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Chapter One

New Paris


For once I'm not going to the Cullen house to see Edward or Alice, but Jasper. The whole family excluding him are going hunting. He has to stay behind to protect me form my bad luck.

I jerked back to reality when I almost missed the nearly invisible turn onto their driveway.

Edward didn't like the fact that I'm going to stay the weekend with the Hale whose bloodlust is uncontrollable, but I trust Jasper completely. My birthday was an accident, and I know it won't happen again.

I parked the car, half expecting Alice to be waiting, but it, of course, was just me. I unbuckled my seatbelt and cut the ignition. When I went to open the car door, I found Jasper holding it open like a southern gentlemen, my duffle bag slung on his shoulder. How could I not have noticed him get it? I wondered, getting out of the car.

He smiled at me and led me inside, where I find myself sitting on the couch next to him. I raised my eyebrows suspiciously, he just smiled innocently. "I don't like going slow. Your things are unpacked."

I gaped at him, once more I underestimated the speed of a vampire. I was about to tell him that human speed isn't slow, it's normal, but he laughed at my expression, knocking my thoughts away. For some reason he then became nervous.

"Oh!" I yelled while calming myself down. He doesn't manipulate my emotions as much anymore after Edward chased him to Alaska for making me lustful around Mike Newton. Truthfully, I don't know how much of it was Jasper or how much of it was Mike seizing the opportunity. Either way, Jasper now doesn't do anything that Edward could find out, for fear of his wrath.

He was looking at me hungrily, and I gulped. The sound snapped him out of it, but by the way he was looking at me I realized it wasn't hunger, but lust. I probably shouldn't be thinking of Edward while being alone with his brother...who happens to be a charismatic, bloodthirsty, beautiful, vampire.

Luckily, he didn't mention it. Instead, he asked why I was nervous. I stifled a laugh as he asked me. It's a bit funny seeing him looking scared and afraid while asking why I was nervous.

He glared at me, obviously noting my humor. "You have major mood swings," he joked.

I glared at him, and started yelling a steam of profanities. I then threw a pillow at him-although I'm sure it did more harm to said pillow than it did to him. Then it hit me: why am I so mad? I looked at Jasper suspiciously. He was grinning like an idiot.

"Jasper," I snarled.

He laughed, and I continued to glare. Then, for no apparent reason, I fell to the floor laughing like a maniac.

He kept me like this for so long my lungs burned and I felt sure I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.

Then he released me, and I turned red and got off the floor and reclaimed my seat. When I sat down, Jasper looked afraid. "Don't tell Edward...please?" He begged.

I smiled at him, an immortal vampire was begging me not to taddle on him? "I won't," I promised.

He looked relieved, mirroring what I felt. I rolled my eyes. Can't trust any emotions around him, that's for sure.

After a few moments of silence, Jasper cut the tension. "Were you nervous that...I...was...g-going-?" He stuttered the words.

My eyes went wide, "no, no!" I yelled, cutting off a now visibly relieved Jasper. "I trust you!" The moment I said this, I felt smugness radiating off of him.

I smirked, now I can tell what he's feeling just like he can.

We started talking about nothing in particular, but I found out we had a lot in common. It was easy talking to Jasper. With him being so in touch with both our emotions, it never felt weird like I thought it would.

Jasper's cell phone rang, interrupting a story about Edward and Emmett kissing, courtesy of said charismatic vampire.

He flipped it open, "hello?" He asked in a voice so perfect it could only belong to a vampire. "No, she hasn't." What haven't I done? "Why are you calling so soon?"

I didn't need vampire hearing to notice the velvety voice on the phone was yelling. I can only imagine how loud it is to poor super-hearing jasper, who had the device against his ear.

I took this time to really look at him. I can't believe I never noticed how beautiful he was before now. He was wearing a tight T-shirt that shows off his many muscles. His arm is sh owing, but the crescent marks are invisible because of the lighting. His beautiful blonde hair is falling over his golden eyes...he was just like the Greek god Apollo.

Whoa! He's Edward's brother! I screamed at myself. And my best friend's husband!

My guilty thoughts were cut off by Jasper. "Sorry, I didn't realize. I feed her right now, Esme. You can let go of Edward now."

Esme is talking to him? It made sense, I guess, for her to be concerned about the girl she thinks of as a daughter. But why is she restraining Edward?

Before I had time to ponder this, I was sitting at the kitchen table.

"Sorry, Bella!" Jasper said anxiously. "I forgot how often you humans eat," he gestured to the microwave that is currently heating something up.

"It's okay, Jazz. I didn't even notice." I said, digging into the left over lasagna Esme made yesterday that had magically appeared.

He rolled his eyes, "but I should have."

How could he sense my hunger if I couldn't? "No, you-"

"Just eat before Edward kills me," he laughed, but for some strange reason I felt my heart sink at the sound of my fiance's name.

I glared at him and finished eating while he just stared at me. Nope, not creepy at all.

When I finished, I found myself back at the couch, with him beside me. "Is human speed really that annoying?"

He smiled his beautiful smile. "If I let you walk, you surely would have tripped. This way we both win."

I was about to ask him how he came to that conclusion so idiotic that I only thought possible for Emmett, but he spoke before I had the chance.

"So, what movie shall we watch?"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Wow, you have an Alice like attention span." For some reason, I flinched at my best friend's name.

He seemed to notice but didn't say anything. "Edward mentioned your favorite movie is Romeo and Juliet. Wanna watch it?"

I gaped at him, how weird would it be to watch that movie with my fiance's brother? "You wanna watch that? Edward even hates watching it."

He smiled and I blushed realizing I just compared him to Edward. "Alice can't sit still long enough, and obviously I can't watch it with Emmett or Edward." I smiled back at him, how could I have forgotten he's emotional?

I let out a laugh as I pictured Alice trying to sit through a movie. He took that as a yes and put the DVD in.

I only paid half attention to the movie, the rest of me was focused on the fact that with the mixture of both of our emotions, Jasper was crying unshed tears like a baby. I decided to try and calm him down, so I made myself overly indifferent. It worked, and I felt smug. Two can play that game.

We went back to watching the movie, and I jumped when Tybalt was murdered. I landed on something cold and hard as a rock. I blushed, realizing it was Jasper. Looking at him I noticed he was looking away trying unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh. "Sorry," I mumbled, and moved to get off of him, but instead I was kept in place by arms that were hard as granite. I blushed again and watched the res of the movie, or at lease pretended to.

Instead, I thought about my current position and how much I liked it. But for him, it was probably nothing more than a brother comforting his sister. I felt so ashamed he's my brother's fiancé AND he's married to my best friend! I avoided looking at his eyes in fear of losing control and kissing him, no matter how much I want to.

He must of felt my despair because he started rubbing soothing circles on my back, like any good brother would do. I looked back at the screen and I felt relieved this was the part where Romeo kills Paris. As mean as that sounds, it's a good cover up for my emotions. They fight. Paris falls, kept playing through my head. I used to think my Paris is Jacob, but now I think it's Jasper

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