8.19 "Oh, Neil… Sedaka."

Season 8: Episode 8.18 follows a week or so after 8.18. If you haven't done so, please read episodes 1-18 prior to reading 8.19.

Previously on the Gilmore girls…

(From 8.15)

NATE: (Looks down at Rory) What about you, Rory? What do you say? You, me and a few others at the Golden Theatre… (with a hint of sarcasm) watch a bunch of puppets getting it on.

RORY: …that's great. (She tries not to blush at the timing of her comment) I mean, I'd love to join you. (Nods)

NATE: (With one nod, he pushes himself off the table and walks towards the doorway) Great. I will let you know the details. (As he leaves) Hey, bring a date. I've got plenty of tickets.


TREVOR: (To Rory) Hey, thanks for inviting me. And if you want to hang out again sometime… don't hesitate to call.

RORY: (With a curious smile) Oh… "hang out"… ?

TREVOR: (Smiles) Yeah, I hear I make a good friend to some unsuspecting poor souls. (Subtly gestures at the group – mainly at one particular person) besides, it seems like you're somewhat into… someone else.


NATE: (To Rory in the DiLuca kitchen) So it's a shame Trevor couldn't join our midnight snack.

RORY: (Sighs) Yeah.

NATE: (Casually) So, what happened there? He didn't like us?

RORY: (Lets out a sigh combined with a chuckle) Oh no… he really enjoyed tonight. But… (shakes her head as she ponders)…

NATE: (As he cuts the sandwich in the middle) But what?

RORY: (Chuckles) Nothing… really.

NATE: (Not wanting to push it) Okay.

RORY: (Intoxicated by the very late hour, and the one drink she had previously) He thinks I have a "thing" for…. (adds as she looks up at him) you.

NATE: (Looks up quizzically, then a moment later – he laughs) Is that so?

RORY: (Taken back, she makes a serious expression – which Nate catches) Well…

NATE: (Any sign of a smile vanishes…) Rory?

RORY: (Not sure how to revive the situation, she decides to be forthright) Well, there may be some truth to it…


(From 8.17)

(Rory singing)

And when the snow falls you're found in St. Moritz
With the others of the jet-set
And you sip your Napoleon Brandy
But you never get your lips wet

No you don't…

But where do you go to my lovely
When you're alone in your bed…

(Close up on Rory's face, as she looks out across the crowd - she focuses on something, or someone, in the audience and freezes in horror. Camera cuts to the back of the auditorium, where we see Nate casually leaning against the wall, arms crossed, watching her with a decidedly bemused expression on his face. Cut back to Rory who looks away quickly, flushes a deep shade of pink, and almost misses her cue for the next line. Panicking slightly, she stammers her way through, hoping desperately that her eyes were playing tricks on her…)

(Won't you) Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head

Yes I do…

(Emily notices Rory's eyes wander. As she glances over her shoulder to look for what momentarily distracted Rory, across the aisle her eyes land on Trevor who looks enthralled as Rory sings. Emily smiles and nods knowingly, but as she turns back, she spies Lorelai and Luke poking their heads out of the wings, and follows their gaze…..past Trevor, to the handsome stranger in the back of the theater…)


RICHARD: Bravo, my dear! Bravo!

Rory gets a text message. Camera zooms in on her cell phone, and we clearly see that it reads, "Congratulations. Welcome aboard. – Nate." Rory sighs and closes the phone, knowing very well what she must do.

RICHARD: (Casually looks at Rory) I hope it's nothing important.

RORY: (Swallows a bit before she abruptly blurts out) I've accepted a temporary project, so I'm leaving the Courant, and will be in Africa all summer.

Cuts to Richard and very wilted Emily as they suddenly wear a very similar shocked expression.


(From 8.18)

EMILY: (Unable to drop the topic) … we don't know much about this Nate…

LORELAI: (Rolls her eyes) I thought we dropped this?

EMILY: (Continues on) What do you even know about him?

LORELAI: He seems like a nice guy.

EMILY: Have you met him?

LORELAI: (Nods) Yes, briefly — a couple of times. And can we please drop this?

EMILY: I'm just saying… knowing him alone doesn't help. We need to know everything about him. About his family…


RICHARD: (Shakes his head) I regret not doing a tour of Africa… (Turns to his wife) What do you say, Emily? How about a trip to Johannesburg this summer?

EMILY: First of all, it's winter there. And we've already made plans to meet Hope in Amsterdam. (Explains to Rose) My sister. She lives in France, we're meeting in Amsterdam and then we'll fly into Prague to do another tour of Eastern Europe together. But that won't be until the end of summer.

ROSE: Oh yes, I understand (gestures at Lorelai) you don't want to miss out on your second grandchild's first few months. (Emily's face turns pale at Rose's good natured comment).


RICHARD: (Oblivious, changes the topic back to Africa and looks at Nate) I hope they've made all the arrangements for everyone traveling?

NATE: (Nods) Yes Richard, we've been given a very detailed itinerary. They'll take care of us…

RICHARD: I hope they're also letting you travel first class.

NATE: Nope, economy.

RICHARD: (Shocked) What? You're going to be in the air for 20-some hours… the least they could do is send you first class. (Emily is concerned as well)

NATE: (Tries not to offend Richard, but with a smirk he responds) Somehow traveling first-class to Africa doesn't seem right… in my book anyway. (Tony and Rose look at their child with a sense of pride — even Luke has an approving expression. Rory and Lorelai look at each other).

RICHARD: (Takes a moment, but with a hearty chuckle, he raises his glass to Nate) I commend you, Nate. (Looks at everyone at the table, and then focuses on Rory — and Nate) Here's hoping your travels are safe, and may this be a life-changing experience for you both!

Everyone raises their glasses.

TONY: Hear, hear!

Scene fades on a very observant Emily.



Scene opens on a farewell banner on the wall, and zooms out to see chatty co-workers standing around a long layout of food and beverages.

KEN: (Looks at his boss) Rob, we should make this an all-day event.

ROB: (With a drink in hand, he turns to Ken) As much as we're going to miss Rory, I don't think Mahogany Row (gestures up) will understand why tomorrow's paper only consists of photographs of their employees around a feast of junk food.

KEN: (Makes a face) I still say it should be an all-day event.

RORY: (Chuckles) It's all good, Kenny. (Looks around) This is amazing enough…

MAGGIE: (From the other end of the table, hangs up the phone) Rob. (Rob looks back at Maggie) You're needed at the front.

ROB: Oh. (Turns around) Excuse me, will you Rory? (Rory nods)

RORY: (Turns to Ken) I can't believe it's my last day here.

KEN: I can't either. (Jokes) It's still not too late to turn down those bastards from the Big Apple.

RORY: (Smiles) I know.

KEN: (With a friendly nudge) We'll miss you.

RORY: Aw, Kenny. I will miss you guys too. But I'm still hoping I get my job back when I return.

KEN: Unless of course the Times offers you a permanent position. (Rory nods, but gets distracted by Rob and another man).

KEN: (Looks up and sees a familiar face) Hey, Nate. (Jokes) What brings you here? Did you smell the food?

NATE: (As he approaches them) I always did have a good nose. (Sees the elaborate spread and makes favorable expression) How come I never got a big farewell?

ROB: You did. You weren't here for it. (Rob and Ken step aside and mingle elsewhere)

NATE: Oh. (Shrugs and looks at Rory) Hey.

RORY: Hey. What brings you here?

NATE: The food. (Rory rolls her eyes with a smile) And of course, I heard they were putting all this together in your honor. (Adds) It was, however, tough to get through Wicked Witch of the West… up there… in the front.

RORY: (Sympathetically) Oh yeah, the new receptionist, Lilly. Despite the name, she is a little scary.

NATE: I even lied to her, said I was the heir to (gestures at everything around them) Thomas Green's empire. But she wouldn't budge. Rob had to convince her that it was alright. (Unable to come up with a response, Rory smiles up at Nate).

The sound of a balloon pop gets everyone's attention. Rory and Nate look over and see that it's Rob's way of calling everyone together.

ROB: Attention everyone.

KEN: (Opening his jaw wide, he tilts his head and touches his ear) You've got my attention, alright.

ROB: Thought I'd say a few words (Looks at Rory, then begins his speech) As you all know, I say this with mixed feelings… While I'm thrilled to see one of our alums going out into the big world of journalism, I'm also sad to see you go, Rory. A big part of me really hopes they don't offer you a position beyond the summer…

A few disagreeable sounds can be heard from the rest, as Rory chuckles.

MAGGIE: Oh come on, Rob!

ROB: What? I really want her to come back to the Courant.

RORY: (Shyly, she nods) Thank you, Rob.

ROB: I wish you all the best, Rory Gilmore.

Everyone cheers.

RORY: Thanks guys.

ROB: (Looks at Nate) Why don't you say a few words too, Nate?

NATE: (On the spotlight) Oh.

ROB: I mean you are very much a big reason for why she's leaving us. (Rory is uncomfortable with this statement, but she lets it go)

NATE: Uh sure. (Looks down to the side at Rory) Well… as many of your know (looks at the everyone else), Rory and I didn't really get off to a good start. Mainly because I tend to be difficult to work with (Rory brushes it off)…

KEN: (Jokes) Does the New York Times know that about you, DiLuca?

NATE: (Ignores his friend's teasing and looks back at Rory) I may have expressed a bit of negativity towards you. But I have to say Gilmore; you took that, turned it around, and made the best you can out of it. And I couldn't be any prouder. Well done, congratulations on your new assignment, and I wish you all the best. (This means more to Rory than anyone in that room can imagine).

KEN: (Raises his paper cup) Hear! Hear!

RORY: (Swallows a bit, then proceeds) Thank you Nate... and Rob. Thank you so much. (Looks at Nate) Would it be too cliché of me if I said that I couldn't have done it without you? (Quickly turns to the rest of the group) Without any of you? (Nate notices something in her eyes before she looks away) Taking this job was one of the best decisions I've ever made. And I can't thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. (Looks at Ken, Rob and the rest, and smiles) I'm going to miss you all. (Clears her throat and adds) And part of me hopes that I don't get a position beyond this summer too, Rob.

Awing can be heard as everyone steps closer to Rory as each of her co-workers bid her goodbye. Scene fades on Nate, as he stands a few feet away, with a tentative expression on his face.

Scene fades.


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