This takes place right after the night battle when everyone is returning to Aslan's tomb.

A Choice for Susan
By Msparrow29

After the Night Battle

"Narnia's better off without the lot of you." Peter said out of anger as Caspian tried to walk away.

He gave a cry of outrage and pulled his sword just as Peter pulled his own.

"Stop!" Before they could attack one another Susan ran forward. She stepped in front of Caspian placing one hand on his chest, the other on his arm.

Peter glared at her before re-sheathing his sword. Lucy ran forward, tending to her new DLF. The High King said nothing as he passed his sister to proceed into the tomb of Aslan.

Susan let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. Caspian's arm lowered drawing her attention to the fact that one of her hands was still on his chest, feeling the rise and fall as he breathed in and out.

Her stomach knotted as the familiar feeling of anxiousness filled her. It was only whenever she was around the Prince that she felt this way. Ever since they first laid eyes on each other in the forest, she felt as if she had been ensnared by his dark gaze and was unable to escape.

His chest was firm, warm, and the faint woodsy smell mixed with his own scent made her heart beat quicken. She had never been so enthralled by one person before. She had tried to stay away from him, not wanting to become attached to anyone else in Narnia for fear that she might have to leave again. But something inside her, something that definitely wasn't logic, told her to just take what she wanted. To live life in the moment before it was too late.

It was a strange feeling to be locked in a teenager's body when her mind was that of a woman. When she first glanced at Caspian she was afraid that she would be infatuated with some silly boy, but as she came to know him she realized that being trained as the next heir to the throne, he was indeed mature for his age.

She slowly removed her hand from him, feeling that part of her mind that told her to seize what she wanted kick up. Her mouth felt dry and when she shyly looked into Caspian's dark eyes she felt nearly compelled to fall into his arms.

"Do you agree with him?" he asked softly.

Susan felt her lungs compress and licked her lips nervously. The gesture only drew Caspian's attention to her mouth and her breath hitched at the look he gave her.

"No," she answered him.

The rest of their army moved around them, some following King Peter while others grieved together outside.

Susan drew her gaze away from Caspian's, watching as Lucy and Edmund helped their DLF. They started to head for the tomb, Edmund's gaze catching hers.

She gave him a small nod, urging him to head inside and find Peter. Perhaps he could calm him down.

Caspian shifted next to her. "I'm going to go for a walk." He said quietly, his head down.

"You can't go by yourself," Susan protested at once. What if the Telmarians attacked him? The idea hit her like a punch to the gut. Especially after the battle they just came from. When she had to ride off leaving Peter to find him a small part of her was scared she might never see him again.

"I'm just going to the stream," he told her not looking her in the eye longer than a second.

She yearned to reach out and touch him, to comfort him. She wanted to run her hands through his thick hair, to embrace him in her arms, to kiss him, and at the same time she begged for comfort in return, only wanting it from him.

"I'm going with you." It wasn't a request, nor a question, but an order.

She watched his face, first the initial shock then a quick flash of something she could only relate to as the yearning she felt within herself.

"Your company is greatly appreciated." He said formally gesturing for her to lead the way.

Glancing to the entrance of the tomb she spotted no sign of her siblings. They were already inside, but she doubted they would miss her for a few moments. By the by, she didn't really feel like listening to Peter. Lucy and Edmund could take care of him. For the moment she just wanted to steal a few seconds with her Prince.

The stream wasn't too far from Aslan's tomb. Lucy and herself had found it early one morning. It was nearly hidden, as trees and bushes flourished in this part of the woods. The extra coverage only added to the intimacy of her walk as Caspian strolled along beside her, close enough to touch.

They stopped just at the edge of the small stream. Susan gazed over at her companion. He was watching the water, his eyes unblinking.

"I shouldn't have questioned Miraz," he said at last, his voice full of regret.


"No," he interrupted her. "King Peter was right. If I had just done as we planned we might not have lost so many soldiers." He looked at her then, his eyes haunted and she unconsciously took a step toward him. She reached out, her hand cupping his face.

His eyes widened and she saw the hesitation in his eyes, the battle he fought somewhere deep within.

"I'm not fit to rule," he choked out.

Susan had no words for him. She let go of her logic, letting her heart take over and with her hand she pulled his face down to hers to kiss him.

The soft, warm press of his lips sent a spark all the way down to her toes. A foreign warmth flooded her belly before spreading through her whole system.

Caspian pulled her closer to him, their bodies flush against one another as he shifted a hand into her hair to deepen their kiss.

His tongue slipped between her lips, invading her mouth like the conqueror he was meant to be. She was startled when the gesture didn't repulse her. Whenever she was walking back from school and stumbled across couples kissing she was always disgusted at how they looked. But as Caspian gently stroked his tongue against hers she felt the very opposite of repulsion. She wanted more and hesitantly twined her tongue around his.

Caspian's grip tightened both around her upper arm and in her hair. Susan felt the heat in her belly start to boil, little snakes of desire coiling within her, eager to be released. She pushed harder against him, enjoying the way his hard body fit against hers.

An aching need threatened to become all consuming within her. Her hands moved to his front removing his light armor. He broke their kiss, his breath ragged as he gazed down at her.

"Susan…" again he was hesitant, but she could see the desire smoldering in his eyes, could feel it every time he touched her. She knew things were starting to get out of control, but she had felt as if she nearly lost him that day and she never wanted to feel that regret for not acting on her feelings again.

She pulled him back down to her, his lips settling on hers with a hunger even fiercer than before. He was like a starved man, feasting upon her and she let him, opening herself to him as they slowly fell to the grass below.

Caspian rolled her beneath him and together they undressed one another. It was blissfully quiet in the forest, nothing and no one coming to disturb them. The only sound made was from Susan as Caspian slowly joined their bodies together.

She gasped, the sensation completely foreign to her. It was like an intrusion upon her person and as he moved deeper she felt a strange pain that gave way to a pleasure she could never describe.

She clung to Caspian's naked shoulders as he slowly moved within her. Yes, she thought to herself, this is what she wanted, this is what she craved.

Her body arched around him as together they rocked in a silent rhythm. Something deep within Susan began to build, a delightful pressure that only drew nearer to the surface the more she pushed against Caspian.

Her hands lay next to her head, intertwined with Caspian's. His fingers squeezing in time with the push of his hips as Susan felt herself nearing the edge of oblivion.

There were no words exchanged, both letting themselves do nothing but feel.

As the pressure within her started to nearly reach its peak Susan's eyes fluttered open, her blue orbs locking with Caspian's nearly black gaze. The moment was the most intimate moment she had ever felt. With their eyes locked together Susan felt her release. Her body quaked, a sweet delight filling her so that she moaned Caspian's name over and over again.

His eyes sparkled, filling with an emotion she knew was mirrored in her own gaze. Love.

He whispered her name as his own body bucked against hers, finding its release within the warm depth of her body.

She rode out the aftershocks of their love making, their bodies a mix of tangled limbs. They were both breathing deeply, their skin slick with sweat as they lay on the cool grass.

She had no idea how to break the silence, apart of her somewhat embarrassed by their rash thinking while another part purred its satisfaction. She had never felt so close to someone in her entire life. She wanted the moment to last forever, to curl around Caspian and wish the war away. But such thoughts were silly and childish, she told herself.

She freed her hands from his and worked them through his hair, moving it away from where it fell to obscure her vision of his handsome face.

"Are you alright?" he asked, clearly concerned if he had caused her any pain. He had felt the barrier within her and knew she was still a virgin. Although he himself had never lain with another, he remembered overhearing some of the Telmarian soldiers talking of such things in the stables. They would talk of women and how if one wasn't careful, the taking of a virgin could be painful for the woman.

"I'm fine," Susan said. She felt mildly embarrassed being watched so intently with no clothing upon her. But then again Caspian was naked just as she was. Unable to help herself, her eyes wandered over his beautifully tanned shoulders. His chest was evenly muscled, lean and bronze from years of sword training out in the sun.

"Am I crushing you?" he asked misreading her gaze as wanting him to remove himself from her. He rolled off her, Susan feeling the absence of his body keenly.

"I was fine," she rolled onto her side to watch him. He wasn't far and reached out to trace his fingers along the side of her face tenderly.

"It was a lie," he said after a short pause.

"What are you talking about?"

"When I said bringing you here was my first mistake, it was a lie." His eyes bore into hers, so clear, so honest. Susan knew in that moment that if she were to search all of England, she'd never find someone like Caspian. He was everything she could have ever wanted in a man and her heart clenched at the thought of returning home without him.

"I know," she said softly. "You and Peter were just upset. Don't let his words bother you. He was speaking out of anger and wasn't thinking. We're all upset about how the battle went."

His face softened and he gave her a smile that sent a shiver all the way down her spine. She leaned into him, their lips meeting halfway.


The two jerked apart both looking around for the source of noise. Susan frantically gathered up her clothing while Caspian searched the woods for any sign of an enemy.

"We should head back," Susan avoided looking as Caspian slowly dressed, concentrating on her gown.

With her head down she didn't see Caspian approach her until his hand gently lifted her face up to meet his. "You do not regret this moment do you?"

She smiled up at him, finding his lack of confidence humorous. In battle he was fearless and now, here he was in front of her, nervous. "No." She let the truth of that one word show in her eyes. Caspian grinned swooping down to claim her lips in a swift searing kiss.

"Then let's return. We're going to have to come up with another plan." His face clouded, a small worm of doubt making its way into his mind. What if they couldn't defeat the Telmarians? Was there another way they could defeat them? Another power?


Caspian's head jerked up, his sword ready in his hand as footsteps slowly grew louder. Susan was ready with her bow behind him. They glanced at one another, nodded and then made their way toward the noise.

A few yards out they came across the source of their noise. A small group of Centaurs were gathered. By the looks of them they had lost a close friend.

Susan and Caspian both lowered their weapons. Caspian felt it his duty to say something to them but Susan's hand gripped his, steering him away from the private moment.

Once out of the woods they made their way hand in hand toward Aslan's tomb. Lucy was waiting just outside and at the sight of her sister Susan dropped Caspian's hand as if burned. He looked down at her confused but Lucy's voice drew back his attention.

"Susan where have you been?" The youngest Queen asked taking her sisters hand and tugging her toward the entrance.

Susan became extremely self conscious of the way she looked and tried to look herself over for any clues that might give away her activities with Caspian.

"She was with me," Caspian answered for her. For one horrified second Susan thought he would say more, but he didn't as Lucy gave him a questioning glance. Susan felt her sisters gaze turn to her but she didn't look down at her. Her eyes were lost in Caspian's intense gaze, a gaze that promised more to come whenever they found another peaceful moment.

Her heart beat tripled and anticipation had her skin tingling. She felt flustered and embarrassed as an new ache made itself aware between her legs.

Lucy didn't miss the heated gaze her sister shared with the Prince. She thought it cute that her sister seemed to have found someone, but she didn't appreciate being ignored.

"Come on Su," she said insistently and tugged her sister away from the prince. "Peter and Edmund are waiting for us."

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