Chapter 5

"Where do we go now?" the young man asked the assembled adults. Selene Lovegood took a good look at her godson and saw the remnants of what the Dursleys had done from the bruises, Scrapes and cuts to the mis-sized clothes he wore tears began to flow from her eyes as she knelt down before harry and opened here arms.

Harry looked at her confused but then he caught a scent that reminded him of a nice woman who once held him and names long forgotten came back to him "Auntie Lene, Uncle Siri and Uncle Remus?" he asked tentatively hoping beyond hope that they were who he thought they were. Before stepping into Selene's hug "you came for me, I thought I was bad and you hated me"

The three gathered around harry "We do not hate you. We could never hate you are precious to us" Selene said quietly "Things happened in the wake of your parents deaths that prevented all of us from being here. Can you forgive us for failing you?"

Remus and Sirius both held their breath as harry answered "If you don't hate me how could I hate you?" Harry paused for a moment "why is uncle Wormy not here with us and where is Aunt Alicia?" he asked shyly as the memories of people he missed returned. The Wizengamot stared at the boy and his lack of decorum and several members looked uncomfortable at his questions but kept their tongues as both Augusta Longbottom and Amelia Bones came toward them with their wards and Peter Pettigrew in tow. Again memories' floated to the front of his mind of these other children riding around on the back of giant black dog tin turn playing with blocks snuggling while his parents talked with others "Nev? Sue? Uncle Wormy? Where is Aunty Alicia?" he asked excitedly before he looked at Selene again "Aunty Lene where is Luna is she okay?"

"She is at home right now with her father preparing a room for you!" Selene said with a smile "However I think that rather than going home how about we take you Nev and Sue and get Ice cream?"

Harry Smiled back "that won't be fair for Luna would it?"

Remus snorted as the questions flew out of the boy's mouth and he leaned over to Sirius "Go fire call Xeno have him bring Luna and meet us here." He then turned to Peter and whispered Alicia Apprenticed to Madam Malkin and if the rumors are true Miranda Malkin is getting ready to retire and Alicia is her intended inheritor for the business."

Augusta and Amelia looked at Selene and Harry "as Harry moved around the group giving tentative hugs

The adults were thankful that he remembered so much

It was then Albus made his approach "For now young Harry you will go live with your godmother" he said with a sad smile. "and in six years I expect to see you at Hogwarts for your sorting. But for now I believe i have my work cut out for me." he trailed off as Minerva took hold of his hand.

"Yes dear you do have your work cut out for you as you will be the new potions professor and head of Gryffindor" She said with a smile as she turned to the remaining Marauders "Remus I find myself in need of Defense against the Dark Arts. Professor. I realize you have some challenges in response to those Mr. Black I find myself also in need of a part time transfiguration professor I would offer this position to you with the caveat that you would take Professor Lupins classes when he was having his issues."

Color drained from Sirus's face as he realized the magnitude of what had been asked Remus smiled and said "Wait for it"

"But ... but "Sirius stammered with a gulp "I would have to ... you know " looking around shiftily before continuing "be an adult or something and I am just not sure I can do that"

Selene said as she returned from the floo with Xeno and Little Luna in tow "you both are coming with me" Pointing to Remus and Sirius "I need help with the kids. I work from home often and the things I work on can be dangerous you can look after the children while I work maybe take them to visit the Weasley's"

Luna saw Harry with her godfather and a bunch of people she did not recognize she also saw another little boy with messy black hair looking to her mom "Mum is that my betrotted?"

Luna's innocent question stopped the conversations in progress

Selene smiled fondly at her daughter "Yes my little moonchild that is your intended, Would you like to meet him maybe have ice-cream with him?" Luna nodded excitedly as her mother took her hand and lead her over to the three living marauders who were taking turns telling harry about his parents. Selene noticing the four were off in their own little world sent a stinging hex at the three marauders with cries of pain all three turned to toward the grinning mother "Harry this is Luna"

Harry turned his jade eyes toward the girl that was just introduced and smile "Hi Luna I am Harry we are going to get ice cream with Nev and sue you want to come with?" he said as he extended his hand to her

Luna looked at her mother and then to the hand was extended to her instead of grabbing the hand she stepped up to the boy who would one day be her husband and embraced him with a warm hug.

Harry flinched as she stepped toward him and stiffened when she hugged him afraid that if he moved even an inch she would hit him and everyone would be mad at him. "It's okay Harry just hold onto me and I won't let go ever". Ever so slowly harry wrapped his arms around Luna and leaned his head against hers.

A chorus of "Awes" carried through the hallway as Selene and the remaining marauders led the children out of the ministry and into Diagon Alley for ice cream.

The reunion of Pettigrew siblings was very emotional as they told her exactly what happened to both of the siblings. Alicia broke down sobbing against Peter's chest only to surround by the other two marauders and finally Harry approached Alicia wrapping his arms around her neck and hugging her for all he was worth.

The day ended with Selene and Xeno taking Harry and Luna home to the rookery with the marauders home. It was the beginning of a new life for all of them.

Somewhere in the United States.

"Sir we are getting reports of unexplained phenomena happing in Scandinavia, Great Britain, France, The Middle East, Japan, The South Pacific and here in America"

"Probably just the magical populations letting off some steam nothing to be concerned with"

"I wish that were so but this seems to be an evolving situation that even the wizards seem not to notice ... Not that they notice anything unless it is shoved in its face. I believe this situation warrants investigation I beg you let me send teams to investigate"

"Show me your data then.

Elsewhere outside of time and space

The Gauntman awaited the other five High lords to arrive 'the time an energy it has taken to get them to agree to the meeting had been immense however after years they had finally agreed. Soon very soon the invasion would begin. The so called leaders of this world had not noted the laying of the maelstrom bridge Very soon he would drink from a realm steeped in possibility.'