Episode Two

Deathly Distress



She was running. The woman was running, not Bella. She fell. She stumbled to her feet and she cried as she turned over onto her back, her white blouse now stained with dirt. She looked to see if they were coming. Apparently they weren't, because she got up. She ran as fast as her stilettos could carry her in her office skirt. Her heart was pounding. She ran up to a building. It was…old, and stone. If Bella could just get a better picture…then she would be able to see where it was, but she couldn't. The woman pounded against the door, yelling for anybody to help her.

She pushed and pushed, but it was locked. She noticed a chain on it, with a chain and lock securing it. She looked around hesitantly, looking for anything to break the chain. She saw a brick, and used all of her might to pick it up to break the lock. Once inside the building she ran down the aisle. It had pews aligned down the room. It was a church and had stained glass windows. There was a cross with Christ in the back, hanging on the wall for those who wished to pray. Cobwebs and dust covered every inch of the inside. It hadn't been walked in for years.

She looked around, panicking, looking for anyway out. She was trapped. There was a bang. The doors swung open. But Bella couldn't see anyone coming in. She only saw the woman scream. Everything went black for a moment, and then everything faded into the faint view of a room. It was identical to the room that Bella was held captive in by Drake. But, the woman was standing in it.

Her blouse was no longer stained, and her face was clean. She only turned around to look in Bella's direction. Bella found herself advancing towards the woman. "What's wrong…" she asked, but words wouldn't come out.

So the woman spoke instead. "Help me."


Bella jerked up from her pillow, her breathing rough, and sweat trickling down her face. "Holy crow!" she exclaimed herself in a whisper.