No, I'm kidding. I just put an original version of Branded up on my Fiction Press account. Some of you may be like, "Yay, she finally got up off of her lazy butt and did something productive!" Some of you may be like, "You liar! This isn't a chapter update!" To those of the first half, yes I have. To those of the second half, I'm sorry. I understand if the original version doesn't interest you whatsoever, but in an original there are no boundaries. I started the story during an exciting time, because this way it's easier for me to build story plot. Or in other words – I'm working back wards. I know! I'm sorry! You'll enjoy it nonetheless and it's not like I'm spoiling anything. Psh. I hate spoilers.

On my profile.

There is a link.

To my originals.

If you are interested in this read GO, FOLLOW IT NOW.

If not, again I'm sorry, and I understand. I still hope you have a fantabulous day, and I'm sorry about my lying-update-author's note thing.

P.S. Oh my God. I'm such a liar. I just red "Application" at the end of Deathly Distress. If any of you hate me, lol, no wonder. xD I wasn't going to finish this. I must have been VERY optimistic that day. Do any of you know how much I make fun of Twilight? Who hacked in and posted that on my account? Oh my God. Anyway, ignore application. xD