I woke up a little while later, in the same swan bed I was in the first time I had come down into his domain of darkness and music. Only this time I was here against my will and yet in a sense, I wasn't. I went with Erik so that Jer and everyone was going to be left alone, but none of it matters anymore. Now I had lost the one thing that meant most to me, the one thing that kept me bound to Erik: Jer. Jer was dead and nothing was going to bring him back.

And it was all my fault.

The tears finally began to come to my eyes, the numb feeling giving way to utter despair and anger. The sobs kept coming, wracking my entire body, they just wouldn't stop. I couldn't believe everything I loved and cherished most was gone in an instant. There was no hope left in anything anymore.

There was a soft knock on the door to the room that I was in. I didn't respond, and I refused to respond. I wanted nothing to do with Erik.

Everyone was right; He was a cold blooded killer, who didn't care about anything. Not even me, which he claimed to have love so much. If he truly loved me, then he would have left me in the light with Jer, instead of dragging me into the darkness with him. I hated him. I've never felt hatred in my life, but at that moment, it crept through me like an ivy on a wall; slowly and with purpose.

He came into the room and stood at the door, and I turned my back to him, not wanting to look him in the eyes.

"Christine," He said, his voice flat and emotionless, "My love-"

"Stop it." I hissed. I couldn't stand it when he said that to me, it made my skin crawl. He walked into the room, closing the space between us. I whipped around and got up, stepping back from him. "Stay away from me." His face, still partly hidden behind the black mask, contorted into confusion and what I believed as anger, but I didn't care. Not anymore. I was finally going to stand up to him. I wasn't going to let him manipulte me anymore. "I am not your love, Erik. In fact, I would say the exact opposite."

"Christine, please," He said, almost pleading to me. His voice lost its levelness, and it was beginning to waver a bit, "Forgive me. I never meant to hurt you." I laughed bitterly, shaking my head in utter disbelief. How could I forgive him, after everything he put everyone through. Everything he put me through.

"Forgive you?" I said incredulously, laughing bitterly again, "How could I ever forgive you? You took me from my home, from my friends and my family. And you took what I cared most about. You took away my love. You killed Jer!" Erik came farther into the room and closer to me. I backed up, but the wall behind me prevented me from going anywhere. He was only a mere couple of inches away from me now, his green eyes looking straight into mine, but I never averted my eyes. I kept contact, my eyes burning with hated defiance.

Inside, though, my stomach was twisting in knots, making me want to just fall down and collaspe, but I wasn't going to let him know that. No, I was not going to down with out swinging a few punches.

Erik took a deep breath, closing his eyes. "I told you I would have you, one way or another. He just so happened got in my way." Erik said, his voice mocking and as cold as ice, but his eyes betrayed him. His eyes were full of pain and torment, but I didn't care anymore.

"So," I began, pushing him away, "Have you killed enough, now that you have me?" I walked away, circling behind him, looking at him. "Am I now to be prey for your lust for flesh?" Erik shook his head and chuckled darkly. He looked at me, his eyes now firey.

"Your grandmother said the same thing. But this," He said, pointing his masked face, "Has cursed me to wallow in blood and destruction. And has also cursed me to never be able to let me enjoy my lust for flesh. In all of my years of being alive, I have been cursed. But tonight, that will change and it will be because of you."

"What do you mean?" I asked him. It was his turn to circle around, and I found myself caught in his embrace again, his warm breath on the back of my neck. It sent chills down my spine to be near him, and definately not in a way like earlier tonight.

"You," He whispered into my ear, "Are the key to the release of my curse."

"What do you mean?" I asked sharply, completely confused. I tried pulling away from him but he kept me close. I broke loose finally, falling to the floor. I looked up at him, still confused. He took a step towards me, only being a foot away from him. When he was standing, I felt like an ant, and he was a giant. I felt so small, and scared, but I still would not let him see that.

"What I mean," He said slowly, trying to choose his words, "Is you will finally free me from my curse." I shook my head, trying to wrap my mind around what he said. What curse? What was he talking about. It just didn't make any sense. Then something clicked in my mind.

"I thought you didn't know why you were immortal." It was more of a statement than a question. He lied to me. Again, and yet, I wasn't surprised. He's lied to me so many times that I don't know what's true and what's false anymore.

"Yes, I know I said that," He said, "But suprise! I do." I brought myself up and began to back away again, out of the room. I turned around and tried sprinting for the door, but he caught my arm. "I need you Christine."

"What are you?" I asked him.