Hello everyone

Hello everyone! Did you miss me? Since My Detention Friends, series got a lot of attention I decided to get this out. It's a yuri, girl x girl, You don't like don't read!

Main pairing: Ino x Sakura

Form: AU

Story: Nobody's Perfect


"Normal talking"


'Inner Sakura'

Disclaimer: I'm not the owner or creator of Naruto, the lucky bastard who is, is currently making the next Naruto thing (for lack of better word

Chapter one: The Prodigy and the Plan

"Scalpel," A green-eyed doctor called clad in green scrubs with blood staining the front said as sweat was being wiped off by a nurse.

"Scalpel" the nurse echoed handing her the requested tool.

"It's a shame, she was only seven." An androgynous (1) Doctor said while working on the girl on the surgery bed. She had been in the crossfire of a shootout and the press was trying to pry the parents for answers.

"We're going to save her Orochimaru. Even if we are doing three surgeries at once. Sasuke! How's the head surgery going?" the green-eyed doctor called.

"Good, we were able to stop the bleeding in the head, and the brain's been fixed. Currently, Naruto and I are sewing it back up." The 24-year old Neurosurgeon (2) replied.

"Christ Sasuke! How can you be so monotone when a little girl's life is in our hands! Aren't you made at the bastards who shot her?! Twenty seven times! That's how much she was shot! Don't you at least feel sad for her?" Naruto, another Neurosurgeon yelled.

Sasuke only shot him a look saying 'Because I'm not emotional dobe.' Naruto just grumbled to himself and finished sewing. Others had to admit, for an emotional hyper-blond, he had some steady hands. It was hard to believe that he taught himself to sew, the string was hidden well and every surgery he did, there was almost no proof of anything done to the patient. Some thought that his mother had to teach him, but like Sasuke, he was an orphan.

"What about you Sakura, Hinata?" Naruto said without turning to them, he was to busy on his sewing.

Hinata, a pureblood doctor from the Hyuga clan, was watching the anesthesia adamantly, while doing work on the heart. "I've done some bypasses, she'll need corrective surgery, but it's better than dying now." (3)

"Damn Hinata. You're on your period aren't you?" Sakura asked.

"YES I AM! GOTTA PROBLEM?" Hinata yelled.

"No, no problem, just wondering." Sakura revised "I found all the bullets and the debris that broke off them. I think it will take three to five months before she'll be back to normal. Three months before physical therapy, and the other to months for a full recovery." Naruto visibly lightened his mood.


Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto were standing in front of the disheveled parents of the girl.

"So, what happened?" the mother asked haphazardly, not sure if she wanted an answer.

"Don't worry Mrs.McSly, your daughter will be making a full recovery, it'll take a while but she'll pull through and be back playing tag in time."

The mother cried tears of joy, while the father shook all three hands of the doctor's violently, saying "Thank you" repeatedly.

"No prob." The doctors said.

"Hey miss," Mr. McSly called as Sakura turned away.


"How old are you?" Naruto and Sasuke stopped in their tracks and looked at the man who foolishly uttered one of the questions Sakura hated to hear. They have had the bad fortune of experiencing first-hand Sakura's inhuman strength. Sakura cringed for a moment. 'Bastard!'

'We can' hit him, he's paying us' Sakura knew her inner voice liked money and used the chance while the inner pinkette was thinking.

"18-years-old why?"

"Then you must be the prodigy of Kohona! You were named a doctor at age ten right?!" Sakura turned back and whispered "Right."

She walked by the fear stuck 24-year-olds. They exchanged glances for a second and looked back at the dumb-founded man, who was smacked in the head by his wife. "Dumbass, what have I told you about asking about women's age?"


"Exactly." Both M.D.'s replied in time with the wife.


"Shikamaru! Where are you, you lazy-ass bastard!" Sakura screeched as she threw open the door.

"Troublesome. Did someone ask you about your past again, Sakura?" the hospital therapist asked. The pink prodigy was a visitor he had often, and whenever she came in, it was usually about her past.

The room wasn't what one would call a regular therapist's room. It was the recent addition, for it was placed on the roof. It had tall ceilings and a large skylight that could be closed mechanically. It was the same for the East, and West walls, it could be opened for cloud watching and following the sun. As a bonus, the whole room was solar powered, to accommodate the almost endless sun Kohona got. And for night, Shikamaru left all the lights off in the day to save electricity for the night. He let the sun be his light otherwise.

"Goddamnit! Everyone else in this damn hospital is 24-65 years-old. I'm still 18."

"Well Sakura, we envy you, you can clubs, go through the troublesome things some of us find a comforting nostalgia, no wrinkles, or no ridiculous responsibilities to deal with." Shikamaru looked at the pic with him and Temari and their twins, each was 2-years-old. 'Or babies to deal with, or a bossy wife, or interrupted sex where I have to get up and pat them asleep, then when I come back the moment's gone'.

"Hey you slept with her Shika." Sakura said in a teasing way. The lazy man closed his eyes in obvious irritation.

"Oh? How's your sex life?" Sakura froze. "I don't have one."

"Ooookkkaayyy. So who has it better?"

"Shut up."

"I still don't understand why you hate your childhood so much, I mean—"

"I don't have one."

"I wasn't talking about your virginity."

"Me neither."

A silence ensued as each person looked at the open East wall. Sakura lied on the couch, still facing it. And Shikamaru pushed a button that transformed his desk into his own personal bed. "Sakura, did your father push you into this profession?" He said, not even bothering to look at her. The only reply he got was her crying. "Troublesome." He wasn't the most comforting guy on the planet. So he just pushed a intercom on the wall. "Naruto…yeah it's me… yeah, she's up here… she's crying…" before he could say more Naruto burst through the door, literally leaving a Naruto impression straight through the door. "Dammit Naruto! Troublesome…" Shika yelled before gaining his cool demeanor back. He pushed another button and the door he had was replaced with another oak one. "Hopefully that holds."

"Shh…" Naruto whispered to Sakura just before she fell asleep in his arms. "Shikamaru, what are we going to do?"

"Call Sasuke."

"WHAT THAT BASTARD! NO WAY!" Naruto screamed before getting a sleepwalking punch in the chin.

"No I meant get him up here so I can talk to him, Tsunade too, I've got a plan." Shikamaru said while rubbing his temples. 'Why must most of my co-workers be weird (Orochimaru, Tsunade, Jairiya) Moody (Hinata, Sasuke, Sai, Gaara, etc.) or ridiculously loud (Sakura, Naruto)?'

Once the People were up there Shikamaru told them his plan. "You sure it'll work?" Tsunade asked.

"When have I been wrong?" Shikamaru said with sureness spilling out, but hey, even he has an ego.

"Their personalities could clash, and you know that the varying component here is the human one." Sasuke said with a smug arrogance dripping from his very being, for he always hated not being the genius since Shikamaru came along and wanted to prove his existence as the village heartthrob and genius. In his mind of course.

"But in all reality Sasuke, we can't have Sakura punching out everyone's lights then afterwards crying her heart out because she can't handle the pressure her father put her through. And you can't say that you don't care for her, at least, you care for her as a brother and somewhat acknowledge her skills as a medical doctor AND surgeon all in one." Naruto retorted with a morose look upon his face. Everyone else just stare at him and his lilttle genius outburst. He always bragged about being the head of the Hospital, and he was finally showing it.

"Alright, it's agreed, make the call Shikamaru." Tsunade said pulling everyone out of their thoughts.

"On it."

A while later, everyone looked at the sleeping, emotionally distressed girl, hoping to the heavens this would work. They all thought it was ironic, Sakura looked completely innocent when sleeping, but was a walking nightmare awake.

"Can't wait." A mysterious blonde said.