage as I can muster. It'll make the whole teasing thing so much easier. This is going to be such a long night. For me and for her. She's probably going to be wearing something really sexy that's going to drive me crazy all night. Then again, I've thought almost everything she's ever worn has made her look incredibly sexy. I don't think it's possible for her not to look sexy.

Stepping back from the mirror a step, I shake my head to make my hair a little poofier. I comb my hair back with my fingers and put a smile on my face as I take a deep breath. A couple seconds later, I hear a knock on the front door.

That must be her.

Slowly, I walk out of the bathroom and into the main hall of mine and Buffy's apartment. My legs feel a little weak as I make it to the door, opening it. The door opens to reveal Faith standing on the other side, looking incredibly sexy like always. She's wearing this real hot looking dark grey blouse and a short, hip hugging dark blue skirt that barely goes to mid thigh. The top two buttons of her blouse are left open to show off a silver cross hanging from a chain around her neck that dips down between her very ample cleavage. Her hair is curled slightly and draped around her shoulders, and her make up is only lightly applied except for the scarlet red lipstick on her very kissable lips.

Oh god... this really is going to be a long night.

She smiles at the sight of me, letting her eyes soak in what I'm wearing the way I just did to her. I'm the first to say anything but it comes out barely audibly.


Her smile turns into a grin while our eyes meet again.

"Hey Dawn..."

We stand together uncomfortably for a moment. Finally she breaks it.

"You look great."

That makes me blush and look down at my heels.


Faith steps into my personal space and takes my hands with hers. It makes me feel less uncomfortable, giving me a good feeling about looking at her again.

"Very sexy."

I lean into her, kissing her softly in a hello. When we break apart, I find a voice.

"You look sexy yourself."

"Thank you, I wasn't sure you'd like it."

My eyes look down to the cross between her cleavage then back up at her.

"Well I do, so don't worry."

We kiss again, hands at our sides, a little more passionately this time. Our kiss ends with the resentment that it has to.


She chuckles at my stifled moan from between my lips.

"You can say that again."


We both laugh a little. The silence that follows is kinda uncomfortable.

"So, do you wanna go? Our reservation is at eight. I rented a car for the night so I could take you out properly."

She did? That's so nice of her.

"Okay, let's go."

Faith turns and slips her arm around my waist. I pull the door closed behind me and lock it with my key, then dropping the key in my purse.

"Now it's time for a night you'll never forget Dawn."

I can't wait.




We look across our table into each other's eyes. The candlelight of the single candle on our table flickers as we wait for our meals. She smiles at me and I smile back.

She's been really quiet the whole way here. Which isn't like Faith. She's usually really talkative. She always has a lot of things to say to fill the silence between us. But since we left my place, she hasn't said much. It's a little strange. I guess she's just nervous. I'm pretty nervous myself. I'm not sure I could eat. Except for the fact that I'm hungry, I probably wouldn't.

Plus it's not that often that I get to go out to a place like this. It's a little out of mine and Buffy's price range. Not by much, but it's still not a place that we would be able to go more than once. I was a little worried that Faith was spending way too much on tonight. I told her that she didn't have to go to all this trouble for me and that I don't want her spending so much money that she can't pay her rent or anything like that, but she said this was part of the money she'd been saving and it wouldn't hurt her at all. There wasn't much I could say to that.

I still wish she'd say something though. It's nice to sit here in silence in such a romantic restaurant and just spend time loving each other, but we can't spend the whole meal not talking. And I'm drawing a blank as to things we can talk about. It's probably just cause of my nerves. All I can really think about is what happens after we leave. One of the few conversations we did have on the way here was about the fact that Faith had everything set up back at her place. She says it's very romantic with music and candles and stuff. That's kinda what got me thinking about after dinner.

Now I can't stop thinking about it. There's this part of me that just wants to skip dinner and go right back to her place with her. I want this night to happen so badly. I want to give myself to Faith and be with her completely. It's something I've wanted since the idea first popped into my head that she might be the one for me. The one that was worth giving myself to and maybe even spending the rest of my life with. That last part is still a ways off though. This thing between us is just starting and it might not work out, but I know that I love Faith and she loves me, and I believe in what we have so much that I know I'm making the right decision tonight.

We're going to be together tonight. We're going to be together and do all the things that I've spent the last six years of my teenage life thinking about. It's pretty unreal. Knowing that all that waiting, hoping, and wondering will soon be over. By tomorrow when I wake up, I'm not going to be a virgin anymore. I like knowing that. There's a little bit of nervousness to it but mostly a good feeling.

"Are you all right Dawn?"

I'm brought out of my thoughts by Faith's words.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, I'm okay. I'm just a little nervous... about tonight."

She nods gently.

"I get that. I'm pretty nervous about it myself."

She is?

"But, I mean, you've done it before."

"Yes, I have. I've had all kinds of... sex. But, there's a difference between, having sex and making love. When it comes to making love, I'm about as experienced as you."


"Even more than that though, I've… I've been with a few people who were virgins at the time, but most of the time, I pushed them into it... and didn't really love them. The idea that you love me and I love you and you want to be with me, makes me... nervous that, I'm gonna screw it up for you somehow."

Reaching out to her across the table, I take her hand in mine.

"You haven't so far. Everything's been great."

"Thank you... I just... I don't want to do to you what I did to all those people before. I... I want us to be special. Because you're special to me. You're something I've never had before. You're... I love you Dawn."

Faith and I stare into each other's eyes. The love I can see in them gets me all choked up.

"I... I love you too Faith. You've been so understanding and patient with me. The whole time we've been together you've never made me do anything I didn't want to. You've let me set the pace and let me decide what I was and wasn't comfortable with. How could I not want to be with you? I'm... I don't know how you can do that for me for so long and still love me."

She pulls my hand up kisses the back of it.

"You're worth every painful second Dawn."

The grin on her face lets me know that she's kidding but I know there's some truth behind her "painful" comment.

It couldn't have been easy for her, waiting all this time when I know she wants more.

"And that's why I want to be with you tonight Faith. Because it was my choice. You gave me the time to be sure you were the right person for me."

My hand squeezes Faith's gently as we stare into each other's eyes.

"No one has ever given me the kind of choice you have. That's why I love you, and that's why tonight is happening. I have no doubts about you, about tonight or anything. I want you to know that."

"I do. I guess neither of us has anything to be worried about eh?"

I smile at her and she smiles back. There's still a nervousness to her expression and can only imagine that the same is true of mine.

Doesn't mean that we don't.


Just then, the waiter comes over with two plates in his hands. We both look at him.

"Your dinners, ladies?"

"Thank you..."

He sets our plates down in front of us and we begin what feels like the biggest dinner of my life.




Slowly, we walk down the hall to Faith's apartment. Our hands are clasped together tightly, while our eyes stay on each other's.

This night has been so good. She's been loving and honest and everything we say to each other puts us both at ease about what we're getting into. The step we're about to take together. We might both be nervous about this, but we both know it's right. I know it's right because I love her and I trust her. She knows it's right because she loves me and we both want this to happen.

Faith and I stop in front of her apartment together. We face each other and I take a deep breath. She reaches her hand up to my cheek, cupping it gently.

"Are you ready for this?"

I look into Faith eyes as deep as I can, the love in them filling every part of my body. There's only one answer I can give to that question.


Faith's free hand cups my other cheek and then she leans into me, kissing me softly. It's slow and passionate. As she pulls away, she takes her keys in hand, putting them in the lock and opens the door. She takes my hand and I follow her into her apartment as she walks backwards. We walk into the middle of her apartment. The only light in the place is the soft candle light of the candles in a circle around us.

The circle opens at one end, making a path to her bedroom. My eyes look over her body while we walk along the path of candles. Her own eyes look me over when we make it through the door to Faith's bedroom. She stops a few feet from the bed and I stop with her. Much like the main room of the apartment, her room is lit only by candles all through the room. On the bed are rose petals spread across the bed sheets.

It's beautiful. Almost exactly what I thought my first time would be like.

Faith lets go of my hands for a moment, walking over to her dresser. There's a CD player on top. She presses the play button on it and a soft, beautiful, orchestral music starts playing.

Wow, she really did everything so well. This was exactly the right choice.

Walking back over to me, she stands in front of me silently for a moment.

"Do you like it?"


"Of course I like it. It's absolutely perfect."

I close the short distance between us and kiss her softly.

"I'm glad. I wanted it to be perfect for you. I love you."

"I love you Faith."

She steps back a single step. After a moment of silence, she reaches behind her neck and unlocks the chain from around her neck, slowly bunching it in her hand and putting it in the pocket of her blouse. Then, she reaches up to the top button of her blouse and undoes it. Slowly, she unbuttons her blouse.

I should do something.

When she gets about halfway, I reach out and take her hands in mine and help her unbutton the last three buttons. With her shirt now open, I slide my hands between the part in her blouse, opening it slowly. Stepping forward, I move my hands up her sides, which opens her shirt more. The black lace of her bra is shown to me and I stop to look at it for a moment, soaking in the reality of what's happening.

It's really happening. The moment I've been thinking about and hoping for and worrying about all that the same time for so long. It's here. It's happening.

"Is this okay? Because if it's too much then we can stop."

My eyes are finally drawn back to hers. She looks at me pleadingly.

"Do you want to stop?"



I let my hands move up her shoulders and push her blouse down to her upper arms. Faith smiles at me.

"I don't."

She shrugs her shoulders and her blouse falls slowly to the floor behind her. It gives me a full view of her upper body. Her toned, shapely arms, her wide yet womanly shoulders, the proud chest supporting her firm, beautiful breasts, and her sculpted stomach.

"You're beautiful."

Her hand reaches up to the back of my head and gently pulls us together for a kiss. My arms wrap themselves around her stomach to hold her body to mine. Ever so slowly, I slide my hands down her back to cup her ass with my hands, running them over her. This makes her moan and I love every second of it. One of my hands finds the zipper on the back of her skirt, slowly pulling it down and loosening her skirt from her hips. She pulls away to look me in the eyes as the skirt she's wearing starts to slip down her legs.

Our eyes stay on each other's as Faith steps back just enough to let another piece of clothing fall to the floor and she steps out of them. I look at her nearly naked body in front of me, only two thin pieces of clothing separating me from her. Suddenly though, I feel very selfish.

She's taken off almost everything and I haven't even taken off my shoes.

Faith lifts my chin slightly to let our eyes meet, a concerned look on her face.


I don't say anything right away.

"Do you want to stop? Just say the word and we don't have to go any further than this."

"No, I... I was just thinking... I have too many clothes on."

She smiles at that and I smile back slightly. Then I let go of her stomach and turn around, putting my back to her. Pushing my hair over my right shoulder, I look back at her expectantly.

"Would you... unzip me?"

The woman I love steps up behind me, one of her arms wrapping around my stomach and pressing her breasts ever so slightly against my back. She leans her head forward over my left shoulder, her lips next to my ear, quietly whispering to me.

"I'd love to."

Faith starts by kissing my earlobe gently, and then starts placing small kisses down to the exposed side of my neck. Her kisses slowly make their way to the crook of my neck and onto my shoulders. As her kisses make me gasp and lean back into her slightly, she uses her free hand to take the zipper between her fingers and slowly drag it downward. She brings her kisses back up my shoulder to my neck and I turn my head back enough to bring our lips together passionately. Our kiss lasts until she brings the zipper down all the way to the end. My girlfriend looks me in the eyes, nothing but love behind them.

"Are you okay Dawn? We can stop if you want."

I smile as I step out of her grasp and turn to face her, my left arm holding my dress on.

"I don't want to stop."

I pull my arm away from my dress and pull down the thin straps of my dress on my shoulders, letting it fall at my feet.

"I just want to make love to you Faith."

Her breath catches in her throat as she looks at me, standing in front of her in nothing but the red lace bra and panties I bought with the money she gave me. All that can be heard for a while is the soft, gentle music playing through the room as we look at each other, a matter of steps away the other. We drink in the sight before us and I can feel an incredible need in me to be with her, only made stronger by the mixture of love and lust in her eyes. So I cross the distance, kicking my shoes off behind me as I do while I grab her and kiss her hard. We kiss passionately, every drop of love and passion I have in me poured into each kiss.

God I love her so much. I want her so badly. I want to be with her so badly it almost hurts that we haven't done it yet.

The feeling of our skin coming together as we try to get as much contact as we can with each other is all new to me but it feels incredible. Her nipples feel like pebbles against me as my hands travel over her body, touching and getting to know every inch of her. My own nipples harden as her arms start to pull me towards the bed. We stop kissing, both of our breathing a little labored, and she guides me to sit next to her on the bed. She touches my cheek with her hand lovingly.

"I love you Dawn."

I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that.

"I love you too Faith."

She kisses me again as her arm slides its way over my stomach, the feel of her skin on mine making me tingle all over in anticipation. Gently, Faith puts more pressure on her arm, wordlessly asking me to lie back, so I do. Her body slides half on top of mine as I lie down on the rose petal littered bed, the scent of roses hitting my nose and enhancing the incredible feelings flowing through me right now.

We continue to kiss as she gently slips one of her legs between mine and climbs a little more on top of me. Faith looks down at me with intense passion, one hand holding her up and the other stroking my cheek gently. The back of her hand quickly moves down from my cheek, over my neck and across my collarbone. Our eyes remain locked together when her hand becomes a single finger as it traces its way down between my breasts.

Her finger catches on the clasp of my bra while traveling down from between the valleys of my mountains and over my stomach. I can't help but gasp and arch up slightly into her touch. She smiles at my reaction and then traces her finger back up my stomach, stopping at the clasp of my bra. Faith teases the clasp for a while, flicking it back and forth, grabbing it with two fingers and then letting it snap back, but not nearly enough to do anything more than sting.

A moment of hesitation flashes in her eyes while she looks in my eyes and I think I know why she's playing with it. To give her the confirmation she needs, I take her hand in mine and place it on the clasp hanging between the cups of my bra. She takes this the way I want her to and unhooks the front of my bra, setting the small hills underneath free. Leaning into me, Faith kisses me gently but passionately.

Then slowly she starts kissing her way down my neck and body. Each slow, soft kiss sends a fire through me at the place where her lips meet my skin. Her kisses move over my chest and across the top of my breasts. My body arches into her lips and I bring my hands up to the back of her head. I look down at Faith and she looks back at me, her head hovering over my breasts.

Don't ask the question, you know the answer.

She doesn't do it and reaches up with both hands, pulling down the shoulder straps of my bra. This pulls the rest of the lace away from my body, exposing my areolas to the warm air of her bedroom. Our eyes meet lovingly for a while before she turns her attention to my mounds of pleasure. The hot breath from her lips makes my skin tingle as she hovers over my left breast. It isn't long though before I'm squirming under her from the light flick of her tongue against my nipple. Slowly then, she brings her lips down over my rock hard areola and starts a gentle sucking motion.

My god... it's so good. I never imagined it would feel this good.

I lift myself up from the bed slightly to arch myself into her lips and moan as I feel her tongue dance over my nipple between her lips. There's a wetness forming between my thighs as she gasps and pulls her lips away from my skin. Faith's body moves against mine as she readjusts herself on top of me to breath over my right nipple. With the same slow gentle sucking she used on my left breast, she brings her lips down over my right one. Her tongue plays with my areola the same as on my left and I can't hold back a small shudder of pleasure from running through me. After a while, she pulls away again and slides her way up my body until we're face to face again. She whispers to me, our lips inches from each other, that makes the wetness between my thighs grow.

"Dawn... I love you..."

That makes me kiss her softly but passionately, our bodies pressing together and setting my skin on fire at the feel of her nipples rubbing against mine. Faith's hand moves down to my right breast, cupping and massaging it to my delight. Her fingers play with my areola happily as I moan into her mouth while we kiss. Our thighs rub together gently while she shifts above me. Looking into her eyes with a feeling of need and desire for her so powerful that I've never felt before, I reach up and touch her face lovingly.

"Don't stop... I love you..."

Instantly, her lips crush themselves against mine, her tongue asking for entrance to my lips. I open to her silent request and our tongues slide together, causing even more incredible feelings to wash through me and centering between my legs. Slowly, our lips part and our tongues stop dueling before her kisses start down my body again. Faith lets her hands slide their way up my arms to pull the straps of my bra off. It comes off as I sit up and she throws it to the floor. We stare into each other's eyes lovingly and she closes in for a slow kiss.

Her hands press against my shoulders gently and I know that she wants me to lie down again, so I do as she wants. She pulls herself up to her knees in front of me, kneeling between my legs. My eyes travel over her beautiful body and I feel so blessed to be doing this with her.

She's so beautiful and I love her so much. The things she's doing to me are incredible and I don't want it to end.

Slowly, she reaches around behind her back and unhooks her bra. I let my eyes drift to her breasts as her bra drops from her body to reveal her full, supple, silky breasts. Faith throws her bra away and our eyes meet, the lust in me making my body ache for her. She leans forward as she all but drops her body onto mine. Our skin comes together and it sets me on fire, squirming against her while our lips get inches from each other again. Her lips brush against mine when she whispers to me.

"I want you Dawn... I want to taste you so badly."

I try to kiss her but she pulls away and moves down my body. A shiver runs through me as her hot breath glides down my body with her lips as they lightly brush my skin in the valley between my pleasure mounds, over my bellybutton, pulling away before the waist of my panties.

God she's killing me. She keeps teasing me and touching me in all the right places. My whole body is aching for more, but it's even worse between my legs where she hasn't gone yet. I want her to touch me so badly but she won't.

Faith lifts my left leg and gently places my heel over her shoulder, tracing the nails of her right hand up and down the stockings on my leg. It drives me wild as her fingers drag themselves lightly along the inner and outer sides of my leg, down my calf and over my leg, stopping just above where my leg meets my hips. She slips her fingers under the top of my left stocking and slowly starts to roll it down my leg. Her knuckles tease my skin when she gets past my knee and then pulls it the rest of the way off.

With my left stocking thrown onto the floor, Faith grabs my ankle and places a simple and sweet kiss on it. Then she starts placing those same sweet kisses down the inside of my leg. Each kiss causes an electrical current of pleasure to shoot through my leg and into my core. She continues to kiss her way down until about halfway down my thigh. Then she does something I don't expect, her tongue licks its way down the rest of my leg, stopping before the panties I'm wearing. It sends a kind of shiver of pleasure through my body so incredible that I've never felt before. A gasp escaping my lips because of her tongue.

Our eyes meet as Faith lets my leg fall back limply against the bed, an intense gaze making my breathing come faster and heavier. She then picks up my right leg and with a little more speed, Faith rolls my right stocking off my leg and throws it away. This time, she starts at my thigh and licks her way the whole way down, causing another shiver. I bite my lip as my leg drops to the bed again and she slides her way up my body. We kiss passionately. Faith grinds her hips into mine, the fabric of our panties causing a groan of desire out of me.

As we continue to kiss, I feel her hand slip between our bodies. Her hand slides down between us, the sweat from both of us making it easy and arousing at the same time. Pushing my hips upward at the touch, I moan into Faith's mouth when I feel her fingers breach the protection of my panties. Our kiss is broken for air needs and we look into each other's eyes as her fingers play with my nether curls, continuing to push her hand deeper.

"Oh... oh god... Faith..."

She pushes her hand deeper, her fingers pressing against my pussy lips. I open my legs to her more and her fingers move, causing an incredible groan out of me. Faith combs some hair out of my face with her free hand and looks into my eyes.

"You're so wet Dawn..."

That makes me gasp with pleasure.

I'm wet because of her.

"It's because of you Faith... I'm wet for you."

The look in her eyes is a little predatory which is a little scary and turns me on even more at the same time. We kiss even harder than before as she moves her fingers over my pussy. Then she starts to kiss her way down my body again. Every kiss has me aching for more and it gets even worse as she pulls her hand out of my panties. Looking down at Faith hovering over my stomach, she brings up the fingers that were just under my panties to lick her fingers clean of my juices. She grins happily at me.

"You taste good. But I bet you taste even better from the source."

Hearing her say that sends my whole body to a new level of pleasure.

I didn't know I could feel this good. I've never felt like this before.

Slowly, I feel Faith's hands on the waistband of my panties and she drags it down off my hips. The slightly cool air of Faith's bedroom hits my newly exposed skin and I lift my hips to help her take my panties off, something that only I've ever done to me before her. She pulls them down to my thighs and then I feel her lips kiss the patch of curls just above my centre. It makes me look down at the woman I love as she takes my panties completely off my body and drops them to the floor. We keep our eyes locked on each other's as she parts my legs in front of her. There's a little bit of a pleading lust in her eyes as she carefully lies down between my legs.

Faith's breath does incredible things to me as she breathes on my core's lips. She grips my thighs firmly with both hands and the ache for her that I've been feeling since we came into the bedroom mixes with a wave of anticipation as I wait for what's about to happen. I try and keep my eyes on Faith's, but I can't when I feel her tongue flick across my nether lips. My head flies back and I close my eyes as I moan from the contact. Another lick touches my most sensitive area and the moan it creates is even louder than the last one.

"Oh my god..."

I didn't know it could get any better... but it just did.

"You like that babe?"

"Oh god yes..."

She chuckles happily at that and her breath teases my lips.

"Well there's more where that's from, Dawnie."

Her words don't disappoint as she slides her tongue over the lips of my opening. Faith doesn't stop this time though as she starts to lick and suck at my sensitive folds. Every incredible touch of her tongue makes me feel closer and closer to heaven. She kisses my throbbing clit lovingly before she dives back in to my heaven causing pussy. My muscles start to tighten while she continues to push me further and further towards heaven. One of her arms wraps itself around my hips as they start to buck and shift at what she's doing to me, holding me down on the bed firmly. Then I feel her fingers part my lips and her tongue entering me. She starts to thrust her tongue in and out of my channel, every thrust bringing me closer and closer to what I know is coming.

It's nothing like what I've been doing to myself with my fingers all these years. God it's so good I could cry.

I grab the edge of the bed as hard as I can when what she's doing me pushes me so close that I'm gasping and moaning with every touch of her tongue.

"Oh... Faith... God... Faith... yes..."

A few more thrusts of her tongue and I'm pushed completely over the edge so hard that I feel like I go blind for just a second. Slowly but surely I come down from the most incredible thing I've ever felt, breathing hard, and the sweat beading off me.


Faith moves up the bed next to me, a loving smile on her face as she looks down at me. It takes me a second to get my breath and meet her eyes, my vision a little blurry. She brushes the hair out of my face with her gentle hand.

"Was it good?"

Another overwhelming feeling comes for me as our eyes stay locked on each other's and that look of love in her eyes does something to me. All of the sudden I just burst out into tears of joy. Faith puts her arms around me and holds me to her, my head in her shoulder.

"God... I'm sorry Dawn. What did I do? I'm so sorry. Whatever I did, I didn't mean to do it to you and ruin it. I'm sorry."

She thinks I'm upset? I couldn't be more happy.

I wipe the tears from my eyes and look at her with a smile on my face, the tears still coming gently.

"You... you didn't do anything Faith. It was beautiful, all of it. Thank you."

That has me reaching for her neck and pulling us into a kiss that's more passionate than I could ever express. It's only after I have trouble breathing that we break it. She wipes the tears off my cheeks lovingly as they start to subside slowly.

"Then why are you crying?"

I take a minute to compose myself and look at her.

"Because... I, I never... never could've imagined that my first time would be as beautiful and incredible as it was. And..."

The feelings going through me almost have me start crying again.

"And the reason it was so incredible... is you. Thank... thank you so much Faith."

She smiles and leans into me to kiss me again and I let her, melting into the kiss completely. This time the kiss is longer and sweeter as I taste myself on her, but eventually we break apart again. Faith caresses my cheek.

"Come here..."

Then she climbs over me and pulls me up the bed so that our heads are against her pillows. She pulls me against her and I rest my head on the pillow so that her chin is right under mine and we stare into each other's eyes for a while.

I always thought the taste of myself would be a bad taste, but it's not. It's sweet and salty and I kinda like it. I kinda have to wonder what she tastes like.

"I'm so glad that it was good for you. I wanted your first time to be special. When you started crying, I almost wanted to kill myself. I love you so much Dawn."

That has me smiling at her with a blissful, warm feeling running through my body.

"I love you too Faith. I couldn't have asked for anyone else to show me the meaning of making love."

We lie there in silence for a while, me basking in the incredible feeling what Faith just did to me caused. She shifts a little and I see a flash of uncomfortable in her eyes.

Something's wrong.


Faith just smiles at me happily.

"Nothing... just a little horny. It's not important."

Oh god... how could I be so selfish? She gave me such an incredible moment of love and I didn't even think about returning it to her. I'm a terrible person.

Quickly, I jump up from my position lying next to her and kinda lean half on top of her.

"I'm sorry..."

She looks at me, confusion written on her face.

"For what?"

"I... I was selfish. You did what you did for me and it was the most incredible moment of my life. Then I just act like you don't matter. I'm like... like the most horrible person in the world. I'm so sorry."

The woman I love reaches for me and cups my cheek lovingly.

"Dawn, you don't have anything to be sorry about. Tonight was about making this night special for you. It's not about me."

Some part of me can't help but hate her a little for saying that.

"But... but it is about you. You did all this for me and made this night so special for me already. You've waited all this time to be with me, and it won't be perfect until I can make you feel as incredible as you've made me."

"You don't..."

Rather than letting her respond, I kiss her with every bit of passion in me. She doesn't kiss me back right away, but she can't fight how much she loves me and wants me so she eventually kisses me back. I wrap my legs around one of hers and press my core against her thigh as much as I can, rubbing it gently and making her moan into my mouth as I spread my wetness on her thigh. When I break the kiss, I climb on top of her and look into her eyes.

"Let me make you as happy as you've made me tonight."

There's so much more of it tonight than there's ever been.

Faith looks into my eyes with love and lust mixed together with a little confusion. She says the words I'm hoping for though.

"Okay... if that's what you want."

Our lips crush together when I kiss her again, hard and fast. We look into each other's eyes as I pull back.

"It is."

Slowly, I crawl down the bed as I try and do to Faith what she did to me not too long again by kissing my way down her chin and neck. The feel of my lips on her skin makes her gasp and put her hands on my head as I make my way down. My lips taste the salty texture of her skin while I kiss along her collarbone and chest. Her hands grip my hair a little as my kisses get lower and lower on her chest. That warmth running through my body ever since she sent me to heaven makes what I'm doing feel so good.

I'm giving back all the incredible pleasure that she's given to me tonight. After all the time she's waited for me to be ready, I need to do this for her. To show her just how much I love her and want her to be happy. The way she's wanted me to be happy all this time.

My kisses make their way to her breasts and I hover over them for a moment. She gasps as my warm breath passes over her hard nipples. It takes her every drop of will power she has to speak.

"You... you don't... have..."

I don't let her finish as I lean forward and wrap my lips around the centre of her pleasure mound. Her body arches into my lips at the sensation as I start to suck gently on the tip, using my tongue as much as I can remember from the way she did it to me. She moans while I swirl my tongue around the end and I know I'm doing the right thing. Pulling my mouth away from her left breast, I look up at her and the bite she has on her lip as I move towards her right one.

She's wanted this for so long, and I finally understand why. It's a beautiful thing. Every touch and kiss is an expression of the feelings Faith and I have for each other.

My lips gorge themselves on the beautiful end of Faith's chest mound. She plays with my hair between the moans and gasps as I let my tongue play with the tip.

I used to hear people talk about making love and watch people in movies and television who were in love, but I never really understood it, not until now.


The sound of my name escapes her lips during a gasp and I pull away from her breast. Slowly, I move my way up her body to kiss her.

Faith and I are in love. Being with her and doing these things to her is an expression of that love. She loves me and did everything she could to show me how much by how she touched me.

Our eyes meet for a split second before I kiss her as hard as I can.

And she did. She made love to me so completely that I love her more now than I did before. I love her so much that I have to show her and tell her exactly how much or I'm gonna die.

Breaking the kiss, I let our eyes meet and I stare into them intently, seeing every bit of love she has in her looking back.

"I love you Faith."

She looks at me, reaching up to touch my face.

"I love you too Dawn."

Another kiss overtakes us because of our words before I start to kiss my way down her body again. This time, I kiss my way down the valley between her breasts toward her hips.

Love is a beautiful and powerful thing. I get that now.

I pull away from Faith as I place a kiss just above her panties. Our eyes meet and I smile as I reach down and grab the waist of the only piece of clothing she still has on. She lifts her hips off the bed while I start to pull them down. It doesn't take me quite as long to take hers off since I'm actually kind've eager.

I need to do this, not just to give her all the pleasure she's given me, but to show her that I love her enough to do anything for her, even something I've never done before. I don't know if I can do it as well as she can, but I need to at least try. All I can do is try and remember what it is that she did to me and do it back to her.

Slowly, I open her legs in front of me and lie down on my stomach.

But even if I can't, I know she'll still love me. I know she'll still want to be with me and I know I'll get another chance to show her just how much she means to me. And next time I'll be prepared. Next time she'll show me what I need to do to make her happy and express what she means to me.

A strong, heady musk hits my nose as I edge my way between her legs, keeping my eyes on hers above me while I position myself just above her love channel.

We love each other. Even though Faith is a slayer and I'm just a girl, we love each other. Our love is all that matters.

My hands grip her thighs on either side of me tightly. Then I lower my head to her core. Starting the way she did, I give her a little lick. It causes her to gasp a lot like I did and I take that as an encouraging sign. I give her another, slower lick and her body shifts a bit from it. Stopping for a moment, I take a second to savor the taste of her liquid love on my tongue.

It's thick and sweet. I like it.

Her hips push themselves gently into my tongue as I take another lick and taste her again. She moans as I feel her thighs tighten under my hands. After feeling her reaction to my tongue, I start to lick at her core with faster and shorter strokes, tilting my head slightly from time to time, her body tightening with every lick. Every so often, my tongue touches what I think is her clit and her hips buck a little harder. She moans out in pleasure as I continue what I'm doing and I just hope she really likes it. Her hips start to move more wildly and I remember what she did when she was doing it to me, putting one of my arms across her hips to hold her down.

Then I use my free hand to pull her sensitive folds apart, opening her up to me as I stick out my tongue to push it inside of her. I see her hands grip the sheets beside her while I start to move my tongue in and out of her. She starts to breath even harder and faster than before when I feel her muscles tighten all over. Every push of my tongue has her moaning and gasping more and more. Between gasps, she manages to speak.


Faster and faster I push my tongue inside her and it isn't long before she yells out in pleasure, her body surging upward off the sheets. The sight of her makes me stop and watch her in her moment of ecstasy. Eventually, her breathing starts to slow down and she lies back down on the bed. Lifting myself up, I crawl on top of her as she basks in the pleasure I think I've given to her. Our eyes finally meet as I look down at her while she opens her eyes. She smiles a big smile at me.

I kinda have to ask since I've never done this before.

"Was it... good? Was I...?"

Faith puts her hands on the back of my neck and pulls me into an incredible kiss. It lasts for a few long moments before oxygen becomes an issue and we pull apart.

"You were perfect Dawn. Almost like you'd been doing it your whole life."

I lie down half on top of her, basking in the knowledge that I made her happy. My head rests on her shoulder, feeling a little bit tired.

"I just had a good teacher. You're the pro."


We look into each other's eyes as I turn my head up to meet hers.

"I'm just a girl."

All I do to that is smile and snuggle up to her happily.

"I know the feeling."