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This is an Edward/Bella/Jake story

This story starts off right after Eclipse.

Rated M

Breathe Your Life Into Me


As I drove up, I could clearly see Jacob leaning against the Rabbit, which was parked in my driveway. I couldn't help but smile. I had missed my friend, and it would be good to see him again. After I parked my truck, I rushed over to him not even trying to hide my happiness to see him.

"Long time no see!" I teased, hoping that he would appreciate it.

"I know." He sighed heavily, "I've been busy with a new project, and I haven't had the time to get back to you, or anyone." My eyes gleamed; I had always enjoyed watching Jacob work on cars. He thought I was crazy, but I truly enjoyed watching the fulfillment in Jacob's eyes when he worked.

"Really?" I asked excitedly, "what are you working on?" But instantly I could tell that small talk was not what he had come for.

"Bella, there's something important I need to ask." I anxiously nodded my head to allow him to continue, not sure where this conversation was about to go. He stood up straight, towering over me like I was only three feet tall.

"Did I ever have a chance? Did we ever have a chance?" My mouth gaped open. I wasn't expecting Jacob to be so blunt, but I probably should have.

"No." I replied immediately. It was like a reflex, something I didn't have to think about, at least not anymore, but I don't think that's what Jacob wanted to hear. I could see the frustration in his eyes.

"Then what happened between us last year? When the cold one abandoned you?" I tensed, not wanting to relive those memories despite how long ago it was; it still burned me inside to think about it. "I thought you were starting to love me." His voice was suddenly soft, painful even.

"I do love you Jacob!" I yelled up at him, "I can't live without you," I wanted him to at least hear the truth, "and it's killing me that I'm hurting you right now." This was so much harder than I wanted it to be. "I love you Jacob, I do. You are my best friend-"

"But," he interrupted, already knowing what was coming.

"But, that's all. I can't give you what you want from me. I thought I made that clear last year." I said with sadness. I hated that I was the one making him frown. He looked away from me for a moment, gazing towards the grey clouds. "I am sorry. I never meant to give you false hope." I strained, hoping that he would look at me. "Can't this just be a wonderful, beautiful friendship?" He finally turned back to look down at me. He smiled, but it wasn't painless. He seemed to understand me though.

"Bella, I will always be your friend. I never said it was all or nothing." I could tell that he was sincere, and when he put his strong arms around me I could feel the burning warmth of his skin.

I smiled up at my best friend, grateful that he wasn't angry with me. Deep down, he has always known where my heart lies. Even so, I appreciate his willingness. He was stubborn, like me, and I understood him better than I should. His eyes looked hopeful for a moment, but then instantly replaced by remorse. I sighed. I wasn't the type of person who liked letting people down, especially my friends.

"I just wish-," He was hesitant, unsure if he should continue. However, he ignored his better judgment. "You met me first." I was a little confused, because I had known him longer. He noticed my bewilderment and continued. "I mean the new me, the monster." I quickly pushed away from his embrace, and looked up at him with anger and frustration.

"Jacob, you didn't become my best friend because you were an animal." I was more than a little irritated. "And it's not the vampire in him that I love." I said with more agitation in my voice. He thought I preferred them wild and dangerous. He could sense my anger rising, but he wasn't going to calm me down. Instead, it fired him up even more than we both would have liked.

"And what if he wasn't a vampire, if he never existed? Would you love me then?" The volume of Jacob's voice had increased dramatically, and it made me glad that Charlie wasn't home yet. He grabbed me by the shoulders forcefully and pulled me closer to him, his face merely inches in front of mine. I tensed quickly; I never got used to his overpowering demeanor. His voice was low and husky this time, "Can you honestly say that if he never came back, you wouldn't eventually fall for me?" I froze; I didn't know what to say. The truth was he was probably right. If Edward never came back for me, it may have been a different story. I know I would have easily let Jacob into my heart.

Before I had a chance to do anything about it, I felt his hot lips grasp mine, and for a moment I was reminded of last year. I loved him, I was confused, but I loved him and I was sure of it. He was there to protect me, to ease the pain in my heart when Edward was gone. He was the one who made me feel alive again. I let him kiss me longer than I should have. His lips were coarse and painfully warm, but all I could think about was Edward. I yearned for the intensity of his cold breath, of his cold hands that would caress my flushed cheeks.

That's when I broke away. "No." It came out barely above a whisper, so I repeated louder, "No, Jacob," I pushed him harder and further away from me, angry with him for kissing me, but more angry with myself for letting it get that far. But I didn't have time to complain. I suddenly heard a loud angry growl and that's when everything happened so fast.

Suddenly I could see the rage in Jacob's face when he turned to meet his oncoming opponent. I couldn't mistake that growl for anything. It clearly came from Edward. He had been there without us knowing, and he had clearly seen us kiss. I didn't have time to move out of the way before they began to attack each other. I was afraid, they were both strong, powerful creatures that had the ability to tear the other one to shreds. I panicked for a moment until I had realized that they weren't acting in their animal-like way. They were throwing punches at each other like regular humans did. It was bizarre to me, and for a moment I was caught in amazement. But that feeling quickly vanished, and all I could think about was that I had to stop this; I hated that they were fighting each other over me.

I ran quickly over towards the fighting men, trying my best to break them apart. "Stop it!" I screamed at them. But it wasn't working. I screamed harder then, and grabbed a hold of Jacob's fleeing arm. That was the wrong move. With much force, Jacob pulled himself from my grasp and hit me forcefully in the process.

The next thing I knew was the pain of landing on the hard gravel. I felt the wind knocked out of me, and I gasped for breath. Noticing my struggles, Edward turned to face me, no longer concerned about beating the hell out of Jacob, but now on my well-being. Jacob too had noticed what he had done, and I could tell he instantly regretted his behavior.

Edward rushed to my side, bending down on one knee to take my hand. "Are you alright Bella?" I could tell he wasn't completely calm, and still wanted to fight. I was finally able to breathe again and I turned to face Edward.

"Yeah, I think so." I tried to smile at him when his beautiful face stared at me intently. I fought the urge to reach out and touch the beautiful features on his face. I was glad to see him, but I was mad at his behavior. No matter what he saw, he should not have reacted that way.

"I'm so sorry Bella," I could hear the pain in Jacob's voice. I knew he was sorry, but I wasn't going to let it go that easily. It wasn't fair that he acted this way. He needed to know that we could never be what he wanted us to be. But before I could say something I heard Edward's cool, harsh voice.

"Stay away from her," He threatened Jacob, and I could hear the rumble in his chest as he began to growl again. I took this as the opportunity to calm him down.

"Edward," I reached my hand over to capture his face and gently forced him to stare back at me. He saw the look in my eyes and instantly softened his features. He stood up next to me, reaching his hand down to help me up. I brushed myself off before I spoke up again.

"Bella-"Jacob's voice was even more distressing than before. Edward instantly scowled at him, and I knew it wasn't the best time to talk to him. I tightened my grip around Edward's hand to let him know that it was okay.

"I think you should go." I told Jacob. He tried to protest but I added firmly, "Please. Just. Go." He was reluctant, but he knew that it was better for him to leave. I felt horrible, and at the same time still angry. After he left, Edward turned to face me.

"Are you sure you are okay?" He pressured me, but I knew he was just concerned. "I swear I won't let him hurt you again." I nodded before we headed back inside my house.

"I'm still angry with you." I said to him as we sat down in the living room. He scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. "You didn't have to attack him. You shouldn't have attacked him." I huffed annoyed at the memory. But then I noticed that Edward wasn't paying any attention to me, and I could tell that he was lost in his own thoughts.

"You kissed him back." He stately plainly, trying to hide his jealousy, but I could clearly see through his façade. I instantly felt horrible again. He wasn't supposed to see that. It wasn't supposed to happen.