It always bugged me that we never got to hear Kwan's poem in 'Lucky in Love', after all if being a Goth is about expressing yourself you should be able to express yourself in sunny terms as well as dark. I've checked and I don't think anyone else has published it here so I thought I'd have a go.

The Fluffy Clouds all Look Like Happy Footballs

Big fluffy clouds padded in white

All your shoulders trimmed in silver

You chase each other, looks like a hell of a fight

Against those dark grey clouds you'll be the winner

The fluffy clouds look like footballs

I think I see laces going down the side

And when the clouds darken and the rain falls

The happy footballs bang and collide

Big fluffy clouds padded in white

I sit on the bench and watch you play

Your football game goes through the day and night

I'm so happy watching you, I could watch you all day

If his poem was as bad as this no wonder Kwan and Sam were kicked out. But, as they say, at least it's short. Flames would be redundant but if anyone writes a better poem I promise I'll remove this one.