This segment is a collaborative effort by AudiRox, damselfly, and dragonfly.


Scene opens on Sookie entering the kitchen with Rory following closely behind. Rory's carrying a clipboard and a cordless phone…

SOOKIE: Rory hun, you know I'm a horrible liar. (Reaches the kitchen island, and turns to her best friend's daughter) I mean, my eye twitches just thinking about lying. And your mother knows my eye twitches when I lie…

RORY: But she won't see the eye twitching. Please Sookie, it only makes sense for you to call…

Michel walks in.

MICHEL: (As he leans against the island, and sighs) How long is this baby "thing" going to be? I hope it doesn't interfere with my work.

RORY: (Explains) Everyone's invited, Michel… you should join us.

MICHEL: (Raises his eyes and rejects the idea) No. I'd rather take care of the inn. It won't take care of itself, you know?

Michel leaves the scene leaving Sookie to roll her eyes and turn to Rory. Rory shrugs.

RORY: (Holds out the phone) Call!

SOOKIE: (Sighs, then takes the phone) Okay, tell me what to say.

RORY: Say something like, Michel angered a guest… and before all hell breaks loose, that you think she should make an appearance tonight… and "pacify" the situation… or something.

SOOKIE: (Takes a deep breath, and whines) Ohhh, I'm so going to blow this… (shakes her head and looks up at Rory) I suck at lying. (Eyes widen and she points the phone upward with an idea) Oh, make Emily do it!

RORY: (Rolls her eyes) First of all, the whole scenario we just made up doesn't work with Emily Gilmore. Secondly, she has already left and won't be back until the party starts.

SOOKIE: (Takes another deep breath) Here goes… (She dials a familiar number, and holds it to her ear)…

The phone continues to ring.

Rory leans against the island, pulls out her cell phone and looks at it for a second. She sighs, and then she places it back in her pocket and looks at Sookie.

SOOKIE: (Perks up) Lorelai? (With an unusually high pitched voice) Hi!


LORELAI: (Leans against the doorframe as she watches Luke fix the railing on the porch) Hey, Sookie. What's up?

SOOKIE: Oh, nothing!

LORELAI: (With a curious smile) Sookie?

SOOKIE: (The eye twitching begins as she starts her first lie) Well, Mi-Michel pissed off the Van Houghtons.

Rory lowers her head and observes Sookie's right eye.

RORY: (Whispers) You weren't kidding.

LORELAI: (Rolls her eyes) What did he do this time?

Luke watches from the corner of his eye… knowing very well what the call was about.

SOOKIE: (Momentarily freaks out when she gets stuck) Well… well… he… he called Mr. Van Houghton a uh… butt-nose

Rory raises her brows, just as Lorelai on the other end — does the same.

LORELAI: (With a slight chuckle) A what?

SOOKIE: I know! It was ridiculous… anyway, Mr. Van Houghton is not happy. And Michel's being difficult, he won't apologize.

LORELAI: (Nods) I'll be there as soon as possible, Sookie.

SOOKIE: Oh, and one more thing (eye starts twitching again), Van Houghtons are out shopping, but they should be back by… say… (looks at Rory for support)

RORY: (Whispers) Seven o'clock.

SOOKIE: Seven o'clock.

LORELAI: Okay, I'll be there at seven then.

SOOKIE: Are you sure you're okay with this? I mean, I hate that I'm making you…

LORELAI: Don't worry about it, Sook.

Camera cuts to Babette's house as she and Morey, carrying what looks like a lot of party 'stuff' exit their house, but seeing Lorelai on the porch - the older couple try to re-enter the house unnoticed by their neighbors. Slight muttering by Babette can be heard as the camera cuts back to Lorelai and Luke.

LORELAI: Okay, bye Sookie. (Takes a step forward towards Luke as she hangs up the phone)

LUKE: (Turns around to look at her) What was that about?

LORELAI: I have to go over to the inn in an hour or so.

LUKE: Oh okay.

LORELAI: (Amused) What? Where's the "no you're not!"?

LUKE: If you have to go to the inn, I'm guessing it's because you're needed there… (with a nod) so I'm fine.

LORELAI: (Satisfied with his answer) Oh… okay.

LUKE: (Just as he steps into the house) And I'm driving.

LORELAI: (shrugs) Okay (and follows him inside)

Camera cuts to Babette and Morey's house as Babette peeks out their front door.

BABETTE: (Whispers to Morey) They're gone… quick… quick!

Scene fades.


Scene opens on Emily and Richard getting ready for the evening.

Emily seems to be very chatty with her husband as she puts the finishing touches on her makeup.

EMILY: (Pleasantly) Everything seems to be going well… the florists were on time, the caterers were on time… I didn't see the last minute decorating, but everything is as it should be. I have to say, Rory handled herself really well… despite what you think, Richard, being a part of the DAR for a while really did give Rory some skills in planning events.

RICHARD: (Chuckles as he fixes his bow tie) Oh, I'm sure it did. (Adds as he enters the bedroom and walks up to his suit jacket) And it seems you had a good time helping her.

EMILY: (With her signature smile, she looks at Richard through the mirror) I must say, I did. Not the best venue, but I think it will be a pleasant evening.

RICHARD: (Walks up to his wife, looks at her through the mirror, and pats her shoulder) Well, I'm glad you had a good time Emily. (He walks to the big mirror on the side)

EMILY: (Nods) It was a very productive afternoon.

Emily gets up from her seat, and then walks over to Richard as he wears the jacket. She smoothes the jacket from behind.

EMILY: (Sighs as she looks at him) I only wish I'd thrown that god-awful pacifier in the dumpster.

She leaves Richard clueless…

Scene fades.


Scene opens on the inn (the lights on the porch are turned off) as Luke's truck pulls up to the front. Camera zooms in on the truck and Luke, as he parks the vehicle, gets out, and walks around to help Lorelai. It seems they have been discussing Michel on the drive to the inn…

LORELAI: (As she accepts Luke's help to get out of the truck) … then again, I can't fire the guy. He is a pretty good concierge slash inn manager… I mean, he's excellent at his job.

LUKE: (Closes the passenger door after Lorelai gets out) No… remember that time we were in Manhattan? The guy that worked at The Plaza?

LORELAI: (Remembers) Oh yeah…

LUKE: He was excellent at his job.

LORELAI: (Pleasantly remembers) I know! How cool was he to let us tour The Plaza (squints) that we couldn't afford to stay at… (notices something) Does the porch look darker than usual? Maybe the porch light's out… (Lorelai starts to walk up the stairs).

LUKE: (Clears his throat as he follows her) Maybe.

Just as Lorelai opens the inn door to enter, at least two dozen people jump forward from the great-room area to surprise the expectant mother.


A cloud of confetti is thrown in the air.

Lorelai jumps back in surprise, and places a hand on her chest to absorb the welcome she had just received.


Lorelai grins back at Luke, who is smiling as well. Rory, with a grin on her face and a clipboard in her hand, approaches from the crowd…

LORELAI: (She steps forward as Luke follows her in) Wow!

RORY: Hiiiii!

LORELAI: (Places a hand on Rory's shoulder) Did you do all this?

RORY: (Nods and gestures at the crowd) Everyone pitched in.

Rory guides her mother to the great-room/dining room area…

LORELAI: (Gasps as she sees a giant pacifier in the corner near the fireplace) Ohhhh! That's the funniest thing!

BABETTE: (Pausing by Lorelai as she heads towards the drinks, she looks at the giant object and shakes her head) It just looks wrong when it's that big. (Nods at the girls and snorts) You know, Kirk thought it was a mechanical bull. (She walks away, leaving the girls to giggle over the thought of Kirk trying to find the 'on' switch)

Pulling Lorelai further into the room, Rory gestures at the wingback chair by the fireplace.

RORY: Your seat, madam.

LORELAI: Thank you! (She turns around and takes a seat, but suddenly her eyes are drawn to some decorations as high as the ceiling) Uh…

RORY: (Rolls her eyes and sighs) Go ahead… ask.

LUKE: What? (Looks up, and wears a curious expression as well) Oh… (with his eyes still on the decorations, he takes a seat next to Lorelai)

LORELAI: Is it just me, or do those balloons say, "Happy Hanukkah" on 'em? (Looks at her husband, and inquires) Are we Jewish? (Looks down at her stomach) If not, I think I'm seven months past my due date.

RORY: (Explains) Long story short, there was a balloon shortage.

Luke and Lorelai look at each other.

RORY: (Looks at her clipboard) Now, if we can move past the balloons… I'd like to tell you what we have planned for you this evening.

LORELAI: Bye bye Balloons.

The party has very evidently begun in the background as the townies move about with food and drink in their hands. Patty wanders among them, pulling name tags from a bag and randomly sticking them on the nearest person. We hear indignant protests and snickers as she instructs them to only address each other by the names on their tags. Anyone who slips up has to put a dollar in the baby's piggy bank. As Andrew and Joe argue who should be 'Colic' and who should be 'Burp', Taylor loudly voices his objections…

TAYLOR: Now really people! I refuse to wear this - it's undignified! As town selectman, I can hardly be expected to…

GYPSY: Ha. Come on Taylor, it's totally you. "Dirty Diaper Doose"… See, it even has a nice ring to it!

RORY: (chuckles as she reads from her list) At 7:30, we will begin a line-up of five baby-themed games. Participation is voluntary… and is only for your entertainment. The line-up is listed over there (points at a small blackboard in the corner)…

SOOKIE: (With a giggle approaches Lorelai and hands her a cool drink) A Stoli Doli without the martini… just for you!

LORELAI: Aw, thank you Sookie!

PATTY: (Approaches) Oh, honey you're glowing! (Lorelai smiles at her — and then Patty turns to Rory) The round table over there… the one we designated as the gift table? (Rory looks at her, and she pats her shoulder as she moves away) It's not enough dear… (Turns to the others) Who else needs a name tag?? Kirk?!

Everyone looks over and sees piles upon piles of wrapped presents on the table.

LORELAI: (Clasps her hands) Ooh… all that's for me?

RORY: (Taps at the clipboard) We will take a break in the middle of all the games to open gifts. So you have about 25 minutes to eat and mingle before the games begin!

LUKE: Good… (Gets up from his seat) I'm going to go get something to eat…

LORELAI: Get me a plate of everything!

Luke smirks at Lorelai and leaves the scene.

The volume of the music in the background gradually increases, and Lorelai acknowledges it…

LORELAI: Aw… you're playing Sedaka…

RORY: Just for you. Besides, (gestures at the balloons) it goes with the theme. (Quizzically looks up) I think he's Jewish?

Lorelai looks around as she witnesses the most outrageously eclectic baby-shower she has ever seen. A couple at the door distracts her…

Camera cuts to Emily (carrying a wrapped present) and Richard entering the inn. They spot Lorelai and walk over. Emily gets distracted by the overkill of decorations she hadn't seen when she left the premises a couple of hours ago.

RICHARD: (Nods at Lorelai) We apologize for being late… (looks up at Rory) but the traffic was horrible. Simply horrible.

EMILY: (Distracted, she looks around the room) What happened here?

RORY: (Sympathetically explains) The townies took a shot at decorating after you left, grandma.

EMILY: (Points up at the balloons) And why do the balloons have "Happy Hanukkah" on them?

RORY: (Sighs and changes the topics) How about a nice drink, grandma?

Rory guides Emily away from Lorelai and Richard, as Emily continues to be surprised by the hideousness of the room. Richard and Lorelai (now up on her feet) watch in amusement as Emily and Rory walk away.

RICHARD: (With a smile, turns around and faces his daughter, but his ears catch the familiar sound in the air) Is that Sedaka?

LORELAI: (Nods) Yup. It sure is.

RICHARD: (Chuckles) Oh my, I can't remember the last time I listened to one of his songs. You know his music was your mother's guilty pleasure back in the day…

LORELAI: (Amused, she tilts her head) Really? (Shakes her head) I never knew that.

RICHARD: (Sighs) Well anyway… (reaches into his pocket) I know I'm not following Rory's schedule, but (takes out a white envelope) I wanted to give this to you now. A little gift from me to you and Luke… and my future grandchild.

LORELAI: Aw, dad…thank you.

They are interrupted by Patty as she walks over to Richard and greets him…

PATTY: Richard! There you are, you magnificent specimen! Have a name tag!

As she smoothes the sticker on Richard's lapel, lingering a little longer than propriety dictates, she grins lecherously at the name on his tag.

RICHARD: (With a big smile) Patricia. It's wonderful to see you again, and (reads his tag) thank you. (Eyes twinkling, and eyebrows raised) 'Prickly Heat'. A most appropriate moniker for the evening I do believe.

PATTY: (As she gestures) How about a refreshing drink? (Behind Patty we see Luke with a plate full of food)

RICHARD: That'd be lovely! (Nods at his son-in-law) Luke.

LUKE: (Nods at his father-in-law) Richard.

Richard and Patty leave the scene as Luke steps closer to Lorelai. He places the plate of food on the ottoman.

LORELAI: (Observes everything and everyone around her) I can't stop smiling.

LUKE: (Looks at her to his side) No?

LORELAI: (Adoringly) This is so amazing.

LUKE: (Smiles as he nods) It is.

Scene CUTS to the next.

Camera opens on Rory as she walks around making sure that everything's in order.

LANE: (Walks up to her with a plate of food in her hand) Hey.

RORY: (Sighs) Hey.

LANE: (Chuckles) You okay?

RORY: (Nods) Yeah… yeah. Just trying to stay busy.

LANE: (Not convinced) Are you sure?

RORY: (Nods again) Yeah… yeah… of course… (Through the doorway and past the lobby, she sees Michel behind the check-in desk looking over) Oh, Michel. (To Lane) I'll be right back.
As she crosses over, Rory frowns at Kirk — who happens to be sitting near the doorway.

RORY: (Walks up to Michel) Michel, take a break and come join us.

MICHEL: (With a hint of sarcasm and a fake smile) Thank you… but some of us have to work for a living…

RORY: (Rolls her eyes and turns away) Whatever you say, Michel.

Rory crosses back over and stands in front of Kirk.

RORY: Kirk? What are you doing? (Sees a line of white tape along the entrance)

KIRK: (With arms crossed against his chest, he looks up) I'm sitting here.

RORY: But why?

KIRK: I'm offering you my services tonight… as a "bouncer" if you will.

RORY: (Confused) A "bouncer"? What…

KIRK: I'm here to make sure that the inn guests don't cross this line. Wouldn't want them to think they're invited to this…

RORY: They are invited, Kirk. Anyone can join in… so please, take that tape off and … (frustrated) I don't know… go have fun with the rest of the people! (Turns around to leave, but Kirk responds)

KIRK: But… I am having fun. You know, technically I shouldn't have even responded to you, because (pointing to his name tag) my official name for the evening is 'Projectile Vomit'. You used my real name twice, therefore - by my calculation - you owe 2 dollars to the piggy bank.

Rory shakes her head, then sees a familiar face arrive at the inn.

RORY: (Looks up) Paris!

PARIS: (Walks up to her with something wrapped in cloth) Finally! Traffic was crazy. I've been driving forever, and I need a strong drink. Gilmore, tell me I can have a strong drink!

RORY: (Distracted by the object wrapped in cloth) You can have a strong drink. What on earth is that?

PARIS: Oh… (lifts it up) this is how I wrap things now. The best gift wrapper… cloth.

RORY: Is this Doyle's influence?

PARIS: Maybe. Where are the drinks?

RORY: (Points at the cart on the other end of the room) Over there.

PARIS: Thanks.

Paris leaves the scene. The camera zooms in on Rory's exhausted face as she looks around. She walks back out to the lobby and takes a seat on the stairs.

Rory takes a deep breath, pulls out her cell phone, takes a look, and sighs as a concerned Lane walks out and sits next to her.

LANE: Hey.

RORY: Hey.

LANE: (Cuts to the chase) Want to tell me what's bothering you?

RORY: (Finally being able to share it with someone, she sighs) I think something happened between Nate and me…

LANE: (Surprised, she becomes more attentive) What? When?

RORY: This afternoon. (Softly continues) I don't even know what happened… it was weird...

They are interrupted by Paris as she sips on her drink. Lane and Rory look up at her, and see she's now wearing a silly name tag too.

PARIS: Are you sure your mother's not having twins? Cause she looks like she is. (She notices the expression on their faces) Who died?

RORY: No one.

PARIS: (As she sips on the straw) Spill.

RORY: (Shakes her head) It's nothing.

LANE: (Raises an eye) It's not nothing.

RORY: (Sighs) Nate was here this afternoon, and I think we had a moment…

PARIS: (Rolls her eyes) Of course.

RORY: (Taken aback) What does that mean?

PARIS: It was only a matter of time before the man fell for you… I mean everyone's expected to fall for those eyes.

RORY: (A little offended) It's nothing like that… I mean, I don't even know what happened. I don't even know if it was a moment. It was something.

LANE: But why aren't you happy about it?

RORY: (Confused, she shakes her head) I don't know… something didn't seem right at the end. It was abrupt… (nods) granted, my grandma interrupted us… but I don't know. (Looks up at her friends) The moment just seemed strange.

PARIS: (Nods as she sips on her drink… as if she's really processing her friend's words) Mm-hmm.

RORY: So, I don't know if I should wait till he calls me… or if I should call him…

PARIS: (Holds up a hand) Don't call him!

LANE: (to Paris) I think she should.

PARIS: If she calls him, he's going to have the upper hand.

LANE: (Debates) What "upper hand"? She doesn't even know what happened.

PARIS: But calling him would send the wrong message.

LANE: And what message would that be, um.. (looks at Paris' name tag) 'Diaper Rash'?

PARIS: (Ignores Lane and turns to Rory) It will make you look desperate.

RORY: (Confused) I really don't think this is helping, ladies. (Gets up) I'm going to check on mom…

Scene CUTS to next…

Camera pans to a corner of the Library where a small group is gathered around Liz. Hanging on the wall is a blown up canvas poster of the Gerber Baby. Liz is wildly spinning Andrew in an ever-widening circle, as she excitedly explains a game to the crowd.

Liz: It's called 'Pin the Pacifier on the Baby'. There are large diaper pins attached to the binkies. Cute, huh? We played this game for the baby shower my friend Carrie threw for me. 'Cept she drew stick babies on flattened soup cans, and had magnets on the binkies. But diaper pins are a cool idea too. The pink bunny ones are soooo sweet! (with a flourish, she releases a staggering Andrew who stumbles forward, arms outstretched, to pin his 'binky' on...a passing Kirk)

Andrew: Ooof! (lifts his blindfold to find a bland-faced Kirk with a pacifier pinned to his chest. Andrew looks horrified as Liz, standing behind him with one eye scrunched closed, mouths a heartfelt "OUCH")

Kirk: Ah. Thank you, 'Colic'. I lost a button attempting to keep that older couple from Atlanta out of the party. The wife's a pincher. (Kirk continues on his way, leaving a baffled Liz and Andrew behind)

Camera follows Kirk, passing over two teams of bickering men, with Jackson and Zach in the middle choosing up sides. The contest to see which team can assemble a baby swing the fastest is ON!

Scene CUTS to Rory with her mother and Luke by the fireplace.

LORELAI: Can I just say what a wonderful surprise this was? I can't believe the two of you didn't give it away.

LUKE: (Smirks with pride, and looks at Rory) We did do a pretty good job, didn't we?

RORY: (Nods with pride) We sure did. We were surprised you didn't catch on… but I guess being pregnant does that to you.

LORELAI: (Nods with a hint of a smile) That must be it. (Goes further and flutters her eyes) It was a complete surprise. (Luke and Rory notice Lorelai's facial expressions) I'm so proud of you both… excellent job lying to the single most important woman in your life.

LUKE: (Outraged, he raises his voice a bit) You knew?!

LORELAI: (As if it's the most ridiculous thing) What? No!

RORY: (Gasps) It can't be! We were so careful!

LORELAI: (Starts to chuckle besides herself) Okay, fine. I knew… (Luke and Rory aren't happy) but in my defense, the two of you are the worst liars ever!

RORY: I can't believe this.

LORELAI: (Nods) Really… the two of you couldn't lie even if your lives depend on it.

LUKE: (Throws his hands in the air) That's it… (Points at Lorelai and leans in a bit) No more surprises for you.

LORELAI: (Pouts) Aw, come on.

Richard and Emily approach the three.

EMILY: …and please, Richard, for heaven's sake, take off that ridiculous name tag!

RICHARD: (With a drink in hand, he looks at Luke) I don't know if you're aware of this, Luke, but your brother-in-law (gestures at TJ) seems to have a fascination with bibs. (Explains) Baby bibs, to be exact. He appears to be wearing one around his neck as we speak.

EMILY: (Complains) And why is there alcohol at this baby shower? I don't think it's appropriate for everyone to be drinking alcohol at a baby shower.

RORY: (Explains) It's just Miss Patty's punch, grandma.

LORELAI: As long as I'm not drinking it… (shrugs) I think it's fine.

EMILY: (Sighs) Well, anyway… at least the lights outside look beautiful. (Looks at Rory) Nate did a wonderful job with those, Rory. I hope you thanked him. (An uncomfortable expression takes over Rory's face)

LORELAI: (Surprised) Nate? (Looks at her daughter) Nate helped with the lights?

RORY: Y.. yeah… he did. (Changes the focus) And grandma here helped a lot too… with pretty much everything.

LORELAI: (Touched, she smiles at Emily) Thank you, mom.

EMILY: (She pleasantly nods) You're welcome.

Camera cuts to Rory's tentative face as the dialog continues in the background. A moment later…

RORY: (Looks up and excuses herself) I'll be right back.


Rory steps out on to the porch with her cell phone. The little lights frame the porch, and its glow bounces off of Rory's face. She dials a familiar number, and holds the phone to her ear…

After a few rings, the call goes to voicemail. Then Rory decides against leaving a message, and dials another number. By the third ring, frustration can be seen on Rory's face. After the fourth ring, the call goes to the recorder/voicemail…

NATE'S VOICEMAIL GREETING: Hey, leave a message.

RORY: (Takes a deep breath before she begins her message) Hey there… it's me… Rory. I… just wanted to call and see what's up. (Takes another deep breath)

Scene CUTS to Nate, in what looks like his apartment. He's at his desk, in front of the computer, listening to the message as he looks into space with a tentative expression. Camera pans from left to right in a 180 degree angle as he listens…

RORY: I don't know if it was just me… I doubt it… but something happened this afternoon… (adds) between us. And… and I was hoping we could talk about it. You know?

Scene CUTS back to Rory on the porch as she smoothes her hair behind a ear.

RORY: Anyway, call me… when you get this message. (After a pause) Bye.

Rory takes another deep breath and looks down at her cell phone.

Scene CUTS to the INT. Check-in desk.

Sookie approaches Michel.

SOOKIE: Hey, have you seen Rory?

MICHEL: (With his signature sarcasm) Yes, I did see her… she went outside. See? I'm working, unlike some…

SOOKIE: (Sighs heavily and responds) Look, Michel… (gestures at the great room) Go in there.. and join in! You're missing out on all the fun!

MICHEL (Sighs, and gives in… hint of a sincere smile can be seen on his face) Well, alright… I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a break now.

SOOKIE: (Nods) Good! (Then walks towards the lobby)…

Camera CUTS to Rory as she enters the Inn. She sees Sookie walking toward her…

SOOKIE: Oh good! There you are… we're out of ice, Rory.

RORY: (Concerned) We're out already?

SOOKIE: I know! I was going to ask Jackson to go get some more… but I think he's had a little too much of that punch.

RORY: Don't worry about it, we have a bunch of bags at the house. Luke stocked up on ice…

SOOKIE: Oh good!

RORY: I'll be right back.

Rory grabs the keys from her pocket and leaves the inn.

Camera CUTS to Michel as he smoothes his suit jacket and starts to enter the festivities. He steps into the great room, only to see TJ wearing a oversized bib around his neck and sucking on what looks like a 'candy pacifier'.

MICHEL: (Makes a disgusted expression, and turns around) I'll take my break in the kitchen.

Scene CUTS to next.

Camera pans to show Gypsy leading a raucous game of Baby Hold'em in the dining room. There's a large stack of diaper boxes - the 'buy-in' for the game - piled in the corner, where Kirk is currently busy building a fort. Luke watches with amusement, as Richard, bow tie hanging loose and a fat Cuban cigar perched on his lower lip, drums his fingers in anticipation as he waits for Gypsy to deal the final river card.

JOE: Oh come on, make a move already, we have a couple of swings to put together!

TJ: Yeah, time and tools wait for no man!

As Gypsy burns another card and turns it face up, Richard lets out a triumphant "Whoop!", then reaches across to rake in the pot, as the grumbling losers throw in their cards, lean back in their chairs, and suck on baby bottles filled with Founders Day punch.

GYPSY: Cigar smokers' luck. Hey Richard - you got another one of those?

RICHARD: (grinning hugely around his stogie) Absolutely! (hands Gypsy a Cuban cigar) And it's 'Prickly Heat' to you, so that'll be a dollar for the piggy bank too!

GYPSY: Damn…

Scene CUTS to Lorelai near the gift table with a couple of unknown townies.

Emily approaches her, and we see the townies leave.

EMILY: (Looks around) Where's Luke?

LORELAI: (Looks over to the dining room and gestures towards Luke and Richard) Over there.

EMILY: (Sees them) Oh, good grief. (Looks back at Lorelai) I guess this is as good a time as any…

LORELAI: (Curiously) For what?

EMILY: To let you know that your father and I have decided to cancel our European trip this summer.


EMILY: (Subtly looks down at Lorelai's stomach) Well, we don't want to miss out… and Richard and I agreed that we'd like to spend as much time with our future grandchild as possible.

LORELAI: (Touched) That's nice. (Adds) But I don't want you to cancel this trip.

EMILY: It's done, Lorelai. It's canceled. Besides, there's always next year.

LORELAI: (Sincerely) I'm glad you're sticking around this summer.

EMILY: (Nods with a subtle smile, but then notices something) You're wearing a sleeveless top.

LORELAI: (A little confused by the sudden change in topic, she looks down at her top) And?

EMILY: It's chilly out there. You should be wearing a sweater.

LORELAI: Mom, it's 80 degrees out there… I'm fine.

EMILY: Very well. (Sighs) I'm going to find your father before he decides to have another glass of that ridiculous punch.

Just as Emily leaves, Luke returns to his wife.

LUKE: (Stands next to her) What was that about?

LORELAI: I'm wearing a sleeveless top, and it's chilly out there.

LUKE: (Leans against the round table) What? It's 80 degrees out there.

LORELAI: (Smiles) Exactly.

LUKE: (Looks down at his wife) Tired?

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) The opposite. I'm energized right now…

LUKE: (Places his left arm around Lorelai's back, and Lorelai takes his right hand) Well, tell me if and when you want to go home, okay?

LORELAI: (Softly repeats as she nods) Okay.

The couple observes their surroundings for a bit.

LORELAI: Do you realize we're going to raise our child in this town?

LUKE: Do you want to move? I think it'd be a wise choice…

LORELAI: (Pokes him on the side) You don't want to move. (Holds on to his hand) We couldn't ask for a better place to raise our baby.

LUKE: (Sighs) I guess.

Another moment passes as Luke and Lorelai observe the townies engaged in their various activities. Neil Sedaka's music continues to play in the background.

Suddenly Luke feels Lorelai's tight grip…

LUKE: Whoa… what's that? (Turns to her) Do you feel it kicking again?

LORELAI: (Makes a face) I think so.

LUKE: (Chuckles as he places a hand on her stomach) An active one, we got in there.

LORELAI: (Makes painful expression) Whoa… (holds on to Luke's arm) okay, that was a big one.

LUKE: Maybe you should sit down.

LORELAI: (Squeezes Luke's arm) Okay, that was definitely not a kick. (Breathes a little heavier as she looks up at her husband) I think it's time.

LUKE: What? No… we have a week…

LORELAI: (Shakes her head trying to contain herself) It's time, Luke…

LUKE: (Takes her by the waist, and starts to guide her) Okay, come on… the truck's outside.

The couple starts to move towards the exit as the townies go about their activities, oblivious to what's going on in the forefront. Neil Sedaka's, "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" can be heard over all the laughter/voices in the background.

LUKE: (As they make their way to the door) We should get Rory…

LORELAI: (Unable to control the pains) We'll call her on the way! Let's go!

The volume of the music increases as Luke and Lorelai exit the inn, and the camera zooms out on the scene.


Next week on the Gilmore girls…

VOICE OVER: The big day is here!

EMILY: (restless, she looks around) Why is it taking so long?

RICHARD: Calm down, Emily. I'm sure we'll hear something very soon.

VOICEOVER: As Rory's hopes wither away…

LANE: Have you heard from him?

RORY: (Shakes her head and looks down) No.

VOICE OVER: …everyone awaits the debut of a very special guest star.

APRIL: Oh my god!

BABETTE: (Runs to the Crap Shack) Are they here yet?!

VOICEOVER: Tune in next week for the most anticipated guest star of the series!


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