Once again, thanks for all the reviews guys! I really appreciate them! I have to warn you that, even though I can write a pretty decent beginning and middle, I'm not as good with endings. Consider yourselves warned. Now to the story. The beginning might not make much sense at first, but you'll get it later during the story.

"What… what did you say?" Robin demanded, while the others all looked at Beastboy as though he was crazy. "What did you say?" he asked again. "Nothing! I said nothing!" the green teen said at once. What the titans didn't realize, was that they weren't alone.

Six figures watched the scene from a security camera they had installed years ago. They had known that the old titans would come back, and that Slade would cause trouble by kidnapping the present ones, and that Beastboy would tell them, by accident, that the present titans were their future children. They also knew exactly what would happen next.

One of the figures shook his head at the screen. "Should we go help them?" he asked. A second person, the leader by the looks of it, answered. "When they get to the building." he said. "Then we'll go. Are you coming?" he asked, turning to a third person, a girl. She shook her head. "I wasn't even there, remember? It might be better if I stay here." The leader nodded and turned his attention back to his team. "They'll find the building in an hour. Get ready to leave by then." The others all nodded and did as they were told. They had known that this day was coming for a simple reason. They had lived through it.

Back to old building, Slade, and the titans,

"Slade!" Robin hissed. He was pretty much feed up with him. "Titans go!" he shouted. The titans all leapt into action, attacking him at once. Slade, however, had different plans and soon, the titans were all surrounded by about a hundred of his robots. They tried to fight them but there were too many of them. Slade started walking toward the door, totally ignoring the scene, and while the titans saw him they were powerless to stop him.

Just as he was about to walk out, dark energy suddenly covered him and he was lifted and thrown into a brick wall. "Way to go, Raven!" Beastboy remarked. However, Raven just looked perplexed. "I didn't do that." she said. Beastboy then turned to his children. "Crow? Sparrow?" he asked. Both just shook their heads. "It wasn't us." they replied. "Well then, who…" "Mom!" Sparrow suddenly shouted, her face brightening up. Raven gave her a look. "Um… okay." she said, uncertainly. Crow shook his head, a smile on his face. "No, look!" he said, pointing.

They looked up and their mouths fell open at what they saw. It was themselves, or at least an older version of themselves. It was the older Raven who had thrown Slade into the wall. (To avoid any confusion, here's how it'll work. When I refer to the teenage versions of Robin, Starfire, Beastboy, Raven, and Cyborg as one group, I'll call them the younger titans. The older versions I'll just refer to as the older titans, and the children will just be the current titans.) While the younger titans could only stare in bewilderment, the current ones rushed over to there parents.

"Mom! Dad! What are all of you guys doing here?" Crow asked at once, not noticing the younger titans shocked expressions. "What does it look like were doing?" older Beastboy said. "Helping you guys." The younger titans were still staring at them before the younger Beastboy spoke up. "Whoa! That's me!" he said, stating the obvious. "Yeah, but… how?" Robin asked. "He's got a point there. How did you guys know we were here, Dad?" Stinger asked. The older Cyborg laughed. "We remember this happening from when we lived through it as teenagers." he replied.

As they were talking, Slade was getting up. He looked the scene over. It seemed pretty hopeless. Sixteen titansagainst only one of him? He didn't stand a chance. But Slade had no intentions of going down without a fight. Instead, he got a bunch of his robots and the fight started.

Moonfire, catching sight of Slade, called her own team together and they tried to stop him while their parents fought of the robots. Moonfire and Darkstar shot a group of starbolts at him while Crow used his dark energy to lift up an old car and fling it at him. Slade, one way or the another, managed to avoid the hits. Stinger and Wasp then used their stingers and cannon to hit him. Slade dodged that only to be pinned down by Sparrow, who was now in the shape of a leopard. She growled in his face and Slade then kicked her off of him.

Sparrow returned to her original form while the other titans finished off the robots and came to join them. Slade, for the first time, seemed slightly uncertain. "Give it up Slade!" Nightwing shouted. "You know you can't win!" Slade however, refused to sit there and give up. (A/N: can you really imagine him doing that?) Instead he leapt up and attacked Nightwing.

Nightwing was taken by surprise and Slade took advantage of the situation to hit him, knocking him to the ground. "Dad!" Moonfire shouted in horror. She spun around, a look of pure hate and anger on her face. "Your going to pay for that!" she snarled before attacking him.

For the next few moments, the only thing the others could do was watch the fight. They knew that while the two fought so closely together, any attack they tried could very easily hit Moonfire instead of Slade. Meanwhile, Nightwing had gotten back up. Slade's attack had surprised him, but he wasn't hurt. Moonfire tried to hit him but he merely dodged the blow with ease. She then faked a hit to his left and he moved aside… putting him in the perfect position for her real hit. Her right fist hit the side of his face squarely and he fell to the floor, flipping over and onto his feet a moment later.

He was then ambushed by all the other titans. They all attacked him at the same time, their weapons and powers causing a small blast. This time however, Slade didn't get back up. Instead, he lay unconscious on the ground. After all those years avoiding the titans and escaping, Slade had finally lost. The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance, getting louder by the minute. In about fifteen minutes, Slade was in police custody, and the titans were left alone in the building.

For a moment, nobody spoke. "So… that's it. Slade's finally caught." Robin whispered at last, breaking the silence. "Yeah," Moonfire said, feeling a great weight lifted off her shoulders. "That's it." Nightwing then turned to the rest of them. Like his daughter, he too felt a sense of relief at the capture of Slade. "Let's head back to the tower." he said calmly. The others all nodded and headed back.

A few weeks later, Titans Tower

After the fight with Slade, the older titans headed back to the Justice League. Over the past few weeks afterwards, the younger titans got to know their children and fight crime in Jump City alongside them while they waited for the time machine to be fixed. One morning, Moonfire came out of the gym to be greeted by her team. She instantly became concerned when she saw the looks on their faces.

"What's going on?" she demanded. Suddenly, a cold chill went up her spine. "Did… did Slade escape?" she stuttered, praying that the answer was no. To her relief, Darkstar shook his head. "No, but…" Moonfire raised an eyebrow. "But what?" she asked. Stinger spoke up. "Moonfire… the time machine is fixed. Our parents can go back now." she said.

Moonfire stared at her for a moment, confused, before the words finally made sense. She had been so caught up with Slade's capture that she had forgotten that their parents were going to have to leave eventually. "Oh." she muttered. "Okay, I'll go tell them." The others nodded and followed her to the main room.

The titans were all doing there own thing. Beastboy and Cyborg were playing video games, Robin and Starfire were talking together, and Raven was doing some meditating. "We have something to tell you guys." Moonfire called out as she walked in, catching their attention. She hesitated for a moment, then went on anyways. "The time machine is fixed." The titans looked at her in surprise, not sure what to say. "So… we can go back?" Cyborg asked. Moonfire nodded. "Yeah, you can go back." she said.

"Though it was fun hanging out with you guys." Sparrow added, then put a hand to her mouth, a bewildered look on her face. "Whoa! Never thought I'd actually say that to my parents!" she muttered, making everyone laugh. Even Raven let out a small smile. "Well, I guess it's time for us too go then." Robin said getting up. "Yeah, I guess so." Moonfire said. "We'll see you around though." she added. Robin and the others nodded. "Yeah, I guess we will." Robin said with a smile.

After they said their goodbyes, the titans set the time machine back for their own time. With a final wave, they stepped in and where gone. A few moments later, they all landed in a heap inside the evidence room. "Did it work?" Beastboy asked. Cyborg pulled out the time machine and checked it. "Yeah, it worked." he said. For a moment, everyone was silent thinking over the events they had gone through.

Robin was the first to snap out of it. He quickly grabbed the time machine from Cyborg. "Let's put this somewhere where no one well get it. And yes…" he added as Beastboy opened his mouth to speak. "… by no one, I mean you."

After some searching, they finally found a spot to put the time machine. With it safely put where no one could get it, the titans turned and headed for the door, though they stopped just once to look back at it, a smile on each of their faces.

Like I said, I'm bad at endings. And now, I'm really, really sad to say, this story is over. I'm going to miss writing it, since I had so much fun doing so, and waiting anxiously for your reviews, but like they say, all good things must come to an end. With that being said, goodbye and I hope you all enjoyed this and review. Maybe I'll do an epilogue, but I'd need an idea on what it would be about. As for now though, this story is done. Please review and thanks again!