24 Challenges: Mario

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Yes, I am still in the Rubbish Characters in Video Game jail for supporting the likes of rubbish characters... (if you understand what I mean, then you get a sugar cookie) Anyway, they allowed me to write still, but I can't do anything else. Especially since I can't play my Wii anymore. (cries in despair) So anyway, here's twenty four measly chapters based on the many enemies of the Marioverse, with good ol' red-capped Mario himself dealing with each and every one of them (almost actually). Read and enjoy, and help donate fictional money to bust me out of the jail for Rubbish Characters in Video Games!

Disclaimer: Mario and everything in the story belong to Nintendo.

"Twenty three challenges... that's a-not so bad!"

Mario was ever so confident to take on a challenge. He has been arguing with Luigi quite a lot lately, going so far to say that he could be able to do over twenty three challenges, all of which had the same goal... don't get ambushed by the enemies. Adjusting his well-renowned red cap, the Italian American plumber left his home and headed off towards the northwest, going into the green-colored warp pipe within the thick grass, which sent him into the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Koopa Troopa

Mario was running through the grassy meadow, humming his theme song when a green-shelled, turtle like enemy popped up in front of him. Mario gasped as he recognized the Koopa Troopa.

"Easy!" Mario simply stated as he jumped on the Koopa, forcing it to return into its shell. Mario dusted his hands and continued walking, when he stopped, only to turn around and scream as the Koopa attacked him from within its shell, ramming into him countless and countless times. Mario then grabbed the shell, aimed upwards, and tossed the shell away, watching the Koopa scream.

Smiling after doing his duty, Mario turned around to continue walking. Walking...walking...


Mario was knocked out cold by the green shell of the Koopa, who then hid in a bush as he tried to hide his undergarments.