Yoshizilla: Here it is... the final chapter of the twenty three challenges of Mario. Thanks for reading this quirky tale of Mario and his challenges against the many enemies of his universe, ladies and gentlemen! With that, have a good night!


Mario was face to face with the red-colored, three-headed, snake-like enemy Tryclyde, who was the actual leader and head of the snake-like Cobrats. His middle head served as the communicators, while his other two heads - his left and right heads - acted as his hands and often used the attacks. Mario, however, wasn't detoured by thus, and he charged with a punch to Tryclyde's stomach.

Tryclyde moaned in pain, but he then spun around and whacked Mario with his powerful tail, watching the red-capped plumber tumble backwards. As Mario got up, Tryclyde started to fire several red-orange fireballs from his right and left heads, causing Mario to jump from left top right. Sweat started to come down Mario's face, and he was trying to think of a way to strike against Tryclyde as he continued jumping. Tryclyde, however, grinned as he then dug into the ground, and popped up right underneath Mario, using his fireballs to burn the plumber.

Mario screamed in pain and held his rear as the flames spread, running around and then falling onto the floor rolling to try and get the flame off. It proofed not to be too much, as Tryclyde used this opportunity to attack Mario with more fireballs, severely burning the Italian American. It was then that Tryclyde started to chuckle heartily as Mario got up and panted, out of breath after rolling on the dirty ground.

"You can't run from me!" Was all that Tryclyde stated as he smacked Mario across the face with his tail again, causing the plumber to be knocked out cold.

Mario made it back onto the front yard of his house, flopping over in exhaustion. Luigi exited, with a plate of warm, fluffy pancakes, covered with delicious maple syrup.

"Mario! You came back!" Luigi stated, asking with a sly smirk, "How was the twenty four challenges?"

Mario, out of breath, glared angrily at Luigi, stating, "I never want to do anything of that ever again."

Luigi then bursted into laughter, much to Mario's dismay. It was then that Luigi stated, "Oh Mario, that was only the mere beginning! There's still challenges for you from all over the universe!"

Mario's face turned white all over, and the red-capped plumber cried in disbelief as hordes of different and familiar enemies from all over suddenly appeared on Mario's front yard, yearning for a challenge.

Poor, poor Mario.